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Seven by freckled_weasley
Chapter 25 : Secrets, Secrets are no Funů
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Eventually Sirius and Beth, who had changed into regular clothes at some point, joined the rest of them down on the quidditch field.  They were welcomed by some smirks from Lily and Emma plus a few rather loud wolf whistles from the marauders and Alice. Neither Beth nor Sirius looked the slightest bit embarrassed and simply shrugged, saying they were going to get some lunch and asking if everyone else wanted a bite.


Sirius kept sneaking looks at Beth and she continually ignored them. It was obvious she realized they were happening though. Lily noticed she had a ghost of a smile playing at her lips every time he glanced in her direction. She was teasing him mercilessly, and everyone knew it. They also knew Sirius well enough to realize the effect it was having on him. There was nothing Sirius wanted more then someone who he didn’t know if he could have. That was probably why he was so disinterested in all those girls following him around all these years. He knew he could have any one of them whenever he pleased. There was no challenge in a relationship with them.


Beth, on the other hand, was simply enjoying the high she was on. Not only had she just had a particularly wonderful hour or so with the guy she had liked for quite some time now, but also she was still driving him crazy, even standing a yard or so away. Beth liked a challenge too.


At one point during her conversation with Lily, he had even come over and put a hand on the small of Beth’s back. She hadn’t really minded of course, but she knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself when she glared at him until he removed his hand. She turned back to Lily seeing a smirk on her friends face and feeling Sirius’s grin from a few feet away.


Naturally at the mention of any kind of sustenance the forever hungry James and Peter, who had run out of stolen food and had gone a full hour and a half without a snack, agreed followed by Remus nodding vigorously.


“I swear, their stomachs are bigger then their brains!” Alice sniggered,


“Shut up Alice!” the boys chorused


“OH, they're grumpy when they're hungry” Emma smiled before racing off on her broom, laughing, as Remus chased after her.


“Apparently they're looking to get some too” Alice grinned “not that that’s a problem for these two over here though…” she nodded her head towards Beth and Sirius before taking off on foot in the opposite direction.


Sirius bolted after her, chasing her on foot before catching her and throwing her over his shoulder, despite her protests.


“There’s so much sass for such a tiny person…” Sirius smirked before grunting as she hit his back, hard.


“Naturally,” James grinned “I’m sure you and Beth just had a lovely picnic and talked for hours about life and…” James then let out a sound similar to the one Sirius had just made as Beth sent an elbow flying into his ribcage.


“Ouch! Beth!” he whined, rubbing his torso


“You don’t want to fight with me James, I have immense pull with Lily here and I wouldn’t want to have to use it.”


James’s face went slack, which just drove Beth on.


“I think we both know what I’m talking about here” she warned with an innocent smile.


You couldn’t help but be unnerved when Beth wore an innocent smile. It looked so good on her perfect face, yet so wrong sitting there. Sirius put Alice down and they both looked at her, silently willing her to continue Lily was immediately curious as James’s eyes widened with confirmation.


“You wouldn’t.” James glared


“Try me, Potter. Try. Me.” She smirked


James narrowed his eyes, refusing to be the first to break eye contact. Beth had been aware of this particular secret for a while now. He didn’t think he could bear it if Lily found out. Beth had kept it to herself for quite a while. Would she really just let Lily know now that they were dating?


Beth smirked and glared right back. She loved a challenge and she could see one lit in James’s eyes. Now that he and Lily were together, Beth saw a whole new world of doors open in the blackmail department. This one would be her favorite. She knew James would be mortified if Lily knew what she did, but was avoiding teasing about her and Sirius worth it?


“Beth…” Lily looked nervously between the two “What do you have on him?”


“Oh no way Lil, its too much power just to give up like that! Besides, I want to really enjoy telling you. This is just too easy.” She smiled at Lily before calling Emma and Remus (who were now snogging midair) down for lunch and stalking away.


“What does she know Prongs?” Sirius asked, looking a little nervous for his friend


“No offense Padfoot, but I really hate your girlfriend right now.” James sighed before stomping away moodily


Alice and Peter followed in his flanks, and Lily and Sirius could hear them badgering him endlessly as they walked away.


At this Lily and Sirius looked at each other, smiling. Sirius wrapped his arm around Lily’s shoulders as he chuckled.


“This is going to be fun…” he grinned


“Do me a favor?” she looked up at him, wrapping an arm around his waist


“Sure Lil” he nodded


“I know you’re not one for relationships, neither is Beth. I think both of you know that. I understand if you two decide to stop seeing each other for one reason or another, but don’t do anything particularly stupid.” She said quietly


“You got it” he smiled, kissing the top of her head


Remus and Emma finally landed next to them, both blushing a little.


“It funny Emma,” Lily smiled “You were exceptionally fast when chasing the snitch earlier, but it seems that when Remus is the one chasing you, your speed decreases substantially.”


“Hmm, I noticed that as well Lily, strange indeed” Remus joined in, wrapping his arms around Emma from behind and kissing her blushing cheek


“Well, if you two are about done…” Sirius teased


“ARE YOU JOKING? This morning we were all afraid you and Beth were just going to shag right there in the middle of the room!” Remus exclaimed


“But we didn’t, excellent self control on my part, if I do say so myself” Sirius grinned


“You’re disgusting.” Lily smiled, steering him towards the castle


“OH, Moony!” Sirius exclaimed




“Beth has something on James about Lily!” Sirius said cheerfully


“Really? How lovely” Remus grinned


“I know!” Sirius laughed before telling Remus the full story about what had just occurred


“OH, I’ll bet it’s…you know…” Remus smirked


“No, you don’t think…” Sirius smiled


“What doesn’t he think?” Lily raised an eyebrow at Emma who just shrugged


“I mean, how obnoxious was he?” Remus asked


“He used the phrase ‘lovely picnic’ so I’d say he was at an 6.3”


“Padfoot, you and I both know that all Beth needs is a 4…”


“But then why wouldn’t she say anything now” he mused


“I don’t know…”


“Suspense perhaps, Beth is one for dramatics” Sirius suggested


“THAT’S IT, WHAT IS GOING ON!” Lily roared


“Nothing” They snapped simultaneously remembering she was listening


“Now boys, secrets are no fun.” Emma grinned


“I agree, but neither is death and I'm pretty sure James would actually kill us.” Remus smiled “Sorry!”


“Common! Give it up! I wont tell him you told me!” Lily whined


“Except you will, I know you Lil. You wont be able to keep that big mouth shut about this one.” Remus replied lazily


“Damn it guys!” Lily yelled


“No.” they said together


“UGH!!” Lily exclaimed, marching away angrily


“She really doesn’t like not knowing things…” Sirius chuckled


“No, she doesn’t.” Emma sighed tiredly, before jogging to catch up with Lily


Lily whipped around to snap at whichever of the boys had the nerve to follow her, but softened when she was it was Emma.


“Do you know?” Lily asked


“I wish, this sounds good!” Emma smiled


“You don’t think…” Lily began, before thinking better of it. “Never mind.”


“What Lil?” Emma furrowed her brow


“Nothing, forget it” She smiled




“Really, Emma, I'm fine!”


“I didn’t mean no, I wont forget it. I mean no, I don’t think it’s anything bad. That’s what you were worried about. You were concerned it was something bad that Beth had on James since he got so nervous. I don’t think its anything bad.” She smiled softly


“Really?” Lily looked at her nervously


If it were anyone else who had guessed what she was upset by, Lily would’ve been surprised. But it wasn’t. It was Emma, the person who knew how she felt before she did.


“Really. If it were that bad, she would’ve told you and the boys wouldn’t have been laughing. They all care about you as much as James does. He wouldn’t hurt you intentionally and then lie about it.”


Emma slipped an arm around Lily’s waist and felt her exhale. Lily’s arm wrapped around Emma’s shoulders and she smiled slightly.


“Been practicing quidditch, yeah?” Lily changed the subject


“Yeah, a bit” Emma smiled “There are some scouts from a few teams that want to talk to me, like I told you this summer. I figured I’d better be good if they come all the way out here just to see me! The Harpies are even sending someone!”


“You were spectacular! Whom did you practice with?” Lily asked


“My brother. He didn’t seem to mind standing outside for hours on end hurling golf balls at me” she grinned


“How lovely” Lily laughed, “Casey is a charming guy”


They both chuckled and walked a few feet in comfortable silence.


“I really want this Lil.” Emma said quietly


Lily looked down at her sweet, innocent face. There was a fire in her eyes. Emma was going to get what she wanted.


“Well then,” Lily smiled “Let’s get you that contract”


“I can’t wait.”

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Seven: Secrets, Secrets are no Funů


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