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Fear no Evil by Beloved Enemy
Chapter 1 : If your body matches what your eyes can do
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I thought I would take a shot at a ‘Bad Guy Draco’ story. Blaise Zabini will also be a pretty big part of the story, and while I am fully aware that in reality he is a black guy, before I knew that, I read stories where he was always a white Italian guy, so that’s all I’ve ever been able to see him as in my stories. So, please don’t holler at me when he is a white Italian in this story... :)

A little background....This story is not HBP or DH compliant and Draco is NOT a sniveling coward like he was in the books. Absolutely nothing against JKR, but in my world, Draco Malfoy is the bad ass Death Eater that I’ve always wanted him to be. :) Voldemort is alive and kicking, but he hasn’t made a move against the ‘light side’...yet, and Dumbledore is still alive.

Let me know how you like it!

Read, review and enjoy!


Well I’m not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move because you’re standing still
If your body matches what your eyes can do
You’ll probably move right through me on my way to you

-Paralyzer, by Finger Eleven

Hermione Granger was sitting in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, surrounded by all her friends. This was the begging of her last year and she could hardly contain her excitement; she would be taking her N.E.W.T.S this year, she would finally decide what she wanted to do for her career, and she had also been named Head Girl. Her friends had all been thrilled at her news, but they hadn’t been the least bit surprised. Hermione had absolutely no idea who the Head Boy was; all she knew for sure was that it wasn’t anyone from Gryffindor. She hated to say it, but she knew that it wouldn’t be anyone in Hufflepuff either, so that left only two choices; Ravenclaw and Slytherin. She was hoping against hope that it would be someone like Terry Boot from Ravenclaw, but deep down, she had a pretty good idea who it was, and it wasn’t a pleasant thought. She slowly scanned the Slytherin table and he eyes stopped when they landed on shiny, silver badge that matched hers. She brought her eyes up to look at the face of the person wearing the badge and her heart plummeted; as she had suspected, Draco Malfoy was wearing the Head Boy badge. He was an extremely close second to Hermione in academics, he was the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team and he was Professor Snape’s pride and Joy. It made perfect sense that Draco would be the Head Boy, but it still unnerved Hermione to no end. Despite being a role model student, Hermione also knew that Draco was a Death Eater in training. She had no proof of this, of course, but deep in her gut, she just knew that he was. Everyone in his family was a Death Eater, all of his friends’ parents were Death Eaters, his own father was Voldemort’s second in command, and his aunt was right up there with him. There was absolutely no way that Draco was not a Death Eater; at least, that’s what Hermione fully believed.

As much as she wanted to deny it, Hermione had caught herself studying the Slytherin at times. She noted that he always walked with this air of importance and sheer arrogance, and he was never alone; he was always surrounded by hoards of girls vying for his attention, or he was being being flanked by his two best friends, Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott. Draco had outgrown Crabbe and Goyle at the end of their third year, when it seemed that he had finally realized just how dimwitted they really were. They still hung out with him on occasion, but Draco mostly stuck with Blaise and Theo. Another constant in his life seemed to be Pansy Parkinson as she was currently hanging off him while he was trying to eat dinner. Thanks to the gossiping hoards, Hermione knew that Draco had been dating Pansy off and on since the end of fourth year when they had gone to the Yule Ball together. They had both dated other people, but they always seemed to go back to each other; it looked as though they were ‘on’ at the moment. Hermione was never able to understand what he was doing with Pansy in the first place; she had short black hair and a pug like face that was just completely unattractive, as far as Hermione was concerned. She suspected that Draco’s relationship with Pansy had something to do with the fact that she came from a very wealthy pureblood family, just like he did. Purebloods like the Malfoys and Parkinsons were extremely prejudiced against half bloods, muggle-borns, and muggles. Hermione had had to constantly defend herself against Draco and his friends as they called her ‘Mudblood’ every chance they got. After the first few years, that word had lost it’s meaning and it had stopped bothering Hermione. Despite what those snakes said to her she knew that she deserved to be there just as much as the pureblooded snobs, if not more. She had worked her ass off to get to where she was, and she refused to be ashamed of her ‘dirty blood;’ she was actually quite proud of it, considering that she was known as ‘the brightest witch of her age.’

Hermione couldn’t understand what Draco wanted with a girl like Pansy when he could literally have any girl that he wanted; he was every girl’s wet dream. He had short platinum blond hair that fell naturally, as he had stopped using gel in his fifth year, piercing pale blue, almost silver eyes, and a well defined body that he had gotten from all those years playing Quidditch. (Just picture Tom Felton; the man is freaking hot!) Draco was actually at the top of the list that the girls in Hogwarts had titled ‘most shaggable boys.’ The other boys on the list included Blaise Zabini with his dark, Italian features and hypnotic Indigo eyes, Theodore Nott with his shaggy brown hair and Hazel eyes that changed shades depending on his mood, Harry Potter because he was simply ‘the boy who lived,’ and Ron Weasley because he was sweet, goofy and completely adorable with his bright red hair. Hermione loved Harry and Ron like they were her brothers, so she had never seen them as ‘shaggable.’ She did however, see the appeal of the Slytherins; despite being Death Eater wannabes, they oozed sex appeal, and they bloody well knew it.

Hermione had always been relatively successful at avoiding
Draco and his friends, but this year it was going to be damn near impossible. She would be sharing a common room with him, and would no doubt be sharing a few classes with him as well. Since neither one of them could stand the sight of the other, she hoped that they year would go bye relatively uneventful as far as Draco Malfoy was concerned.

As Hemione was lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t realized that she was staring at the Slytherin table. As if he could sense that they were being watched, Blaise Zabini looked over and saw Hermione starring at them. He looked down and saw the Head Girl badge pinned to her robes and he smirked. He elbowed Draco in the ribs and nodded in Hermione’s direction as he said something to him; Draco looked over and locked eyes with her. He stared at her intently, but his face was completely blank; not like the usual sneer or smirk he usually wore when he looked at her. He had a look in his eyes that she couldn’t decipher, but she felt like she was the only other person in that room and she could feel the mercury in the room shoot up ten degrees. She managed to tear herself away from his heated gaze, but she couldn’t stop herself from looking back at him a few moments later. Draco had turned his attention back to Pansy as she was talking animatedly about something and Hermione noticed that he looked completely uninterested in what she was saying. Blaise, however, was still looking at her, and when she looked back at him, he winked at her. She blushed and quickly looked away and didn’t dare to look their way again.

After everyone was settled and the first years had been sorted into their houses, Dumbledore made the usual announcements and introduced the new Head Boy and Girl. When Hermione’s name was announced, the Great Hall erupted with applause and cheers from all the houses, except of course from Slytherin; they just sneered at Hermione. She fought hard not to look and see how Draco and his group had responded. When Dumbledore announced Draco’s name, the Slytherins brought down the house with their cheers and all the other houses applauded politely, including most of the Gryffindors, sans Harry and Ron of course; they just glared at Draco. After Dumbledore announced the new heads, he announced the new DADA teacher. His name was Adrian Medina, he looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, and he had short, dark brown hair. From where Hermione was sitting, she thought that he looked attractive, and the fact that Lavender Brown, Parvatil Patil, and Ginny Weasley had just added him to the list of ‘most shaggable boys,’ Hermione assumed she was right. Dumbledore finished his announcements and then asked the new Heads to meet Professor McGonagall at the staff table promptly after dinner. Hermione spent most of dinner gossiping about the new teacher and listening to Harry and Ron go off about the Quidditch tryouts that were coming up in a couple weeks.

After dinner, Hermione told her friends that she would see them later and then she made her way to the staff table. She looked over and saw Draco loitering around with his friends for a few minutes before he finally decided to grace them with his presence; Professor McGonagall gave him a disapproving look and Hermione completely ignored him. McGonagall led them to their dormitory that was located right next to the entry to the dungeons, much to Hermione’s dismay. They went inside and Hermione was very happy with her new surroundings; the common room was just a big bigger than the Gryffindor common room and decorated in warm, inviting earth tones with a large couch that was facing a fireplace, several overstuffed arm chairs, a large bookcase, and two desks. Draco’s room was on the left, Hermione’s was on the right, and the bathroom that they would have to share was located between the two. Before leaving them to their own devices, McGonagall explained a few more things to them. They were each allowed to give the password to their common room to three of their friends, but no one else. Being the Head students, their curfew was extended to one a.m., they had a free period during their first hour so that their patrolling schedule wouldn’t take away from their sleeping, they got their very own house elf named Whimsy who would be available to them to bring them meals when their were too busy with their duties and studying to eat with everyone else, and they were allowed to go to Hogsmeade every weekend, if they wanted to. McGonagall wished them a good night and exited the room. Without giving Draco a chance to spout off some nasty comment about having to live with her for the next nine months, Hermione quickly went to her room.

Hermione magically unpacked her trunk, let Crookshanks out of his cage, and then changed out of her uniform into a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt so she could go hang out with her friends for a little while. She left her room and was met with the sight of Draco, Blaise and Theo standing next to the fireplace. She knew that there was no way she would get out without being noticed, so she braced herself for the inevitable. She shut the door to her room and all three boys turned their attention towards her.

She eyed them warily, “I hope you aren’t going to turn our common room into the newest Slytherin hangout, Malfoy.”

Draco looked at her, but didn’t say anything, so Blaise spoke up, “Don’t pretend that you aren’t thrilled at the thought of being around us all year, Granger; most girls would kill for the chance.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “Well, I’m not like most girls.”

Theo unabashedly scanned over her figure, “Isn’t that the truth.”

As far as Hermione was concerned, she wasn’t a knockout, but she wasn’t completely unattractive either. Her hair had lost its frizziness over the years and now it hung in waves down to her shoulder blades. She wasn’t overly curvaceous, but she had pretty decent feminine curves, and while she didn’t blow all her money on makeup like Lavender Brown and Pansy Parkinson, she wore eyeliner because she thought it made her normal brown eyes stand out a bit, and a darkish pink shade of lipstick that went perfect with her fair complexion.

Hermione ignored Theo’s comment and she looked at Draco. He hadn’t said a word yet, but he was looking at her with that same heated gaze as before, and it was really starting to unnerve her. She put her hands on her hips and glared at him, “Did you lose your tongue over the summer holidays, Malfoy?”

His expression didn’t change, but he finally spoke to her, “I assure you Granger, my tongue works just fine.”

The innuendo wasn’t lost on her and she blushed.

Blaise smirked, “Sembra dannatamente bene quest'anno,” he said to his friends in Italian.

“Lei fa certamente.” Theo responded.

Hermione had always been incredibly turned on by guys who spoke foreign languages and this was no exception. Although, the fact that they didn’t want her to know what they were saying made her a little uncomfortable.

“Quest'anno potrebbe non essere così male dopotutto.” Draco said, never taking his eyes off her.

Hermione felt an unwelcome feeling crawl through her veins and she decided it was time to leave, “I’ve got better things to do than listen to the three of you speak in tongues all night.”

“You seem awfully interested in our tongues, Granger. Perhaps I can show you some of what mine can do.” Blaise smiled.

Oh lordy, it was definitely time to leave. Hermione made a disgusted sound and quickly left the common room.



Sembra dannatamente bene quest'anno = She looks damn good this year.

Lei fa certamente. = She certainly does.

Quest'anno potrebbe non essere così male dopotutto = This year might not be so bad after all.


So there you have it! How do you like it? Should I keep going? Let me know! :)

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Fear no Evil: If your body matches what your eyes can do


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