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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 32 : Trusted You
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 Trusted You



I’ve never been much of an angry person. Sure, I’ve gotten a wee bit pissed off here and there but never to the certain depth that I am now. I currently feel like the three headed dragon. There are so many things racing through my mind but all I see is red.




So. Many. People. To. Kill.




Not only was I angry but I was embarrassed. So stinking embarrassed my cheeks were burning hot red, just like my anger.




Albus just kept on staring at me like a fish out of water, opening and closing his mouth while Jenna still sat on his lap, clinging to his neck and smirking at me. I wanted to rip her fake hair extensions out of her head and use them to strangle her right now, I was so bloody angry.




If Albus was just going to keep staring at me like a moron and Jenna was going to keep grinning at me like a little psychopath than I suppose I should be the first one to speak.




“Oh, my bad, I didn’t know I was interrupting a little snog session.” I said curtly, noticing the surprised look on Albus’s face. I smiled at the two of them though it was a very forced one. “Cary on with your slut, Albus.”




“Excuse me?!”




Don’t excuse me, Greengrass. I’m just speaking the truth.




“Defend me, Albus!” She shrieked, slapping him on the chest as he continued to stare at me.




It was starting to piss me off. He had to nerve to go snogging the girl I hate after telling me he had no feelings for her while he is always holding my hands and doing all this weird lark with me.




“Well?!” I asked loudly, my voice raising from the calm one it was before. “Defend her, Albus, go ahead.”




There was such a clear edge to my voice that I noticed Albus visibly flinch. He opened his mouth again to close it before he placed his hands on Jenna’s waist. I swear if he keeps touching her I’m going to wring his neck. Thankfully he pushed her to the side, her bum landing on the bed as she let out a huff of complaints.




He opened his mouth, “It’s not what it looks like.”




I don’t know why but this statement made me angrier. It made me so angry I wanted to just walk up to him and punch him in the face. I had never been angry at someone like this – especially not Albus. I just had so much respect for him and I just lost it in a nano second.




Completely and utterly gone.




“It’s not – Are you insane?!” I sputtered, my voice again reaching a new height. “I can’t believe I came up here to tell you I liked you.” I shook my head, letting the information go.




Albus stared at me like the god damn fish out of the ocean he was while Jenna laughed. She freaking laughed.




“Shut up,” I snapped at her, glaring.




Jenna opened her mouth to probably scream some nasty insult at me but Albus spoke before her.




“I like you too!” He nearly screamed, standing up abruptly from the bed with this grin on his face.




This boy was actually insane.




I couldn’t believe him. He’s smiling at me like a lunatic after what he just did? I don’t know what kind of treatment Albus is used to by girls but I don’t give a damn if his last name is Potter or Poopface because my respect for Albus right now is at a negative number and he’s not doing anything good to help raise it up.




I stared at him before shaking my head at him, “You’re an arsehole, Albus Potter.”




He seemed taken aback by my words but I didn’t care. I turned on my heel and began to make my way back down the room, taking turns down the corridor and making my way to the stairs. I just wanted to go back down there and scream and yell. I wanted to leave the party right now.




“Brielle! Wait up!”




I didn’t have to turn around to know that Albus was of course the stupid one following after me with Jenna yelling obscene things in the background.




I couldn’t face him. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him and I found myself picking up my pace as he kept on yelling my name. We were getting close to the party and I could hear and see the people.




“Brielle!” He screamed again.




People were starting to notice us and my heart rate was picking up. I needed him to leave me alone. I didn’t respond as I began to descend the staircases at a rapid pace, pushing past an overly grumpy guy with a mustache. I had just practically jumped off the last two steps when I felt Albus’s grip on my elbow, halting me.




“Wait – stop running!” He was still screaming and his voice was almost frantic. “It wasn’t what it looked like, I promise!”




It made me so angry to hear him say that.




What does he mean it wasn’t what it looked like?












I spun around on my heel, not caring who was looking and practically ripped my elbow out of his grip. “How can it not be what it looks like?! Last time I checked my eyes were perfectly fine and I know what I bloody saw!”




“No, but it wasn’t!” He grabbed at my arm again as I made a move to swivel around him.




“Stop lying!”




I didn’t think I liked Albus this much. I didn’t know that seeing him like that with someone would hurt me like this. Especially someone like Jenna Greengrass. It made me angry but most of all it made me disappointed.




“I’m not!” He kept on protesting; trying to grab at me to stay and stop moving though I kept on walking around and pushing people. “I promise, please, I’m not!” He was practically pleading with me and I was sure everyone was paying attention to us.




“She’s right, stop lying!” I heard Jenna scream from over the commotion and when I turned rapidly I found her in front of me on the opposite side of where Albus was standing. Her cheeks were flushed and her blonde hair was all over the place. “We all know what you and I did, Albus, why deny it.”




“Stop talking!” It wasn’t me that shouted it this time but Albus and he wasn’t just staring at Jenna but he was glaring. He looked furious at her but something inside told me Jenna wasn’t talking about the snog I just witnessed.




Something else had happened.




Oh Merlin.




“No!” Jenna growled before full-out ignoring Albus and turning her body to face me. “I can’t even understand why you waste your time with someone as pathetic as her!” She was talking about me as she pointed a finger at me with a disgusting face.




“I hate you. You know that, right?” She wasn’t screaming anymore but talking to me but her voice held so much hate. “I hate you so much. You and your friends think you’re so cool with your stupid made up words and your awkward social skills. Newsflash, no one likes you!”




She was attacking me. She was verbally attacking me and I was standing there staring at her.




“That isn’t true!” I responded back, despite the hurt from her words.




She laughed, “Yes it is! You actually think these people like you?” She asked, waving around to the crowd, referring to the Wotter clan. “They don’t. They pity you – they think you’re pathetic.”




“Stop talking!” Albus was screaming at her now, his voice finally speaking up.




Her words were having an effect on me. They hurt.




I had questioned why the Wotters had wanted to befriend me in the beginning but they always showed such true and good intentions. Could they really be false? I don’t think so. I don’t think people as good natured as Fred or James would lie and deceit me like that.




I mean, I know they aren’t the best people to others but they treated me so well…




“It’s all a game to them! They thought, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be hilarious if we pretended to be friends with that weird Ravenclaw for a little bit before we dump her?’, and they did it. You’re to bloody blind to realize it but it’s true. Everyone’s been in on it!”




At this point Albus wasn’t the only one protesting her to stop talking. I could hear Fred and James screaming in the background, Dominique’s blood curling cry, and Rose’s random drunk talks.




Jenna was staring me down as she took a step closer. I could see her whole body shaking from her anger. “Listen to me – they all were in on it.




And I don’t know why but I listened to her. I heard her words out and I believed them. I believed every single last word of them. Why else would they want to be friends with me?




I was a nobody and they were a somebody.  




She was waiting for a reaction, I could tell. All I had been doing was staring back at her and I didn’t realize till now that my dark eyes were raining salty tears onto my cheeks. They probably expected me to scream and yell at them all but I couldn’t.




I couldn’t do it.




So I smiled at Jenna, “I’m glad they were all in on it.” I said with tears still leaking on to my cheeks. “I don’t need their bloody pity anyways.”




It wasn’t the reaction they were all expected but it’s what they got. I couldn’t make myself look like more of a fool that I already did.




But Jenna wasn’t happy. She wanted to see me scream and kick. I know she did. She was such a bitch. She should have been in Slytherin. But she was in Ravenclaw for a reason – she was a smart girl, she just always used her intelligence for the wrong reason.




She wouldn’t stop talking, “You were stupid from the beginning to even think they wanted to be friends with you. How daft can a Ravenclaw be? I mean, after all, it was all Dominique’s plan to even do this to you anyways.”








I didn’t turn to look at her but I heard her gasp, yelling loudly, “Shut your bloody mouth, you little liar! B, I would never! B, please, look at me. You know I’m not like that!”




Do I?




“No I don’t.” I said in a normal voice not looking at her but shaking my head. “No, actually, I don’t. I don’t know anything about you but I still trusted you.” My voice was raising. “I don’t know anything about any of you guys but I still bloody trusted you!” My heart was beating fast again.




I finally felt the full impact. They had used me. They had embarrassed me. They did this all to me.




“I TRUSTED YOU!” I wasn’t looking at any of them but I was screaming. I was screaming so loud and there were frantic tears all over my face, my breathing becoming irregular.




I trusted them.




I trusted them all.




Every single last one of them.




I had to get out of here. I began to push through people violently, doing anything to get away but people were trying to stop me. Albus was calling my name, Dominique was frantically grabbing at me, Leslie was trying to get away from the crowd…it was all a mess.




And the one person that started it was the only person out of all them to stop me. I felt Jenna’s sharp nails as she grabbed my dress from the side, yanking me away from Dominique’s grasp.




“Oh, and I forgot to tell you one last thing.” She was smiling at me like she enjoyed this. She probably did. “Albus and I had sex. How does that make you feel?”




And if my heart wasn’t already ripped to shreds I felt like they just threw it into the arms of the whomping willow. It all made sense now.




Rose looked uncomfortable but she kept on speaking, “Well I heard them talking, and they were talking about Albus and how he’d finally – um,” she stopped, making a face before continuing. “lost his virginity and I just assumed it was with, well, it was with you.”




“Besides, I’m not that innocent.”




All those memories I had repressed came back and hit my hard. Albus had lost his virginity, in fact, and to the worst person I could imagine. Jenna Greengrass.




Albus and…her




It made my stomach sick.




The tears were still coming and my breathing was a bit shallow but I forced that same psychopathic smile on my lips. “It makes me feel like jumping off the nearest tower. Happy New Years, Jenna. I hope you find a new person’s life to wreck this year and while you’re at it, also look for a new quidditch team before you’re off the team.”




“What?!” She sputtered at me but I had already turned around and walked out.




No – I didn’t walk out, I ran.




I ran so much that my feet hurt in the stupid heels. They ached and I’m pretty sure I had split the stitches on the bottom half of my dress. I could hear people still shouting my name considering I was still on the Potter’s driveway but I didn’t care.




I wanted to get out of here and I decided that’s what I was just going to do.




It was the most irrational and dangerous things I had every done but I didn’t care. I wasn’t even certified, only having taken a few lessons but at this point I just didn’t care. I didn’t care. It’s all I thought.




Hell, I hope I splinched myself just for the fun of it.




And like the madwomen I am I apparated straight on the spot to the only place I could think of.








It wasn’t until I hit the dark floor of my kitchen without a splinch on my body did I let myself break down. My body shook with the sobs as I sat there in the darkness for a few minutes. Those minutes turned into longer minutes as I couldn’t bother myself to move. I curled up against one of the cabinets and sobbed in the complete darkness.




I don’t know how long I was there crying but my eyes burned and my body wouldn’t stop shaking. No one was at the house so when I heard the ‘pop’ of someone arrived me it terrified me. None of the Potters or Weasleys knew where I lived so if they had managed to find me than they would have had to go to great lengths.




I didn’t want to see them.




I couldn’t see them.




I trusted them.




My fears were put to rest when I heard the sound of heels and Leslie’s face illuminated by the light of her wand. She crouched down, sitting next to me. She just sat down silently, not saying a thing before she turned to gaze at me.




“I told them I didn’t know where you went.” She said quietly and I nodded.




Thank Merlin she did.




She smiled at me softly, “Are you okay, B?” She asked, pushing some of my crazy hair away from my face.




I looked at her, “Just dandy.” I murmured before breaking out into sobs again. I heard her sigh and wrap her arms around me, pulling me close.




I was stupid to ever think that I could be friends with people like the Potters and Weasleys. We’re on a different social latter. I was nothing to them.




Leslie soothed me and whispered comforting words into my ear as she held me. She was my only friend. My only true, loyal friend. Sure, I had Amelia too but not right now. No, now she wasn’t with me. I only had Leslie and a sad, pathetic part of me was fine with that.




“I d-don’t need any of them,” I sobbed, shaking my head into her damp dress, “I have you. You’re my friend, right?” I asked, crying.




I was a mess. A real, big, stinking mess.




I couldn’t see her face since her wand was on the ground but I was sure she smiled at me as she spoke, “Of course I am, B. Friends forever. The uber trio.” She said, receipting the name the three of us had came up with to call our group back in second year.




“The uber trio,” I repeated.




We sat there in silence before Leslie spoke again, “Happy New Year’s, B.”




I looked at the kitchen clock. It was 12:45 am.




Forty-five minutes into the new year and it’s already turning out to be horrible. Just my luck.





Back on less crazy notes, what did you guys think? I know that this isn't the longest chapter but it for sure has the most drama. A lot of you guys had some gueses onto why Albus was with Jenna but only ONE person guessed all the way back in the original chapter where we mentioned Albus and his v-card that he lost it to Jenna so kudos to who guessed it right. YOU ROCK!


I love you guys all and hopefully you don't want to attack me after this one but vent to me and tell me what you think! I will try to update quickly once this gets posted! I know Brielle is hurting and it pains me to "see" her like this but it'll all get better, I pinky promise! 







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