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Grief in Love by LizMalfoy
Chapter 10 : Chapterx: Gift
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Chapter X: Gift

Draco was sitting in the library, reading about Muggle medicine. Since he became a healer, he had taken an interest in the way Muggles took care of injuries. It fascinated him how Muggles were able to heal wounds without magic, though it did take much longer. He had owled his son and told him about his date the night before. He hoped his son would understand. He had also asked him if he would be upset if he began dating again.

Few minutes later, Draco's owl, Golamenta, flew to his side, carrying a letter in her beak. He took the letter and gave her a treat before she flew to her perch in the corner to get a drink. He opened the letter. It was from Scorpius.


If you wish to start dating again, that is your choice and I support you. However, I think it would be better if you did not pursue anything more than friendship with Mrs. Weasley. I am very close friends with her daughter, Rose, and she told me that her mum isn't ready to move on yet. I do hope that you are able to find someone that can help you finally come to terms with Mum's death, and that you can eventually move on with your life.


Draco put the letter in a drawer in his desk, with all of the other letters his son sent him while he was at school. Scorpius' letter confirmed what Draco had thought the night before. Hermione was not ready to move on.

"Well, the date with Hermione worked, so maybe it will work with someone else too," he said to himself. He tried to think of single women that might agree to go out with him. All of the single women at St. Mungo's were either quite a bit older than him, or were trainees and were much younger than him. His thoughts brought him to Emily, Dr. Patil's receptionist. She had seemed very nice and she seemed to flirt with him a little bit when he came in for his appointments. He decided to ask her out and see how it went.

After writing a letter asking her to meet him at a café in Diagonal Alley for dinner that evening, he gave the letter to Golamenta. With an affectionate peck, she flew out the window, and Draco sat back down in his favorite chair. He wanted to thank Hermione for trying to go on a date the previous night.

He paced the room as he tried to think of a way to thank Hermione. His eyes landed on one of the Muggle magazines that Rose had sent Scorpius over the summer. He picked it up and started to flip through it. He landed on a page about must-read books and saw a picture of a girl curled up in a very comfy looking mushroom chair. He decided that a comfortable chair for her to read in would be absolutely perfect for her. He also looked at the list of must-read books and picked out a few that he would get for her.

The next day, Draco got up early and walked down the street to a Muggle bookstore. He stepped inside walked to the desk where the shopkeeper was sitting.

"Hello, Miss?" he asked, getting her attention. She looked up and was momentarily stunned by Draco's handsomeness. "Could you help me? I was wondering if you had any of these books," he said, handing her the list of books he had chosen to get her. The girl took the list, read it twice and stood.

"We have most of the books on this list, but not all of them. Would you like help getting the ones we do have?" she asked.

"No thank you," he said. "I can find them. Thank you though." She handed him back the list and he started walking down the aisles, picking up a few books as he went. When he was done he walked back to the shopkeeper and she rang up his purchases.

"Would you happen to know where I could get a mushroom chair?" he asked her as he helped her bag the books he was buying.

"There's a store right around the corner. They probably have a few. If not, they'll know where to find one." She handed him the books as he laid the money on the counter.

"Thanks again," he said with a small smile.

"Anytime." Draco left the bookstore and walked around the building to the alley. He shrunk the bags and put them in his pocket before continuing around the corner to the store the girl had told him about.

Draco walked up to the clerk at the register.

"Hello. Do you have any mushroom chairs?" The clerk looked at him and nodded.

"Sure do," the clerk replied in an American accent. "Follow me," he said, walking towards the back of the store. "We got three different sizes. They each come in different colors. If ya like one, lemme know an' I'll let cha know what colors we got 'em in." Draco nodded and began testing out the different chairs.

The first one was fairly small, perfect for a child to curl up in. The second was a little more comfortable, but just didn't seem right for Hermione. The third was perfect. It was big enough to easily fit two people comfortably and conformed to the shape of his body. He called the clerk back. While he waited, he looked at some pillows to go with it.

"What colors does this come in?" he asked, pointing to the chair when the clerk arrived.

"Well, that one comes in red, green, blue, and black," he replied.

"I'll take it in red." Draco picked up a few silver pillows and laughed to himself. "Make that green, and I'll take these, too." He handed the clerk the pillows and followed him to the front. After paying for his items, he took everything back to the Manor and planned the perfect way to give Hermione the gifts he had picked out for her.

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