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Wendy's story (Prev. Destined) by HermionesSecretClone
Chapter 3 : New beginnings (and people)
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Tap Tap



TAP!!!! TAP!!!

"Ugh." I got up and strolled over to the window. A small snowy owl was standing there, obviously aggravated and clutching a paper in its beak. I yawned and looked at my watch after I sat down with a cup of hot coca ( I prefer it over coffee) and a biscuit. I glanced at my watch and about spit out my coca.


Tap Tap

"WHAT IS IT NOW? I'M BLOODY LATE FOR WORK!" I yelled, almost charging for the window, about scaring a small, adorable barn owl out of its wits.

It had a note attached to its leg.


I know its a bit after you SHOULD HAVE been at work, but glancing up at our clock your grandmother gave me I noticed you were at home. I hope to see it move to 'traveling' soon... with that said, I have news. Apparently Harry Potter and the Weaslys' kids are all the same age as Izzy! Our Izzy will be going to hogwarts with Wotters!

With love,Mom.

Usually thats not a very big deal, but as muggles, my parents were fascinated with the fact that I'd just missed the war. I was about eight when it ended, meaning I got my letter about the same time the Wotters reproduced.

I quickly managed my as usual clumpy and knotted hair into a bun, and but on some work robes.

Upon apparating, I instantly noticed a group of people crowded around the bar. I had to struggle to get behind, in which I even resulted to yelling "I WORK HERE! EXCUSE ME! I WO..." And so on until I got behind the counter.I noticed they were crowding around Harry and Ginny Potter,who were beside a black headed young boy, about Izzy's age. they were chatting excitedly to the young boy and stayed that way for about an hour, until Harry and Ginny realized the time, ordered four butterbeers (aparently they had a boy older than that one at home.) and left,leaving me to finally be able to work.

After serving a few customers, I was finally able to go home, but I received a surprise. My old best friend ( As she was my only friend) was standing at my door. I squealed in delight,and let her in for tea. We caught up, and then she got serious. "Wendy. I wanted to tell you, but it was hard"She said, me leaning on the edge of my seat at those words. "Okay, here goes. I got pregnant at the end of seventh year, and well, I was thinking, and we havent got a godmother yet." She said, and my jaw dropped.

"Me? I asked, shocked at why someone would ever trust me with a child. I had cousins that I held, me being the first born kid in the family, but I'd never tooken care of a child. I had refused to hold Izzy as a baby.

"Well, me and him just thought it would be safe, in case.. something happened."She said, looking a bit scared.

"Whats wrong Angie?" I asked, looking scared and curious."I need to know so if something does happen, I'll know what we're facing." I continued.

"Theres a few wizards, sons and daughters of death eaters. I'm worried they might want to hurt us, so much of my family was on the good side during the war."

I  drew in a quick breath, shocked. I'd never thought any of them had survived or stayed away from askaban. I was truly worried."Okay.I'll be the kids godmother." I said, smiling through the shock.

A/N- I am sorry I neglected the few readers I have!!! so very sorry!! With me having writers block (with this story... I'll explain later in the note) and getting sick, then neglecting the bill until today, well lets just say I've been busy. Not to even mention school. Well, I was thinking about abandoning this story (or ending it and setting it to 'short story') As I was having a GIGANTUOUS amount of inspiration about a new story from Izzys POV as she starts hogwarts with the Wotters... what 'cha think?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE R AND R!! As usual, stay awesome!! Sorry for the wait and the huge authors note!!

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