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A Blossoming Romance by potterfan310
Chapter 7 : Wedding Planning, Lies And Spending Way Too Much Time With Potter
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Stunning CI by aigue-marine @ TDA!


"Sorted!" Chloe called happily as she entered the Potter's living room waving around a bit of parchment. "Mum signed the form."

I raised my eyebrows at her. "Really, lets see?"

She came over and dropped onto the sofa next to me, I looked at the parchment and sure enough that was mum's signature. I should know, I forged it a good few times whilst I was at Hogwarts.

"And how did you get that?" I questioned as she snuggled up to Lorcan.

Chloe looked smug as she explained. "Mum was way too busy with the washing and Carrie was running rings around her, literally. I told her I lost my Hogsmeade permission form and asked if she could sign my new one. I just folded it so she didn't see nothing but the bottom and the dotted line. Easy peasey!"

"Mum and dad have already signed mine," Lorcan added smiling.

"Sooo," Chloe exaggerated. "We're good to go!"

"Great," I muttered under my breath. I mean don't get me wrong I'm happy for her but if she was older I wouldn't object as much. She's young, she should be carefree, not getting married.

And to top it off we're over at the Potter's mainly because Harry and Ginny have gone to visit her brother in Romania until Friday. So the place is empty except for James and Albus which is why Lily invited us around to wedding plan. Not that I'm really complaining, their house is neater than ours, there's no annoying siblings in my case and Albus keeps walking around without a top on. For some reason this keeps giving me weird flutters in my stomach.

A large bit of paper was on the floor along with Chloe and Lily's friend; Kate, Lysander (Lorcan's twin brother) and Lily's cousin Hugo who were writing ideas down. Much like we had done when we were planning Ayli's birthday.

"What colour dresses do you want, Chlo?" Kate asked as she finished making a list of venue's.

Chloe thought about it for a minute before saying, "Pale colours, pastels. Anything summery."

After a while Albus came and joined us, sitting on the end of the sofa near me, which lead to Lorcan and Chloe exchanging glances and whispers.

"Perfect!" Chloe said before patting Lorcan's leg.

He looked down at his twin. "Lysander, would you be my best man? You too, Hugo, and you, Al?"

I was a little surprised he had asked Albus, I mean I didn't think they were close although if they were always here with Lily then I suppose it makes sense.

Chloe was practically bouncing where she sat when she turned to me. "Lyss, will you be my chief bridesmaid? And, Lily, Kate, will you two be my bridesmaids?"

I was in awe as Lily and Kate squealed, I mean I hadn't expected this for years. I mean I know before, when we were younger Chloe would always say I would be her chief bridesmaid but I didn't think it would be now.

"Lyss?" she questioned as she watched me, as I hadn't gave any sort of reply.

"Y-yes," I squeaked. "I'll do it."

She lunged across and hugged me so tight I though a rib would crack. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she repeated.

"So, when is this wedding? Considering you have eleven days before you go back to school?" I questioned once she had let me go.

In a quiet voice she said, "Six days."

My jaw dropped. "SIX DAYS!" I yelled. "Six days! You think you can plan a wedding and book stuff and get the money in SIX DAYS!" I exclaimed.

Chloe just laughed at my freak out as did Albus and the others.  "Chill out, Lyss, we've been saving ever since and things are booked and ready to go."

"What about dresses?"

A huge smile appeared on Chloe's face. "Well I've got mine, and I think I know the colours, like I just said to Kate, pastels. It's just a matter of deciding and ordering them."

I was trying to process all this information that was being thrown at me. "Wait what? What do you mean you've got your dress?"

"I mean," she started to say slowly. "That I already have it. I bought it a few months ago off the internet, Lily helped and plus it was a lot cheaper that the shops."

"We share a room, I'm pretty sure I would have noticed a freakin' wedding dress in our room," I pointed out.

Chloe laughed. "It's here, in Albus' wardrobe as Lily's room wasn't big enough to hide it. Do you want to see it?"

I wasn't sure if I did or not, if the circumstances were different then I'd be complaining she didn't take myself, Ade and mum dress shopping. Thinking about mum and the rest of our family I realised something.

"You do realise Ade and mum are going to kill you for not allowing them to be here, same goes for dad," I stated.

"Well we'll simply do it again and have a blessing," Chloe told me and then turned to Lily to ask what she though of a blue dress and whether or not it would clash with her hair.

Sensing that our conversation was over I sighed.

From where he was sat Albus raised his eyebrows at me and then mouthed something. I frowned in reply unsure of what he had said. Albus pointed upstairs, then to me and to himself. Finally getting it, I think? I got up and followed him.

As we walked up the stairs I was too busy staring at his back and the way each line creased and dipped to notice that we had gotten to the top. Thanks to my clumsiness and staring at a shirtless Albus I tripped over the top step and fell flat on my face.

"Lyss!" Albus exclaimed turning around to look at me.

"I'm fine," I muttered as he offered me a hand. Reluctantly I took it and he helped me up, leading me down to his room. Albus didn't let go of my hand and I was left with a tingly sensation shooting through my whole body, just from his touch.

He let go when we entered his room and he went about picking things off the floor and then opened his blinds and curtains. As he was doing this I sat on his bed glancing around. There was something odd about it, since I had last visited in nothing but a towel. I couldn't put my finger on it but apart from the clothes Albus had picked up it was a lot tidier and there was no clutter on his desk either.

"Have you cleaned?" I asked humorously.

Albus laughed. "Nah the house elf did it." Having seen the look of shock on my face he quickly explained, "I was joking, Lyss. Honestly if we had a house elf auntie Hermione would have a fit what with all her campaign to get them to have equal rights and stuff. SPAT I think it was called."

I couldn't help it but it annoyed me that he got it wrong so I put him straight. "It was SPEW actually, the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare."

Albus just looked at me as if to say what?

I shrugged. "All prefects had to take part in it, or don't you remember?" I said, then realised I had brought up our Hogwarts years, the times we never spoke.

"Oh yeah," Albus said eventually as if just realising he had been a prefect too. "I forgot you were a prefect as well."

I knew I shouldn't have corrected him, all it did create an awkward silence between us.

"We used to do rounds together, didn't we?" he asked sitting down on the bed next to me. I nodded in reply. "I'm sorry I always ignored you when we did them, Lyss, and that I never really spoke to you."

I shrugged at his apology. "It's fine, now can we kill some zombies. I've had enough of wedding planning."

Albus smiled, the one side of his mouth more crooked that the other. "Sure thing, Lyss," he replied as he moved to set up the game, chucking a controller at me.


I had no idea how long we had been up here shooting zombies or driving around tracks. The game was paused for a moment as Al had gone to the bathroom.

Stretching I groaned as I felt my back click, which made Albus who had just come back, look at me like I had grown a third arm or something.

"What?" I questioned.

Shaking his head he simply smiled. "Nothing," Albus smirked as he jumped onto the bed next to me, knocking me slightly.

"Hey!" I protested, batting at his hand and arm which was draped over my stomach.

"Hey what?"Albus replied as he got to his knees and started to tickle me.

As if he remembered from back when we were kids, he targeted my sides and my feet. I tried to not laugh but it became too much and I let out a huge giggle.

"S-st-stop," I managed to say between laughs.

As he tickled me I racked my brain and remembered his weak spot and tickled him under his chin. On it went, our tickle war until the strangest thing happened.

I was just about to tell him that I gave up when his face became inches from mine. The tickling had stopped and I was pretty sure Albus was so close I could hear him breathing.

He looked into my own blue eyes and I looked into his green ones and slowly the room around us went fuzzy as my mind was soon overtook with a bunch of feelings, fireworks and confusion. His lips were soft and tasted like the coke we had been drinking, they felt like they were made to fit my own. I ran my hand through his hair which was soft and fluffy, pretty unusual for a guy, then again maybe that was why it was constantly messy. Albus had one hand on my waist, the other had someone found itself around to my back.

Albus Potter kissed me deeply and I was kissing him back in the same way.

What had the world come too?

When we broke apart we were both breathing heavy, whether it be from the tickling or kissing, I didn't know. More to the fact I had no idea why that had happened or why I had liked it so much.

"I have to go," I said breaking the silence as I made to sit up. Al slid off me sitting next to me instead, running a hand through his already messy hair.

I stood up swiftly and as I opened his bedroom door I looked back.

"Don't go, Lyss," Albus called but I was already halfway down the hall way. Racing down the stairs I ran into the living room and grabbed my hoodie off the back of the sofa.

"Lyss?" Chloe questioned. "What's up?"

I said nothing as I went back out into the hall, picking shoes up. I didn't bother putting them on and I had just opened the front door not realising Chloe had followed.

"Alyssa answer me!" she demanded using my full name.

I stayed quiet as I hovered in the doorway, Albus came into view at the top of the stairs. My mouth opened and closed like a fish as I watched Albus who sat four steps down from the top, just watching me.

"I have to go," I repeated and then turned around out the door. Running up the path and through the gate into my own garden. Chloe had been right as when I entered the kitchen Carrie was still following mum around and running circles around her.

"Ahh, Alyssa, perfect!" Mum smiled brightly at me. "Could you take Carrie out for a bit please, I really need to get the house work done."

I slapped a fake smile on my face as I held out my hand to my youngest sister. "Sure thing, c'mon, Carrie, lets go to the park."

"Yay! Yay! Yay!" Carrie yelled as we left the house.

Taking her to the park wasn't just a good reason to stay away from the house, specifically my room which at times Albus can see into. I needed to think over and take in what had happened.

Not only that I need to reason with myself why him kissing me affected me so bad.

The park was a good place for ice-cream as well and right now I needed ice-cream. As we walked down the road I did glance back just in case Albus had tried to follow me.

There was nobody else around.

A/N Albus/Alyssa action!! Thoughts? Reviews are much appreciated.

Nothing but the plot and OC's are mine, SPEW is a creation of JK Rowling and I don't own it in any way.

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