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Spell Damage by marauderslover15
Chapter 5 : Charlie Weasley
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4:07 P.M.

“Charles Weasley,” I mumbled, my eyes scanning the beige folder of past medical records. “Alrighy then.”

I took a heavy breath; sucking all the air I could in, hoping this patient won’t suffocate me. Not in the literally sense of course. Some Healers tend to smother their patients, but in my case, they smother me. Always asking me where I was, or why was I not constantly attending to them and so on. They acted like they were the royalty of the world and expect me to stay by their side regularly.

She stepped in and a shaggy blond man with bulging muscles hovered over another man who was stockier. “Drink this,” mumbled the blond man.

“Peter,” I said. “Giving him the correct solutions?”

“Yes, ma’am.” His eyes averted shyly to the floor.

Oh, the formalities! Want to know why this sad bloke is like that? Well, it’s simple. Him and Bay have a thing. Ah, I remember like it was yesterday, but it was a month ago and oh, not to mention last week as well. I was on break and decided to nap in the break room’s couch when guess who fell on top of me? Peter and Bay in a serious make-out session, probably almost about to—ugh, gross, let’s not go there.

“Got a crush on her?”

My eyes finally looked to the patient, who was smirking, but the rest of his body completely unmoving. His Caesar cut was on fire from the blazing redness of his hair. Freckles ruled his skin, almost making him look tan. He had a wife-beater, showing off his perfectly toned arms, each muscle ripping like a hill. There were small dark scars of scratches on his arm and a burn scar slightly shiny.

“Mr. Weasley,” I smirked. “A bit blunt, aren’t you?”

He smirked.

“Peter, here does not have a crush on me. But glad you to see your doing well.”

“Fantastic,” he grinned. “So, if it isn’t that, let me guess, you caught him doing the freaky—”

“Well, I’ll take care of him now,” I cut Charles off with a smile to Peter. “Thanks.”

Peter nodded and quickly strode (almost sprinted) out with a hot blush burning onto his cheeks.

“Thank you for embarrassing my Healer.”

He grinned. “No problem. That’s what I strive for in life.”

I moved toward him, trying to suppress the smile creeping on my lips. I have to say, I am amused by his sarcasm and laid back attitude. I mean Peter probably doesn’t like it, but I enjoy it. This is what I need in my life. Someone like this. When I’m feeling sour about something, he could come in and make a sarcastic, but amusing comment and shed humor onto the situation rather me getting so uptight about it… No, no, I’m not saying that someone has to be him…

I met his chocolate eyes.

But I’m saying, I wouldn’t mind if it was him. You know, just saying, though.

With my two fingers, I pressed them against his neck, right underneath the jawline, feeling for a pulse. “Well, good news, feels like your pulse is back to normal.”

“But my body isn’t.”

“No. How many potions did Peter give you?”

“You mean the bloke who was caught?” he smirked playfully. “Well, two. He said one to put my heartbeat back to normal and the other to un-paralyze me. He said that will take a bit.”

“That it will. Do you need anything, Mr. Weasley?”

He cocked an eyebrow with a smile. “Mr. Weasley is my father. Just call me Charlie.”

My lips pursed. I didn’t like to be causal with patients. With the type of patients I deal with, who knows, they might get casual then stalk me! Then, they will do some serial killer thing and I would be the very first victim. Okay, okay, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but…

“And what’s your name?” he asked.

Ah, who cares! He’s cute. Better than that jerk Rick.

“Hazel,” I replied.

“For your eyes?” he smiled.

I nodded.

“Cool. You do have really nice eyes. So is that offer still up if I need anything?”

I feel myself getting a tingling hot sensation over my cheeks, knowing I was more than likely blushing at his compliment. It’s not every day a girl gets to hear that, well at least for me it’s not.

“What would you like?”

“Some company and food,” he winked.

At that moment, Bay comes in with a tray of food in her hands. The food smelled homey and rustic. I couldn’t help, but to be drawn to the smell. I eyed the food as the steak looked thick and juicy with the mash potatoes besides it, looking ever so creamy.

“I can help you, Charlie,” Bay beamed. “Since you can’t move your body and all.”

“Nah, Hazel here can do it,” he smiled slightly. “Thanks though… Bay, right?”

“Oh yes,” she blushed. “Here.”

As she handed me the plate, her eyes met me with such an intense stare that I never saw Bay do. Not to anyone and unbelievably not to me even if I tend to be sour with her. This made me take the plate smugly with a smirk. A guy actually chose me over Bay and trust me, Bay is the talk of the hospital with her beautiful dark eyes and golden brown hair falling down in playful waves that blew in the wind when she strut down the corridor. Okay, okay, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but…this definitely felt satisfying. She forced a smile and left with one last look at Charlie. I slid on the edge of his bed and he smiled at me. That made my heart do a freefall to settle in the pit of my stomach where butterflies were fluttering madly.

“I guess she has a little crush on me. Well, that’s new,” he chuckled.

“New? Why would it be new?” I scooped the mash with the spoon, bringing it to his mouth.

He took the bite thankfully and his face lit up at the creaminess of the mash potatoes. “Merlin, haven’t had food like this for a bit. When you’re always on the go, between picking up dragons and settling them into Romania, it's like on the go food, bland.”

“Glad you like it. The cook for this hospital has a thing for Weasleys.”

He boomed with laughter, “Does she? I’m not the one who usually gets hit on.”

“Only indirectly,” I teased.

He grinned, “I suppose it’s up to the guy to tell the girl directly, huh?”

“Not necessarily,” I smiled.

“Well, my brother, Bill was the best looking one. I mean he has gashes over his face from the war… But, um… well, he’s still the better looking one. So, it’s not often I get girls fawning over me,” he grinned. “So, if it’s not up solely to the guy to tell a how beautiful she is directly, I’m waiting for you to tell me—”

“That you’re beautiful too?” I grinned.

He laughed, “Am I beautiful? Merlin, always what I wanted to here.”

I giggled.

“See? That’s better on you.” His grin faltered into a small smile. “Laughing and smiling suits you. You didn’t look so happy when you first walked through the door.”

My smile faded, meeting his brown eyes. I cut a piece of steak and fed it to him as he chewed in bliss. Once he finished, he cocked an eyebrow at me questioningly.

“This…” I sighed, “job isn’t necessarily fun.”

“Why do it?”

I shrugged. The reasons are endless. I’m stuck in a routine. I don’t know anything else. The money is good. I put a lot of time into this already. I don’t have other career options. I don’t want to start over. And there are much deeper reasons… I can’t abandon my patients… I would still worry about them. I guess I haven’t given up all hope.

“I do it… well, because…” I sighed again. “My parents wanted me to be a Healer. I followed their dreams, but it always been mine too especially when my mother fell ill. She lost her mind from an overdose of potions, leaving her quite unstable. At the time, the hospitals and Healers couldn’t do anything for her. She was permanently damaged… I wanted to heal her and when I finally passed my training… she had died. Her death took a toll, but inspired me to heal others… I totally failed at it though.”

I averted my eyes downward to hide the tears I knew were swimming in my eyes and I slightly bit down on my bottom lip to keep it from trembling. My heart felt empty. It was hard to voice this out loud and to come to realization with my feelings. I don’t know why I shared this, but it felt right. I felt like I could be honest with him because although I don’t know him that well, I think his eyes hold the most compassion I ever seen in a person.

“You didn’t fail,” he whispered gently. “You’re healing me right now.”

“And how about the permanently spell damaged people? I can’t heal them. They are going to stay like that forever and die like my mother did. Their families are suffering and hurting and there nothing I can do. I’m such a failure at this. I should quit—”


I met his eyes.

“You sound like you given up.”

“I have!” I exclaimed.

“Well, don’t.”

I looked at him questioningly.

“Hazel, you can’t heal them because you’ve given up. You’re a bright witch, you will figure something out. And even if you can’t heal them, maybe you’ll make a breakthrough for the next person and the next until someone can heal spell damaged people. But you’ll still be important. You’ll lay down the foundation for it all. A little help can contribute to something bigger. And I’m sure you’re not a failure. I think your patients are happy and I don’t that’s a total failure. It’s a success.”

I sniffed. I didn’t even know I was crying. The tears rolled slightly over the hills of my cheeks and I wiped them away quickly, still sniveling. “I’m sorry.” I forced a chuckle. “It’s just I never had this conversation with anyone and so I’m not use to getting emotional.”

“It’s okay,” Charlie smiled. “I think talking to a stranger about these things can be the most relieving.”

 “Thanks,” I smiled back.

“If I could, I would give you a comforting hug, but considering the circumstance I can’t move. Wait. Look at that!” I gazed at this pinky finger. “My pinky finger could move.” He winked at me. “So… do you have a boyfriend?”

I shook my head. “No. Do you have a girlfriend?”

He grinned, “No. Takes a special type of woman to go out with me, considering I’m on the go and mostly in Romania.” 

“You could get a Romanian girlfriend.”

“Nah. I don’t think they’ll be able to handle my family.”

“Trust me, I don’t think any woman could handle your family.”

He laughed, “Which Weasley did you meet?”

“Ronald. He’s actually here.”

“That stupid git. But trust me, he isn’t the worst. Meet George then you can make your judgments from there,” Charlie grinned.

The door opened to a pouting Hermione, hoisting her bandaged elbow up. “Can I go now? I can’t see why I have to continue to stay here— Oh, Charlie! You’re here too? What happened?”

He flashed a toothy grin. “Hey, ‘Mione. I guess I could ask you the same.”

“RON!” she called. “Your brother is here!”

Ron soon enough and much to my displeasure, burst through the door and met Charlie’s eyes. He shouted, “Charlie! What the bloody hell happened to you, mate?” Harry peered in right after Ron.

Ron. Harry. Long story. If you want…” He glanced at me. “With Hazel’s permission, of course, maybe we could all share a room and share our injury stories.”

“I’ll like to hear yours,” grinned Ron. “Sounds like it’ll be a nasty one with you working with dragons and all.”



“Not in the creature-induced injuries, Ron,” I said with Charlie in unison. We both looked at each other and laughed loudly at our perfect unison.

Everyone settled somewhere as I decided to stay, propping my head up with my elbow on the arm of the chair and listening the details of the outrageous stories of their injuries. Ron got a bit excited as he demanded Charlie to recall past injuries by pointing to scars and burns on Charlie’s arms. I have to admit, it was pretty intense. The fire-breathing dragons were shooting their fiery blaze, their horns and sharp tails and claws scratching wildly, the havoc they caused burning down forest and escaping to dwell in the mountains. Hermione relived the troll in her first year and the hellhound through the detailed stories. I even threw in some of my own Hogwarts stories of blasting potions, rigged brooms and transfiguring my best friend into badger. The stories echoed in the room, ringing with excitement and growing friendship until the day was slowly disappearing as the sun started to dip. I checked my watch. 

6: 31 P.M.

“Hazel!” I turned to look at the door and Roxy (she’s my second in command, not to mention my best friend and no Bay isn’t my second in command, she’s just the intern) entered, scolding, but it disappeared into a smile. “Waaayyy past your shift, girl.”

I beamed at her, “I was telling them about the time I turned you into a badger by accident.”

“That’s you!” grinned Ron.

Roxy rolled her eyes playfully. “Let’s not recall that. Reeker’s big bloody hawk almost took me away. Bloody thing!”

I stood to my feet, stretching my arms to the ceiling with a moan and a wide yawn.

“Definitely past your shift. You worked more than thirteen hours today. Go on, girl. I can handle this.”

“Alright. Thanks. Bye, everyone,” I waved.

“Wait,” called Charlie who was now able to sit up and moved his upper body. “I want to see you again sometime. Like out of the hospital.”

I grinned, “Sure. Owl me then.”

“Alright… I’ll owl you,” he grinned.

“Night.” I left with a soft click and heaved a happy sigh. I began walking down the corridor and I decided not to have a look at my watch. I unbuckled it from my wrist and slipped it into my pocket. No more. Instead of dreading to get out of here, I’m going to start appreciating my time here.

Because although, St. Mungo’s spell damage corridor is absolutely draining and sometimes hectic and unbearable and—okay I’ll stop there, but in the end, I guess it all has its benefits.

I wouldn’t trade my job for the world…




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