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Descendants of the Death Eaters by Cariel
Chapter 30 : Sacrifices
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It was over. Harry killed Voldemort and the tormented souls captured in his wand were released.

Ginny looked around, surveying the damage the Death Eaters and the Dark Lord had inflicted. She saw the body of a cloaked Death Eater with a blonde ponytail similar to Draco’s father’s hair. Shocked entirely by the courageousness displayed by both her brother, who may now lay dead, and the famous Harry Potter, Ginny left to search out Draco.

Briefly reunited with his parents, Harry was drained both physically and mentally. He fell to his knees in front of Kelly’s body, letting out an anguished cry. Harry knelt there, assessing how many people lay dead because of him. He felt like it was his fault. Voldemort only wanted him. He could have saved all the innocent people.

All those students…professors… Dumbledore…Ron…Kelly…were dead because of him.

Harry was the only living person left in the room.

Ginny had a hunch Draco’d hide with Marwood in the secret place she had often met him when they were dating. She unlocked the door, finding the two of them hugging as they knelt on the floor of the closet. She wondered how long they had been there.

The bright light from the hallway blinded them for a moment and when Draco looked up, he saw Ginny as an angel with an unearthly light glowing behind her. He thought he had died.

“Your father, Draco… He’s dead,” Ginny informed him.

“And Voldemort?” Draco asked as he pulled Laura to her feet.

“Harry killed him.”

Just as she said this, Harry appeared from down the hallway looking completely battered and miserable. The trio recognized the body he was carrying in his arms to be Kelly Andersson.

“Bloody hell,” Draco murmured at the sight of her unconscious body. She was so beautiful, even in death.

The pain and complete exhaustion in Potter’s face showed every bit of recognition that Andersson was gone, but he insisted on taking her to the hospital wing. He held her like a child in his arms; her head resting on his shoulder. He didn’t stop or acknowledge the trio as he passed.

The three of them exchanged glances, but followed him in silence. Draco put his right arm around Laura’s shoulders as they followed Ginny to the hospital wing.

After one of the medi-witches under Pomfrey’s tutelage helped Harry lay Kelly’s body on an empty bed, the sixth-year student ordered Harry to lay down as well, but he wouldn’t listen. “If there’s any-anything you can do for her— Do it now,” he asked the medi-witch.

“I will,” she responded, “but it doesn’t look very hopeful.”

Harry was about to object when he saw Hermione. “Hermione…” he breathed, stumbling over to where Hermione sat next to Ron’s bed. “Is he…”

Hermione stood up and took Harry into her arms, hugging him tightly. She held onto him for a few minutes before telling him, “He’s still alive.”

“Oh thank God,” Harry exhaled in relief. He nearly collapsed onto her, but luckily the persistent little medi-witch and Ginny were there to help him onto a bed.

Laura moved to go to Harry’s side, but Draco was holding her back. “Let me go to him,” she pleaded.

“I don’t want you touching him.” It wasn’t because of his hatred for Potter, but because he didn’t want Harry finding out about them and Laura’s situation.

“Just let me help him,” Laura pleaded.

Harry heard Laura’s voice and her struggling with Malfoy. “It’s all right. I already know.”

Draco asked suspiciously, “About what?”

“Laura’s pregnant,” Harry answered. His eyes closed out of exhaustion.

How did Potter know? Draco was angry at the thought of Harry having some telepathic ability and he wasn’t confident Laura would be able to heal him without transferring some of her thoughts. He didn’t want Potter knowing anything else about them or about Draco personally. But did it matter anymore?

Ginny was too shocked to speak. Her eyes were wide as she looked at the pair, wishing she had answers to all the questions whirling in her mind. For some reason, she wished it were her. She wished that she was carrying Draco’s child instead of Marwood. She knew the idea was stupid because she still had another year of school and didn’t want the responsibilities of being a parent so soon. At the same time, she was able to see the fear in Marwood’s eyes and knew that Marwood didn’t want to have a child either. She suddenly felt bad for her even though part of her still wanted to be with Draco. She looked to Harry instead and prayed he wasn’t in danger.

Draco released his tight grip on Laura’s arm and she proceeded to heal Harry.

Hermione wasn’t surprised that Marwood and Malfoy had created life without thinking about consequences, but she didn’t care about them. She was primarily concerned for her two best friends who lay on adjacent beds and was drowsy from the potion Pomfrey had her drink.

Madam Pomfrey finished with Ron and went to the other grievously injured students first before tending to Harry.

Draco paced as the orange glow radiated from Laura.

Harry dozed off after a bit and Laura broke her trance feeling a little woozy. She let Harry alone and glanced from Weasley to Andersson. She couldn’t get Harry’s plea out of her head, “Not me…go to her...she’s far more injured than me…” Shaking her head, she decided to have a look at Weasley instead since he had actually been pleasant to her. Of course, he could have just been nice to her because he’d rather have her with Draco instead of his sister, but he was Harry’s best friend, so Laura approached his bed. Granger was fast asleep in the chair next to him and he looked nearly dead.

“He’s lost a lot of blood,” an exhausted Madam Pomfrey said. “There’s not much more I can do for him. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“What kind of curse was it?” she wondered.

“A vein-opening curse…very dangerous…” She looked around at Draco and Ginny who were unharmed. “Why don’t you three head back to your dormitories—”

“Can’t do that,” Draco piped in. “There are other dangerous people after us and Slytherin Tower is the first place they’d look for me.”

“I’m not leaving him,” Ginny said, but added quickly, “or Harry or my brother…”

Madam Pomfrey threw her hands in the air, “Why do I bother!” and bustled about ordering a medi-wizard to tend to an injured Hufflepuff.

As Laura began linking with Weasley she could sense he was fighting her. “Do you want my help or not?” she muttered aloud.

Hermione woke up with a start. “What is she doing?” she questioned at the glowing girl. “Stop!”

Draco mediated. “Look, you want your bloody boyfriend to live or not?”

“What’s it to you?” she spat back.

“You’re absolutely right.” Draco realized he shouldn’t bother arguing with Granger and that neither he nor Laura had any business messing about with Weasley.

Hermione was confused at his response, but too tired to care.

Draco touched Laura’s shoulder and she blinked, looking up to meet his eyes. “I wasn’t nearly done with—” But before she could finish her sentence, she passed out.

Ron awoke to see Hermione looking shocked. “What’s going on?”

“Ron!!” she joyfully exclaimed. “You’re all right!” She decided at that moment, she would be indebted to Marwood.

“Someone get that bleeding medi-witch over here!” Draco yelled. Laura was unconscious in his arms.

Harry woke up, rubbing his forehead where the scar was, and blinked a few times. “Blast!” His sight had deteriorated to its normally bad vision and he was without his glasses. He couldn’t see that Ginny was sitting next to his bed.

“Shit!” Draco cursed when his grip on Laura slipped. He stumbled as he looked around for a vacant bed, but all were full. He laid her on the floor instead.

“Harry! Harry! Ron’s OK!” Hermione leapt from her chair, bouncing over to his bed.

Ginny asked, “Harry, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t see… I need my glasses…” he admitted reluctantly.

The brown-haired medi-witch-in-training finally came over to help Draco. “What happened to her?” the medi-witch asked him.

“She just passed out,” he informed her.

“I’ll run and get them.” Ginny said at the same time as Hermione. Hermione stopped midway before leaving and brushed the hair away from his temple. “Your scar…”

“Yes? What about it?” Harry asked.

“It’s… What I mean is, it’s gone,” she informed him.

The medi-witch felt Laura’s neck to check her pulse and checked to see if she was running a fever before putting some smelling salts under her nose. “Come on…” she urged Laura to wake.

“Are you serious?” Harry was stunned and could barely believe it to be true.

Hermione just smiled.

Laura took a sharp intake of breath and her eyes fluttered open.

Draco helped her slowly sit up. “Don’t scare me like that!”

She groaned, putting a hand to her temple. “Did I- Did he wake?”

The medi-witch answered, “He did, thanks to whatever you did to him. I’ve never seen someone wield wand-less magic like that. Same with Harry Potter over there…”

Laura looked towards Weasley and then at Harry. She sighed, “Good,” before passing out again.

“What’s wrong with her?” Ginny asked, leaving Harry’s side to help Draco.

“Something happened when she tried healing your brother,” he told her.

Ginny glanced at Ron who looked remarkably better than before.

“I think it has to do with the transference of energy…” the medi-witch reckoned. “Depending on the injury she was trying to heal, she might have transferred her life force into him instead…”

“Are you saying she could die?” Draco demanded. Only Ginny was able to hear the fear behind his question.

The medi-witch felt threatened by the Slytherin. “It’s not my area of expertise. I don’t really know.”

“You’d best find out before you go making that kind of assumption!”

“Don’t harass her, Draco. It’s not her fault,” Ginny interceded.

Draco rose from the floor and went into the hallway leaving Ginny kneeling on the floor next to where Laura lay. He resumed his pacing, deep in thought.

“Ginny,” Hermione went over to her. “I’m leaving to get Harry’s glasses now. You still want to come?”

“Oh, yeah sure,” Ginny said, getting up from the floor.

As Ginny and Hermione left the hospital, they saw Draco standing outside the room hitting the wall with his fists, but moved quickly past him, even though Ginny would have wanted to stay with him. Other wounded students were filtering into the already packed hospital wing.

Draco leaned his forehead against the wall outside the hospital, closing his eyes. He knew what had to be done. Now that his father was dead, the only one standing in the way was Roger Marwood. He had to kill Roger Marwood. Pounding his fists on the wall, he growled. Marwood was a sadistic Death Eater and no doubt had his own minions to protect him besides his own wizarding powers and Draco would have to face him.

He was angry that he was scared to confront Marwood while Potter was fearless in front of Voldemort.

As he resumed hammering his fists into the wall, a tall dark-haired man slowly approached him. “If you keep that up, you won’t have any knuckles left.”

Draco faced the unfamiliar voice. He looked the man up and down, taking in the shabby cloak and unkempt black hair. He glared at the middle-aged man. “What do you care?”

The man chuckled. “Let’s just say after Marwood and his supporters are defeated, you can go scatty for all I care, but for now, I suggest you get yourself together.” He patted him roughly on the shoulder before entering the hospital.

Sneering at the audacity of the older and rugged-looking man, Draco followed him in.

“Snuffles!” Ron cheered when he saw the dark-haired man.

Draco raised a confused eyebrow, but continued to glare suspiciously at him.

Harry was about to get up and embrace his godfather, but Sirius was over in time to prevent him. “Rest now. We’ve got until tomorrow.”

“For what?” Harry asked.

Sirius hadn’t noticed the girl lying on the floor until then. He knelt next her, pulling a vial from his tattered robes. Tilting her chin backwards, he poured half of the liquid into her mouth.

“What are you doing to her?!” Draco demanded.

Sirius responded, “How long have you known about her wand-less magic abilities?”

“Excuse me?!” Draco was furious. “How do you-how does that-”

He ignored Draco’s stuttered defiance and coaxed Laura to wake. When she didn’t wake, he took out his wand saying, “Ennervate.”

Without seeing Sirius clearly, she thought he was her father. Legs flailing, hands scraping the floor, she struggled to get away from him. “Va t'en!”

“Hold still,” Sirius said calmly to her.

“Ne me touches pas! Lâchez-moi!” Laura screamed in French. When she realized the man holding her down wasn’t her father, she demanded to know who he was, “Qui est vous? Répondez-moi!!”

“Ça va aller, mon chéri. Vous êtes sauvés. ” Draco gently stroked her cheek. “It’s OK, Riana.”

“Draco…” She seemed for a moment to recognize him, but continued muttering, “Qu est ce qui est arrivé?! Dites-moi ce qui est arrivé!”

Sirius looked rather startled that the Marwood girl was spurting French. “What’s she saying?”

“I think she wants to know what happened…” He turned back to her. “You fainted. It’s my fault. I broke you out of your trance too quickly-you didn’t have time to convalesce your energy, I know it…”

“Mon dieu!” she exclaimed. “I’m sorry I was- I don’t know…I’m so confused...”

“It’s OK.” Draco turned back to Sirius. “What are you doing here? What did you give her?”

“What I gave her was a reinvigoration potion for wizards using mental charms or spells.”

“And why would you just happen to have some with you?” Draco questioned distrustfully.

“Because it worked well on her last time,” Sirius answered frankly. Without Malfoy’s help, Sirius lifted the girl and placed her on a vacant bed near the entrance that Malfoy hadn’t seen in his earlier fervour.

A/N: translation of the French-Go away, don’t touch me, leave me alone, who are you, answer me, it’s all right my darling, you’re safe, what happened, tell me what happened, my god
I don’t claim to know French, so whatever…

Oooo Sirius is back! Let’s close our eyes and pretend he looks like Ewan McGreggor shall we?

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