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We Are Who We Are by ohnobeans
Chapter 3 : Welcome to the Family
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 Morgana wrings her hands together and looks worriedly over at her boyfriend, “Thad, I’m terrified.”


Thaddeus smiles at the woman in front of him before pulling her into him. He was always amazed at how well Morgana fit with him; as cliché as it sounds it was almost as if they were made for each other. He kisses her softly on the temple and murmurs words of a reassurance against her skin.


“But what if it’s not fine, Thad!? They’ve barely accepted that we’re dating and now I’m bringing you to the Burrow for the first time!” She grasps wildly at his shirt and presses a frantic, desperate kiss to his mouth, “I love you and I want them to love you.”


Thaddeus Nott can’t help the grin that spreads across his face when she says I love you. How is that the beautiful, sensible Morgana Longbottom has fallen in love with him, the kind-of-broody son of a man who was involved with the wrong side of the war? The two had begun dating shortly before Christmas Break in their 6th and her family had caused uproar when they found out. It was now the summer before their 7th year and they could no longer put off introducing him to her family, especially since she had met his the week before.


“I promise to charm the pants off of them, Morgana, much like you did with my parents. Who’s going to be there again?” He asks, knowing the answer but desperately hoping it has changed.


She smiles knowingly at him, “You know the answer to this. The whole Weasley/Potter brood, the Finnigan’s, my family, the Thomas’, the Wood’s, the Griffith’s, the Scamander’s, the Jordan’s and I think even Victoire and Teddy will be their with their kids. Oh and the Malfoy’s! Rose and Scorpius just had a baby and she’s the sweetest thing so you’ll get to meet baby Lyra too! I think James got the day off so him and Fionnoula (call her Fin) should be there too! I think that’s about 80 people because I’m sure Fred and Cordelia will be there and Albus and Pippa.” She said this all very fast and caused Thad to sputter.


“I’m sorry, did you say 80 people?” A look of horror is displayed on his face as Morgana dissolves into giggles.


“You’ll be fine, baby. They’ll love you.”



 “Everyone!” Morgana is standing on the stairs in the Burrow with Thaddeus next to her. Their hands are intertwined, “Everyone I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Thaddeus Nott.”

Ron chokes in the background, “Did she say Nott?”


Thad’s grip on Morgana’s hand tightens as her family begins to swarm around them.


“Wasn’t his father a Death Eater?” A voice calls out from the back.


“I don’t think so. Just a slimy git.” Another voice answers.


“Are you sure? I could’ve sworn Nott was a Death Eater.” A third voice joins in.


“What is it with our girls shacking up with the children of Slytherins?” Ron is heard saying to Neville. His statement is quickly followed by a smack on the arm from Hermione, who is holding their first-born grandchild.


“Let’s not forget that our beautiful grandchild is a result of that, Ron.” Hermione turns from Ron to Morgana, a beautiful, supportive smile stretched across her face, “I think it’s wonderful, dear.”


Thad takes this as his chance to speak, he clears his throat and begins to speak, “My father wasn’t a Death Eater He made some mistakes during the war and yeah, maybe he picked the wrong side, but he never actively participated in the war and my mother wasn’t even in England during the war; her family had moved to France to escape the war and they didn’t return until after it was over. I may be a pureblood, but I don’t care about blood and I am not the son of a Death Eater. I love Morgana more than I thought it was capable to love someone and from what she’s told me about you guys that’s all that should matter.” He finishes and before anyone has a chance to say anything Morgana launches herself onto Thaddeus and kisses him over and over again.


She finally pulls away and glances embarrassedly at her family, her cheeks turning a shade of pink that Thad found positively beautiful.


A chuckle is heard in the crowd and you can see Fred elbowing James, “Who woulda thunk our little Morgana had that much pent up fire?”


Alice laughs at the look on her little sister’s face, ”Morgana you cheeky minx.”


Neville can be heard sputtering in the background as Sabeena Wood yells out, “They’re totally shagging on the reg.”


This prompts a chorus of the kids moaning “Ohhh Thad” and then peals of laughter.


Jude Finnigan grins at the couple, “So, Thaddeus, what are your intentions with our lovely Morgana?”


Thad turns a shade of red that would make even a Weasley proud, but before he has a chance to answer there’s a shout of, “He intends to shag her in every corner of Hogwarts before graduation.” Lily Luna ducks as her mother’s hand flies towards the back of her head.


A grinning Harry Potter pushes through the crowd to the couple, “Alright, alright, that’s enough from the peanut gallery. Neville tells me you’re a great person and student and if Neville likes you then that should be good enough for us,” Harry extends his hand to Thad and the two of them shake hands, “Don’t forget who I am though. As the Saviour of the Wizarding World I could make you disappear before you even bat an eyelash. One toe out of line, Nott, and you will rue the day you dated a member of this family.” Sniggers are heard in the background and Harry squeezes Thaddeus’ hand, “Do I make myself clear?”


Thad gulps and nods, “Y-yes, sir. Crystal clear, sir.”


“Wonderful,” he says, stepping forward to clap Thad on the shoulder and kiss Morgana on the cheek, whispering in her ear, “this one’s a keeper.”


He walks away and in an impeccable show of perfect timing Rose’s two week old baby Lyra and Victoire’s two month old Genevieve began wailing, thus distracting the family from Morgana and Thad.


Thad lets out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding and all but falls onto the stairs beneath him. Morgana sits down lightly next to him, “That went surprisingly well,” she shoots a teasing grin his way and he responds by tickling her sides, “Ron and Harry nearly had kittens when Rose brought Scorpius home.”


Ignoring those words Thaddeus mumbles, “I love you,” before pressing a chaste kiss to her lips, “let’s go join your family. “ He says, pulling her up off the stairs.


Later that evening Thaddeus swears he hears Harry laughing with George, Ron, Bill, Charlie and Draco and saying that he loves pulling the savior card to scare boys away. With a start, Thaddeus realizes he passed a test he didn’t even know he was taking.


Welcome to the family, Thaddeus Nott. 

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