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Expecting by SaritaMalfoy22
Chapter 32 : Chapter 31: Revenge & Revelations
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Chapter 31: Revenge and Revelations

A week later found me in my dormitory, in one of my maternity tops from Aunt Ginny, stroking the skin of my stomach casually as I read a book on witch-hurts in England and Wales. Becky was revising Herbology in the library and Dom was with Steve. The two of them had grown pretty close, and Sean Finnegan had seen them together the other day and had seemed quite put-out to see the girl who was usually his back-up bed buddy had found someone who actually respected her.

It was the day before my scan and I hadn't told anybody about it except Astoria – my relationship with Scorpius was getting back to as normal as it can do right now and I think the scan pictures was as involved as he could get at the moment. I didn't want to bother Sarah with coming - her relationship with Danny was strained – Quidditch practice and lessons were the only real time they spent together and even Amy and James were seeing less of each other, although a lot of that was to do with James taking meals in his invisibility cloak, much to Lily's amusement. Mum was campaigning against the wrongful treatment of house elves abroad and dad would be useless at a scan. Dom was spending every waking moment with Steve – the two had become quite inseparable, while Becky had taken to revising almost nonstop, Albus sometimes joining her.

It seemed that the only volunteer to accompany me was Astoria Malfoy.

And, weirdly, I was okay with that.

"Just going for a shower, Ro. Danny says he's going to be revising with Steve this morning. We were meant to be spending our free together but oh well," Sarah sighed five minutes later, bringing me a piece of toast and apricot jam from the Great Hall. I was obsessed with apricots at the moment – dried ones, whole ones, flavoured drinks and jam were my top favourites.

"Okie dokie," I said calmly turning the page of my book. Sarah shut the door behind her just as Dom rushed into the room breathlessly, grabbed her coat and turned to me before heading out.

"What you doing?" I asked.

"Steve and I are going for a walk. It's so cold out, needed my hoodie," She replied.

"That's weird… thought Danny and Steve were revising?" I asked quizzically. Dom shook her head.

"No, they were meant to but Danny cancelled last night. Said he was revising with someone else or something. Bye Ro Ro," she added, hurrying from the room.

"Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice," I said to myself, just as a huge dog bounded into the room and changed into James.

"Talking to yourself again Ro?" He said, shaking his head and making his way towards the bathroom door.

He likes stealing Dom's expensive face cream, mainly to annoy her but also he has decided he likes the feel of a face mask. There are more things wrong with this situation than I dare to count, so I've learned to just leave him do whatever weird shit makes him happy.

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you James. Sarah's just got out of the shower; she might not even be dressed yet," I warned him.

James looked like all his Christmases had come at once and crashed through the bathroom door.

"JAMES!" Sarah screeched from the bathroom as James came ricocheting out, grinning from ear to ear despite the shower gels being pelted after him by Sarah, who was clutching a towel around her body.

"I've seen it all before!" James yelled over his shoulder with a satisfied grin.

"I'LL GET YOU BACK FOR THAT!" Sarah yelled furiously after him as James flew down the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him and bounded into his dormitory.

"Twat," Sarah grumbled more to herself than to me as she returned to the bathroom and closed the door. I laughed to myself. James really shouldn't have done that...

Later that night, at about midnight, I was awoken by Sarah.

"Rose, come with me, I'm going to get James back!" Sarah whispered. I clambered out of bed groggily and registered that she had something in her hand. As we left our dorm and descended the stairs, curiosity got the better of me.

"What's that?" I asked, more awake now. Sarah turned to me as we stood outside the boys' dorm.

"Raw chillies, I broke into the kitchens," she whispered softly, sounding mischievous.

I wonder where this is heading...

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"You'll see," She said mysteriously. She was just about to open the door when I stopped her.

"What if Amy's in there with him?" I asked, hoping it wasn't true. Sarah looked at me for a moment as if she hadn't considered it and then shrugged.

"I might have to accidentally get her too, eh?" She said with a grin, opening the door swiftly and sliding in, me close behind her.

It was pitch black in the room and all I could hear was gentle slow breathing from the boys and the occasional snore. Sarah padded silently to James' bed and drew back the curtain. I was right behind her as we climbed onto his bed and drew the curtains behind us. James was sleeping peacefully, his mouth slightly open and his floppy hair falling slightly over his face.

No Amy. I breathed a sigh of relief, wondering how Sarah would have actually reacted to it – maybe she didn't care, but I think I know her better than that. Sarah began peeling the covers away from him and then turned to me, mid-peel.

"You might want to look away now, James sleeps naked and that's pretty much the point of this revenge plan," she warned.

I immediately looked away but heard her crushing the chillies between her hands. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw her hold her fisted hand just above his body and squeeze the chilli juice through her fingers. She dropped the chillies on his thigh then and wiped her hand on his chest. Just then, James began to stir, a frown creasing his sleeping face.

"Shit! Quick, under the bed!" I said and we scrambled under the bed as quickly as possible just as James's eyes popped open. Sarah quickly Scourgify-ed the remains of the chillies off her hands and we lay there in the dark with our knuckles stuffed into our mouths as James made the bed creak by sitting up suddenly.

"AAAAAHH SWEET JESUS WHAT THE FUCK?!" James roared, leaping out of bed and scrambling into the bathroom where he yanked on the light and hopped into the shower.

"What the hell is going on, James?!" Steve from the Quidditch team said, sitting up and drawing the curtains away from his bed.

"Oh my god..." James moaned in pain from the bathroom as he pulled the shower head towards his hips and threw his head back.

"James you fucking perv, you woke us all up to play with yourself in the shower?!" Danny yelled groggily as Sarah and I giggled silently but uncontrollably.

"I'm not, I was attacked by someone!" James replied, wincing as he haphazardly sprayed water everywhere.

"What? Search the room!" Davy said, leaping out of bed. He, a lad called Tom and Steve hurried out of the dorm to search the common room while Danny hopped up and began drawing the curtains away from all the beds, wand at the ready.

"Who would do such a thing to me?" James groaned dramatically from the bathroom.

"James, just shut up all right? You know I don't like talking to you when I know you're naked," Danny replied irritably.

James moaned in pain and splashed some more water around the bathroom. I looked to the side of the underside of the bed and made sure I tucked all my limbs tight under James' bed as Sarah wheezed silently in amusement and I stifled my laughter with my hands.

"Check under the beds or in the windows or something," James called, climbing out of the shower and wrapping a towel around him.

Suddenly Danny's face appeared beside Sarah's on the floor. I turned my head towards the bathroom and I saw James glimpsing down under the towel around his hips. He grabbed his wand and began to mutter something under his breath.

"What the-?" Danny asked but Sarah covered his mouth firmly with her hand.

"James saw me naked earlier, I just got my revenge, nod if you understand," she whispered sternly to her boyfriend. Danny smiled behind her hand still covering his mouth and his eyes glinted as he nodded. Sarah let go of his face.

"What's wrong? Have you found someone?!" James asked, appearing in the bathroom doorway.

"Nope, nothing mate," Danny replied and James disappeared again. Danny reappeared under the bed.

I don't think he's seen me yet to be honest; it's still quite dark in here...

"What did you do to him?" Danny asked.

"Fresh chillies," was Sarah's only explanation. Danny winced and looked pained on James' behalf.

"Bit extreme?" He wondered.

"He burst in on me when I'd just got out of the shower – deliberately," Sarah replied dryly in a quiet voice, still stifling intermittent giggles at the moans of pain coming from the bathroom. Danny looked at her for a long while and nodded.

"Fair enough, nice one," he said darkly.

Typical jealous guy.

"Once everyone's back in bed and it's settled down, come to bed," Danny whispered suggestively, raising an eyebrow and smiling crookedly at her so that it left no doubt that it washis bed he was referring to.

"Oh, hello Rose," he added in shock as I rested my head on Sarah's shoulder and looked right at him.

Well, I didn't want him to start talking dirty to her or something. My sense of nausea had increased tenfold since pregnancy.

"Hi Danny, she'll be in when everything's settled down, the sooner the better though, right?" I said with a chuckle, trying to be cool about it all. Danny nodded nervously.

"Good point," Danny said and he scrambled to his feet just as the three other boys entered the room.

"Nothing downstairs Jay. Must've gone," Steve said, clambering back into bed.

"Maybe you imagined it?" Davy said as he and Tom climbed into their respective beds.

"Look mate, you could fry an egg on my dick, I didn't imagine that," James replied, irritated.

"Whatever, lad - just go to bed," Tom said, turning off the lights and leaving Sarah and I, still giggling as silently as possible.

Eventually James climbed back into bed, wincing under his breath.

"D'you think it was a bit much?" Sarah breathed, turning big blue eyes on me.

"He'll get over it," I shrugged as we slid out from under the bed as quietly as possibly.

Sarah glanced at me.

"I'd better not leave Danny in the lurch," she said looking apologetically at me. I waved a hand airily.

"No worries, I'll see you tomorrow... you'd better creep out of here early so James doesn't suspect," I said and Sarah nodded.

"Night," she said with a grin and I crawled to the door, noticing that Sarah drew back James' curtains ever so slightly and cast a spell I didn't hear before she slid into her boyfriend's bed, after looking down at my cousin for a second, her eyes sad.

The next morning Sarah and I found ourselves loading our plates with crumpets and chocolate spread, opposite James, who was still looking uncomfortable.

"You alright James? Cold getting to you a bit?" I asked innocently.

"Yeah, blimey it's a bit chilly willy out there," Sarah said with a straight face. James' head snapped up.

"What did you just say?"

"Bit chilly willy?" Sarah replied, looking innocent.

"Don't say that," James shuddered, looking back down at his porridge.

"Why? What's got you all hot under the waistband?" I asked him innocently.

The effect was ruined somewhat when James' head snapped up for a second time and saw me and Sarah in hysterical fits of laughter, Sarah's crumpet shaking in her hand.

"You two did it?! You little sods!" James yelled, looking shocked and betrayed but amused and getting to his feet quickly.

Sarah and I saw what was coming and scrambled to our feet, dropping our breakfast and sprinting (well, her sprinting, me hobbling like an invalid with my bump) out of the hall, James hot on our heels. Sarah managed to bolt up the stairs and so James rounded on me.

"Little shit," he muttered, looking genuinely surprised at me.

"Well that'll teach you for being a perv!" I retorted. He shook his head with a grin and made to turn away but I grabbed his arm.

"Hey, I meant to tell you. Danny and Sarah don't see much of each other nowadays do they?" I said, trying to sound casual but looking around him in case Sarah reappeared.

"Yeah, well Amy seems to have disappeared too, thankfully. I wouldn't read too much into it, I'm trying not to," he replied, shrugging.

"It's just, he said to her that he was studying with Steve yesterday but Dom said Steve was with her all day… Danny apparently blew her off to revise with someone else," I said thoughtfully. James frowned at me.

"Weird…" Was all he said before he seemed to shake the thought from his head.

"Forget it, it's probably nothing," he added sternly, as if warding off hope of trouble in paradise. I nodded, he's right –it's probably something perfectly innocent. Nobody's ever had a reason to doubt Danny.

Which made it all the more weird that alarm bells were ringing for me.

"Oh Rose, I got here early, I couldn't remember what time you said," Astoria said, greeting me with a hug when she saw me.

Sister Ann Weathers soon ushered us into the room and Astoria sat down beside me as I sat down after I'd changed and revealed my swelled stomach. It was weird-looking, with stretch marks clawed across it and blotches of pink skin showing. It wasn't big, but it hung over my jeans a bit. To me, it felt huge.

I lay down and went through the routine. Astoria gasped and stared as my stomach slowly became see-through and my little alien-looking baby became clearer and clearer. Astoria and I clasped hands at some point, but I didn't realise.

"How many copies would you like this time, Miss Weasley?" Ann asked, smiling at Astoria's glistening eyes and my calm smile.

"Just the eight this time I think," I said, grinning at Astoria, who gave a teary laugh.

"I've been carrying the one you gave me ever since I got it," she said with a smile, pulling it out of her pocket. "I even caught Draco looking at it the other night," she said, squeezing my hand. For some reason this fact made me wish Scorpius was with me too.

Just like the other two times, it was over as quickly as it had begun.

"See you next month, Rose," Ann said with a kind smile, giving me all eight copies of my picture.

"Thanks Ann," I replied, smiling back. Astoria and I walked towards the fireplace on the first floor and stood opposite each other, wondering how to say goodbye again.

"Here you go," I said, pushing a copy of the scan picture into her hand. She smiled and took it, thumbing the tiny body.

"I'll see you soon, love. Don't be a stranger," she said, hugging me again before I stepped into the fire and spun away.


I feel like a real weirdo, following my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend everywhere for a day. Some people might have me sectioned, but I like to think I show true Gryffindor dedication, skipping all my lessons to trail Danny relentlessly in dad's invisibility cloak. So far I had come up with nothing, but he was sure to mess up at some point.

Well, that's what I keep telling myself to avoid feeling like a real loser.

I found myself in the library later. Danny was sat alone in the furthest, quietest corner of the room, on a table right behind a bookcase. I had managed to climb onto a shorter bookcase nearby and could almost read his book over his shoulder. He kept glancing up every few seconds until I heard stiletto heels clicking softly towards us. I heard it before he did and his head snapped up and he got to his feet as a familiar face came into view.

"I thought you were going to stand me up," he said. The girl shook her head and stepped forward. His hands found her waist and she stepped into his kiss.

My jaw actually dropped and I had to stop myself from making a genuine noise of surprise.

The girl was Amy.


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Expecting: Chapter 31: Revenge & Revelations


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