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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fourteen
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Sometimes I hate my brother. Sometimes he’s bearable. But right now I have no idea how to feel. It’s not like that time he went on a fake date with Cora, no it’s nothing like that. Like right now I should be celebrating, but I’m not I’m mildly pissed off.

I should probably explain why, shouldn’t I?

Well, our last game against Africa. You know the one that should have been really easy for us? Well it was, so easy that I didn’t even get to touch the quaffle! Ok that’s a lie, I was the one who first caught it, but I didn’t get to score. I passed it straight to Andie, who shot and scored middle hoop.

Four minutes and twenty-eight seconds into the game, something big happened. The snitch was caught. By who? You’re probably thinking by my tone that Africa won, but that would be false. We won. In the first five minutes my little brother had caught the snitch. We won 160 to nothing. You’re probably wondering why I’m pissed off? I barely got to stretch! And the game was already over. I spent longer in the changing rooms than I did on the pitch!

Yeah so that’s why I’m a little angry.

But at least we won and are now thirty points ahead of Durmstrang, goal difference of course. And forty points ahead of Beuxbatons. Yeah so you’ve probably guessed it, we’re first. The bottom ten of the table are going to be cut after this week. But the good news? We don’t have to worry about it! We’re in the clear.

It was that thought that lightened my mood. We’d made it through the first part of the competition, ha! made it through. We fucking destroyed it.

“What are you smiling at?” Rose asked the family were sitting in the Gryffindor common room, even Scorpius managed to get an invite. I’d warmed up to him a lot, but it still didn’t mean I wanted to see them getting at it, in front of me. Actually scrap that I don’t think I’ll ever want that. Ever.

“Probably Midnight” Al laughed.

“Or Cora!” Freddie chimed in.

I scrunched up my nose as I looked at them.

“So which one is it?” Roxanne asked.

“Neither!” I protested “I was thinking about how we’re clear of relegation” .

“Yeeeeahhh” Freddie drawled.

“I ACTUALLY WAS!” I wouldn’t mind, but I was! Cora or Midnight didn’t even pop into my head. YOU’RE A WITNESS TO THAT!

“Ok. Quidditch aside which one?” Lucy asked propping herself up on her elbows and staring at me intently. The nosy little bugger. She’s going to be writing for teen witch weekly soon, mark my words. And you know the worst part? She’s a Weasley, she already knows all of our secrets, and I wouldn’t bet on her not telling the world.

“Midnight is just a friend” I said and meaning it, sure she was pretty but veela isn’t my type, they’re too temperamental and devious. I mean don’t get me wrong Midnight is fun to be around and she’d probably be a brilliant fling and my last year’s self probably would have but I’m not sure now. I’ve changed, I think.

“And Cora?” Scorpius questioned suddenly becoming really interested.

“If you’re going to play the protective cousin, you should probably remove your arm from Rose’s shoulder” I said giving him a warning look. He smirked at me as he gave her a tight squeeze.

“Cora?” Lucy repeated.

I looked around, looking for a distraction. I took a quick glance at my watch and sighed with relief. “Well would you look at that, it’s dinner time” I shot up quickly, making my great escape. What? I’m not a coward, but how am I supposed to explain my feelings when I’m not even sure of them…


Everybody was in the great hall, everybody. Each table was full to the brim, the team was surrounding me, and Cora was sitting directly opposite with Andie and Roxanne on either side. Something big was happening. I just didn’t know what or why. All the teachers were at the top table sitting down. The anticipation was building.

McGonagall stood up and the hall went quiet.

“It’s wonderful to see you all here!” McGonagall said cheerily. My eyes were screwed up in confusion, I had no idea what was happening.

“Now as you all know the first part of the quidditch cup is drawing to a close, and unfortunately we will be saying goodbye to a few of you” kick them while they’re down that’s it Minnie, you go girl.

“Before you go and before the rest of you break up for Christmas, we would like to celebrate you all being here, we want to give you more memories that you will take home and tell your grandchildren about. We want to give you a night you will never forget” what the hell is she talking about? I looked at Cora who was staring at McGonagall with a similar expression to my own.

“Three weeks to this day will be the Quidditch Cup Ball” the room broke into conversation, girls squealing even Freddie turned to speak to me.

“Quiet please!” McGonagall said clearing her throat. The room silenced once again.

“The ball will start at 7.30, we are allowing all weekends leading up to the ball for students to get their dresses and suits”

“Does that mean we get to go to Hogsmeade?” one student shouted up, interrupting McGonagall.

“Yes” McGonagall confirmed. There was a loud cheer from the student body who were obviously happy with this news. Even I couldn’t control the grin on my face.

“However the same rules apply for the ball only students in fourth year and above are able to attend”

There was an uproar from the younger students. Even Freddie stood up “But what about the younger members of the team? You’re telling me they can’t go to their own quidditch ball?” he had a point.

“I’m afraid, I don’t set the rules Mr Weasley, it was decided by the board. However if you would have let me finish, you would have heard me say. Younger students may be able to attend the ball, if invited by an older student” just like the Yule ball, I thought thinking back to Dad’s tales.

Freddie nodded before turning his attention to Andie. “Andie, would you do me the honour of accompanying me at the Quidditch Cup Ball?”

My mouth dropped open, I definitely didn’t expect that. Andie paled at the fact all of the student body and teachers were now looking at Freddie’s public invitation. She flashed a childish grin before squeaking out her reply “yes!”

Freddie grinned before sitting back down obviously pleased with his good deed of the day. I don’t think he’s realised yet that by inviting Andie, he can’t go with Leah, well that’s if they’re still a thing.

McGonagall gave Freddie an approving smile before moving on with her speech. “Now, that, that is sorted. I want to congratulate you all on your performances so far and I wish you the best of luck in your last few matches” there was only three more games left before we’d be saying good-bye to bottom half of the table, well technically three more weeks with the ball on its way.

“More information about the ball will be released closer to the date and thank you for listening, please continue with your meals!” she sat down and once again the hall burst into conversation, people asking others to the ball and what not.


A week in and everybody was going mad about the ball. Girls were squealing over who was going to invite them to the ball, or who they were already going with. They kept talking about their dresses, the owls kept delivering large boxes with tailored suits and dresses. Uncle George had sent Freddie a patched multi-coloured suit with a note “I’ll give you a hundred galleons if you wear this to the ball” it’s disgusting, trust me I’ve seen it, he looks like that elephant thing your Mum used to read to you when you were little. But with a hundred galleons, you can probably guess what Freddie is wearing to the ball.

Mum sent me and Al a black wizarding robe, Al’s was lined with green and mine red, what can I say Mum’s got a real attention to detail.

Lily hasn’t got her dress yet. But she has got a date, a fourth year American boy from the Florida State. Jordan Hemming. He was short, taller than Lily, shorter than Al. He was tanned with sandy brown hair. Lily said he was dreamy, personally I didn't see it.

Roxy was going with bird beak, sorry I mean Josef Mayne. She had a dress, but she wouldn’t tell us about it, it was all strictly top secret. Girls over exaggerate over these things, literally this ball is just an overrated disco. Slap the title ball on it, and people spend ten times more galleons than they would have on an outfit. Sorry, if I’m being too cynical. But it's true.

Do you want the rest of the gossip? Rose was the one who asked Scorpius to the ball, straight after the announcement she took charge and asked, he was speechless, she literally took the balls right out of him. He nodded though, in complete surprise, I think he’s a little pissed off that he didn’t get to ask her. They're still going strong though.

Al reluctantly asked Melody after she dropped several hints at him. He told me the other day that he was getting bored of her. I can’t blame him, as hot as she is she’s annoying as fuck. She has this really high pitched condescending tone and I honestly don’t know how Al puts up with it. Apparently she’s a good snog, but I’ll leave that to him.

Andie has her dress; her dad sent it over yesterday. She told Freddie it was yellow, so they’re going to look a right pair, him in his multi-coloured suit and Andie in bright yellow. I’m sure she’ll look nice though, the dress is bound to have cost a lot, with her dad paying. There’s another reason I want to be a quidditch player, other than my love for the game, the salaries are definitely beneficial.

Wood had asked Midnight’s friend Bella, she was Beuxbaton’s seeker. Dark hair, big brown doe eyes, she was beautiful, just like her name suggested. Wood was ecstatic, I thought he’d ask Arya personally, but she’s going with Kenyon from Africa’s team.

Yeah, I’m beating around the bush aren’t I?

I haven’t asked anyone. I’ve been asked by 17 girls so far, and I wish I was lying. Each time I’ve had to say no and see the disappointment in their faces, and it does, kill you inside knowing you’ve caused that. But I had my eyes one person; I was just biding my time. So yeah, that’s basically my way of saying I’m scared.

It’s not that, it’s just Freddie was right. Well he still is right. If I ask Cora to the ball now, everything could be jeopardised. If she said no, there would be an awkward draft between us. If she said yeah, there would be the pressure between us, of a looming relationship. And yeah I know we’re already like a ticking bomb, but there’s no reason to quicken the execution is there?

Walking into the Great Hall we took our usual spots at the quidditch table. Krum was already in there, eating his dinner. I gave him a small curtly nod as I tucked into my own.

Freddie was currently helping Andie with her Defence against the Dark arts homework. I’d help her, but she’s in first year, she could easily just not do the work and still pass. Oh and apparently Freddie’s idea of helping is drawing obscene scribbles down the side of her parchment. There was no helping either of them.

“Freddie?” Andie asked hesitantly.

“Yep?” he asked as he stuck his tongue out while adding detail onto one of his larger drawings.

“You know at the ball?” she drawled.

He looked up and stared at her, even I was looking at her in question. “Would you mind if I left you after I get in, it’s just Ryan Levi asked me to dance with him when we’re in there” she looked so innocent, pleading Freddie to say yes.

Freddie looked at me and I recognised that look instantly. “No” he said the authority pushing through his words. Andie’s mouth dropped open.

“Oh ok” she said looking back down at her work.

“Well at least not before James and I have the protective brother speech with this Ryan” he closed his eyes and said Ryan like it was poison in his mouth, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh yeah…” I added, I punched the palm of my hand in a playful manner, not even bothering to hide my laugh.

“So I can?” she squeaked.

“Of course” Freddie laughed. Andie grinned picking up her homework and running out of the hall.

“Well that was easy” I commented.

“Well it would be. Leah was the one that asked him to go. Figured we could swap dates once we’re in there”

“Seriously?” I asked impressed by his initiative.

“Yeah, well Leah was the one that told me he liked her. It was just tying to get it all together” he laughed.

“Genius” I stated and meaning it.

“Somebody looks happy” Freddie commented motioning towards the door, I turned my head to his direction and laughed as I saw Cora skipping down the aisle. No word of a lie, she was skipping.

She fell into the chair opposite us; not literally, she just kind of slid into it with ease.

“Why are you so happy?” Freddie asked, smiling himself.

She cupped her hands and hovered them above her chest; tilting her head backwards she said the words that shocked the hell out of me. “The dreamiest guy just asked me to the ball”.

My mouth dropped open. The fuck?

Cora started laughing until there were tears in her eyes. “Your face!” she howled.

“What?” I said confused.

She started slowing down her laugh, until she was just smiling.

“You’re joking” I realised.

“Of course you prat” she laughed again even Freddie was chuckling now.

I have to say I was kind of relieved. She was still dateless. I could still ask her.

“So what are you so happy about?” I asked in an attempt to change the subject. She stared at me for a second before the light bulb appeared above her head and lightened her eyes.

“The training sessions for after Christmas have been released, we’re allowed to practise three times a week, hour and half slots”

“Only you would be excited about that” Freddie said sighing at the thought of extra practise.

“Of course I am” she said not sensing his sarcasm.

I shook my head at him, telling him to drop it; there was no reason to ruin her perfectly good mood with his sass, even though I did kind of want to join in too.

“Hey Cora” Krum said he was standing up just getting ready to go, I had to supress my eye roll. “Can I have a word?” he asked nervously.

“Sure” Cora shrugged standing up and grabbing her bag, following him out of the hall. My eyes never left them.

“What do you think he wants?” I asked Freddie.

“How should I know?” he shrugged stealing the last bit of turkey off of my plate. I gave him the look, clearly saying that’s not helping. “What?” he laughed “If you’re that bothered use the cloak and follow them”

As much as a good idea as that was, I couldn’t. Lily had the cloak. Actually I’m pretty sure that little shit has had the cloak and the map since term began.

Roxanne decided to join in our conversation at that point. “I’ve heard he’s going to ask her to the ball” she said a knowing look plastered on her know it all face.

“You’re serious?” I asked standing up.

“Yep, wait what are you going to do stop him?” she asked her prying eyes looking at me with amusement.

“No, I’m just going to take a gentle stroll” I told her as I picked up my bag and walked out of the hall, keeping a keen eye open for both Cora and Krum.


It was about half an hour into my “stroll” when I saw Krum. And he looked too happy for someone who had just had their request rejected.

“Alright James?” he asked as I walked past him, my pace increasing.

“Yeah, you?” I replied not really caring for a response.

“Great actually” great actually I mimicked in my head.

“Have you seen Cora?” I asked not even beating around the bush, I wanted for his face to change slightly, or at least give me some hint of tension there but there wasn’t.

“Yeah, she’s just gone down to her common room” he said still grinning “I’ll see you round” he said walking off with a skip in his step. Ok he didn’t actually have a skip in his step I just imagined it.

I walked quickly down to the Slytherin common room, I was feeling anxious and I had no idea why.

I saw her just entering through the common room door. “Cora!” I shouted up after her. Running slightly. She turned her head, to see who was talking she smiled when she saw it was me. I grinned at her, slowing down my pace as she joined me.

“Did Krum ask you to the ball?” I blurted, almost face palming at my own stupidity. She looked at me slightly taken off guard.

“What’s it to do with you?” she laughed folding her arms over her chest.

“It’s just he looked really happy and well you look happy so I kind of figured” I droned off realising how ridiculous I sounded.

“Would it bother you if he did?” she asked raising her eyebrow slightly.

“No” I blurted again. Even Cora could tell I was lying, nobody chases a girl down to her common room if he wasn’t bothered. “So did he?” I asked again.

“Yeah” she replied with a shrug, like it wasn’t a big deal at all.

“Oh… urm… that’s good, great actually” I was mumbling I had no idea where I was going with this, all I knew was I wanted to get as far away from here as I could. “So you’ll be alright when I go to the ball with Midnight?” I wanted to slap myself there and then. Why the fuck did I say it? Cora looked slightly shocked at that, hell even I was shocked at it.

“I guess not?” she questioned sounding slightly hurt, or maybe I was just reading too much into it.

“Great. So you’ll be with Krum and I’ll go with Midnight. Fantastic. No awkwardness at all. Great. Yeah… Urm I’ll see you around! I’ll see you at the ball.. with Krum… yeah and I’ll be with Midnight. CYA!” I shouted over my shoulder as I bolted out of there. I face palmed so hard I could see stars floating around my face. I am a fucking idiot. No wonder she’d rather go with Krum when I’m such a bumbling baboon. I wasn’t like this before this year. I groaned in frustration, Freddie was wrong I didn’t need to worry about messing up Cora, because she’d already messed up my head enough, I can’t even think straight.

I walked around the corner. I was walking fast, my frustration clearly shown. I saw a glimpse of Midnight’s dark blonde hair in front. I might as well get it out the way now, I mean the worse that could happen is that she says no, then I admit to Cora that I was lying, or I could make Midnight ill on the night of the ball…. Yeah that’s a good idea…

I called her over she just left her friend Bella and Christina who carried on giggling as they went to the great hall, without her. I smiled as she got closer.

“Hi” I said as she approached.

“Hello?” she replied curiously.

“I was just wondering…” how do I put this without making it sound like everything depended on her saying yes. “Do you want to go the ball with me?” I closed my eyes for a second longer than necessary as I waited for her response.

“Sure” she shrugged. “I’ll meet you at the stairs at quarter to?” she asked. I nodded completely surprised at how easily that went. She smiled as she said her goodbyes and continued on her own path to the great hall.

I breathed in a sigh of relief; the easy part was over… well kind of. Now I just had to make Cora jealous.


AN: I don't own anything that you recongise, it all belongs to J.K, but you already knew that...

Yeah so duh duh duh, did you expect a ball to happen? of course you did it would be a national school competition with out one, now would it?

So ok, tell me what you think was James being too much a coward, should he have just asked her? OR ARE YOU EXCITED to see where this goes?

Come on tell me your thoughts and feelings! and even conspiracy theories, i'd love to hear them. GOOD or BAD i want to know, so drop a little note in the grey box please...

Yeah so good news is I know where the story is going... bad news is exams are coming up so I should be revising, so updates may be a little slow, but I am trying! so bear with me....

i think that's everything...

next chapter will be the ball, and it may be a two parter depending on how mean I'm feeling....

does anybody actually read these? voldemort's nipple... ok i'm going to go...



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