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Open Your Eyes by LumosEmmaFaye
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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My oh my it has been quite some time since i've been here! I am so terribly sorry for neglecting this story, I'm not making any promises but i'm going to try and write more to this as so many of you enjoyed it.

(usual disclaimer; nothing belongs to me except for the plot and seth & amber and possible future characters)

Here it is; Chapter 15.



Hermione woke up and found herself curled into Draco’s side, it took her a few seconds to register what was happening and what happened last night but when she did she sprang off the couch, thankfully not waking Draco, and tip toed her way back to her own room.

Hermione grabbed a quill and piece of parchment off one of the nightstand next to her bed and scribbled a quick letter:


We need to talk, it’s urgent!

Hermione x


Hermione retrieved a small silver whistle out of her draw that her parents bought her for Christmas, opened her window and blew into it, moments later an owl appeared at the window. Hermione tied the letter to the owl’s leg, gave him a few treats and told him to take the letter to Ronald Weasley IMMEDIANTLY.



Draco rubbed his eyes carefully trying not to wake up Hermione, but when he opened his eyes he realised she wasn’t in fact there, he shrugged his shoulders and stumbled up the stairs to his bathroom. After a quick steamy shower, Draco pulled on his uniform, fixed his hair and packed his bag; Snacks, quills, snacks, textbooks and more snacks, you know the essentials. Strutting down the stairs Draco saw Hermione taking books from the bookshelf and placing them into her tiny little bag.

“How do they fit?” he asked walking to her side.

Hermione not noticing he was in the room jumped at the sound of his voice.

“It’s a charm” she stated placing another book inside.

“You’ll have to teach me it someday”

“Why are you being so nice? I mean come on YOU asking ME to teach you something? That’s not normal”

“I just thought you could do without all the snide comments, considering” he gestured to Hermione’s stomach

Hermione looked down then back up at Draco, fury blazing in her eyes.

“Don’t speak of that EVER! and just because I’m in the situation doesn’t mean you or anyone else for that mater has to treat me different” she spat before storming out the door and slamming it in Draco’s face.



Hermione felt tears threatening to spill down her cheeks so she rubbed her eyes and walked quickly to Potions which just so happened to be Draco’s first class of the day as well, she sighed as she remembered. Arriving earlier than everyone else, including the teacher, she took her usual seat at the front of the class. After emptying her bag of the needed equipment, Hermione pulled out one of the books she grabbed before she left and began to read, a few moments later there was a knock on the door.

“Uhm hello is this 7th year potions?”

Hermione put the book down and in front of her stood an awkward Ginny.


“Hermione?” the girls squealed in unison.

“What are you doing here Gin?” Hermione asked excitedly, all thoughts of earlier disappearing from her head.

“McGonagall bumped me up because I was doing so well in my class, she thought I needed a challenge”

“Oh merlin that’s wonderful” she said as she leapt up to give Ginny a hug. “Come sit by me”

“So how is everything? it feels like I haven’t spoken to you in forever” Ginny asked getting her things from her bag.

“Gin it’s only been what 2 days?”

“I know I know but I miss you ‘Mione it’s not the same in the common room without you, or Harry or even Ron”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been there yet Gin” Hermione said sadly “it’s just I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment”

“spill now or I will forever annoy you until you do”

“I can’t Gin I’m sorry, I need to talk to Ron first and then I’ll tell you I promise”

“is there another man? is it Malfoy” she asked disgusted

“NO! Merlin Ginny who do you think I am? Lavender?” the girls laughed.

Thankfully students started to pour into the classroom so Hermione didn’t have to deal with Ginny’s questioning.


Draco walked into class fashionably late as per usual and took the last seat at the back, not bothering to pay attention to Hermione who he knew would be front and centre.

As he was digging through his bag for his quills he heard a slight cough come from the front of the room.
He slowly lifted his head to see everyone staring at him, including she-weasel which surprised him.

“And you are?” questioned the new potions teacher.

Everyone was still staring at him.

“Uhh I'm Draco Malfoy?” he said as if he himself was unsure.

“Well then Mr. Malfoy, care to explain why it is you're late?”

Draco sat for a second trying to think of an excuse, when he saw Hermione roll her eyes.

“I'm Head boy Professor, as you know and I was tending to an unruly student in the halls.”

The professor sighed “Very well then, Mr Malfoy, Don't go making a habit of it”

Draco saw Hermione roll her eyes again and he smirked.

I could get used to this head boy thing He thought to himself.


The lesson carried on as it always did, the teacher asking questions and Hermione's hand shooting up the second the question was finished being asked.

The bell finally rang and the class was dismissed. Draco didn't bother rushing to his next class, he just figured he would use that excuse again, and of course it worked.

Lunch time came around but Draco didn't feel like eating in the great hall with everyone so he went out into the courtyard and ate alone.



Hermione and Ginny raced off to their next class together after potions were done. They sat together in there next class and made a bet as to who could answer the most questions, Hermione won of course.

The pair headed to the Great hall for lunch chatting away happily, as they entered the hall everyone stopped what they were doing and fell silent, all eyes on them.

“What's your problem?” Ginny said loud enough for everyone to hear.

They averted their gazes and whispers among students erupted at every table.

“Well that was weird” Ginny said shaking her head.

“Yeah, weird” Hermione said worried.


They walked over to their table and sat with Luna and Neville.

“Do you guys know what all that was about” Ginny asked.

But before they could answer Pug face Pansy waltzed over to them and stood behind Hermione.

“What do you want?” Hermione spat turning away from her.

“So word on the street is you got a little freaky with a slytherin and it was so bad you accused him of rape, now he's pff the Azkaban” she laughed.

Hermione froze.

“how dare you!” Ginny yelled “how dare you accuse Hermione of doing such thing”

Hermione put her hand on Ginny's arm “It's ok Gin I got this” she said with a small smile.

She stood up and to everyone surprise, slapped Pansy across the face “I didn't accuse anyone” she snarled “that filthy mut violated me” and without a second glance Hermione walked out of the great hall.




Sorry for a little filler chapter, it's been a long time and half of this was already written, I hope you guys enjoyed and i hope to hear from you guys!

leave your reviews and such down below xoxoxo

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Open Your Eyes: Chapter 15


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