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'Till Death Do Us Part by marauderslover15
Chapter 26 : Happy Christmas
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A/N: WARNING: THIS IS A Mature Novel. Please read the Mature warnings for this novel & respect the rating (especially scenes of sexual nature!!!). Thank you.

It was in little shards, almost microscopic. They were ragged and each little shard was a piece of his heart. His heart that shattered, broke from the swift surging pain. The words pierced him, the words of abandonment, and the words that truly meant she didn’t love him. How can a person have so much control over your heart? How it lurches, throbs, beats and even breaks.

“What do you—what do you mean?” he whimpered like a child. “Why? What have I done wrong?”

His eyes were drowning in hopelessness, almost dying, turning a shade of gray Hermione had never seen before. The sad stormy gray of a sky that was falling apart.  “Malfoy—I—”

You can’t leave me! After all we been through. I thought—I thought—” He ran his hands through his hair, pacing and looking up at the sky. “Why?”

Why?” cried Hermione shrilly. “Why—?”

“YOU!” bellowed Astoria who came stumbling through the snow and threw a snowball at Hermione. “YOU TOOK HIM AWAY FROM ME!” She fell to the floor, leaning forward and buried her face into her hands. She sobbed hard and loud, it echoing in the dark.

“Astoria,” whispered Hermione, kneeling next to her and rubbing her back.

She looked up into Hermione’s eyes and sniffed. “He—twice—he rejected me!” she sobbed, now glaring at Draco. “In Diagon Alley. Then just now. He wouldn’t kiss me. He refused me. That’s it. It’s done, isn’t it? Why you?” she sniffed.

Hermione looked from Astoria to Draco, her eyebrows furrowing. “You rejected her?” She stood onto her feet, staring into Draco’s eyes.

Draco’s eyes widened. “Is this what’s this about? I told you! You are the only woman in my life!” he roared.

Hermione collapsed on the snow, her knees sinking in and the dress becoming moist. She breathed in and out slowly, running her fingers through her hair. “So you didn’t kiss her?” she asked meekly.

“No, I didn’t.”

She sighed.

Draco dropped to his knees in front of Hermione and held her shoulders, rubbing them. “Is that what you thought? Listen, I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t. Are you still going to accept his proposal?”

“Yes. I’m better off with Blaise. You’re too unstable.” Shakily, she rose to her feet and stared down in pity at Draco. “I can’t handle you anymore.”

No, no, no, thought Hermione. NO! I never wanted Blaise to begin with. I want Draco. I knew my decision right from the start. Draco, regardless what he does, is the one I want.


You came looking for me for a reason and I think we both know why.”

Hermione didn’t speak a word.

My proposal is still up in the air,” Blaise smirked.

I’m sorry, but I have to reject,” Hermione whispered. “That would be a betrayal to Draco even if he is technically cheating.”

So why the fuck would you find me?” he spat, his eyes burning a fiery rage.

Draco, I know he probably cheated. My first thought was to go to you. It’s hard to like someone who likes someone else. It isn’t easy. It hurts. I—I felt bad. You were sad and I thought maybe you felt guilty for what you did to me. I came to you to let you know I forgive you.”

He sourly chuckled, “So that’s it, huh? Fuck that. That’s not what I need.”

Hermione narrowed her eyes. “Well, I can’t give you what you need, Blaise. Sorry.” She stood to her feet and heaved a sigh. “Anyway, take care.”

Not yet, Hermione,” he growled, pointing his wand at her. “Imperio!”

Hermione felt relaxed, happiness and peacefulness washed over her. She felt light, she felt like she was walking on air. There was a happy tingling feeling in her stomach and her mind was empty like a sunny cloudless day.

Blaise pocketed his wand and his voice distant, he said, “Walk.”

Hermione felt her legs move toward the Manor. Then she halted. He had told her nonverbally to stop. He was a master at the curse, obviously experienced.

Blaise had full control of her.


Now, her body felt like it screaming and straining as she tried hard to resist the control Blaise had over her. Her head was throbbing with intense pain. Her body shook aggressively as the words slipped past her lips, sounding distant, “NOOOOOO!”

Draco narrowed his eyes at her then immediately turned toward Blaise. His fist came swinging back then forward into Blaise’s jaw with a crack. He flew onto his back and laid in a valley of snow. Hermione fell onto her knees with a gasp of relief. Draco glared at Blaise and snatched his wand, breaking it in half. He threw the broken wand into the snow, stained of scarlet blood, without another word picked Hermione up and carried her into their room, using a secret passage.

“Thank you, Malfoy. But I’m fine. You can put me down now.”

He gently set her down at the edge of the bed when they reached the room as she gazed down at her feet with eyes glassy with tears. Hermione’s heart was slow, but pumping hard against her chest, ready to break free.

“I—He had control of me. I never wanted to be with him. Ever. I honestly never intended to leave you. We’re—we’re friends and I’m here for you. And I want you to know you really aren’t engaged to me so I know you’re allow to kiss anyone you’d like and can cheat, but I'm glad you didn’t. But you can if you want—”

“Shut up, Granger,” he replied huskily.

He cupped her face with both hands as her eyes averted into the stormy gray eyes. He leaned forward so his lips brushed against hers gently. He softly pressed his lips against her, holding for a few passing moments. She open her mouth and his tongue slithered in, teasing the inside of her mouth, massaging it gently. She elicited a pleasurable whimper as his kisses became more sexual with passion and entangling his fingers in her hair. Her hair came loose out of her messy bun as Draco pressed his body against hers, falling onto the bed. His kisses lowered to the jawline to her neck as he sucked and nibbled, marking her. He groped her curves and Hermione pushed him off of her. He stared at her embarrassedly, running his hand through his hair. She turned onto her stomach.

With a barely audible whispered, she said, “Unzip me.”

“You sure?” he croaked nervously.

“Yes,” she muttered, choking on the heat of the moment.

With shaky hands, slowly, he unzipped the back of her dress, leaving the beautiful bare back exposed. His breath ragged, he leaned forward and left a trail of kisses on her back. Hermione shifted as he leaned back, embarrassed again, feeling he was going too far. He realized he wasn’t when Hermione stepped out of her dress with her back toward Draco, letting the dress fall to her feet. She unhooked her bra and it dropped the floor. She looked back at him.

“Granger,” he choked on his nervousness. “You sure about this? We really shouldn’t.”

She looked down at her naked body and sighed. “I understand that you don’t want to.” She rubbed her arms, feeling stupid.

“No, no! It isn’t that I don’t want to. Trust me I really do.”


“Because—I—I—find you beautiful.” At this Hermione perked up and watched him from her peripheral view. He continued, “And I honestly…”

“Honestly what?”

“I—I—” he croaked. He hitched his breath. Can he really tell her? How he felt? For what, to make things awkward? For her to not feel the same way? It would be a stab to his heart. He coughed some of the cowardice out. “I care for you. I like you a lot.” He cleared his throat and looked awkwardly at his feet.

“I do too,” she whispered. “This is my decision. I’m okay with it.”

“Even if it’s me?” he muttered, hope rising in him.

“I would only want it to be you.”

He stepped toward Hermione, turning her around and pressed his lips hard against her and caressed her back. Hermione entangled her fingers in his hair, pressing herself hard against him. He pulled away, unbuttoning his shirt clumsily and quickly pulled it off. Hermione traced her fingers on the rippling abs and muscles on his body and sighed with pleasure. He chuckled uneasily and unbuckled his pants, letting his pants flutter to the floor. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling the hard arousal against her. Draco fell on top of her on the bed, kissing her and teasing her mouth with his tongue as he groped the upper curves of her body. Hermione moaned when he played with the centers of her swelling curves. His heart was running a marathon in his chest, hearing her moan.  He sucked and nibbled at the skin on her neck as her back arched and she whimpered with pleasure. She couldn’t believe how gentle he was. She tugged at his boxer briefs and he slipped them down, kicking them off. She stared at the hardened flesh between his thighs and he swallowed down the overwhelming feelings rumbling inside of him. Slowly and with shaking hands, he slid her lacy underwear down her thighs slowly, enjoying the beauty of it all. He completely took them off with a ragged sigh.  Hermione leaned forward and brushed her hands against the raised skin and his breath hitched, feeling her gentle touch. She continued to touch the excited skin as he trembled with an incoherent breath.

“Enough,” he said huskily.

He softly pushed her to the bed and with arms shaking and her heart in her throat. He lowered himself into her and she moaned loudly. He rocked back and forth slowly, feeling her welcome. Her nails scratched lightly on his back as she threw her head back, moaning softly. As he picked up his pace, her breath grew more ragged and moans louder with a shudder.

“Draco!” she whimpered.

He sighed with pleasure, “Hermione.”

His pace was fast now and he gripped her thighs, digging his nails into them. Her thighs gave a tremble as her back arched and with one last thrust, he climaxed with her, whispering her name. He fell on top of her, smelling her sweet scent as her body shivered beneath him. She gently wrapped her arms around him, feeling the protectiveness she adored so much. He lifted himself off of her and she fully crawled into bed under the quilts as he did the same. Without any hesitation, he scooped her into his arms, feeling her warmth and kissed her on the forehead.

“I hope you don’t regret this,” he muttered.

“I promise I won’t,” she whispered against his chest. “I trust you. And I care for you. As you said before, I’m going to be your wife anyway.”

“Can I be honest?” he mumbled. He felt her nod against his chest. “I don’t mind having you as a wife. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He cleared his throat awkwardly and nervously.

She looked up at him, stroking his jawline. “I wouldn’t either. You’ll be a great husband. And if it ever comes to that, you’ll be a great father too.”

There was hope in Draco, swelling. There was a possibility that he could have her forever, regardless of what happened between them and the world around them.

“I wouldn’t mind having you as the mother to my kids either.”

“But our kids will be halfbloods.”

“So be it. It doesn’t matter as long as those kids resemble you in some way, I couldn’t care less.”

Her hands rubbed his chest with affection. “What are you trying to say?”

“What I’m saying is, this isn’t the situation I originally thought it would be. But I—but—things change. I changed.” He bit down his lip, the words, “I love you” playing on his tongue, but the cowardice made him bite them back.

“We both did,” she whispered.

“This was the best Christmas I ever had,” he said. “Because of you…”

“Me too. And because of you too…” She wrapped her arm around him. “Happy Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas, Hermione.”

Thank you so much SassySlytherinGirl for editing this chapter XOXO. So much thanks. 

A/N: =O Okay, so I knew from the very beginning I was going to do a scene like this and take advantage of M rating. Also, I knew I wanted to go all the way with this scene and I spent hours reading the tutorial on scenes of sexual nature over & over & over. -___- So, I hope it isn’t TOO much for you guys, but this is M and I did have a warning at the beginning of the chapter too.

Another thing please for give me for Hermione, she’s wayyy too trusting isn’t she? Bleh. She won’t make the same mistake again!  

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