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Witch against the World by Pottergirl7
Chapter 20 : Witch Against the World Feature Length Extravaganza Part One
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Chapter Twenty- Witch Against the World Feature Length Extravaganza

I was sat in Charms on Tuesday afternoon when I finally realised something was wrong.

“What's missing?” I asked Abi whilst we were reading through our textbooks. Christmas was right around the corner and exam pressure was to follow quickly in it's jolly footsteps. Therefore Professor Flitwick was getting a head start on revision and we were using our lesson to read through and make notes in our books.

“No idea,” she muttered without looking up. Abi was an extensive note taker. I had also been known to analyse everything in extreme detail on the odd occasion. We made good revision buddies.

“There is something missing...” I persisted. And then it hit me. “Have you seen Molly?” Jess and Remus sat behind us -albeit in stony silence (Remus was one for grudges), Sirius and Peter sat behind them and James and Nicola were to the right of Abi and I.

Abi didn't reply and I scanned the room for a certain curly headed brunette . And spotted her next to the kid who baked the dodgy brownies. Jackson-? Jerry-? Something like that. It didn't matter, Molly had enough of a negative influence on herself, all on her own and most certainly didn't need another one. I stood up and Abi finally spoke.

“You've got your meddling face on,” she said, still not sparing me a glance. I scowled in mock-outrage.

“Me? Have a meddling face?” Abi nodded.

“Yes Lily. You're so goddamn nosy that you can't help but meddle.” I put my hands on my hips. I am not nosy. I am so far from nosy it's not even funny. And I never meddle.

“I'll have you know that I do not meddle!” Abi shook her head and scribbled down a few notes.

“Whatever Lily. Go on, go meddle.” She waved me off.

“I will!” I thrust my nose into the air and stalked across the classroom, all the while keeping one eye on Professor Flitwick so he couldn't accuse me of getting distracted. Not that he would; there's an upside to being particularly gifted at Charms, the teacher never questions me. I popped up beside Molly and smiled as she jumped in surprise.

“Hey Lily,” she smiled, putting down her pen. I narrowed my eyes.

“Hello,” I replied coolly. Molly either didn't notice or ignored my coldness because she didn't bring it up and instead turned to what's-his-face.

“Jeremiah you remember Lily.” Jeremiah is not a cool name. He nodded and gave me an easy smile, his eyelids drooping over bloodshot eyes. If I didn't know any better I'd say he'd had one too many of his brownies. I stared at him for a really long second but eventually my manners won out and I smiled as coldly as I could manage.

“It's a pleasure to meet you again Jeremiah.” Okay Jeremiah is a very cool name. Damn him.

“Totally,” he replied after a nudge from Molly. I narrowed my eyes at him but he didn't seem to notice me at all. Or anything else for that matter.

“So Mol what are you doing over here?” I asked Molly. I did consider pulling Molly aside instead but I don't think Jeremiah was very aware at that minute. “I thought you were going to pull up a chair at our table?” Molly shrugged. “Well what about Jess? She looks like she could use some saving, Remus is really milking his annoyance.”

“I'm sure Jess will be fine,” she brushed off. “Besides, Jeremiah looked kind of lonely over here.” We both looked at him. He didn't look very anything to me. He was kind of staring off into space and swaying. It also sounded like he was humming but it was so low it just sounded like buzzing.

“Right,” I replied. She smiled again.

“I'll catch you later tonight okay? I'm going to chill with Jeremiah today.” I nodded, unsure and walked back to my seat, a little confused. Which wasn't an emotion I enjoyed.

“How'd the meddling go?” Abi asked, still on the same page she had been on when I left. She is such a slow reader, it drives me insane.

I frowned and sat down. “It didn't,” I said with a slight pout.

“What's Molly doing with Jeremiah?” Sirius asked, craning his neck around Jess to see me. I shrugged still pouting.

“I don't know but she said that they were going to chill for the rest of the day.” I answered.

“What does 'chill' mean?” Sirius questioned. I shrugged. Hell if I know. What do you do when you chill? Was I chilling right now? Am I chilling without knowing it?

“I don't know.”

Sirius frowned. “I don't like her not being here with us.”

“Me neither,” I replied. I was too caught up in my fear of subconsciously chilling to really analyse that sentence.

“I think it's weird that she has other friends,” Sirius said.

I agreed.


Dinnertime was slow and particularly painful. Not only was steak and kidney pie the dish of the night (which I hate with a passion), but Sirius had taken it upon himself to lure Molly back to the group by shoving his tongue down a random girl's throat every time she was in sight. Which was getting old really quickly. And everyone else had passed on dinner because they had detentions or homework or whatever so it was literally just Sirius and I.

“Sirius please refrain from swapping spit at the dinner table,” I said in exasperation as Molly walked past Gryffindor table with Jeremiah glued to her side and Sirius shoved aside his fifth girl of the night.

“Sorry,” he muttered, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. I rolled my eyes and stabbed at my pie unhappily. Sirius didn't say anything and stared at his plate sullenly and I began to feel really awkward. Not only was this the first time that I had been alone with Sirius but I could also tell that Molly's absence was troubling him. It was troubling me too but I think my feelings towards her not sitting with us may have been a little different from Sirius'. I was starting to think that Sirius may like Molly in a completely non-friend kind of way. Which was actually really weird to consider not only because Sirius didn't do relationships and Molly had never seemed interested but mainly because there had never been any relationship development between the two. The author would like to take this opportunity to apologise for her lack of character development and bad writing.

After a few minutes of awkward silence I decided there was really only one thing to do and that was to get Molly back over here with us to stop Sirius' moping.

“So what are we going to do then?” I asked finally. Sirius looked up from where he had been mushing his gross steak and kidney pie and raised a cautious eyebrow. I understood his look immediately. He obviously wasn't ready to open up to me of all people about feelings he may or may not have towards a certain brunette.

Message received Black.

“I mean how are we going to get Molly back over here? I'm really missing her,” I amended. It was so brief that I almost missed the relief which flickered across Sirius' face before he opted for an easy smile.

“Well I've been trying to get her attention but it's not working,” Sirius admitted. I raised an eyebrow.

“You should know by now that shoving your tongue down a girl's throat is not going to get Molly's attention,” I answered pushing my untouched plate of food away. Sirius shrugged.

“I've also been going through a bit of a dry spell lately,” he said with a sheepish smile. I I decided to ignore that and get right down to business.

“So what are we going to do?” I asked again. Sirius scratched his head and frowned.

“I really have no idea. Although I'm not sure I'm the right person to be asking...” I clicked my fingers as it hit me.

“You're right; lets go find Jess.”


General P.O.V

Remus please talk to me!” Jess shouted as her boyfriend of eight months turned around and walked the opposite way when he saw her coming. Jess growled and pushed herself further, cursing her short legs. Remus was being stupid. Why couldn't he just stop and have a proper conversation with her? It's not like she even did anything wrong to begin with!


Jess moved her power walk up to a sprint and flew down the corridor looking for the one boy who made her heart beat so fast she was worried it would tear right out of her chest. “Remus?” she called. Her heart almost did tear out of her chest as a strong but surprisingly soft hand gripped onto her arm and pulled her behind a tapestry.

Her scream died in her throat as she was pushed against a wall and lips met hers in a rough kiss. She immediately recognized the person; she had memorised his smell, the taste of his lips, the feel of his fingers disappearing into her hair.

Jess broke the kiss first and gasped for breath before relaxing against the wall.

So you forgive me?”

Remus smiled and twirled a strand of her hair around his finger. “Of course I forgive you.” Jess licked her lips, a sign that she was feeling anxious.

So then what was the hissy fit about yesterday?” Remus stiffened and Jess' eyes widened. She had never seen him looking so angry. It made him look really hot. She had never wanted to kiss him more but now was probably not the time.

I don't like Diggory,” he answered curtly. Jess tipped her head to the side and looked at him questioningly.


Remus' face softened and he looked vulnerable. “Because he- he's more in your league than I am.”


After much running around, we had failed to find Jess. God knows where she was hiding but it was a good spot. Sirius and I had run out of ideas so we had emigrated to the place where I think best. The library. We were sat at my favourite table in the back and in complete silence. In my opinion, one should always be silent in the library. Madame Pince might actually bite you otherwise.

I scribbled down a few notes about Molly's likes that I thought might come in handy and then finally put my scrap of parchment into the pile in the middle of the table. Sirius lifted his head from his arms, the position he had been in for the last ten minutes and blinked blearily.

“Are we done yet?” he asked. I had been making a list of things that to me made Molly who she was in the hopes that it might give us some inspiration. But no such luck.

“I think we're going to have to circle back round to the making her jealous thing,” I said, pointedly whispering. Sirius groaned and I resisted the urge to swat him.

“So you mean we spent all of this time doing-” he looked at my pile. “-whatever it was you've been doing, just for you to reach the same conclusion as me?” This time I did swat him because his voice was getting louder and my face was getting redder even though no one was around at this time of night.

“Shut up will you!” I hissed. “And yes, but that's only because I can't think of anything better.”

“But I thought we had established that my idea wasn't working?” Sirius whispered. I looked down at one of the bits of parchment and nodded.

“I've been thinking about that actually and I think we can do it right. We need to find you a seemingly meaningful relationship to really make Molly jealous.” Sirius slumped down on the table again.

“But I don't want a meaningful relationship with any of the girls around here,” he whined. I shot him and looked and he added in an undertone, “How the hell am I supposed to act out something like that?”

“Just pretend you're playing a part,” I answered it as if it were simple. It made perfect sense to me. Why couldn't he just pretend?

Sirius looked shocked. “Honey I think you're over-estimating my abilities, I'm good but I'm not that good. You shouldn't fake shit like that.”

I tapped my chin thoughtfully. “Well maybe we need to find you someone that you really do love.”

Sirius looked at sceptically. “I can see at least three flaws with that.”

“You're so small-minded Sirius, you need to think bigger.” He shrugged.

“How much money do you have?” I asked him.

“Erm, I don't know- thirty galleons in my trunk?” he answered looking confused. I nodded and shot him a winning smile.

“Right- you don't happen to know Peter's dress size do you?”


General P.O.V

Charlie this isn't the way to the library,” Abi said suspiciously. Charlie grinned at her and continued tugging her forwards by her hand.

Who said we were going to the library?” he asked with a twinkle in his bright blue eyes. Abi couldn't help but smile. She liked him so much she couldn't believe she had only known him for three days. She felt like she had known Charlie a lifetime, and vice versa. It was quite a scary thing, but Abi was starting to understand the term 'whirlwind romance'.

But I thought you said you wanted to study?”

I changed my mind.”

Charlie turned around and with a wink he backed into a tapestry and Abi slipped her arms around his neck. She closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss him-

Remus you're being ridiculous!” Abi's eyes shot open and Charlie almost fell over in surprise. They turned around and realised that they had actually shoved themselves into a very small space with a very angry Remus and Jess.

God sorry guys didn't see you there,” Abi mumbled. She turned to leave but Jess grabbed her arm.

Tell Remus he's being ridiculous,” she demanded. Abi gulped and tried to back away but Jess had a surprisingly strong grip and every second Abi stayed quiet, she was getting little crescent shapes imprinted into her flesh.

I- I don't really know what's going on,” she stuttered. Remus flung his arms out in exasperation and whacked Charlie in the throat accidentally because of the lack of space. Charlie went down and Remus didn't seem to realise that he had just cut off Charlie's air supply.

Jess leave her out of it-” Jess put a hand up to silence Remus and he looked outraged that she would do something like that.

Actually I would like a sensible person's opinion. Abi, Remus thinks that he's not good enough for me and maybe we should break up but if we do then I shouldn't see Amos because he's not a nice person.” Abi stood still, petrified that if she said the wrong thing then she could potentially end a relationship.

I er- Remus I think you're a very nice bloke-”

He is, isn't he?” Jess interrupted. “But he's an absolute dick for thinking of breaking up with me!”

Well maybe if you were a bit more mature then I wouldn't be thinking about it!” Remus retorted angrily. Jess threw her arms out angrily and hit Abi in the throat, sending her to the floor in a fit of coughing.

You just said it was because you weren't good enough for me!”

Oh so I'm not good enough for you then?” Remus shouted.

I didn't say that!” Jess yelled back.

But you were thinking it!”

You were thinking of breaking up with me!”

Abi looked at Charlie with wide eyes which said 'we need to get out of here before they explode'. Charlie nodded and they began crawling towards the tapestry opening.

You're not denying it!”


Too late.

Jess and Remus were both red in the face, their chests heaving with all of the shouting, and a multitude of emotions flitting across their faces.

Fine,” Remus said finally after a long moment of angry stares. Abi and Charlie were frozen in place, wanting to leave but too curious to do so. “If that's the way you feel, then you're welcome to Amos fucking Diggory.”

Jess, determined to have the last word, no matter how childish said, “Oh and Remus, enjoy your right hand!” She shoved past Remus and stepped on Abi's hand accidentally on the way out. Abi whimpered and Remus stormed out afterwards and went the opposite way.

Abi collapsed on the floor beside Charlie and rolled onto her back, clutching her sore fingers. Charlie laid his hand on her stomach and coughed.

Still feel like making out?”


A/N- So guess who's 2nd Anniversary of fanfiction writing it is? This girl's! 

We have reached the twentieth chapter and the second birthday of my baby W.A.T.W (it only took two years to get us here) but we have done it! And I would just like to say that without all of the reads, the lovely reviews and follows; I probably would have given up by now. So thank you so much to all of you, to those of you who read, review and or follow, you all mean the world to me. Thank you for sticking by Lily. 

Special thanks to my Creative Director and Head of Advertising (yes she really has given herself her very own title) Molly, who has sat through constant impromptu trips to the coffee shop, some very bad ideas and some very good ones, who is always on hand to read through each chapter and tell me if it sucks or not, who has waited for some Sirius/Molly developement for the best part of two years and who firstly introduced me to fanfiction. Thank you so so much. 

And thanks to Intern Abigail (who unfortunately was not given a choice with her own title) for helping me plan a wedding, encouraging me to introduce a sexy Australian and always showing enthusiam with this. 

I'm so sorry this turned into a monster of an A/N but please stick around because the next chapter will be up very shortly in celebration of two years worth of writing this story. 

Thanks ~Jess

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Witch against the World : Witch Against the World Feature Length Extravaganza Part One


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