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Too Perfect for Words by MalfoysBabe
Chapter 1 : Too Perfect for Words
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It was ordinary day in Diagon Alley. Well as it seemed for Harry. He was rather tired from staying up all last night. He was woken by Ginny giggling. She poked him in the shoulder to wake him up. And he woke up seeing a girl looking through the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies. She was looking at The Firebolt. Harry stood up slid Ginny out of the way, and went to go meet her. The girl turned and she smiled. "Hi." she said with a smile. "Hi I'm Harry Potter." he said softly. "Wow, Harry Potter, it's nice to meet you, I'm Chloe Clearwater." she said enthusiastically. "You are Penelope's sister?" Harry said looking at her. "Yes, I'm am Penelope's sister." she said smiling. "You play Quidditch?" he said excited. "Well I used to, I don't play so much now but I would love a new broom." she said staring at The Firebolt. "Why don't you buy it?" he said looking at it also. "Oh well I already bought a Nimbus, so it would be useless to buy another broom." she said looking up. "Oh, so you heading to Hogwarts?" he said not thinking. "Yes, I am, oh look at the time I think we should get on the train Harry." she said pulling all her stuff. "Let me help you." he said picking up her owl. "You're so kind Harry, and I would love to sit by you on the train." she said blushing. "You do?" he also said blushing. "Of course I do." she said touching his face gently. And they walked to the train together.

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