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The Other Woman by IrishMyth
Chapter 18 : XVIII
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Chapter Eighteen

Dominique is shaking beneath my hands and her tears are mingling with the water from the shower. Her fingers grasp at my robes and she clings on as if for dear life as I try to maneuver her out from underneath the stream of water, hopelessly trying to reach up high enough to pull the leaver down. But Dominique is gripping to my robes too tightly for me to have much leeway.

“Dammit Dominique,” I mutter, forcing her up to turn off the water. Once the steam of water stops, I slump back into the bathtub and Dominique buries her head in my shoulder, shaking and gasping for air. “Dominique, can you hear me? I need you to breathe Dominique,” I tell her steadily, trying to keep the panic attack at bay. Because that is where there this was going if she doesn’t pull herself together very soon. “Dominique!”

Qu'ai-je fait, qu'ai-je fait,” she mumbles in French. “Oh god Rose, what have I done?” she whimpers against my robes, still visibly shaking.

“Tell me,” I suggest, stroking her soaked hair away from her face. I have never seen Dominique like this before and it has my heart beating a little fast with worry. Dominique is always to calm, so collected, so sure of herself and everything around her. To see her so afraid is terrifying in itself.

“He’s so young Rose, he’s so young… This was never meant to happen,” she cries. I momentarily give a thought to my wand, which I had discarded when rushing to Dominique’s side. It would have been useful to drying off but Dominique is clinging too tightly for me to get it.

“Dominique,” I say gentle. “You aren’t making any sense. Why don’t you start at the beginning? Who is too young? What wasn’t supposed to happen?”

“He’s so young Rose, I should have known,” she gasps but I can see the panic begin to fade away as she focuses her mind on explaining to me. “It was a Hogsmeade weekend, of course I should have known. I’m so stupid Rose, so stupid,” she cries.

“No you’re not,” I sooth. “People make mistakes Dominique, it’s okay.”

“It’s not okay Rose, it’s not okay,” she sighs.

“What happened?”

“You left, went back up to the Castle, Pollux and Louis were gone too. But he was still there Rose, he was just sitting there, his friends had all gone and I should have known he was a student but dammit Rose, I wasn’t thinking. He had this smile Rose and no one has ever smiled at me like that before and I just… I just… He wasn’t wearing school robes but I still should’ve known. He’s so young. He’s so young,” she mumbles in a rush.

“Okay… So you like him?” I hedge.

“Oh god Rose, I could love him. I could fall in love with him so easily. And not that infatuation love that I’ve felt a dozen times before. I could really, honest to Merlin, fall in love with him. And maybe… Maybe in a few years, I would have. When he was out of school, when he was old enough. Maybe I could have had him Rose but I fucked up Rose. I fucked up, I fucked up, I fucked up,” she sobs.

“What happened?” I ask again when Dominique’s course of ‘I fucked up’ because unintelligible. “How did you find out he was still at Hogwarts?”

“We talked for hours Rose,” she continues, ignoring my question. “We didn’t drink but he bought me dinner and then… Oh fuck Rose. I suggested we rent a room. I just wanted to keep talking to him. To never stop. And they were kicking everyone out so I thought we could just rent a room and talk more and we did. We talked for hours and hours. And then we were kissing and I barely remember going from one to the other but it felt so right Rose. It felt so right.

“And he stayed the night Rose, men never stay the night with me. They always leave. But he didn’t leave. And I haven’t slept so well in so long and he woke me up with room service and we talked so more and I was already half in love with him Rose. But then he said he had to go back to the Castle before they notice he was missing and that’s when I realized Rose. He’s just a kid, he’s just a kid and I’ve fucked up,” she pulls her head off my shoulder to bury it in her arms on her knees. “I panicked, I told him we couldn’t do this again. He wanted to see me again Rose but I said no. He’s just a kid. So I left when his back was turned, I got out Rose.

“Bu then we were at the pub and Pollux started talking about Andrius and I just… I just knew Rose. I knew. But I couldn’t bring myself to check. I just kept putting it off and putting it off, like if I ignored it, it would just go away. But I’ve has the testing potion on me for days and today I figured ‘I’m not pregnant, don’t be ridiculous’ so I spat in the goddam potion and I am Rose, I am and I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do and fuck! Why did it have to be him Rose? Why did it have to be the first person to make me feel actually wanted in so goddam long?” she finishes in a whisper, her head now leaning back against the tiles like it was when I first came in and there is a broken look on her face that’s like a punch in the gut. I have never seen her look like this. “Oh fuck, I love him Rose. I love him and now everything is ruined,” she gasps, her voice cracking horribly.

We sit in silence as I try to digest what she has just told me and she tries to compose herself whilst battling through the thoughts in her head. Dominique has always been a little bit of a romantic – it came with being a writer – but at the same time she was always a realist. She lives the stories as they happen and creates fantasies in her mind of where they could go but she always knows the reality of the situation. She knows how the world works better than anyone else I know. She’s lived through heartbreaks created by her own imagination. But she has always held on to the hope that one day, she will find someone who wants all of her. Just the way she is.

I have seen her act like a hopeless romantic, like the world was falling about around her because some French man she had known for a couple of weeks didn’t love her back. I heave read letters about the perfection of several different men’s bone structure. But I have never seen her cry. I have never seen her so broken. Because Dominique may live most of her life in a fantasy in her head but she knows reality. And she knows it isn’t always pretty.

“Dominique,” I whisper, tangling my fingers in her hair and bringing her head back down to my shoulder. “You know that no matter what happens, you will always have me. I’m not going anywhere,” I promise. And it is a strangely easy promise to make. Because she is family. She is a friend. She didn’t let me get stuck in my head; she made sure that I always had someone to talk to, even when I thought I didn’t want anyone. She knew me better than I knew myself. And now it was my turn to be there for her. And it doesn’t even feel like a burden.

“What am I going to do?” she whispers. Her shaking has subsided completely now despite the fact we are both drenched to the bone.

“We’re going to get dried up, then we’re going to go back down stairs and eat the icing off the cupcakes Nana thinks she’s hidden from us. Then you are going to consider your options now that you know for sure and if you want me to give my opinion, I will. But I won’t make the choices for you Dominique. We’re going to figure this out and when I go back to Hogwarts, you are going to give me a letter to pass on to whoever it is because he deserves to know and then we will go from there,” I tell her in a steady voice.

“I’m scared Rose,” she confesses quietly.

“I would be worried if you weren’t. But it will be okay, whatever you choose. Whatever happens.”


Sitting in the kitchen of the Burrow, Dominique and I scrape the icing off the cupcakes with our fingers. It was one of Dominique’s many peculiarities – her dislike of cake. We don’t say anything – just sit in companionable silence. The frown etched on her forehead lets me know she is thinking about the mess she has landed herself in. But at least now she is doing it calmly and rationally. Like the Dominique I know.

“I can’t get rid of it,” she suddenly announces, her voice firm.

“Okay,” I nod.

“And I have to tell him?”

“You do.”

“Okay,” she nods. “But I want to tell him face to face. I know a letter would probably be better because then I can just get it all down and not have to worry about my emotions getting in the way but I just… I want to tell him,” she states.

“You could write a letter asking him to meet you in Hogsmeade?” I suggest.

“Yeah, yeah okay. And you’ll give it to him? Make sure he reads it?” she insists.

“Of course.”

“And you’ll tell me what his reaction is?” she pressures.

“Of course,” I chuckle.

“It’s not funny,” she huffs.

“Sorry,” I continue to chuckle.

“Why are you still laughing?”

“It’s just – first it was Faye and now you... I’m half expecting Hugo to announce he’s pregnant next,” I explain.

“Is there any way I can unhear that?” a voice groans from the doorway. Dominique and I whip our heads around to see Ted leaning against the doorframe.

“What did you hear?” Dominique barks out first.

“Just something about Hugo being pregnant, that’s all. Relax,” Ted smirks coming into the kitchen and pinching a cupcake. “Where did she hide them this year?” he asks.

“Under the sink,” I reply hesitantly.

“Well that sounds sanitary,” he pulls a face but continues eating the cupcake anyway. “I see you’ve converted Rose to you heathenism,” he remarks, gesturing to the half a dozen cupcakes missing their icing. I just shrug. “Right,” he drawls at our lack of response. “I’ll just be going then. Oh, by the way Dominique, Louis owes you five galleons – I took Vic out for a date last Friday,” he informs us before leaving the way he had come in, pinching another two cupcakes on the way.

Dominique pauses for a second, long enough for him to get out the door, before exploding. “Wait, what!?” she shouts after him. “You knew about that bet!” she accuses the door and I can hear a faint chuckle from the other side. “I can’t believe he knew about that bet,” she turns to me. “Does this mean- wait…. He took Victoire on a date!” she screeches, running out the door. I follow her out and watch as she approaches her sister.

“She’s okay, isn’t she,” Ted asks from just behind me, where he had been leaning on the outside of the house.

“She’ll be fine,” I respond and he nods, chucking me one of the cupcakes he had taken out.

“Eat it like a human,” he calls over his shoulder as he goes to rescue Victoire from Dominique’s inquisition.


Sunday morning finds me back on Platform 9¾ to catch my last train Hogwarts bound. It is a strange thought, that in a few months I won’t ever be coming back. This is the last term I will spend in the Castle, the last few weeks sharing a dorm. After seven years, I cannot imagine my life not revolving around timetables and classroom and term dates. I am ready to leave, I know that… But I will miss it. Despite everything.

“Rosa,” someone calls over the crowded heads and I spot Dominique pushing her way delicately through the mass of bodies and animals. “Here,” she shoves a letter into my hands. “Thank you. For everything.”

“Right back at you Dominique,” I give her a weak smile and tug her into a hug. It’s not often that I willingly enter someone’s personal space (except for the job obviously) but she looks like she needs it and now that her arms are squeezing me back, I’m starting to think maybe I needed it too. “I’ve got a Hogsmeade weekend in two weeks, I expect to see you there,” I jab her.

“Definitely,” she promises. “Goodbye ma chère.”

The train toots and I slip in the nearest door, turning to wave at her whilst my parents are grilling Hugo about not getting any more detentions this year or they’ll ground him for summer. Or at least, that’s what my mum is doing. Dad is just watching in amusement.

With the last scuffle of people climbing aboard, the Hogwarts’ Express finally pulls away and I glance down at the letter Dominique had shoved into my hand. It’s expensive parchment, more expensive that the stuff she uses to write letters to me, and on the front, in Dominique’s perfectly curved calligraphy, is the name Alec Nott.


Once back at Hogwarts, preparation for NEWTs commands all the attention from the Seventh Years and before I know it, a week has passed and I’m caught up in the mass of students heading for the Quidditch pitch for the Slytherin v Hufflepuff game. When I reach the stands, Will waves at me, gesturing to the seat he has clearly saved beside him. Before I can get to him though, someone grabs onto my robes and drags me under the stands.

Spinning around, I come face to face with an unfamiliar girl dressed in green.

“Can I help you?” I ask, eyebrow raised.

“I heard from a friend that you were the one to talk to if I wanted to… test the faithfulness of my current boyfriend?” the girl states without preamble.

“Oh really?”

“How much will it cost?” she asks bluntly.

“Twenty galleons, I tell you the time and place, I just need a name,” I respond just as frankly.

“William Montague, Sixth Year Slytherin,” she says. “I’m Jada Chang.” And then she’s gone.

Stepping out from under the stands, I spot a head of shocking blonde hair pacing behind the changing rooms. I know who it is. I just don’t know why my feet are taking me in that direction. “Malfoy,” I drawl, leaning against the changing room wall.

“Rose!” he startles. “I didn’t see you.”

“You don’t say,” I smirk and someone alter the press, Scorpius Malfoy is blushing. “So… I got your letter,” I find myself saying. The blush darkens and my smirk deepens. “It was very… polite.”

“Sorry,” he mutters, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

“You going to tell me why you flipped your shit in the Owlery or not? Because that letter made me very curious,” I tease and the blush spreads from his face down his neck.

“It was nothing, just forget about it,” he mumbles, still looking at the ground.

“If you insist. Shouldn’t you be inside, getting a pre talk?”

“Shouldn’t you be in the stands with your boyfriend?” he retorts.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” I frown.

“Oh… I thought you and Henderson…” trailing off awkwardly, Malfoy flicks his eyes anywhere but at me.

“Will’s not my boyfriend. He’s just a friend,” I snort.

“Oh…” he pauses, a torn expression on his face. A moment later through, the expression is replaced with a smirk of his own. “Well in that case are you here to wish me luck?”

“Good luck,” I snort sarcastically. And then I’m being pressed against the changing room wall and the solid body of Scorpius Malfoy is pressed up against me.

“That’s not what I meant,” he smirks.

“Oh really?” I raise an eyebrow. His smirk grows wider before vanishing entirely as his lips come crashing down onto mine, one hand holding both of mine above my head while the other kneads into my hip. The already warm spring air goes up several degrees as my mouth is ravaged. And I can’t breathe. But I don’t want to stop. I never want it to stop. And that should scare me far more than it does.

This kiss is rough, more carnal desire than any of those we have yet shared. My heartbeat picks up wildly and I’m half afraid it is trying to beat out of chest. His hand comes down from above my head and cradles my jaw as he pulls me closer whilst simultaneously pushing me harder against the wall. And I should be worried that someone is going to walk around the corner or come out of the changing rooms but I just can’t bring myself to care.

Then the kiss slows down on its own accord, Scorpius’ hand still cradling my face. And when did he become ‘Scorpius’? We stand there, breathing each other’s air and trading languid kisses. His thumb strokes over my hip bone and I press closer to his chest.

“That’s more like it,” he smirks and I kisses it off his face.

“I hope Hufflepuff wins,” I reply before ducking under his arm and striding away.


“Where’d you go?” Will asks when I finally make my way up to the stands. I just shrug and he lets it go, moving over and handing me a chocolate frog. “You going to Hogsmeade next weekend?” he asks instead. I nod. “Got any plans?”

“Not really, hopefully seeing Dominique for a bit and I have to go top up on quills.”

“Cool, well my friends are ditching me to go on dates so do you mind if I tag along for a bit? I’ll go entertain myself when you see you cousin, she still scares the shit out of me,” he chuckles.

“Sure,” I agree. “So how badly do you think Hufflepuff are going to lose today?”

“Hopefully not too badly, to leave us with at least a shot at the Cup,” Will replies as the players walk onto the pitch.

“If anyone asks, I’m supporting Hufflepuff,” I inform him, stealing some Bertie Bots Every Flavored Beans.

“This has nothing to do with Harding does it?” he teases.

“Definitely not,” I laugh as the whistle is blown.

“And Anderson has the Quaffle but it’s short lived as Moon slips it from her grasp and dodges that nicely aimed Bludger by Corner. Moon passes to Malfoy – Andrius that is – and Andrius back to Moon. Sparrow knocks it from his arm with a perfectly placed Bludger. That girl may be tiny but she’s got one hell of a wing on her,” the commentator rattles. “Looks like Hufflepuff’s shocking victory against Gryffindor has upped their moral because they’re really going for it. Harding passes to Phillips who passes it back and Macnair intercedes. Macnair to Moon. Moon to Andrius. Andrius to Macnair- And that’s a goal! First goal of the game goes to Slytherin and Stephan Macnair!” the commentator bellows over the Slytherin cheers.

“What do you make of little Sally Sparrow,” Will asks over the din, gesturing to the tiny Hufflepuff Beater.

“She’s good,” I shout. “She enjoys the game, she’s relaxed. Amazing aim. Hufflepuff are definitely improving from last year. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of them against Ravenclaw,” I shrug. “You might have to be careful next year,” I laugh.

“It won’t be the same without you guys,” he sighs as Smith throws the Quaffle back into play. “I mean that’s four of our players gone – and that’s not even including Lucy,” he continues.

Seven Slytherin goals in, Hufflepuff makes a break for it. “And that’s Harding to Phillips to Anderson and back to Harding and Phillips and Sparrow deflects that Bludger from the fierey Osmond just in time and the Quaffle is back in Harding’s hands and he takes the shot and he scores!” the commentator screams over the Hufflepuff’s cheers. “This is the best Hufflepuff has played since I’ve been here, I’m tell you,” he laughs. “And Nott throws the Quaffle back in, passing to Macnair…” I attention is ripped from the commentator and drawn to the Slytherin Keeper. Of course. Alec Nott.

I knew I had recognized him from somewhere, first at the bar the day Dominque must have met him, then at the café she dragged me out of. He has been Keeper on the Slytherin team for as long as I’ve been on the Gryffindor team. Well now I know who he is, I make a mental note to find him after the game.

The game, of course, lasts for hours.

“And that’s another goal for Hufflepuff – they really are much better than we gave them credit for,” the commentator chuckles. “That makes the score 210 to 160 to Slytherin. Williams and Scorpius Malfoy are struggling to find that sneaky Snitch! Nott throws it back in to Andrius, Andrius to Macnair, Macnair back to Andrius… That was some quick thinking by Moon. Moon to Macnair, Sparrow knocks the Quaffle away with a superbly good Bludger – that girl is a star, I’m telling you. Anderson picks it up, Moon snatches it, Moon to Andrius and back to Moon and Moon scores! 220-160 to Slytherin! Hufflepuff are putting up an excellent fight but there is just no way they can beat this Slytherin power team! Osmond and Flint make a fantastic pair protecting their Chasers from Sparrow and Corner’s nifty Bludgers. And the Quaffle goes from Smith to Phillips, Phillips to Anderson, Anderson to Harding, Andrius intercedes. Andrius to Moon, Moon to Andrius, Macnair, Andrius, Macnair, Moon, Andrius and that’s another goal! I think the Hufflepuffs are starting to wear down, they’re not used to games that last this long, that’s for sure! Williams takes a dive. Is that the Snitch? Is it? I think- Scorpius on his tail. But he’s not really going for it. Was that a dummy by Williams? I think it might have been. Scorpius scanning the pitch. Smith to Phillips again. Ooh! Ouch! Osmond really sent that Bludger into the back of Phillips broom, that girl is terrifying! Moon picks up the Quaffle and flies up… What is he doing? The goals are that way? Has Moon lost his mind? Oh! Oh! Scorpius looks like he’s seen the Snitch, excellent distraction Moon but Williams is hard on his heel but let’s face it, Scorpius is one hell of a Seeker,” the commentator’s ramblings increase speed as Malfoy chases after the Snitch.

It’s beginning to rain now, making it hard to make out but I definitely caught a glimpse of gold ahead of him. And the commentator is right: he is good. He’s better than good. Not as good as Albus but closer than I realized.

“Williams is falling behind- Scorpius is diving- Has he? Yes. Yes! Scorpius Malfoy has caught the Snitch! Slytherin wins 390 to 160! Congratulations Slytherin, a much deserved win but can we take a moment to show our appreciation of the Hufflepuff team who’s last game of the season this was! They gave a valiant effort and it’ll be sad to see some of them go! Captain Tom Harding will be passing on the badge next year and this is also the last game for Keeper Rebecca Smith and Chaser Caroline Anderson! You’ll be missed ladies!” the commentator proclaims. “But to all you starch Slytherin supporters, congratulations on your fine win and keep the celebrations safe please!” he teases.

“Some game huh,” Will huffs beside me.

“Yeah, definitely. Makes me feel a little better about losing to Hufflepuff to know there team wasn’t as shit as we thought,” I laugh. “Look, I’ve got to go but I’ll catch you later,” smiling, I jump down the stand stairs and head for the changing rooms where the Slytherin team is being swamped by there fellow house-mates.

Nott is a tall kid, standing a little over six foot and a solid wall of muscle. His hair is closely cropped and his eyes are bright and watchful, taking in everything in the surrounding area. Which, of course, means they land on me within a few minutes of me being stood here – a lone Gryffindor standing a little way away from a hoard of Slytherins. He catches my eye and I don’t bother looking away, I do want to talk to him after all.

It takes a while for the crowd to disperse but eventually the team manages to disentangle themselves long enough to escape into the changing rooms. After that, the few stranglers leave fairly quickly.

Andrius and one of the other Chasers – Stephan Macnair – come out first, he nods to me before heading up to the Castle, deep in conversation about the game no doubt. Flint comes out next, hurrying to join up with the other two. Then Malfoy and the only girl on the team, Anninka Osmond, come out chatting about how one of her Bludgers should have probably been a penalty. Malfoy spots me and motions for the girl to go ahead with out him, she shoots me a calculating look but then Nott comes out and heads straight for me and Malfoy pauses, glancing between the two of us. His expression unreadable.

“Miss Weasley,” Nott greets me, dragging my eyes of Malfoy’s puzzled face.

“I have something for you,” I say bluntly, knowing by now that bluntness will get you furthest with Slytherins, they hate to waffle around unimportant things. “I’m afraid I have left it in my dorm though.”

“Lead the way,” is all he says but I can see the curiosity shining in his eyes. Curiosity mingled with something else, something like hope.

We walk up to the castle in silence, Nott falling easily into step beside me and I pointedly ignore the glances Malfoy keeps throwing over his shoulder at us from where he is being dragged towards the castle by Osmond.

When Nott follows me up the stairs rather than head towards the Slytherin common room, Osmond actually pulls Malfoy by the tie after her, hissing at him under her breath. Nott doesn’t say a word as I step through the portrait hole and up to the dorm to retrieve Dominique’s letter but he is still waiting patiently on the other side when I return, his eyes landing greedily on the letter in my hand. Wordlessly I hand it to him and he just stares at it for a moment, making no move to open it.

“She wanted me to make sure you read it,” I explain. Nott looks around hesitantly at the steady steam of Gryffindors around us and I lead him to a secluded alcove down the hallway. Once certain no other eyes are on us, he carefully breaks the wax seal and unfolds the paper. I have no idea what it says but it cannot be very long, only one side of paper at the most. Once he has read it over once, he takes a seat on the window ledge opposite me and rereads it.

“She wants to see me,” he says eventually but it comes out as more of a question. “She really wants to see me?” he repeats, glancing up at me.

“She needs to talk to you,” I rephrase.

“Is she still in England?”

“Yes… And will be for the foreseeable future I should think.”

“When can I see her?”

“Next weekend is a Hogsmeade Day, you should be able to see her then, I know she’s counting on it,” I shrug.

“Do you think she would see me earlier if I asked?”

“Are you planning on sneaking out of the castle?”

“If she wanted to me to,” he replies and he is so completely serious I am a little taken aback. I know Dominique is in deep, deeper than she is comfortable with. But it never occurred to me that it might be reciprocated.

“Write to her,” I shrug again. “But I would imagine so.”

“She’s- She is okay, isn’t she?” he asks, his voice soft as his fingers run over the paper in his hands.

“She’s fine. Or at least, she will be,” I reply truthfully.

“Do you think it’s too much? Three years?”

“That’s not a question for me to answer I’m afraid.”

“Of course not… I- Thank you, for giving me this,” he waves the letter.

“Yeah well, if you hurt her I swear to Merlin you will regret the day your parents met.”

“I won’t. I promise,” he says and he looks so earnest the hard expression on my face softens. “I promise I will do whatever I can to make sure she’s happy.”

“I don’t know what it is you two have but even I can see that it is something special. Don’t waste it,” I reply and then turn on my heel and get out of there before I can say anymore. The guy is clearly half in love with Dominique already.


Tuesday evening finds me once again lurking in the dungeon corridors adjacent to the Slytherin common room. Jada Chang, the Slytherin who had accosted me before the Quidditch match was concealed around a nearby corner as we waited for Montague to make his usual evening trip to the Owlery.

The sound of footsteps alters me to another’s presence and I glance up to see the striking figure of Chang’s untrustworthy boyfriend. His dark features contrast his pale (almost too pale) skin  and his long lashes cast shadows on his cheeks in the faint light of the wall brackets.

“Hi,” I murmur when he spots me. “I’m a little lost.”

“And here I was thinking the infamous Rose Weasley knew every nook and cranny of this godforsaken castle,” Montague smirks stepping towards me.

“You know my name?” I ask innocently, pressing myself against the wall and angling my head to look up at him.

Everyone knows your name,” he whispers, stepping still closer. Slytherins. They were so easy.

“I’m not interested in ‘everyone’,” I purr.

“Well that’s good then, isn’t it,” he smirks again, crowding into my personal space. For a brief moment it occurs to me how absolutely ridiculous this is. I mean I am literally a random girl in a random hallway with a random guy and a few flirtatious glances and a couple of innuendos and he is pressing me against a wall, trailing his lips over the shell of my ear. When did humanity desert the students in this castle?

And then his lips are on me and they’re rough. Too rough. Not the kind of rough that sparks the desire for more, more, more like Malfoy’s had on Saturday – and holy Merlin why am I comparing this kiss to Malfoy’s – but the kind of rough that makes it feel like something unpleasant is crawling under my skin.

And then he’s gone. Glancing up, I see two figures approaching. Two? That wasn’t right. Blinking several times, my eyes focus on the one striding purposefully towards us, wand held aloft in front of her and pointed at Montague. I have to blink again because why on earth is Lily down here?

The look of absolute fury on my cousin’s face makes dread pool in my stomach. I glance from her to Montague’s stricken expression and back to her and then to Chang who is hovering at her shoulder, a triumphant smirk dividing her face.

“Lily,” Montague gasps and my eyes shift to him again and what? Lily? And then I realise he’s not looking at Chang. He’s looking at Lily. And Lily is looking murderous. And-

“Oh fuck.”

Author's Note

Hello! So a lot of stuff happens in this chapter and I hope it is all coherant. I'm curious about people's favourite characters! There are quite a few to pick from and a couple more on the way (not too many though, don't worry). We got another nice - if that can really be a word used to describe it - kiss between Rose and Scorpius. Any thoughts? Anyway, thanks for reading and reviews are much appreciated! As always, come and check out my blog, I've added everyone's pets for any animal lovers out there and there is a link to some in depth character profiles I'm writing which give you some insight into the minds of other characters that might not be apparent in the story because it's always from Rose's point of view, so check those out as well. Enough of my ramblings though, thanks again,

Irish Myth.

P.S. "Qu'ai-je fait," = "What have I done?" [Or at least that's what google translate says].



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