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We Are Who We Are by ohnobeans
Chapter 4 : First Kiss
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Albus Potter was Sabeena Wood’s first kiss when they were fourteen years old and it was awful. It had been a dare from Rosie who thought the whole thing was bloody hilarious (it wasn’t).

 They had been sitting around the bonfire their parents had conjured for them in the backyard of The Burrow. As was the tradition, at least once every summer the whole family, which had grown to include honorary members such as the Finnigan’s and Longbottom’s, would gather at the Burrow. This year a few of the kids had begged their parents to set up a fire so they could sit around without the younger kids bothering them. Sitting around the fire was Rose, Albus, James, Sabeena Wood, Scorpius Malfoy, Fionnoula Finnigan, Henry Thomas, Fred, Alice Longbottom, and Zachary Jordan.


They had been playing a game of truth or dare and somehow everyone had found out that Sabeena and Albus had never kissed anyone before.


“C’mon, Albie, just kiss her already! You’re the only ones here who’ve never kissed someone before!” You could hear the smirk in Rose’s voice as she goaded her cousin.


“Rosebud, why don’t you take your abnormally large nose and go shove it up someone’s arse?” The boy, Albie, snarled at his (now) least favorite cousin who stuck her tongue out at him in response.


The brunette to his left elbowed him the stomach, fake tears fresh in her eyes, “But, Albie,” she barely suppressed a laugh, “don’t you wanna kiss me?” The girl, Sabeena, was now making kissy faces at Albus.


Albus sputtered and turned a fabulous shade of red, “I-uh, shit, uh I don’t know,”


At this point Rose was cackling in her seat as Sabeena grinned at the uncomfortable look on Albus’ face; the two girls took great pleasure in making him as uncomfortable as possible.


“You’re no brother of mine,” James shook his head disappointedly as he shot a grin at his best friend Fred, “why wouldn’t you want to kiss a gorgeous girl like our Sabeena here?”


Albus scowled again.


“If you keep scowling like that your face is going to get stuck!” Alice Longbottom called out in a sing-song voice from across the fire, a cheeky grin on her round face.


“Yeah, Albus, no one would ever kiss you if your face was stuck like that.” Chimed in Fionnoula, her trademark ear-to-ear grin on display.


“Not that you’ve had much luck with the face you have now---” Fred piped up from his spot next to James.


“So maybe scowling will you do well!” Interrupted Henry, a smirk etched into his face.


As the group was raucously laughing, Albus was busy making up his mind. If any of them had been paying attention they would have noticed Albus had steeled himself and was slowly turning to face Sabeena. Before he had a chance to change his mind he had pressed his lips up against Sabeena’s and pulled away, the trademark Weasley blush creeping up his neck.


The girls quickly gathered around Sabeena and the boys were catcalling and patting Albus on the back, a chorus of “Atta boy’s” ringing in the air.

 It was an awful kiss, but Sabeena and Albus will always have that moment. As she sits in the audience at Albus’ wedding to Pippa, the two catch each other’s eyes and share a small smile. He may be getting married, but she’ll always have her best friend and they’ll always have that awkward first kiss. 

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We Are Who We Are : First Kiss


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