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Flawless by True Author
Chapter 1 : Flawless
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   Not once had Fleur Delacour wondered why she had fallen in love with Bill Weasley. Though she had never managed to get any closer to the answer, she knew it was still somewhere in the depths of her heart, lost and waiting to be found out. Well, she did believe that love was unconditional. It just happened. But she also knew she could do much better than him.

She had thought about this for nights and days since she met Bill, but on a specific silent night at Hogwarts, she pondered over it more than she ever had.

The night was still and so was the hospital wing. An inky black sky peppered with stars was clearly visible through the large window that was opened in spite of the chilling air. The moon, slightly covered by a wispy cloud, added to the darkness, while the white walls of the hospital wing stood out against it with a soothing calmness. No sound except the regular breathing of two people present in the room disturbed the silence. Fleur too seemed quiet, but thoughts were spinning like a whirlwind inside her  head.

Fleur was huddled in an easy chair, covered in a warm blanket, beside the hospital bed where a certain man with long red hair slept. It was almost midnight, but she wasn’t sleepy at all.

Madam Pomfrey had said that he needed rest for the night. They were supposed to send him to St Mungo’s for a quick checkup the next day even though they were sure he was out of the danger of death. Despite the assurance, she had insisted on staying with him all night just in case. She wanted to be there when he would have woken, nut more than that, she needed time to think, to recover from the shock of despair of the previous day and she was afraid she would have to lose him again. She wasn’t ready to leave his side for the night.

Fleur was in love with him for a long time, but after Greyback’s attack, she knew how much he really meant to her.

She had never meant to fall in love so seriously nor did she plan to get married. Getting married was too ordinary for such an extraordinary girl. But after meeting Bill, she knew they were made for each other and getting married was suddenly beautiful.

Fleur sighed as her mind drifted back to the days when she got to know Bill. She was experiencing feelings she had never felt, was thinking about him all the time no matter what she was doing and was blushing whenever someone mentioned him. She craved his company and his touch sent jolts through her. Her love for him had been obvious, but she hadn't admitted it for a long time for one silly reason. She knew she could do much better than him. She had  confessed it one night, when they had gone to a party together. She could still picture it all clearly.

“How do I look?” she had asked, twirling around to show him the beautiful silvery white dress she was wearing. Her hair was sparkling and her makeup was wonderfully done. She was also aware that the dress showed off her perfect figure by clinging at appropriate places. Fleur was expecting every compliment she could think of; right from ‘pretty’ to ‘sexy’. She was making up sentences where he would weave compliments beautifully together, but what he said was beyond anything she had imagined. It had been just one word and the loving look into his eyes had made her heart beat wildly.


She smiled and felt a little pink on the cheeks now even though she was sitting in a hospital beside her injured fiancé. Flawless. The word always flooded her with so many dear memories that as she would recall one, she would be interrupted by another.

Bill was really fond of saying she was ‘flawless’, though that got on her nerves sometimes. He would say the word was made for her, the lady with beauty, brains and a beautiful heart and no other word could describe her so perfectly. She knew he was exaggerating, but he would swear he meant it. Their each kiss began with the word and ended with the same.

“I love you more than anyone or anything,” she had said solemnly when he proposed. She thought he would be happy instantly, but instead, he looked rather unsettled.

“Fleur, I’m very serious about us,” he had muttered sincerely, “Are you sure you want to marry me?”

“Of course I am!” she had protested. “How can you think that I would change my mind?”

“Because you’re flawless,” he had said truthfully and intently, “and you can have anyone. Do you still want to marry a British redhead called William who is from a blood traitor family?”

“I do.” She had said firmly, her eyes sparkling with determination.

“ That's  why I love you so much, Flawless.” He had repeated the word making her roll her eyes, she had been going to tell him to stop saying that again but his lips found hers before she could utter a single word and fireworks burst into her heart.

Smiling at the memory, Fleur eyed the soundly sleeping Bill with admiration. How frank and transparent he was! He knew for sure why he loved her and she had no idea why she was so into him.

He loved her because she was flawless, at least according to him. She couldn’t deny that she was a little close to the word. She was beautiful, she cared for people, she was a family person and quite smart too. The perfect combination of her mother’s beauty and her father’s brains. She knew she had many qualities that would make anyone fall in love with her.

Then she looked at Bill and wondered if she could tell him after his recovery that he was flawless too.

Much against her will, she considered his looks. She knew he was handsome, but now she wasn’t sure. But of course, she didn’t care. She was just glad he was still breathing.

 She shrugged the blanket off her and got up from the easy chair to kneel beside his bed on the floor. Her long slender finger traced the scars that covered his handsome face absently. Being flawless required good looks, she couldn’t deny that. Good looks were something he had until yesterday, but now he didn’t.

She pulled her finger away as Bill stirred and hissed in pain in his sleep. Thinking she might have hurt him, she went back to the chair, a little alarmed. The air wasn’t as cool as it was an hour before, so she didn’t pick the blanket up from the floor. As it  was gone, she looked at herself properly and was shocked to see something she hadn’t noticed before.

She was still wearing the casual muggle clothes she had worn the day before at Bill’s house. It might not seem something to worry over to some, but it was a

serious concern for Fleur, who was used to dressing herself in something nice and decent before she left her house. Her appearance was important for her and she was quite sure she would have worn something appropriate for a hospital visit, even though it wasn’t a real hospital but the hospital wing at Hogwarts. But somehow, she hadn’t even thought about changing her clothes when Molly had hurried to her room to tell her that Bill was bitten by a werewolf.

She smiled a little at this. Well, there was no doubt she loved him more than she would have loved the most handsome man in the world. He was all she wanted and was the only man she could give herself completely to. She knew the scars won’t stop her from marrying him.

She again recalled the days when she had met him in Gringotts. She was sick of being surrounded by the boring people and goblins that worked there and that’s when the handsome and quirky Bill had entered the scene with his ponytail and his earring. Fleur had been attracted to him because of his looks at first, but she had started to realize what a beautiful heart he had from the day they became friends. He was everything she wanted to be.

Fleur knew somewhere in her heart that she was bit of a self obsessed person. She knew she had both- beauty and brains, a combination every girl wants. Every guy was vying for her attention, but Bill never did that. He was impressed by her looks, but didn’t chase her like everyone did. He kept his distance and that touched her somehow. If he had Veela blood running through his veins, she would have tried to get him harder than ever; she was sure of it.

 He wasn’t to be influenced by her looks when he had been taught that outer appearance doesn’t matter by his parents. She never waited for any Prince Charming because she knew no man on earth would suit her. But he was waiting for someone who accepted him and was good at heart. That’s what had attracted her most to him. He knew people can be better than him, which she never really believed.

Fleur was aware that she was also snide and grouchy at times. She wouldn’t say a positive thing about anything that didn’t seem good to her at the first sight. She knew how to find a weakness of everything and everyone and he knew how to find something good from anything and anyone. He enjoyed making others happy and she liked being happy herself. She wanted to be like that, but couldn’t be.

Suddenly, for the first time, Fleur felt that she had finally found the answer. He may not fit into the definition of ‘flawless’ for other people, but for her, he did. He wasn’t flawless, he was the kind of flawless she wished she could be.

The kind of flawless I wish I could be. She thought happily with a beaming smile.

Much to her surprise, Bill stirred in sleep and slowly opened his eyes a little at the exact moment.

“Bill!” she exclaimed with concern, getting up and holding his hand. “What’s the matter?”

He blinked rapidly, adjusting to the dim lighting. He seemed to be in little pain from the strained look on his face. He had wakened five hours ago and Madam Pomfrey had explained his condition to him. He was shocked but had fallen asleep after Fleur assured him that she didn’t care and still wished to marry him. Now he looked into her eyes with a safe feeling of sure love and whispered,


She quickly pulled her wand out of her pocket and made a glass of water emerge from thin air. She helped him get up, supported by his pillow and pressed it to his quivering lips.

Bill drank for a while and then smiled at the worried look on her face.

“I’m alright.” He assured her as she placed the glass hurriedly aside. “How come you are here?”

“I stayed,” she murmured, settling on the bed, “Your mother wanted to stay, but I told her to go home and rest. She was very worried for you, you know.
“I know.” He said, shaking his head. “Mum is just Mum.”

She laughed. Yes, his mother was a little too motherish, far more than hers.

He watched her as the laughter spread across her beautiful features and smiled again. Then he grabbed her by  her arm and pulled her closer to him so suddenly and forcefully that she was taken aback.

“Bill! What are you doing?” she said, blushing under his gaze.

“The pink of your cheeks reminds me of this beautiful feeling of love,” he whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. “And that reminds me that I haven’t told you how much and why I love you for quite a long time.”

She giggled and placed her hand over his mouth.

“I know what you’re going to say, please don’t say It.” she said, indicating at the word flawless, “Today, you are going to listen why I love you so much.”

He looked amused as he hummed and told her to go on.

“I know you love me because I am flawless,” she said slowly, “And I love you because you’re the kind of flawless I wish I could be.”

Fleur was afraid he would laugh and make fun of her, but he pulled her even closer and said,

“Even though you could have anyone? So many would like to have you.”

“You’re the only one who wants my soul,” she answered truthfully, “They want my body.”

He smirked.

“And who said I don’t want your body?” he teased with faked concern on his face, snaking his hand across her slender waist. She blushed horribly at his words, but before she could say anything back, he smiled and captured her lips with his.

She was mad at him for teasing her, but she just leaned in and let him kiss her. And much to her surprise and pleasure, the fireworks still went on in her heart despite the scars that covered his handsome face.


A/N- I always wanted to write Bill/Fleur as I just love them together, but hadn't been hit with the right plunny. The two challenges I participated in gave me the chance to write them. I was given the color ‘pink’ that represented romance and the quote ‘The kind of flawless I wish I could be’ by the wonderful Taylor Swift. I hope you like this! 

Reviews will be appreciated and loved! <3

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Flawless: Flawless


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