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We Are Who We Are by ohnobeans
Chapter 1 : Sweets
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“Rose,” he groaned, a small smile gracing his lips when he saw the slim redhead kneeling on the floor in front of his trunk, scrolls scattered around as if she had thrown them out of his trunk carelessly in her search (which was probably exactly what had happened knowing Rose).

She grinned devilishly at him in response, not bothering to hide the bag of Sugar Quills in her hand, “Yes, Malfoy?”

“I was going to ask what you’re doing in my dorm, but I can see-“, he gestured to the bag of sweets she was holding between mint green fingernails, “that you’re raiding my stash of sweets. Again.” 

Rose shrugged and popped a bright red Sugar Quill into her mouth, not bothering to respond. 

Scorpius eyed her suspiciously, “How’d you even get in here? You always have trouble with the riddle.” 

She shrugged lazily again, still sucking on the Sugar Quill, “Gave me an easy one this time,” She sat up straight and adopted a mocking tone of importance, “Feed me and I live, give me something to drink and I'll die. What am I?” 

The blond grinned at her antics and tried to ignore the thump-thump-thumping of his heart “Ah, fire, right?” Rose nodded, too busy sucking on the sweet to say anything. 

“’bout time you were able to solve a riddle.” He nudged her in the ribs, a faint smirk playing on his lips. 

She stuck her bright red tongue out, “Bugger off, Malfoy. We can’t all be swotty, know-it-all Ravenclaw’s like you.”

He mock-scowled at her, “I refuse to take this type of abuse in my own dormitory. Get out of here, Weaslette.” Scorpius pulled her up off the floor and couldn’t help but notice the way his whole body seemed like it was on fire when she touched him. 

Rose grinned cheekily at him, “Can I abuse you in the common room then? Or the hallway?”

Whenever she grinned at him like that it was like he forgot how to breathe. That grin was so very Rose; cheeky, full of life, and it made her blue eyes sparkle. Even her freckles seemed to stand out when she grinned like that. 

“Scorpius?” She was looking at him with an odd look on her face and he realized he had been staring, a faint blush swept up his cheeks and he quickly averted his grey eyes from her blue ones. 

“Spaced out. Sorry. Let’s go get dinner.” He said without meeting her eyes for fear of what he’d see played out on her face. 

Had Scorpius looked up he would have seen Rose watching him with a look of confusion. She wasn’t great with reading people and her mum had been heard comparing her to her dad saying that she had, “the emotional range of a teaspoon.”. She stood at the door watching Scorpius walk out and wondered what the hell had just happened. Shrugging it off as a freak occurrence she hurried off after her best friend, yelling, “Scorpius! You ninny wait up!!” 

A/N: Here's the first one shot in the series! I imagine Rose and Scorpius to be in their 6th year when this took place. Scorpius is a Ravenclaw and Rose is a Gryffindor. I hope you enjoyed! There will be plenty more to come :) please review to let me know what you think! 

Here's my next generation family set up so there's no confusion in my stories:

Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley > James (Gryffindor) March 19, 2005 Albus (Slytherin) August 30, 2006 Lily Luna (Gryffindor) January 2, 2008

Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger> Rose Tabitha Weasley (Gryffindor) May 8, 2006 Hugo Arthur Weasley (Ravenclaw) July, 17, 2008

Draco Malfoy/ Astoria Greengrass > Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (Ravenclaw) November 11, 2005

Draco joins the Ministry and eventually works his way to up an incredibly high position in the Internation Confederation for Wizards (Wizarding United Nations). Astoria gets a job at Obscurus Books (a book publisher in Diagon Alley that published Quidditch Through the Ages) and eventually works her way up to editor.

George Weasley/Angelina Johnson> Fred Charles Weasley (Gryffindor) March 27, 2005 Roxanne Marie Weasley (Gryffindor) January 3, 2007

George has never let his siblings forget that he's the only one with both kids in Gryffindor. Take that, Potter.

Bill Weasley/Fleur Delacour > Victoire Appoline Weasley (Gryffindor) May 2, 2000 Dominique Clemence Weasley (Slytherin) April 21, 2003 Louis William Weasley (Ravenclaw) July 15, 2007

Percy Weasley/Audrey Munt > Molly Elizabeth Weasley (Slytherin) December 31, 2002 Lucy Imogen Weasley (Gryffindor) August 2, 2007

Audrey is a muggleborn witch who was imprisoned during the war. She works at Dominic’s Maestro’s in Hogsmeade (a music shop) and following the death of the owner a few years later, she inherited the shop and now owns it.

Luna Lovegood/Rolf Scamander> Lysander Newt Scamander (Ravenclaw) May 23, 2013 Lorcan Xenophilius Scamander (Ravenclaw) May 23, 2013

Seamus Finnigan/Lavender Brown> Fionnoula Morgan Finnigan (Gryffindor) June 21, 2005 Jude Aidan Finnigan (Slytherin) January 31, 2008

Seamus joins Harry, Ron and Neville as an Auror. Lavender (after a few years of recovery) becomes a strong advocate for werewolves.

Oliver Wood/Sheila Orwell (deceased)> Sabeena Lynn Wood (Slytherin) April 30, 2006

Lee Jordan/Alicia Spinnet> Melanie Renee Jordan (Gryffindor) August 16, 2000 Zachary Lee Jordan (Hufflepuff) October 1, 2005

Lee works with George and Ron at WWW. Alicia is a writer for the Daily Prophet.

Katie Bell/Trevor Griffiths> Rhiannon Mae Griffiths (Gryffindor) May 10, 2007 Addison Rae Griffiths (Hufflepuff) May 11, 2009 Blair Katherine Griffiths (Gryffindor) May 12, 2014

Dean Thomas/Laura Richards (deceased muggle: childbirth)> Henry Richard Thomas (Gryffindor) June 22, 2006

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