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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 31 : Nicknames and party time
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 A/N: Here's the next chapter. It's getting so close to the end! I can't believe that it's nearly finished. Scary times! Let me know what you think :D As always Kieron is borrowed lovingly from Sam aka TheHeirOfSlytherin. :P


“Happy birthday, Lou-Lou.” Victoire yelled happily as she hugged Louis tightly. Louis winced at her loudness, but otherwise laughed and thanked her.

“I can’t believe that my baby brother is finally seventeen.” She stated moving away from him so that he could hug his parents.

“It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital for the first time.” Fleur stated, kissing her son on the cheek. “Now, you’re all grown up.” Louis noticed that his mother had tears in her eyes.

“He’ll always be our baby boy though,” Bill stated as he ruffled his son’s blonde curly hair affectionately. Fleur gave a warm smile before walking back over to the kitchen counter. Louis noticed that she was icing a cake by hand, Louis was looking forward to having some of his mother’s cake. It was his favourite food.

“Now that you’re seventeen, you can get drunk.” Dominique celebrated with a laugh.

“It’s not like I haven’t been drunk before.” Louis stated, before coughing when he realised that his parents were still in the room. “I mean... I totally haven’t been drunk before.”

“Smooth, baby brother.” Victoire laughed as Bill and Fleur shook their heads.

The only time that Louis had been drunk, was when he was fifteen and had spent the night at Horatios. Horatio’s parents had gone out of town and Nikolos was supposed to be looking after Horatio, as Alyssa had gone with his parents. But Nikolos had decided to go out, leaving Horatio and Louis home alone.

They had decided that they would use this opportunity to raid Horatio’s father’s liquor cabinet. Louis remembered waking up the next morning in Horatio’s bed, hugging him and suffering from a very bad hangover.

Although he hoped that if his sisters got him drunk tonight, that he wouldn’t wake up spooning Horatio in bed. He was also hoping that Horatio wouldn’t try kissing him again, whilst under the influence of alcohol. Louis wasn’t sure that Molly or Freya would appreciate it.

“So what time are we heading to Grandmas?” Dominique asked, taking her niece from Freya and smiling down at her. “Hello, Snorter.”

“Please stop calling my daughter Snorter.” Louis stated with a smile at his sister, who gave an innocent smile.

“It’s not my fault that she sounds like she’s snorting a lot.”

“Mum is expecting us at about three.” Bill stated from the other side of the kitchen, answering Dominiques question. “Also, her nickname is Sammykins.”

“That’s your nickname for her.” Dom stated, before placing a gentle kiss on her niece’s head. “You’re called Snorter aren’t you? Yes, you are.”

Louis shook his head before turning to look at Freya, who was watching him with a smile, he wrapped an arm around her an she hugged up to him.

“I’m pretty sure that her birth certificate says Samantha,” Louis told them.

“Oh, don’t be a spoilsport. You’re just jealous that her nickname is better than yours, Louis. Or should I say Puddles.”

Louis felt his face drop at his sisters smile and her wicked smirk. Freya turned to look at them in question as the rest of the family gave a snort.

“Puddles?” Freya asked curiously.

“We managed to not bring that story up in the entire time I’ve been with Freya, I knew it was too good to last.” Louis groaned, although his face was beginning to tinge red with embarrassment.

“Don’t be mad at us, it’s not our fault that you didn’t stop wetting the bed until you were eight years old.”

Louis groaned. “Brilliant, thank you for that.” He walked towards Dom and took Samantha off of her before she could stop him. “Now, because of that, you can’t have Samantha as punishment.”

“Can you believe that she was being mean to your daddy on his birthday?” Louis cooed down at his daughter, who was moving her head around, before resting it against him and looking at him. “But your aunts better watch out for when they have kids. Because your daddy is going to give them lots of nicknames and tell them all of your aunt’s secrets.”

Dom rolled her eyes, but smirked over at Louis. Victoire, meanwhile, was protesting at his words.

“Why am I involved in this? I haven’t done anything, Puds.” She laughed loudly at the end of her sentence, high fiving her sister as they both laughed.

“I must say that this is beginning to be a good birthday so far.” Louis stated, looking at his sisters. Bill walked over to his son and took Samantha off of him, without a protest from Louis.
Louis knew he wouldn’t be able to stop his dad anyway, so why try.

“I don’t know why they’re laughing, they have far worse embarrassing moments. Which I can share if they want me to, Kieron and Teddy should be at the party tonight, I’m sure they’ll love to hear those stories.”

“No, it’s fine. We’ll stop.” Dominique said quickly, shaking her head at her father.

This stopped both the girls from laughing and Louis gave them a smug grin.

“Now, both of you can go and help your mother get the food ready, whilst Louis opens his presents. Take a seat Louis and I’ll bring them to you.”

“Do you want me to take Samantha?” Freya asked him, Bill shook his head at her as he cradled his granddaughter to his chest.

“Nope, don’t expect her back for quite some time at the party either. I don’t think any of your aunts or uncles will leave her alone.”

“That’s good, because we’re planning on getting you very drunk today, Louis.” Victoire said with a smirk.


“Oh, Louis,” Molly cooed at her grandson not long after they had arrived and she had wished him a happy birthday. She was now reaching up and running a hand through Louis’ hair. “Your hair is getting much too long, you should let me cut it for you.”

“It’s alright, Grandma,” Louis stated with a smile as he looked down at his grandmother, “I like my hair like this.”

“But it’s too long, darling.” Molly tried, Louis noticed that his father was smirking from across the room.

“Dad’s hair is a lot longer than mine is,” Louis stated, pointing over at his father. Bill laughed at his son’s attempts to get the heat off of him.

“I think your father is keeping his hair that length to spite me. He refuses to let me cut it, we’ve had many a discussion about it.” Molly told him. Louis saw his father nodding in agreement.

Louis smiled at his Grandmother, who let go of his hair and gave a small disappointed sigh. “Well, I suppose it is all the trend nowadays. Your father needs to enjoy having such long hair before his genes take over and he goes bald like your grandfather.”

Louis had to hold in his laugh as he saw his fathers outraged face.

“Thanks a lot mum,” Bill said. Molly turned to look at her son.

“It’s true, though, Percy is already starting to lose his hair. You’ll be next.” Molly told him, pointing her finger at him in warning, before leaving the room.

“I’m not going to go bald, mum.” Bill called after her, before shaking his head and turning to look around him. He noticed that Kieron was looking at his hair and frowning, his arms folded across his chest.

“Stop staring at me like that, I’m not going bald.” Bill told him.

Kieron gave a scoff before moving one of his hands and pointing at the back part of Bill’s head. “I can already see your hair thinning, won’t be long before that’s a bald patch.”

Bill glared at him. “You can shut your mouth, Nott.”

Kieron’s lips turned up into a smirk and he went back to crossing his arms, still looking at Bill as he ran his tongue across his teeth. He glanced again the where he had pointed at Bill’s head, causing Bill to bring a hand up to it quickly.

“You used to be my favourite future son-in-law.” Bill told him before walking out of the room. Kieron laughed and shook his head, before looking at Louis, who was also laughing. Kieron pointed at Louis, who stopped laughing.

“What?” He asked him, hoping that Kieron didn’t start making fun of his hair as well.

“You’ve not had one drink this birthday,” he told him, before nodding his head in an indication for Louis to follow him to the kitchen. Which Louis did.

“It’s only three in the afternoon,” Louis told him honestly.

“By three in the afternoon on my seventeenth birthday, I was already on my way to becoming drunk.”

“That really doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.” Louis admitted honestly as Kieron grabbed for a glass out of the kitchen counter and placed it on the side. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flask.

“Did you really just pull a flask of alcohol out of your pocket?” Louis asked him with a snort of disbelief. Kieron shrugged at his words. “What’s wrong with the other alcohol you brought with you?”

Kieron had arrived not long after them, clutching a few bags of alcohol so that they could all celebrate later on that evening. Where he had the money for all of that alcohol he didn’t know. The only thing Louis could guarantee, was that Kieron had stolen some from his father, Theodore Nott’s, own personal collection.

“That is not to be drunk now,” Kieron stated with a laugh, “if we start you on that, you would be passed out before it was time to blow out your birthday candles.”

He slid the glass towards Louis, about a fifth of it filled with a honey coloured liquid. Louis looked at it sceptically before taking the glass.

“What’s this?”

“We’ll just call it the party starter.” Kieron said with a grin. Louis picked the glass up and downed the liquid in one mouthful, wincing at the burn as it went down his throat, before a pleasant honey taste took over.

“That is nice, what is it?” Louis asked, as Kieron grinned knowingly and took a swig from the flask.

“Oh, you have the honey liquor.” Louis heard his sister’s voice, interrupting them. Kieron grinned as he handed Dominique the flask for her to have some.

“Your sister loves this drink.” Kieron told him.

“I can honestly see myself loving this drink.” Louis stated, hoping that the other alcohol that Kieron had brought with him tasted as good as this one.

“I’ll be confiscating this, thank you very much.”

They turned around and saw that Bill was standing next to them, having snuck up to them without any of them realising. He took the flask off of Dom and brought it up to his own lips, Kieron and Dom tried to protest, but Bill held a hand up to silence them.

“This is what you get when you lie about my hair, Kieron. This is payback.”

“Enjoy it while you can old man,” Kieron called after Bill, who smiled at him smugly before leaving the room.


The party had been a lot of fun for Louis. Almost his entire family had turned up, each of them fussing over Samantha and asking Freya and Louis lots of questions about how they were doing. Each of them had also brought Louis gifts, which he had told them wasn’t necessary. But, as usual, his family ignored his protests and told him that he needed it. He was thankful to his family, who had mostly given him money. He could never be thankful enough to them, he felt like he would owe them for his entire lifetime and even then it wouldn’t be enough.

They had enjoyed an afternoon of barbeque food, as well as cakes and desserts made by his family. Louis had spent a lot of his time hanging around with his family or spending some time with just Freya. Horatio had joined them not long after the food had started. He had apologised to them all for being late, but that he had something to deal with at home.

It wasn’t until much later, after most of the younger cousins and some of his aunts and uncles had gone home, that Louis was finally able to ask Horatio what had happened. He was sat in the garden with everyone that had remained, except for the adults who had stayed in the house with Samantha, as Kieron began opening the alcohol.

“Have you talked to your parents about Nik?” Louis asked Horatio, taking a sip from his drink. He didn’t even know what he was drinking, it was just something that Kieron had handed to him earlier.

“Yeah, but there’s nothing that we can do. He’s avoiding us. I just hope that he doesn’t do anything stupid. Which is ridiculous to hope, he is Nik after all. Your dad said that Nik has missed the last few days of work.”

“I’m really sorry, Horatio.” Louis stated sadly, moving so that he could look Horatio in the eyes. Horatio shrugged and looked down at his hands.

“Maybe he’ll come home when he’s ready?” Freya suggested. Horatio looked up at her, a bit shocked at her kind words, especially after the last conversation that they had about Nikolos.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Horatio said, before taking another sip of his drink. “But now is not the time to talk about it, now is the time to celebrate you turning seventeen.”

“Are you sure?” Louis asked him. Horatio gave a nod at him before they were interrupted by James.

“No. Oh no!” James laughed, causing them to look over at him. James was shaking his head as he saw the bottle of Russian Vodka in Kierons hands and the gleeful look that was beginning to cross his handsome face.

“I am not drinking that ever again. The last time you made me drink that stuff, I could barely function the next day. Thank god Abigail wasn’t disgusted enough to abandon me when we met up.”

“It’s not my fault that you were a lightweight,” Kieron laughed, trying to act innocent as he poured another drink for Louis.


“Freya,” Fleur stated coming over to Freya, who was sitting next to Louis and interrupting all of the laughing teenagers.

“Yeah?” She asked as she turned around to look at Fleur.

“Samantha is crying, I think the noise might be too much for her?”

Freya nodded, before glancing at Louis quickly, she didn’t want to leave him and the others.

“Maybe you should take her upstairs for a while? See if it calms her down?” Fleur suggested kindly, wanting to help out the young inexperienced mother. “Bill has put her car seat in the first room at the top of the stairs.”

Freya nodded before thanking Fleur and standing up, going over to where Ginny was holding Samantha. She took her from Ginny's arms and walked up the stairs of The Burrow so that she could sit in one of the empty rooms upstairs.

Freya felt her eyes stinging as she sat on the bed and looked down at the crying baby in her arms. Feeling resentment filling her at the fact that she was all alone upstairs, whilst everyone was having fun downstairs.

Biting her lip in an effort to stop herself from crying, Freya looked away from Samantha and around the room, taking in a deep breath to try and calm herself down. She found that she couldn’t stop herself from crying.

She hated this. She hated feeling like she was struggling with everything. Hated feeling like she wasn’t good enough. Hated wishing that she was anywhere other than here.

Samantha gave another cry, which caused Freya to close her eyes tightly, ignoring the tears that were still trailing down her face. She knew she shouldn’t feel like this. Knew that she should feel like this were her whole world, but she just couldn’t. She couldn't admit to herself that this was as good as it was going to get.

Freya opened her eyes and looked back down at Samantha through tears, as she gently rocked her in her arms in an attempt to stop her from crying, and saw her looking up at her with her bright brown eyes. Samantha was relying on her, relying on Freya to do the best possible job she could, but Freya felt like she was a complete and utter failure. Samantha deserved more, she deserved someone better, she deserved someone as amazing as Louis.

Freya moved Samantha so that she was resting just by her shoulder, tapping her back lightly as she had seen Louis do many times. It always seemed to calm her down. After a few more taps Samanthas cries settled into a few sobs, before stopping completely, which caused Freya to let out a sigh of relief. She used her free hand to wipe the tears from her own face before placing it back on Samantha’s back protectively, as she leant back against the wall.

She turned her head slightly to look at Samantha and saw that her eyes were on her, as though she were studying Freya.

She loved Samantha, she really did, but everything was just so overwhelming and she couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t stand that this was something that she couldn’t control. Couldn’t stand that she wanted nothing more than to run away and never come back. Couldn’t stand that Louis wasn’t just hers anymore.

She squeezed her eyes shut again as she scolded herself, she knew she was a terrible person for thinking it.

The feelings were so overwhelming at times that she was sure that she would burst from it all. She just felt like she needed to escape it all, maybe get away for a few days. Her parents had told her that if she wasn’t coping then to come home. She had to admit that there were times that she wanted nothing more than to pack her bags and leave, to run away from it all.

But how could she? How could she leave Louis alone, how could she do that to Samantha, she was meant to be there for her. But what good would she do when she felt this useless? When she felt like crying all the time because she knew that Louis and Samantha needed someone a lot better than her.

She was utterly exhausted. She could barely sleep. Even when Samantha was sleeping, Freya would lie wide awake, thinking about how she was going to screw it all up. She was dealing with so much going on in her head and she had no one to talk to about it. She was too ashamed. Too ashamed to admit that she wanted something completely different to this.

Freya stood up slowly and placed Samantha gently back into her car seat, making sure that she was secure before she moved back over to the wall, sitting with her back to it. Tears overcame her again and Freya covered her mouth with her hands in an attempt to be quiet as she let herself sob.


“So, Louis, what did Freya get you for your birthday?” Horatio asked slurring slightly. Louis didn’t answer, giving a smile instead and going slightly red in the face as he took a sip of his drink.

“Oh, we all know what that face means.” James laughed, pointing at Louis, who was trying to hide his face. He was also quite glad that Freya wasn’t around to get embarrassed by this as well.

“I hope that you at least used protection this time. We all know your track record.” Horatio said, causing everyone to laugh and for Louis to retaliate by sticking his middle finger up at him.

“At least I’ve had sex.” Louis stated.

“What makes you think that I haven’t?” Horatio grinned before pointing at himself and Molly, causing them all to gasp.

“You’ve been going out for two weeks!” Steven stated.

“Stop lying,” Molly stated, slapping Horatio on the arm. “We haven’t slept together.”


“Talk anymore and it will never happen.”

“Maybe not with you,” Horatio said, before turning to look at Louis and wriggling his eyebrows at him suggestively. Louis winked back at him and blew him kisses, causing them all to laugh.

Louis laughed as well before running a hand over his face, realising that he was drunker than he thought. He wondered if Freya would be drinking when she came back to them, but she seemed to have been gone for quite some time now.

“Is Freya coming back?” Louis asked as he looked around the room for a sign of his girlfriend, but couldn’t see her anywhere. In fact, most of the adults had gone, leaving all of the teenagers out in the garden of The Burrow.

“I think she took Samantha home with mum,” Victoire stated as she looked around as well.

“That means that I should get going as well,” Louis began , going to stand up.

“No, It’s your birthday party.”Horatio saidm holding his arm out to stop him.

“I can’t just leave her alone.”

“It’s just one night, Lou-Lou Belle.”

Louis laughed at the new nickname from Horatio.

“Horatio’s right, It’ll do her good to look after Samantha on her own without passing her off every chance that she gets. She needs to learn some day, it won’t be long until you’re back at Hogwarts.” Kieron stated to him, as he poured more of the alcohol into a glass in front of him.

“You’re right,” Louis stated, holding his hands up. “I shall stay. But that doesn’t stop the fact that I feel guilty about it.”

“Then you need to drink more until that guilt goes away.” Kieron stated as he held the drink out to Louis to take, which he did.

“Fine,” Louis told them with a smile as he downed the drink. He passed the empty glass back to Kieron, before reaching across and stroking Horatio’s face with his hand. “But make sure you keep this one away from me. He is very touchy feely when he’s drunk.”

“Yeah, Horartio’s the one we need to worry about.” Molly said with a laugh.

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