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Just Fly With It by lovestings
Chapter 3 : Problem #3
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“Please tell me this is all a joke.” Wendy responded after I finished reciting the events that occurred last night on the quidditch pitch.




I wish I could, my friend.




After being forced into a quidditch position I didn’t even bloody want I had practically crawled back into my dorm room to go to bed. Everyone in the room was already passed out so I didn’t have to deal with anyone at the time.




I snorted, “I wish.”




It was the morning and I felt dead. I was leaning against my headboard with my comforter pulled up to my chest, not even bothering to get up out of my bed and start to get dressed. Wendy was perched on the edge of my bed, finger combing her out-of-control hair while Tara tried to blindly put on mascara.




Out of my four other roommates I only actually liked two of them and those two girls just happened to be my best friends.




I met Wendy and Tara during my first year. When Beau and I had gone on the train to go find some place to sit we found a compartment that was only occupied by a petite girl with crazy, curly hair.




a.k.a Wendy Moore




I remember Beau forcing me to ask her if we could sit there with her because he was going through his whole phase where he was too afraid to talk to other girls. I still remember Wendy’s lovely response.




“No, now get out of here.”




Har har.




Even at an early age Wendy was a warm hearted person!




Please note the sarcasm people.




So, like any rational (not) person, I dragged Beau in by the shirt and took a seat right across from her with a big smile. You’d think Wendy and I wouldn’t get along considering that whole event but after we both were sorted into Gryffindor we just clicked.




We met Tara when we were moving into our dorms. Tara is a muggleborn so she was new to the whole magic lark so we found it pretty hilarious when we found her having a full out screaming brawl with our house portrait The Fat Lady on the second day in.




Somehow we all adopted each other in and created some little mini clique.




Yeah, we rock.




“You should have just punched them in the face and told them no.” Wendy responded with a shrug, standing up and dusting off her leggings.




Pure logic brought to you by Wendy Moore!




Tara laughed, shaking her head. “I would have paid money to see our little Addie punch the three hottest boys in our year in the face.”




I groaned, hiding underneath my covers. “Don’t refer to my brother as hot. I think I’m about to puke.” I moaned from underneath my blanket. It was so warm I never wanted to leave.




Screw school. Who needs class when you have a warm bed?




And just while I was starting to enjoy my warm little blanket of goodness it was ripped right from under me.




I looked up with a gasp to see Tara smirking while holding my blanket, wiggling it in front of me. “Get up and get dressed, you lazy shit. I want to get eat breakfast.”




What a bitch.




Why am I even friends with her again?




“You suck,” I pouted before reluctantly standing up and fishing around in my trunk. I wasn’t in the mood to go all fashionista on this shit so I just pulled out my standard uniform before walking into the bathroom.




I’m not gonna bore you with the details because I’m not much of a morning person. I don’t care about looking like a bloody supermodel on Monday morning because guess what? I don’t care. I mean, damn, if I don’t look like a supermodel on Saturday than why do you expect me to look good on Monday?




Merlin, I wish I was a dude.




I shut the bathroom door with the back of my converse as I tied my messy brown hair into a ponytail. “I’m ready, I’m ready!” I called a bit crazed, looking around for my friends as I almost tripped on my untied shoelaces.




“Record timing!” Tara grinned, flipping some of her effortlessly styled blonde hair off her shoulder as she grabbed me by the elbow and began to drag me towards the door with Wendy in tow. “We have to hurry or all the good muffins will be gone.”








I swear to Merlin if stupid one, stupid two, or stupid three steals any of the good muffins I’ll scream. The only way it could get worse than that is if bitch one or bitch two steals the muffins as well.




Wow, I’m so talented at making up nicknames.




Bitch one would be our lovely – insert me gagging – Lauren Green. She has her bed smack right across from me in the dorm room and she sounds like a dying horse when she sings in the shower.




I don’t like her.




Bitch two would be the wicked witch of the west herself, Rebecca Michelson. She has her bed next to Lauren but I doubt she sleeps since she’s a bloody vampire.




Not literal but she’s got the skin of an albino and she threw a very pointy shoe at my face after I kindly asked her to remove all her stinking beauty products from my side of the bathroom.




I really don’t like her.




“If our muffins are gone than we’re gonna have to slay those bloody muffin stealers!” I announced loudly, earning some stares as we made our way out of the portrait hole.




Stare all you want, my minions!




I walked a tad bit in front of my friends, a spring to my step. I wasn’t much of a morning person but I sure as hell was a breakfast type of person. I also was a lunch type of person…a dinner type of person…a dessert type of person…a snack type of person…really, the list goes on.




If it involves food than I’m in, simple as that!




“C’mon you guys are so slow,” I whined, which was a role reversal from only half an hour ago when they were the ones complaining about my slow pace.




Tara rolled her eyes and didn’t say anything as she deliberately walked slower while Wendy just snorted and flipped me off.




The joys of having such sweet friends!




We eventually made it to the great hall and our ears were harassed by the loud commotion. I was never really a fan of eating in the Great Hall just because of how loud it was. I usually preferred hitching a snack in the kitchens but we technically weren’t supposed to be in there but when I had gone through that miniature fling with Fred back in fourth year he showed me how to ticked the pear.








That sounds a little perverted.








I swear it’s not like that! You have to actually tickle a pear to get into the secret portrait that leads to the kitchens. It’s actually very clever if you think about it.




Wendy, Tara, and I weren’t really that social so we went to our usual spot at the table and sat down. We began filling out plates and talking about random topics. Tara was going on and on about how this seventh year Ravenclaw had really nice arms while scooping some eggs onto her plate while I examined the muffins.




Eh, these are not the best muffins.




I like me some high class muffins so these will just simply not do.




“Tara, I love you to death, and I’m sure this Ravenclaw guys arms are super hot and all that great stuff but we need to find some good chocolate chip muffins. It’s an emergency.” I interrupted Tara as she was explaining how this dude’s arms looked in his tight button up shirt.




Tara stared at me, her mouth slightly open mid sentence. She recovered before scanning down the length of the table with her brightly colored blue eyes so she could find an acceptable chocolate chip muffin. I followed her gaze and saw that the beauty that is that chocolate chip muffin was in the little plate in between my brother and his quidditch friends.








Just thinking about that game makes me want to hurl.




Tara cleared her throat before screaming at the top of her lungs, “YO, ZABINI!”




Beau, like the moron he is, was so startled he stabbed himself in the face with his fork full of eggs. After temporarily deforming his face with an egg fork he proceeded to eat the remaining eggs on his fork before looking at us.




I’m ashamed to be related to him, to be honest.




“WHAT?” Beau called back to Tara but he still had eggs in his mouth so he sprayed it on the face of his fellow quidditch team member Hunter Longbottom.




To put it nicely, Hunter didn’t look so thrilled to have his rather attractive face decorated with half chewed up eggs. I don’t blame the kid either.








Beau furrowed his eyebrows before randomly throwing a muffin towards us except for he has a horrible arm and instead he managed to nail some poor fourth year in the face. Eh, I guess that’s why Beau’s a beater and not a chaser.




“Wow, bloody amazing aim!” I called towards him with a grin.




He flipped me off, “Sod off, you blint!” He stuck his tongue out at me before grabbing another muffin and successfully throwing it towards us, managing to land it on Wendy’s plate.




However, despite his impressive throw there was still a problem.




It was a blueberry muffin.




Cue dramatic screams of frustration.








Merlin, can’t a girl get what she wants?




I looked up from the blueberry muffin in disgust so I could yell at Beau to give me the correct muffin but he already was back to not paying attention to us and instead was talking with his mates.




“I want my muffin,” I huffed in annoyance as I grabbed the slightly smashed blueberry muffin and hurled it in Beau’s general direction.




Except for, of course knowing my luck, I’m really not that skilled in the whole throwing lark so I miscalculated where Beau was sitting so instead of hitting him in the face I nailed Potter in the face.




Well if I was going to hit anyone else besides Beau then I’m glad it was that jerk.




Potter sputtered, obviously caught by surprise as the already deformed blueberry muffin was now smashed all over his face. Little bits of blueberry had dribbled onto his clean, white button up shirt. There was a beat of silence as literally everyone at the Gryffindor table held their breaths before my brother and his idiotic friends burst out into laughter.




“Great aim, Zabini!” Lily Potter screamed from over the commotion, doubling over in laughter at the sight of her brother with blueberry all over him. “You’re a real natural!”




Why, thank you very much Lily Potter.




What happens next is not my fault. I cannot be held responsible for the mess that ensues.




In typical scary movie fashion, Potter turned his head slowly to face me before making eye contact. He was glaring at me and his glare would have been more scary except for he still had blueberry muffin crumbs all over his face and both my friends where snickering next to me in their seats.




Potter didn’t say anything and it would have been too loud to hear him anyways but instead he mouthed slowly, “You’re dead, Zabini.”




Kind words from my now future quidditch captain!




And like the uber mature soon to be eighteen year old he is, Potter grabbed the nearest pastry to him and hurled it at me.




I saw this shit coming so I ducked my head however Wendy did not see this coming and now her already crazy hair is covered in vanilla filling from a cupcake.




I mean, seriously, who has cupcakes at breakfast?




Hogwarts needs to get a healthier menu or something.




Wendy didn’t even think about it before screaming at the top of her lungs, “EGOINGOI – “ That clearly was not proper English but Wendy obviously did not care.




Instead of forming an actual sentence she took the stack of pancakes on this random third year’s plate and aimed them at James Potter’s head.








Uh, no Freddykinz, lets not have a food fight.




“Merlin’s beard!”




Eh, never mind Fred just hit Headmistress McGonagall in the face with a handful of scrambled eggs so I might as well join the party.




Problem #3: I’ve started a full out war in the Great Hall 

A/N:  Annnd I'm back! Hello everyone! I want to start off by saying I was really happy to come on this site one day after school to see all these positive reviews with such sweet feedback! It really made me smile. I really appreciate any review, no matter how small or long it is. 


So, what did you guys think? You've finally met Addie's beloved friends! What are your feelings on hothead Wendy and boy obsessed Tara? Tell me your honest oppinions! We also, of course, had to have the boys in here because why not? 

Expect some quidditch practice next chapter! Oh my! 

Please stop by and give me a review telling me what you think! They mean the world to me :) You all rock and I can't wait to here from you guys soon! xx 


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