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Grief in Love by LizMalfoy
Chapter 6 : Chapter VI: Letters and Date Preparations
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 Chapter VI: Letters and Date Preparations


The next morning, Hermione was cleaning the already pristine flat when her owl, Stormflier swooped in through the open window with a small roll of parchment attached to her leg. Hermione unrolled it and read it.




I’m not going to say that I’m okay with you going on a date when Dad hasn’t even been gone for three weeks, because I’m not. However, it is not my decision, nor would it be appropriate for me to tell you not to do something that could help you deal with Dad’s death. Hugo is not happy with the idea of it either, but he said if you do decide to go through with this betrayal of a date, to wear the silver necklace that Dad gave you for your anniversary last year. We love you Mum.


Rose and Hugo


Hermione laid the scroll on the coffee table in the living room and went to the kitchen to make some lunch. After she ate, she decided to begin getting ready.


She took a long relaxing bubble bath, then dried and brushed her hair. She put it up with some Sleakeazy spray, leaving a few small curls to hang around her face. She lightly put on some neutral colored make-up with just a hint of green by her caramel brown eyes to make them stand out a little and to accent her dress. She put on her dress and shoes and after a moment of consideration, decided to leave on her wedding ring and put on the silver necklace that her son had suggested.


Checking the time, she saw that she still had a few hours until she needed to leave. She went to the bookshelf and got her very worn copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She kicked her heels back off, curled up on the sofa, and began to read.


At Malfoy Manor, Draco was getting ready for the date as well. He had picked out a nice suit with a black dress shirt and a silver tie for the evening. He left his hair down so that his bangs hung in his eyes slightly, making him realize he would need a haircut soon. He walked over to the picture of Astoria that he had taken just days before she was admitted to St. Mungo’s for the last time. He had told her again and again not to use the beauty potions. He told her every day that she was beautiful without them, but she refused to believe that she was beautiful ever since Scorpius had been born. Her pregnancy had filled her out slightly and she refused to believe that she could continue to be a model ever since. She was vain, but Draco never loved her for her looks. He loved her because she was smart, funny, and charismatic. She helped him deal with the changes that came after the war.


He wanted to be a better man so that his children did not have to live as the son of a Death Eater. Harry Potter had testified for his family, so they had not been sent to Azkaban, but people still treated him like an outcast. There would still be an occasional patient at St. Mungo’s that would refuse to be seen by him because of it, but most could see the change in him. He still talked to Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson on occasion, but he also became friends with Dean Thomas and Ernie Macmillan, whom he worked with at St. Mungo’s. Astoria was reluctant to become friends with their wives at first, but soon, she, Katie Bell, Dean’s wife, and Susan bones, Ernie’s wife, became inseparable, as did their children. Though Scorpius soon became friends with Rose Weasley, Dean’s son, Alex, and Ernie’s daughter, Liza, spent time with them during breaks from school, since the two were in Huffelpuff and didn’t have many classes with Rose and Scorpius. 


His thoughts returned to his wife and the date he was to go on tonight. He promised himself that if his date helped him forget about Astoria, even for a few minutes, he would go on another date with her as long as she agreed. As he was deciding whether or not to finally take off his wedding ring, his new house elf, Tinker, brought him a letter.


“An owl came for you, Sir,” he squeaked.


“Thank you, Tinker,” Draco said, taking the letter. “I do not know what time I will return tonight, so you may have the rest of the evening off.


“Thank you, Sir.” The house elf turned to leave, but hesitated.


“What is it Tinker?” Draco asked, noticing the elf’s hesitation.


“Tinker was wondering, Sir, if Sir would be kind enough to bring home some broken things for Tinker to work with on his nights off, Sir?” he asked quietly.


“Of course I will, Tinker,” Draco replied. “Also, I will be adding five galleons to your weekly wages for you to buy tools and supplies to work with as well.


Draco’s house elf ran to him and hugged his leg. “Thank you, Sir,” he said and went to leave the room. Just before the door closed, Draco stopped him. 


“One more thing, Tinker,” he said.


“Yes, Sir?” the house elf squeaked.


“Call me Draco.” The house elf nodded then left the room to enjoy his evening off. 


Draco opened the letter in his hand that he had nearly forgotten about.


Mr. Malfoy


Your reservation is at 7:00 PM at Le Gran Qui. Tell the Matre‘d that I sent you. The reservation is in my name.


Dr. Padma Patil


Draco checked the time. It was 6:45 PM. After a few more moments of deliberation, he decided to keep his wedding ring on, then apparated to the restaurant.


Author’s Note: I have only gotten reviews for the first three chapters so I really hope one of you will leave me a review. Thanks for reading. I will post the next chapter as soon as I can. 

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