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Not So Simple by ExplosiveBlunderbuss
Chapter 35 : Homeward Bound
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Homeward bound, I wish I was homeward bound

Home, where my thought’ s escaping

Home, were my music’s playing

Home, where my love life’s waiting silently for me

~ Homeward Bound ~ Simon and Garfunkel ~

“I can’t believe we’re finished sixth year. Only one more year to go.” James said wistfully as the Hogwarts Express pulled out of Hogsmeade Station.

“Best year so far, I think.” Remus said, smiling over at Perry.

“I disagree.” James responded.

“Why?” Lily wanted to know.

“I didn’t do what I set out to do.” He looked over at her with his hazel eyes, and suddenly we all felt very uncomfortable in that compartment. Sirius and I furiously avoided each other’s gazes, Alice suddenly seemed very interested in her copy of Witch Weekly, and Frank, Remus and Perry just stared aimlessly around, trying to desperately block out this awkward turn of conversation.

“What was that?” Lily asked him quietly.

“I wanted to get you to like me. To see me differently… this year was meant to be our year.” I really wished the floor of the train would open and suck me under onto the tracks, where the Hogwarts Express could run me over.

“But you never asked me out this year. Not once.” Lily sounded confused, and a little hurt.  I couldn’t see her face though, because I was looking anywhere but at James and Lily, who were sat opposite each other in the window seats.

“You never used to like it when I did. You always said no.” James reminded her. Sirius let out a quiet groan of embarrassment and rested his head on mine, closing his eyes as if in pain.

“That never used to stop you from asking. I thought you didn’t like me anymore.”

“I wanted you to see me as… more mature. More grown up, you know. Not some obnoxious kid who asks you out every five seconds. Not an attention seeker. I thought maybe then you’d like me. But… well…”

“I kind of missed you asking me out.” Lily confessed, and I knew she was probably blushing furiously. Frank actually put his hands over his ears opposite me, looking extremely awkward.

“So… what?”

“James, I… I like you.” Lily stammered, and Perry had enough.

“Merlin’s balls! Are you two completely unaware of all of us?” She cried “Get out of here! We don’t need to hear this!”

“No, no. I want everyone to hear this. The day Lily Evans finally admits she likes me.” James grinned around at us all.

“Prongs, we already know.” Sirius said, rolling his eyes at his best friend. “Lily, you sure do pick your moments.” But Lily had eyes only for James, whom she was staring at silently.

“So, Evans.  This is the last time I’m ever gonna ask you, mind…” James paused for dramatic effect, and Alice, with a squeak of excitement and nerves, threw Witch Weekly at him. He caught it reflexively and tossed it back, smirking in a self-satisfied way as he looked over at Lily. “Will you go out with me?” I realised I had already chewed off all my fingernails in my anxiety at the discomfort of this entire train ride so far. I removed my fingers from my mouth only when Lily finally answered:

“Yes, I will.” As we all sarcastically applauded, I looked around at Sirius, who looked relieved that it was all over. He pulled me closer and kissed me. We received a few wolf-whistles and ‘get a room’s’, but I didn’t really care. For once, for the first time in almost a full year, when my world had collapsed due to kidnap- I, Erin McNamara, was happy.


A/N: Wow. I'm finished!!! There was originally going to be 2 more chapters but they just wouldn't come together with any kind of flow. This felt like the end. We came full circle, and I'm sorry it took so long to get this last one up. I tried so many times to rewrite it because I don't really like it, but this is the most natural way to end it in a way. I just in case anyone was interested, I have many times considered a sequel for this but I'm not sure. I might write some other things first and see how they work out. This has been a real labour or love for me and thanks to anyone who read and reviewed it. I am eternally grateful. If anyone wants to leave me one last review, you are very welcome to :)


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Not So Simple: Homeward Bound


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