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A Basket Full of Love by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 1 : Easter Egg Hunts
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 I sat next to Rose on the old wooden bench in the garden of the Burrow. My hands were on my enormous stomach and Rose looked over at me with a smile.

“Hey, momma.” She winked at me. She knew I hadn’t been expecting for the doctor to tell me I was pregnant a third time. I really hadn’t been expecting for it to be with twins.


Our kids were waiting rather impatiently to start the Easter Egg Hunt. Scorpius, Teddy and Albus were out hiding the eggs. Last year James and Fred had offered, and then all of the kids came back covered in chocolate with bunny ears. We didn’t have a fun time rectifying that situation.

Behind us I could hear our parents and other cousins milling about. Nana Molly was shouting out orders for people helping her in the kitchen, and everyone else was just causing general ruckus. I looked at our kids, they were all standing together. I watched as my six year old daughter, Gabrielle, ran circles around Rose’s oldest. The younger two were playing with flowers in the patch by the bench we were sitting on, and I couldn’t help but smile at the beauty of the scene before me.

“Think the boys managed to sneak in some surprises this year?” I looked at Rose and settled into the bench some more, trying to find a comfortable way to sit.

“Probably; you know they can’t help themselves.”

“Well, they’re cleaning up the mess this year.”

We paused for a moment before bursting into laughter. We both knew that would never happen. I sighed as I watched Scorpius and Albus walk towards us, with Teddy pausing behind them to reach down and scoop Gabrielle up and spin her in a circle. It was perfect little gestures like those that made me feel confident that I had chosen the perfect man to spend my life with.

I looked around the garden and smiled to myself. Nana Molly had apparently gone through a lot of effort to make the garden look rather festive. From where I was sitting I could see the eggs sporadically hidden in places both obvious and more clever. Rose was lecturing her kids on the importance of playing nice and being fair, though, realistically, we both knew that playing dirty was the only way to win a Weasley Easter egg hunt.

I thought back and remembered the Easters when I was a kid. Teddy used to run around collecting eggs for both him and me. I would push Dominique and Louis away, and James would join forces with Fred and try to beat everybody. Rose would push Albus and end up getting him in trouble. Hugo and Lily would team up to take down their older siblings while Lucy and Roxanne would climb up one of the trees to look out into the garden and spot the eggs that weren’t yet taken. And Molly... Well, Molly would either throw a fit and not participate, or she would behave like a know-it-all and cause someone to want to knock her over. Or, in some cases, actually knock her over.

I smiled to myself as I thought of the way people had and hadn’t changed. Rose was still as bossy and pushy as ever, and yet it never seemed to be her fault. James and Fred were forever causing trouble, a prime example being last years Easter festivities, and Lucy was no longer quiet but a lovely young woman married with a daughter. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way she grew up. Even Molly had come out of her shell and was much nicer than she used to be.

The men let the kids run out into the garden, and I smiled as they ran around in circles, yelling at each other and flailing their baskets around. I used to hate this holiday, believing it was pointless to spend the day running around, blindly searching for candy-filled eggs that my parents would refuse to let me eat on the spot. But looking back on it all now, I'm starting to think that it just might be one of my favorites.

I tried to stand up, and got a couple of inches off the bench before sitting back down again in defeat. Rose didn’t even bother to stiffle her laughter, and even Teddy was chuckling as he walked over to help me up. I shook my head at both of them, but I was smiling too. I’m sure it was a sight to see the not-so-little me struggling to stand. My parents were making their way out of the house with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry, and I waved them over to where we were standing.

My dad wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I leaned against him.

“You know, you used to run around like that.” He looked down at me, smirking.

“No she didn’t; she’d follow Teddy around and let him do all of the work for her. She’d just knock everyone else down.” Dominique had come up from behind us and patted me on the back before moving to take my seat on the bench, effectively laying across Rose.

Everyone laughed at her remark. Dominique had always been really comfortable with her place, no matter where she was. I admired her for that. The kids kept hunting eggs, and eventually most of the family was outside. Everyone except Nana Molly. I managed to slip away, as subtly as a pregnant woman could, and walked into the kitchen to join her. She was watching the scene from the kitchen window, tears in her eyes.

“Nana, what’s wrong?” I asked, taking her hand in mine.

She shook her head. “Nothing’s wrong, dear; everything’s just right.”

I smiled at her comment and stood watching the picture that was our family, hunting for eggs, laughing with each other, and just being together on a beautiful spring day. That was the beauty of Easter: nobody demanded presents, nobody expected food (except for maybe James and Fred), and everyone just got together to be a family.

As the kids were winding down, I moved over to the door, ready to take the basket from my children and slip the candy into labeled bags. They wouldn’t be having any more sugar, I had seen the pieces they snuck into their mouths in the field.

As I scooped my daughter up, I understood why my mother and Nana always made us actually look for the eggs: so we could appreciate the beautiful moments unfold as they unfolded before us. And now our kids got to experience that, as well.

Each Easter was another basket full of love.


written for the Huffleclaw - Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza. I really wanted to highlight what there is to love about Easter, without delving into anything serious. Just simple surface fun things!! I hope you enjoy this one-shot and I'd love reviews, critique on it, etc. 

xoxo Sarah

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