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Actions Speak Louder than Words by Veritaserum27
Chapter 8 : Besieged: Rose POV
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It was Thursday night. I was waiting. Scorpius and I had gone out every night that week, and every night I found myself wrapped around him at the end of the date. I could still feel the heat that rose up between us as we snogged each other’s brains out like a couple of teenagers. The way he touched me so gently and then pressed into me with a steady, building firmness made me lose my mind.

The anxiety that I’d been holding onto for so long seemed insignificant. It was replaced with a kind of peace and contentment that was mixed with a giddy excitement at the newness of it all. We could talk about everything and nothing at the same time and, next moment, couldn’t keep our hands off each other. He was very careful with me and always let me take the lead in our snogging sessions.

Nobody knew we were dating. Well, we hadn’t told anyone yet. We usually would just go for a quiet walk around a Muggle area and either eat dinner at my flat or his. We did go out to eat on Wednesday evening, but again, we were sure to go to a Muggle restaurant across town. All of us Weasleys were used to the press and I was certain that a story about the son of a former Death Eater dating in the daughter of two thirds of the golden trio would make headlines.

Although we hadn’t admitted our ‘relationship’ (if you could call it that – we hadn’t even called it anything yet), I’d gotten a few knowing glances from Selenia and a couple of raised eyebrows from Dom, followed by “…so Rose, who did you do tonight?”. I simply skirted their probing looks and questions, walking woozily to my room with a flushed face and swollen lips.

However, we decided that the eight of us (Dominique, Jax, Al, Selenia, James, Samara, Scorp and I) would get together at our flat Thursday evening. It was nothing formal, but, seeing as how the rest of them were coupled up it would probably be obvious that we are maybe, possibly, probably seeing each other.

But not to put labels on anything…

Selenia was helping me frantically make snacks for the group. She was excited to see Al. The two of them were so cute, it could border on sickening. They had a general rule of not seeing each other during the week. It started in the first year of training, after both of them got an “A” on an exam. They realized that spending the night at each other’s all the time was detrimental to their courses of study. If I had let myself think about it, Scorpius and I could’ve instituted that rule as well. We couldn’t afford to get behind in our coursework. But the thought of not seeing him for a day made me anxious. Merlin, I was getting in deep.

That Thursday night however, neither the Auror trainees nor the healer trainees had significant school work and, since James and Jax didn’t have a Quidditch match until Saturday night, we decided to take advantage of the rare opportunity and socialize mid-week.

I heard the distinct crack from the alleyway next to our flat, followed shortly by a knock and I ran to the door and threw it open in anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed. There stood Scorp, James, Al and Samara.

“Hi!” I knew I was foolishly grinning at only one of them, as I stepped aside to let them in. He let the others pass through first and placed his hand around my waist, pulled me close to him and lowered his face for a gentle kiss. As always, he was the perfect mix of decorum and sentiment. I didn’t even think any of the others saw us.

That is, until James piped in by slapping him on the shoulder to force our heads apart, “So… you and my cousin… well, I hope you know how to handle a red-headed temper.”

“I think I can manage,” Scorpius didn’t even move his eyes from mine. He smiled because it was kind of a silly thing to say, everyone knew I didn’t really have a temper. My insides always turn to jelly when he looked at me like that.

“I was referring to my Uncle Ron, of course,” James said, not missing a beat. Both he and Al started laughing hysterically, as our heads turned simultaneously towards the two of them. I might have joined in the laughter too, if their words hadn’t rung too true. Dad had made his thoughts on the Malfoy family quite clear. It’s almost as if he couldn’t even see a difference between Scorpius and his father.

“Let’s go on in,” I said, to get us off that particular conversation. Scorpius and I hadn’t even discussed what we were calling our ‘relationship’ yet, so I definitely wasn’t ready to define it with the others.

We had a great night. We played exploding snap, had hors d’oeuvres that Selenia and I made and the night went swimmingly. Selenia really hit it off with Samara, which was good, because they were dating the Potter brothers. They both seemed to have the same sense of style and fashion, while I usually wore whatever is lying next to my bed in the morning and was satisfied with just pulling my unruly curls into a ponytail.

Scorpius lingered after the others had left. I thought he found it improper to kiss me goodnight the way he really wanted to with my family around.

After a few minutes of some serious snogging, his fingers tangled themselves in my hair as his thumb traced along my jawline. My body responded by kissing him deeper. Part of me just didn’t want to stop when we were together like that.

The tips of his long fingers tickled the back of my neck, sending wonderful shivers down my center and landing somewhere in my gut. I felt my own hands pull him closer to me. I loved the fact that I could just be with him and didn’t have to analyze how I felt about everything. Every move wasn’t planned out or scrutinized by my overactive brain.

It took us a good twenty minutes to say good-bye. I actually needed a moment to get my head back together after kissing him. It wasn’t until after he left that I’d realized that we didn’t even make plans for after training the next day or the rest of the weekend. I was too giddy with the heady feeling of Scorpius Malfoy. I floated to my bedroom, smelling the distinct aroma of cedar and citrus.


I woke in the middle of the night, still flying high from the evening's events. I was sleeping better for the first time in ages. Blearily, I made my way through the parlor to the loo.

“Good evening, Rose. It’s been a long time. Too long,” a cold, smooth voice rumbled from the couch across the room and into my chest. I jumped as a tightness took hold of my gut and pulled me out of my half-conscious state. Stannous. How?

My trembling fingers reached for my wand in my pocket and I felt my heart plummet through the floor at the realization that I was in my pyjamas and my wand was under my pillow back in my room.

“What is the matter, Rose? Did you forget me already? I thought I was your favorite teacher.” The icy words froze me on the spot. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even breathe as I was sucked back in time.

He had been my favorite teacher. He’d started at Hogwarts during my fifth year, after McGonagall had finally decided she was going to stop teaching transfiguration and only act as headmistress. Professor Stannous was an instant hit with the female students due to his tall, masculine form and thick, sexy foreign accent. He had dark, wavy hair, a bold jawline and olive skin. He was in his early thirties – younger than our parents and that made him immediately cool. The male students also loved him because he offered to give anyone animagus lessons after classes.

But none of those were reasons why I liked him. He was fascinating in his own right and always made his lessons… different than the other professors. We'd start off with some crazy object that seemed completely ordinary. Professor Stannous would talk about the object with such passion and intensity, describing its magical history. He'd add in interesting facts and show us little clips out of the tip of his wand of how the object passed through time. Sometimes along the way, he'd teach a new charm or have a rich smelling potion brewing in the back of the room that related to it. By the end of the class, we had transfigured the object into something else entirely. I was completely enraptured when he spoke. I never knew what topics we'd end up discussing, but I always learned something new. It was so different from the learning I had done through reading books and studying. I drank up every word he said, and was completely on the edge of my seat with every lesson. I attributed all the “O’s” I received on my O.W.L.s to him because he was so knowledgeable in just about every subject.

Upon graduation, I’d been accepted as a Healer trainee at St. Mungo’s and I knew that he’d played a big part in recommending me for the competitive program.

After the ceremony and all the obligatory photos had been taken, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Rose, would you mind coming back to my office for a moment? I have a special graduation gift for my favorite student!” He was smiling kindly at me and I happily agreed. I didn’t even think to tell anyone that I was heading back to the castle with him.

He kept up the ruse until we got back into his office. He jovially offered me a congratulatory spirit and, considering the occasion, I accepted. That was the last thing I could remember. Later, I’d realized that it had been laced with a potion, because I woke with a screaming headache feeling groggy in a cabin somewhere in the woods. We could’ve been in Scotland, or Russia, or Canada for all I knew. For the next six days, I wavered in and out of consciousness and endured the worst torture I could’ve ever imagined.

“Rose. My sweet, sweet flower.” He was still sitting across the room, one hand on his lap and the other twirling his wand deliberately.

Why was he back? It had been two years. I was just beginning to let go and live again. Scorpius and I were just…

I shook my head to bring myself back. Focus, Rose! Get out, call for help. Do something! I couldn’t get to my wand, but Dom and Selenia were sleeping just a few feet away. How did he get in, anyway? We always have the wards up. You couldn’t apparate inside our flat and Dom had put up extra protection — all of the Weasleys had it on our homes — to ward off the media and any other people who might want to cause harm to our family. I’d even reinforced it with the duro charm every week to ensure just a little bit of extra protection.

“Rose?” Stannous stood up and took a step toward me. “I’ve missed you.”

“No. No! NO!” I didn’t command my brain to say the words, they just spurted from my mouth as he was moving towards me. I twisted myself around the back of an armchair, but he was pointing his wand at me.

Petrificus totalis,” his smooth deep voice said the words with control as his eyes gleamed wickedly. I ducked behind the chair and took cover. The spell hit the wall somewhere down the hallway.

“Still top of your class, I see Rose. You’re doing a fantastic job in the Healer Program.”

What? How did he know that? He answered the question as if he could read my mind, “Of course, I always keep an eye on my favorite student.”

But I couldn’t work that out just then, I was unarmed and my racing mind was speeding to try to figure a way out. I’d never been able to perform wandless magic, but I thought I might try to accio my wand. I squeezed my eyes tight to focus on the charm…

Stupefy!” I heard Dom shout behind me, obviously woken from my screams. I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short lived as there were two distinct cracks. Without thinking it through, I stood from behind the chair to see two other dark haired wizards had appeared on either side of Stannous. One of them lunged forward, lightening quick and grabbed me by the arm, lifting me off the ground. I screamed and screamed. Not now. Not today. Today I would fight; wand or no wand.

The wizard who grabbed me twisted me around and grinned evilly into my eyes. My eyebrows raised in shock as I recognized the limp brown hair and beady black eyes of the strange wizard from the party at the boys’ flat. I swung my free arm up with all my strength and landed a punch square in his nose. He recoiled for a moment and released me to grab at his nose as blood spurted from it. My feet stumbled beneath me and I landed hard on the ground. All I could do was scramble backward on my hands and feet.

Get to your wand, get to your wand. I repeated over and over in my head. I was just a few feet from my door.

“Oh my,” I heard Selenia squeal behind me.



Stannous and his other accomplice were throwing hexes across the room. Selenia and Dom had been able to block everything.

Expecto patronum!” Dom yelled as she paced forward toward the attackers, her blond hair whipping about her shoulders. Were there dementors around as well? I hadn’t seen any, but there were so many curses flying around the room that I couldn’t be certain. With lightning-like reflexes, Selenia managed to stupefy the wizard whose nose I broke.

I was almost to my door when I heard a cold, cruel “Levicorpus!” and my feet flew up over my head. My arms swung wildly downward, grasping for anything I could reach. Selenia stretched her arms up to grab me, but I was too high up for her. Stannous levitated me across the room toward him.

“NO, NO, NO!” I screamed. I was flailing in mid-air. As soon as my ankle was within reach, he pulled me down roughly. He braced his arms against my shoulders as I thrashed to be free of his grip.

Next moment, he tumbled backward as a curse hit him on the shoulder. He did not release his clutch on me and I fell with him. I tried to use his momentary imbalance to struggle free, but he caught me by the arms before I could get away. I heard two more cracks and squeezed my eyes shut. We were completely outnumbered, five to three.

“Rose!” a familiar voice gasped my name. Scorpius. He had come. Dom had sent a patronus, she wasn’t trying to fight off dementors.

Al had arrived as well. The two other wizards apparated away instantly when they realized they were about to be caught, but Stannous lifted me up and jabbed his wand into my side. He was gripping my arms as he began to turn us on the spot to apparate away. I twisted in the opposite direction to try and stop him. He growled in anger at my defiance and poked his wand harder into my side whispering, “Crucio fla—” and in my mind I was instantly brought back to the cabin.

“NO!” I screamed and thrashed. It startled him for an instant. Someone threw a curse and we flew apart. I landed with a thud against the floor. I squeezed myself into a ball. No, no, not again. Hands landed around my waist and tried to lift me up and I screamed at the top of my lungs. I flailed my arms and kicked and screamed and lashed about until he wasn’t grabbing at me anymore. “Don’t touch me! Get away! NO! NO!”

Finally, the hands pulled away and I felt myself falling and twisting into the darkness. Again. I couldn’t breathe as the sobs overtook my body and I retched until all was black.

A/N: Thanks again to everyone who is reading this. I really appreciate it when you leave a review and let me know what you think of the story!

♥ Beth

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