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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 14 : Chapter Thirteen
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Ancient ruins is boring. Professor Thomas has us working in silence. Silence and ruins, do you know what that does to a man? It drives him insane that’s what.

I’m still tired from Friday’s game; my arms were hurting from throwing the quaffle so much. Still 13 goals in one game, that’s almost a personal best. I got 18 once not that I’m bragging; after all it was against Hufflepuff… I know low blow, I’ll apologise now…

Anyway back to Ancient Ruins. Midnight was currently blowing a loose bit of hair out of her eyes with no avail. It just kept falling back down in the same place. She sighed angrily, before placing it behind her ear. Glad to know I’m not the only one who’s going slightly insane. She smiled encouragely at me, willing me to go on. Yep. Thomas has us doing fifty gazillion questions… ok a hundred and twenty. But still. She said she’s preparing us for the exam but this just seems tortious to me.

Cora was rocking forwards and backwards on her chair. So I did the only thing that I deemed necessary. I slowly pulled my wand out of my pocket and whispered the charm. Pulling her chair back further, but keeping it just a float. She screamed heavily out loud as I let the chair fall back into place. Her heart was placed on her chest panting.

“MISS GREENGRASS” Thomas shouted standing up simultaneously.

“Sorry Professor” she said embarrassed “I went too far back on the chair” she apologised.

“Well” said Thomas sounding slightly surprised that Cora had apologised so willingly. “In that case get back to your work” Cora nodded as Thomas sat back down carrying on with her marking, or whatever she was doing. She seemed to be having more fun than us, put it that way.

Cora turned around shooting me a glare. I smiled at her mischievously. She huffed before turning and whispering to Krum. He looked at me his eyebrow raised slightly. What the hell had she just told him? Why is he looking at me like he’s just found out my biggest secret? My eyebrows creased in frustration as Krum sniggered turning his full attention to Cora again. I watched him curiously; I don’t care what anybody says Krum fancies her. He has to; nobody looks at a girl with that much attentiveness if he doesn’t want to get into her pants.

I’m sorry but it’s the truth. Why else do you think all my friends who are girls are related to me through blood? I’m not saying I want to get into Cora’s pants, no… but I wouldn’t exactly kick her out of bed now would I? I mentally scorned myself for thinking it. Freddie was right, even in his drunken mumblings.

But Krum was in the clear, aside from being on opposing team. And I’d heard all the stories of how he and her go way back. So my point still stands Cora is either oblivious to Krum’s feelings or she’d ignoring it. I’m hoping the ignoring personally… what I’m not jealous… I’m not.
“Oi!” Midnight shouted at me angrily. I looked at her confused.

“Fuck” I shouted jumping out of my chair, I’d knocked over the bottle of ink. The black liquid was rapidly moving, already covering both mine and Midnight’s work, her lap was covered and before I could even pull my wand out, the bottle rolled off the table smashing of the floor, covering my bag in the crap too.

“JAMES POTTER!” Mrs Thomas shouted. She came over angrily her cloak flashing behind her.

“Sorry Professor” I managed beginning to pull my wand.

“What a mess!” she exclaimed pulling her own wand out and fixing the situation. The ink cleared mostly, but there was no saving our work. She picked it up shaking her head in disgust.

“You’re going to have to do them all again!” she ordered, already scrunching them into a ball. Both mine and Midnight’s mouths dropped open.

“WHAT?” Midnight shouted outraged.

“In detention tonight” Thomas finished self-satisfaction written across her pruned face.

“YOU’RE KIDDING?” I shouted back. “it was an accident! It’s not like I meant to tip it over. There are over two hundred questions on there!” I said throwing my hands up in despair “You can’t make us do it again!” I said attempting to keep the anger in my voice away.

“I can’t make you?” she questioned. Shit bad move James, bad move. Mrs Thomas was temperamental the best of times, now I’ve just added fuel to the fire… “In fact James, I think you’ll find I’m the Professor here, so yes I can make you and I will. Tonight at 8’oclock. Both of you” she looked between me and Midnight smiling. What an absolute bitch. Midnight was turning red in the face attempting to control her Veela temper.

“Miss but James can’t miss practise tonight” Cora spoke up. Shit I’d almost forgot we had practise tonight, half seven we were scheduled in for. Fuck, I’ve royally screwed up this time.

“I assure you Miss Greengrass he can miss practise, in fact you can too. You’ve already disrupted my lesson once today and now you’re talking back” My mouth fell open. Cora’s no saint, but I’ve never seen her get a detention from defending me, because of me sure, but never defending.

“You’re kidding me?” Cora almost but laughed.

“I can promise you, this isn’t a joking matter”

“But I didn’t do anything!” Cora shot out, her temper now rising. It’s quite funny actually how all quidditch players have arguably bad anger issues.

“You’re talking back”

“BECAUSE THIS IS RIDCILOUS” Midnight chimed in, sticking up for Cora.

“We have practise tonight!” Cora said again trying to emphasise her point.

“Quidditch is no concern of mine”. Krum barked out a laugh at that. Obnoxious prat. “Something to say, Mr Krum?” Thomas added staring sternly at Krum, surprisingly he didn’t shrink from her beady stare. He only straightened himself up.


“Great you can say it at detention tonight too” Krum’s face screwed up in utter confusion. I couldn’t help but laugh, and by laugh awkwardly cough to cover it up.

“Does anybody else have anything to add?” Thomas said addressing the whole class, nobody spoke a word. In the matter of minutes, four people had received a detention for one measly bottle of ink. Ok… it was my fault, I shouldn’t have been obsessing over Cora… yeah I’m probably going to keep that little bit to myself… just a bottle of ink that’s all.


Cora came rushing into the Great hall, I was already in there with Freddie and Al eating dinner.

She dumped her bag on the floor and took the seat next to me, sighing angrily. “She can’t do that!” she muttered angrily “Just because the bitch hasn’t been laid since time began, doesn’t mean she can take it out on me” my mouth fell to floor, I started laughing.

“It’s not funny!” Cora said angrily “our next game is in four days, and we’re missing practise!”

“I know, but I just never expected you to say anything like that” I said still chuckling over her comment, even Freddie was laughing.

“What’s happening about practise?” I questioned wondering if she was going to cancel it all.

“Wood’s running it. I asked him earlier” she shrugged annoyance still in her voice. And I’m guessing by Wood’s running it, she’s told him exactly what to do. She’s probably given him her notebook already.

“At least we’re only against Africa next game” Freddie commented. So far they’d lost one and won one, but they only won by ten points due to their seeker luckily catching the snitch. So in theory Freddie was right, it should be an easy game. But still we should be clutching on to every bit of practise we get.

We were still first, with Beauxbaton’s behind us ready to play their second game tomorrow. Knock out stages were coming. And the bottom half of the table would soon be gone. So yeah… there’s still everything to play for.


8’oclock rolled round as I strolled slowly into my unnecessary detention. Ok I was two minute late, but the bitch should be lucky I turned up at all.

“Nice of you to join us” Professor Thomas said her voice already fuelled with annoyance.

“Pleasures all mine” I quipped back. Pulling in the seat behind Cora out from under the chair, I was just about to sit down.

“That won’t be necessary” Miss Thomas started, I stopped in my tracks putting my full attention on the whore in question.

“We were just waiting for you, you’re going to cleaning the trophy cabinets” brilliant. They’re cleaned every other week from detentions; I’m surprised they’re even dirty anymore.

“Your wands” Thomas inquired putting a box on the front of her desk. “You won’t be needing them” instead she summoned a bucket of cleaning supplies. This is the part where I’m glad of my family and the fact my favourite uncle owns a joke shop with pretty accurate wands in there. I slipped in the fake wand in the box a fake sigh escaping my lips.

Midnight moaned as she put her white wand into the box. Krum shrugged explaining he’d left his wand in his room. Thomas eyed him up suspicious before nodding and Cora dropped a wand similar to my own into the box, she gave me a wink as she turned around. Sly git, I bet you Freddie gave it her.

We walked in silence, Professor leading the way to the trophy room. Even in her walk she looked like a stuck up prude.

“Be quiet” she hushed. Nobody said anything.

Cora and I shared a look clearly explaining how senile Thomas was going. I can’t believe we are missing practise for this. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a teacher as much as I hate Thomas right now. No wonder Dean divorced her, I still don’t see why she kept his last name though.

“Ok” Thomas announced her voice full of pride. She handed Krum the bucket, quite violently I might add “I’ll be back in an hour. I want the room spotless”

“Yes Professor” Cora replied as we walked into the trophy room. My mouth dropped open Peeve’s is a fucking bastard. The whole room was covered in shit, ok dung bombs but it’s basically the same thing.

“You have got to be kidding” Midnight moaned pulling at her blonde hair in despair.

“Erugh” Krum grunted.

The door swung shut, announcing that Thomas had left us alone. I looked at Cora who appeared to be just about to get her wand out, I shook my head at her grinning manically as I watched both Krum and Midnight pick up a rag and dunk it in the now soap filled bucket. She supressed a grin, shaking her head in amusement, I smiled back enjoying every second of it.

Five minutes and nobody had spoken; I was currently looking at my name sakes medals. Their Gryffindor won five times in a row, James Potter chaser and captain while Sirius was a beater. I couldn’t help but wonder if they’d be proud of me playing, representing the school. I sighed wistfully as I heard Midnights frustration.

“YOU TWO AREN’T EVEN HELPING” she screamed throwing the rag.

“That’s not true, I’ve wiped this one” I said matter of factly, she looked at me unimpressed.

“You cleaned two names, in ten minutes!” she said angrily.

I flashed a grin at her as I took my wand from my pocket “Scourgify” I said loudly, instantly cleaning the nearest trophy case.

“YOU HAD THAT THE WHOLE TIME?” I couldn’t help but laugh, that was a better reaction than I intended, and honestly I should have kept it going on longer. “chatte stupide” she cursed. I’m guessing she called me stupid, no idea what else she called me, actually I’m not entirely sure I want to know.

I turned my back, cleaning another trophy cabinet. When I got flooded with dirty dishcloth water. I let out a manly shriek jumping away.

Midnight was behind still holding the bucket laughing her little French ass off. “You’re fucking dead” I told her through gritted teeth. She only laughed more. I glanced at Krum who was chuckling and Cora who was at least attempting not to laugh.

“What are you going to do?” she asked standing up straighter, the bucket still in her possession. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I pointed my wand directly at her “Aguamenti” I said as I watched her perfectly straight hair go to what can only be described as rats tails. She let out a shrill scream. Karma, bitch.

Cora’s laugh echoed through the trophy room. “What are you laughing at?” Midnight asked turning to face both Cora and Krum. They shrugged helplessly as Midnight’s bucket refilled itself, in a second flat both Cora and Krum were soaked from head to toe as Midnight and I laughed manically.

Yep. And that’s how we spent the rest of our detention in a fully-fledged water fight. Every man for himself, or woman… equal rights and all.
We didn’t hear the footsteps of Thomas slowly making her way back in. it’s just another one of those times were I’m grateful for Cora’s fast reflexes. As the door swung open I found myself dry as a bone. The whole room was spotless and Cora had already pocketed her wand. I stared in marvel, but I guess that’s magic for you.

Thomas took one look of the trophy room before telling us we could go. Thank fuck for that.


AN: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING THAT YOU RECOGNISE CAPISCHE? I think i spelled that wrong, ooops.

yeah so new chapter, sorry that it's a bit of a filler, but i think there's some character development here, yes no? thoughts on Midnight? she's going to be a big contender in the up coming chapters. so come on tell me your thoughts and feelings.

going to try and update more often, but coursework deadlines and exams are looming, so please forgive me if I'm a bit late with uploading...

Anyway please tell me what you think good or bad, i'd love to hear, critism can only make me better can't it? and well the compliments just go straight to my head, so yeah LET ME KNOW!!


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