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Mrs. Malfoy; The Past And Present. by signedheart
Chapter 3 : The Parents.
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"Not happening," Draco pinched the bridge of his nose, "This is not happening."

We had just entered the manor to visit his parents after Narcissa had requested, yet again, to see her grandson. She refused to come over to our home, instead insisting that we bring him to the manor every week. It wasn't something I was overly happy to do, but they were his grandparents and they had the right to see him. But when we walked in we saw two new faces.

"What are you doing here?" Draco questioned, looking the couple up and down. Clearly he was displeased. It was easy to tell who these two people were, the woman looked too much like her daughter.

"Draco!" His mother chided, "that's not the way you treat guests."

He rolled his eyes, shifting his body slightly so he was standing in front of Scorpius and I, ever the protective man that he was.

The woman looked lightly put off by the display, "Our daughter is getting married."

"So I've heard," he nodded.

"How does that make you feel?" Mr. Greengrass asked.

Draco glared at the man, knowing what he was getting at. "It doesn't, though I am glad that she's happy. She deserves to be just as happy with her love life as I am now." His arm snaked around my shoulders, his hand coming to smooth the hair on Scorpius's head.


Mrs. Greengrass cleared her throat, "Anyway, we have come to deliver the invite to your parents."

"What? No invite for us?" He gestured toward me.

"Wha- I- I don't think-" Mrs. Greengrass sputtered out.

A huff came from her husband, "It was a joke, dear. A bad one, but a joke."

"Yes, I wouldn't dream of going to that, do send my regards. Hopefully this bloke is good for her."

Mrs. Greengrass spoke again, "He's a half blood...not that that means anything to you, but it was devastating to us."

Draco's temper flared in about .05 seconds, his chest puffing out and gray eyes narrowing. "My son is a half blood," he spat out bitterly.

Mr. Greengrass stupidly took the challenge, "Well that's your mistake."

Draco had the side of his wand pressed against the other man's throat in a flash of blurred motion. The older man was slammed into the wall as Draco pressed against him, his face turning red in anger. "My son is not a mistake," he spoke aground grinding teeth.

"Draco!" Narcissa yelled out, surprised at her son's rash violent streak.

Lucius stood there eying his son, it almost looked like he was...amused? And maybe...just maybe a little proud.

The loud noise of the body hitting the wall woke up scared the baby that had been quietly observing from the protection of my arms. He started to cry out, starting with soft whimpers but once Narcissa had yelled at her own son, mine started screaming as well.

Despite his windpipe being crushed the man started to speak again, "It'd have to be a mistake, you refused to have children with a proper woman. Surely it was an accident, probably why you married the witch."

I spoke up this time, not being able to handle the stupidity that was spewing from this man's mouth. As I tried to sooth Scorpius, I stepped forward and into Mr. Greengrass's line of vision. "I'm sure you've had at least a small dose of knowledge of basic biology. Surely enough to know that it takes only nine months for a baby to be born. Draco and I were engaged and married for years before Scorpius came along. Marrying me wasn't a mistake and neither was the birth of our son. He wasn't a mistake. And he isn't an it." I glared at the man, tempting him to challenge me.

Draco pressed his wand closer into the man's flesh, "I didn't have children with Astoria because she can't have children." His smirked with amusement when the other man's eyes widened in surprise, "What? She didn't tell her dear old dad?"

"W-What? No. There is nothing wrong with my daughter."

"Yes, there is," Mrs. Greengrass spoke timidly, "She told me herself. The reason she is getting married so soon is so she's allegeable to adopt. I kept telling her she'll regret it, regret not waiting for a pureblood man, but she's set in her ways that one."

His head snapped around to look at Draco, "So you left my daughter just because she couldn't have children?" He spat.

Draco shoved the man harder into the wall before moving away from him, "There were more reasons than that. I understand you don't have a marriage based on love, as much as you tried to hide it Astoria knew that. This must be why it was so easy for you to just marry her off into a wealthy family. Well I found a marriage, a family, based on love and nothing is ever going to make me regret that." He turned toward the door, storming away from the ridiculous scene that had just unfolded in front of us.

His mother tried stopping him, "We want to see Scorpius."

"Maybe another time, but were leaving now."

She turned to me, "Hermione, please?" Her voice was sincere, eyes making contact with mine.

Before I could speak Draco cut in, "Don't Mother," and then he was out of the room.

I mumbled, "sorry," before exiting the room and following my husband.

It was Sunday, and Sunday always meant that Scorpius and I would be having lunch at the Weasleys' while Draco would catch up on work he couldn't do at home. Believe it or not Draco was a stay at home dad. Since he could often work at home it just made sense for him to stay with the baby once I went back to my job. It worked one less day a week so he could go to meetings and such. No one could believe that Draco would ever be the stay at home father type, but he was the one who volunteered, and from what I could tell, he loved it.

We had been talking about anniversaries when Ginny asked me what our plans were for my own wedding anniversary which was still months away. "Hopefully nothing too much, I'd be happy just staying home."

"Come on, there must be something you want to do! Harry and I are going away for the weekend, but he won't tell me where!" She gave a rather pointed look toward her husband who merely shook his head and laughed.

"I'm sure Draco will do the same, but I don't want to be separated from Scorp for too long."

"I still can't believe you married the ferret, Mione," Ron mumbled from across the table. This type of conversation popped up every few months.

I rolled my eyes. No, he would't ever really be able to believe it. It was hard for everyone to wrap their heads around, even mine sometimes. It was strange, but it worked. When I first told Ron he flipped out, saying that he thought all the rumors were just crazy publicity stunts pulled by Draco. I figured there would be a period where he wouldn't accept it, but I hoped he would eventually. Overtime Ron did as I hoped. He and Harry were my best friends, even if they didn't always agree with what I did, they loved me and would stand by me through anything...even marrying their once sworn enemy.

"Ron..." I started, smiling slightly. I knew he meant no harm.

He put his hands up, "I know, I know. I won't start. It's clear he loves you and you love him. You're good for each other, even if it is really weird.."

This is where Ginny spoke up, "You can't be angry, look at what it gave us." She pointed to sleeping Scorpius cradled in my arms. "Our nephew just might be one of the cutest babies. Though, I am partial to my own." She reached over to rustle the black hair on Harry's mini-me, James. Their son was one now, a very happy baby playing with his food in his high chair.

"That's because he looks like his daddy," I smiled up at Ginny.

"Which one?"

I laughed, "Both." Both of our sons look identical to their fathers. James had only one real difference and that was that he gained his mother eye color, bright brown. And Scorpius...he was definitely his father's son. The grey eyes and blonde hair screamed Malfoy. His hair was a shade or two darker, but you could barely tell.

"How are you and the lovely parent in laws?"

"We're getting there. Narcissa loves Scorpius to death, and I'm pretty sure Lucius has a bit of a soft spot as well," I smiled.

Ron spoke again, "How do you trust them with your kid...especially after what that family did to you?"

I didn't know what to say...because I did have a hard time trusting them at first..."It's taken some time to get use to, but Narcissa and Lucius never did anything to me, other than call me a few names...and maybe want me dead."


"But I never leave him alone with them," actually I didn't leave him alone with anyone but Draco. I was just maybe, slightly over protective.

"I wouldn't either..."

"Ooh, fun story about visiting them yesterday."

"Oh no..." I saw Ginny roll her eyes.

"Astoria's parents were there. Draco and her father may have gotten into an...altercation."

"Why were they there?" Ginny asked. I saw the two men pretend not be listening, but I knew they wanted in on our gossip.

"To invite them to Astoria's wedding."

"So she is getting remarried."

"Yeah. Her father called Scorpius a mistake and Draco kind of lost it."

"Whoa..." Harry spoke up, "I would have too."

"Clearly we left after that. Draco's still been a little cranky since then though. He hates how his family and family's friends don't like me, it really bothers him even though it doesn't bother me."

"How doesn't it bother you?"

Ron huffed, "After seeing the types of people they do like, it'd be more insulting to have them like you."

I couldn't help but laugh, "Fair point."

Ginny shrugged, "But..."

"But they're people I'm going to have to live with. I'll be okay, I mean they have to warm up eventually."

The other three adults in the room didn't look convinced.

"Yeah," Ginny replied half-heartedly.

"It'll happen!" I argued back. "Narcissa even called me Hermione today, instead of Granger." Eventually they would have to realize that I was there to stay. I was the mother of their grandson and wife of their son. I wasn't leaving anytime soon. I doubted that they would ever like me, but I could work with tolerance.

Ginny smiled, "Well, that's a start."

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