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The Only Test Hermione Granger Ever Failed by Slygrifflepuffclaw
Chapter 10 : First day back and Ron's true colours
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The only test Hermione Granger ever failed.

Chapter 9


I woke up and looked over at my clock. 9.05 am. “Shit!” I cursed. I tried to jump out of the bed, but felt something weighing down on top of me. I looked down to see that Daphne was still fast asleep, curled up, snuggling into me. Oh my god I’m spooning with the Ice Queen of Slytherin. I thought as I tried to wake her. I peered through the curtains and looked over at the other girls beds. They were all empty. I cast a tempus charm, which showed that in was nearly quarter to nine. “Double shit! Daphne! Wake up!  Classes start in ten minutes!”


That got her up. Four and a half minutes later we walked up the stairs into the entrance hall and grabbed our timetables off Snape and some toast off the house tables before sprinting off towards the Transfiguration classroom on the first floor. We were a minute late. McGonagall was just starting her lecture when we burst through the door. “Ten Points from Slytherin for your lateness girls don’t let it happen again.” She said as we slid into our seats, which were predictably right at the front of the room. “Now as I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted…” I got a glare from McGonagall. That was the first time I had ever been under one of her death stares and I was going to try and avoid it from now on. “…Was that the OWLs are at the end of the year and if some of you don’t pick yourselves up you are going to fail…badly. Over the next couple of weeks we will be starting Advanced Conjuration and Human Transfiguration. At the end of term, just before Christmas I evaluate your progress and every year I take on one student from fifth to seventh year for Animagus training… just something to think about. Now who can tell …?”


By the end of the day I had won over one hundred and fifty points for Slytherin and we still had double potions and defence to go. We all lined up against the wall outside the potions classroom, before some scared little Hufflepuff firsties ran out of the room nearly crying. Malfoy and Crabbe and Goyle snickered a bit, but nothing like they used to.


As we sat down Snape went into his start of year rant mode. “Now, as I’m sure you are aware, at the end of this year you will sit the OWL examinations. To succeed in these tests you must work hard, harder than you have ever worked before. I only accept students who achieve an Outstanding on the OWL into my NEWT classes. Now please turn to page three hundred and ninety four of your textbooks and read the passage on the draught of peace. Ms Black please take the used copy of ‘Advanced Potion Making’ from the cupboard at the back of the room and turn to page ten. Please brew an acceptable grade of the draught of Living Death…”


“Why does she have to do that; is she too good for the rest of us or something?!” came the shout from Ron. Honestly the boy never did know when to keep his mouth shut. Snape just turned on his heel and stalked over to Ron and Harry’s bench.


“Yes Mr Weasley she is! She is getting ready to sit the NEWTs instead of the OWLs and is already doing extra classes to study for her potions Mastery, which if she attains it will make her the youngest Potions Master EVER! No one has come within four years of the current record since it was set over a decade ago!” He screamed at Ron. He straightened up and  fixed the creases in his robes and fixed his hair, glaring down at Ron again before he walked away.




The rest of the potion class went along almost silently. As we climbed the stairs to the defence classroom I wondered what this class was going to be like with that Ministry Hag teaching. I owled Sirius and he said that she was a racially bigoted piece of filth who essentially wrote all the laws that classified anything as a dark creature or had sub human intelligence in the last twenty years. What’s worse is he told me he did some digging and she doesn’t even have an OWL in Defence.


We all sat down into our seats and waited for Ministry bitch to arrive. “Good afternoon class!” she squeaked as she walked into the room. “Oh come now you can do better than that, now you reply good afternoon Professor Umbridge.” She put up one of her false smiles.


“Good afternoon professor Umbridge.” We all chimed out in a monotone.

She sat down at her desk and waved her wand at the board, making the basic principle of defensive theory we’ve all know since first year appear. “Now class please open your books on page one and read chapter one of your textbooks, there will be no need to talk.” She giggled at the end of the sentence as if she ultimately enjoyed the pleasure of having twenty teenagers under her command.


“no need to think is more like it” I muttered as I buried my head into the book.




 Suffice to say the rest of defence class was hardly pleasant. Harry even got himself detention for telling that stuck up bitch that Voldemort is back.

I sat uneasily on my bed as I looked at my watch. Eleven o’clock. I snuck out of the dormitory and started to make my way up to the astronomy tower.




As I opened the door to the top platform I saw the four sets of Gryffindor robes. Harry was standing nearest to the door next to Ginny and Neville, but Ron was all the way over the other side of the tower, looking like he would rather be anywhere else. “Harry” I shouted before running to give him a great big hug. Ginny smiled as I let go of Harry. Neville simply looked confused, while Ron looked like he just got sick in his mouth.

“Does somebody want to tell me why we’re all happy and friendly with the daughter of my parents’ killers?” asked Neville. To be fair, he had a right to know. I had told them to tell him before dragging him up her.

“Neville…” said Ginny. “There was something we were supposed to tell you, well really Ron was supposed to tell you, but he didn’t.” she threw a glare at her brother. Neville just looked confused now rather than angry.

“Hermione wasn’t killed in a car accident; in fact she’s not dead at all…” Ginny continued, Ron let out a little sarcastic laugh at that. Ginny shot him another glare. “She’s standing right in front of you.” Neville looked at Ginny like she had two heads and then looked between the two of us.

“It’s true.” I said as I raised my wand and reapplied the glamour charms that made me look like Hermione Granger. “I went to Gringotts during the summer and they told me about the adoption. I still haven’t talked to my muggle parents about it yet. I only went into Slytherin, so that when the times comes I going to become a spy like Mum and Snape.” Neville seemed to have calmed down, but I could tell he was sceptical about mum being a spy for the good guys.


“So let me get this straight.” Said Neville as he looked form Ginny, to Harry, to me and back again. “Hermione is really the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange, now in Slytherin and is going to be a spy in the Inner circle of You-Know-Who with Snape, and we’re all okay with that?” he asked. When all three of us nodded he smiled. “Well Hermione, if you wanted to fail at a test there might have been a better one.” He joked.


Then Ron made the first bit of noise since I arrived. “No. I’m not.” We all stared at him. I knew Ron had been rather cold towards me lately but he had never actually voiced his opinions. “MY Hermione would never cuddle up to those snakes, she’d never become a death eater even if both Harry and Dumbledore asked her on their knees! YOU…” he pointed his finger at me. “KILLED HER!” he shouted.


“Oh so that is what this is about.” I say as I start walking towards him, before he can draw his wand. “Your Hermione, is that it? Well I can tell you one thing RONALD BILLIUS WEASLEY, I WILL. NEVER. BE. YOURS.” I poked him in the chest at every word just to emphasise the point. “And do you want to know why? Hmm. Well it’s because I’m gay Ron! I never loved you or Harry or any other boy like that. Ever! The only reason I never told anybody is because I would afraid of how you and Harry would react! But I can see now that no matter when you found out, you would still be a infuriating, homophobic bigot!” Ron just stood there in shock. I could tell that the others were too. “In the end Ron, you’re just as bad as my Dad.”


That most certainly made Ron come to his senses. A second later I felt the back to his hand impact at the side of my face. Had we not been on the top of a tower I would have blasted the sorry git across the room. Instead, I quickly drew my wand and uttered a simple spell to knock him out for an hour or so. I turned to face the other three. “He’ll wake up in about an hour.” I said kind of awkwardly.


Ginny was crying, and Harry looked like he was tearing up too. Neville just stood there and looked awkward. “I’m so sorry for my total idiot of a brother. I’ll be sure to make Fred and George beat some sense into him later.” Said Ginny, before she came up and hugged me. “If you ever need anyone to talk to you know where to find me okay.” She whispered into my ear. I nodded into her shoulder and she stepped back beside Neville.


You’re always going to be like the sister I never had ‘Mione, I don’t think any differently because of who you’re parents are or who you love you’ll always be my best friend alright?” said Harry in Parseltounge. I smiled and hugged him again. Right now I didn’t even care what Ron said, I was happy and my friends (mostly) supported me.





We talked for a couple more minutes before I made my excuses and started to make my way back down towards the Slytherin dorms. I was now rather worried. There was no telling what Ron would do now; he had always been possessive and jealous. Now that I had effectively denied him the object of his desire, he was a loose cannon, with only Harry and Ginny to reel him in.




The next day was very stressful. I spent the entire day looking over my shoulder to see if Ron was there…which more often than not he was, glaring at him liked I’d just kicked a new-born puppy.


After classes were over I made my excuses to Daphne and nearly found myself sprinting towards Professor Snape’s office. As I got to the door, I was just about to knock when the pink puffball emerged from the dark, dank room. “Ah, nice to see you again Ms Black.” She smiled her sickly sweet smile and giggled.


I stepped into Snape’s office, where he was sitting behind his desk finishing correcting some essays. “Sir I think we may have a problem…”


A/N: And that’s it for chapter 9. Sorry it’s a bit short but I’m lacking a bit on time and creativity at the moment


Next chapter will be the Sophia talking to Snape and her lesson with Sirius and Moody


Please review and tell me what you thought.


Until next time…




P.S. For those who are still waiting for the update on my other published story “He’s My WHAT?” It’s hit a bit of a roadblock; I’m still writing, but well it might take a while.

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The Only Test Hermione Granger Ever Failed : First day back and Ron's true colours


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