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If They Didn't Fall by harry_ginny4ev
Chapter 4 : Lessons With Dumbledore
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       "Potter!" The infamous scream of Minerva McGonagall giving out sixth year schedules rang through the Great Hall.

"Ugh, did she have to ruin my mood at eight o' clock? I was peacefully eating my sausages and now I am bothered with the news that we have double potions next period." Harry groaned as he and Ron looked at their schedules.

"Not only do we have double potions, but we have to spend those two hours with the Slytherins!" Ron exclaimed.

"Well at least you guys have a free period," Hermione consoled.

"I think I have it the worst," Ginny said. "I don't have a single free period and I have OWLs this year so the teachers are probably going to lay it on thick."

"Well at least you guys don't have lessons with Dumbledore and Quidditch to cut into your homework time," Harry's argued.

                                        *                        *                         *                      *

        "Take out your books." The silky voice of Severus Snape washed over the sixth years. "Potter, you will want to pay extra attention. The headmaster himself has instructed that you master the Blood-Replenishing Potion. He has also instructed me to tell you that he would like to be graced by your company on Saturday at eight at night. He enjoys Fizzing Whizbees." Harry focused his attention on Snape and gave him a slight nod. Even after all these years, Snape had not gotten over the fact that Lily had chosen James over him. They were still best friends, he had not converted into a Death Eater, however he somewhat resented Harry. 

"Professor, my mum sent me a letter for you. She also sent a box of cookies," Harry spoke, handing the goodies to his teacher.

"Thank you Jame- Harry." This slip-up was not lost on any student in the room. "All right! What are you staring at? Get to work!"

                                               *                           *                        *

              Saturday night could not come fast enough for Harry.On Friday, Ginny noticed how truly distracted he was. In the common room, she walked up to him and kissed him deeply. The fact that he didn't respond proved how much he was thinking about his meeting with Dumbledore the next day. Ginny separated herself from Harry.

"Do you really want me to Bat-Bogey you?" Ginny asked, thoroughly irritated with Harry's lack of response to her kiss.

Harry came out of his stupor, having heard the words Bat-Bogey come out of Ginny's mouth, and immediately knew that he was in a bad situation. He kissed her to diffuse the tension and it worked. They then spent the night talking with Hermione and Ron about their first week back.

                                     *                         *                       *                         *             

       "Come in Harry." Albus Dumbledore's voice was muffled by the stone door separating him from Harry.

"Sir, I had another dream last night. Voldemort keeps talking about Draco having fixed some cabinet and his imminent attack on Hogwarts."

"I see. Do you have a specific date yet?"

"No sir. He has yet to mention a certain date."

"Well with that out of the way, I would like to congratulate you on your achievement of Quidditch Captain."

"Thank you sir."

"I am sure you are wondering what I am going to be teaching you during our meetings. I am going to be teaching you several things. First, you will be learning several spells to protect you including the one that repels Unforgivable curses. Most people do not know of this spell. That is why it is not in your books. You see, I invented it. You are also going to be learning about Lord Voldemort's past. You already know about the horcruxes after Sirius's narrow escape at the Ministry at the end of last term. However, I think that is is important for you to learn his motivation so that we can discern his future actions. You will also be continuing your Occlumency with Professor Snape and will be starting Legilmency with him as well."

"Professor, am I going to have time for it all?" Harry was incredulous at the amount of work that was cut out for him the year."

"Well, Harry you won't be taking a DADA class this year. you will be meeting with me during that period to learn what we are doing. You will still take a Defense NEWT next year, since you will technically be taking a advanced DADA class with me. Every other Saturday night at eight, you will meet me in my office to learn about Riddle's past. AS you can see, I have made arrangements for you to remain somewhat stress free. Of course, I can not do anything about your Quidditch issues."

"Okay sir."

"Wonderful. Now the first thing I am going to teach you is the Reducto curse. Yes I am aware that you know this curse," Dumbledore added, seeing Harry's protests. "Since you and I are both averse to directly using the killing curse, if we use this curse, then we can get out of trouble but not kill. Of course, there is always a chance that you accidently aim it at a vital organ and the person dies. Do not feel guilty. You, unlike Riddle and the Death Eaters, were not trying to kill the one who died." With this piece of delightful news. Harry began to practice and make his curse more powerful.

A/N: I am so sorry for updating so late! I've been working on some other fan fics. If you want to check them out, they are called The Missing Years and Learning To Love. Or you guys can just click on the link of my author name. I'm rubbish at writing action, but I promise that I will do Quidditch try outs next chapter. "*smile*"

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If They Didn't Fall: Lessons With Dumbledore


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