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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 21 : Screaming, Cliches and a Bit More Screaming
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Before we start, I just want to say a few things. I wrote this a few weeks ago, so instead of changing the original Authorís Note, Iíll just add it up here. I just want to thanks you guys for the overwhelming amount of reviews on the last chapter (if you thought it was shit, please just tell me! I am willing to edit!) , and I hope you like this little summary a bit more. Also, I ask again- sequel, or is this enough? Anyway, enjoy!


Kasy's POV

So far my day had mostly consisted of screaming.

At 5am, Rose started screaming at me (and everyone else in our dorm) because her water had broken.

I then had to rush down to the Slytherin common room while Sal and Laura took Rose to the infirmary, and proceeded to scream my way through the Slytherin's dorms and into Scorpius' face.

After he'd finished freaking out, we went to the hospital, and travelled to St. Mungo's with Albus.

After that, it was a large blur of Rose screaming, and her crazy family squealing. There was also a bit of me screaming alongside Rose, especially when she broke my hand during an extra hard push. But then she stopped screaming, and the Weasley's stopped squealing, and Scorpius froze.

Because this time, it was the baby screaming.

Rose and Scorpius stood next to each other, both holding their tiny baby boy, while I and Albus stood together, tears running down my face.

"Do you want to hold him?" Rose asked me. I smiled, delicately taking him in my arms and rocking him side to side.

"Hi Zach." I started whispering when everyone's attention moved over to Rose and Scorpo. "You gave us all a big fright, coming three whole weeks early! Early bird catches the worm, eh? I know you're not going to remember this, but I just thought I should introduce myself."

Who cares if my mock NEWTs are in a few weeks? Who cares if my Apparition test is on Saturday, and I still have a habit of splinching my finger nail? Who cares if this baby's birthday clashes with mine?

"I'm Kasy. And I'm your godmother."


Albus' POV

Me and Kasy were sitting in the food hall, both clutching a mug of coffee in our hands. Kasy's hand was a bit swollen from where Rose had crushed it, but we both still carried cheesy grins on our faces.

We probably looked slightly mental to anyone looking at us; two teenagers wearing pyjamas, sitting in silence in a hospital while grinning manically at each other.

"Happy seventeenth." I whispered, nudging her leg with my foot.

"Thanks Alby." She nudged my back, provoking a full on game of footsie.

She won.

"How does it feel to be a godmother?"

"How does it feel to be a godfather?" She retorted, taking a long drag of her coffee. The wide-eyed expression and slight choking sound told me that it was still unsafe to drink.

"Pretty awesome. We're totally going to corrupt that kid."

She laughed, tossing her head back while doing so. The red curls bounced with her, almost as though they felt the excitement in the air.

"Where's Aidan?" She asked after a few minutes.

"Back at Hogwarts with the girls. He didn't want to intrude, not with my entire family being there. Rose was already under a hell of a lot of pressure to produce a ginger!"

Kasy grinned. Baby Zacharias Weasley (Rose had beaten Scorpius in a lengthy arm wrestle for the last name) had an adorable tuft of strawberry-blonde hair on his little head, along with wide blue eyes and a natural pout.

"He's going to take after James. Total womanizer." She pointed out. I hummed in reply.



"I love you."

Her grin grew. She moved over to sit next to me on my chair, her head on my shoulder.

"I love you too Bulldozer."

Me and Kasy have been best friends since the moment we met. We've been going out for six months and counting.

It might be clichť, but let's face it- it was totally inevitable.


Author's Note

THIS IS THE END! I want to thank everyone who has read this story, reviewed this story, and stuck by this story. I just want to give you all gigantic bear hugs!

I remember checking out my story just after saving Chapter Seventeen. I swear I almost had a heart attack. 27 favourites! 27!!!

At the start, I had so many big dreams for this story. I was going to have more ScoRose drama, more baby drama (seriously, it was like 'here, have a baby. Don't worry, no one minds), more Rebecca and Laura drama, even some Aidan drama (my original idea was for him and James Potter to get together)

Alas, all those wonderful titbits I came up with while humming at my computer screen were discarded. But twenty-one chapters and over a year later, I think I've done pretty well. Hope you loved my baby as much as I do ;)

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