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Just Fly With It by lovestings
Chapter 2 : Problem #2
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“You have got to be shitting me,”




C’mon, I mean I know I’m not that thrilled either to be hurled into a sport I’d rather not play but Potter can at least attempt to look like he’s semi-happy to have yet another Zabini on the team. He should feel honored.




Let me introduce you all to the bane of my existence and my brother’s best friend James Potter. James is obviously a Potter which also entails that he is a pompous jerk that doesn’t know when to keep his stupid mouth closed.




As you can see Potter and I aren’t the best of buddies.




“Aw, please don’t act too excited to see me.” Even in a dire time like this when I’m being kidnapped and forced onto a hell pit – a.k.a. the quidditch pitch – I still find time for sarcasm. I sometimes even amaze myself.




I can’t see but I’m almost positive Beau rolls his eyes from behind me where his left hand is resting strongly on my shoulder to prevent me from making a run for it. “Can we please not start a full out brawl just yet?” He asks with an exasperated sigh.




“Yeah, I haven’t got my camera ready yet to film it!”




And whenever stupid #1 and stupid #2 go stupid #3 must follow in the path. The joys of being surrounded my idiots with the brain capacity of six year olds.




Arriving out of the changing rooms with a beater bat thrown carelessly over his shoulder and a goofy grin on his caramel face was Freddy Weasley. Fred was the last person to sum up my brother’s trio of best friends.




Despite my lovely names for the three I am actually quiet found of Fred. He’s good entertainment and even though he tends to crack jokes at the wrong time they still are funny and he makes me laugh. Not to mention Fred and I may or may have no gone out in fourth year…




It was a dramatic year. Beau refused to talk to Fred because he accused him of breaking the bro code and his fragile heart. There was lots of screaming, a few black eyes, and a handful of detentions later Fred and I decided we were much more suited just being friends.




Ah, the traumatic life of a prepubescent fourteen year old.




Fred stopped next to Potter, looking over me casually with bored eyes before quirking an eyebrow. “I didn’t know you could fly, Add.”




“I can’t.”




Potter made some strangled cry in the back of his throat as he ran his fingers through his dark hair. “Is your sister really the best you could do?” He asks with a groan as he stares over my shoulder at my brother.




Potter really knows how to squash someone’s confidence, I’ll tell you that.




“On such short notice, yes.” Beau shrugged his shoulders and he released my shoulder so he could rub his fingers together, attempting to create warmth in between them. “She’s really not as daft when it comes to quidditch as you lot think.”




At least my brother is semi sticking up for me. I still don’t forgive him for destining me to premature death after I fall off the stupid broom he’s going to force me to fly.




Fred snorted which turned into a laugh, shaking his head, “Are you kidding mate? Two years ago she got you a broom to fly for Christmas and it was an actual cleaning broom.”




“I was confused!” I cried.




Don’t look at me like that. The sales clerk told me it was a flying broom and I believed the little twerp. Now that I think about it I did buy it from a muggle store which was probably the big fault in my elaborate plan but whatever.




I’m cool so it doesn’t matter.




“Besides,” I cut in, trying to redeem myself. “It was a quality cleaning broom. Top of the line.”




Y’know, if it makes it any better.




“How do bloody cleaning brooms have anything to do with actual quidditch?”




My, my Potter was in a very sassy mood today.




Maybe while they’re all freaking out I can make a run for it. Beau did let go of me so I’m sure if I am just really quick and sly about it I can just sneak off and go back to my dorm so I can –




“Don’t you dare try to run away, Addison.” Beau said sharply once he saw me slowly turn, grabbing on to the top of my shoulder. “If everyone will just stop bloody freaking out I can explain how everything will all work out.”




“And how will this all work out?” Potter asked, obviously aggravated.




You know what Potter needs? A good attitude adjustment. And a nice kick up the arse because he’s a little bitch.




“Addie clearly knows the basics of quidditch since she comes to every quidditch game. All we really need to teach her is how to fly properly and how to execute being a keeper.” Beau said as if it was the simplest thing in the world.




“You can’t learn how to fly overnight.” I responded to his explanation.




“Don’t you worry your little nose, Addiekinz, we have three months until the first game!” Fred responded cheekily while Beau groaned.




Yes, you heard right, Fred Weasley just called me Addiekinz. During our short lived relationship we were that overly affectionate couple that everyone gags when they see them holding hands in the hallway. We had even resulted as low as to make up little pet names for each other.




I am Addiekinz and Fred is Freddybear.




It’s disgusting, I know.




“I’m going to ignore that disgusting pet name you just called my sister and continue talking.” Beau faked a gag noise before talking some more. “Like you said, we have three months and that is more than enough time to teach her flying. I mean, really, all she does is fly in between three posts so I think she’ll be fine. I was thinking that all three of us could alternate teaching her every couple nights.”




“That could work,” Potter said slowly. “But it’s not enough.” He said before giving us that face.




Oh no. Potter is notorious to becoming a quidditch nazi when it comes to, well, quidditch. He’s insane about the sport, like pre-mentioned, and his idea of an easy practice is waking up at three am to go running around the lake.




A literal psychopath.




“No offense mate but having you teach your sister is practically asking for one of you to die.” Potter said casually, still having his crazy face on.




Both Beau and I shrugged.




Eh, noting wrong with the truth.




I’d probably end up pushing Beau off his broom and during the process of pushing him I’d probably just fall of the broom and die with him.




The tragic lives of the Zabinis.




“And having Fred teach her is well…it’s just pointless.”




“Hey! I take offense to that.” Fred grumbled, crossing his arms across his chest. “I’d be a brilliant teacher.”




“Yes, don’t you worry your little face; you’d be a fab teacher Freddybear.” I cooed at him, blowing him a kiss.




Fred leaped in front of Potter to catch the kiss before shoving it in his pocket.




Beau looked at the exchange with a disgusted face before grunting  and smacking Fred with his broom.




Such kind friends they are!




Potter was still talking, unfortunately. “Obviously since you two aren’t capable of teaching her that would only leave me to do it, sadly.”




Cue the dramatic sound effects.








“I think I’d much rather wing it than have to spend any extra time looking at your disgustingly deformed face.”




Potter smirked at me, “Lovely! Then it’s official. We’ll have practice every night here at the pitch after dinner.”




“Every night? Are you on drugs? I have a life, y’know.”




“Oh you do? I was unaware.” Potter responded cheekily, rolling his eyes. “Too bad because quidditch is now your life.”




“But I don’t even like quidditch.” I cried.




All three boys gasped and stared at me.








Don’t hate on a player.




“I’m going to pretend I didn’t just hear you say that or else I’d have to remove you from the family tree.”




My brother is so amazing! I love you too Beau! Best brother award for sure goes to you without a doubt.




“Be on the pitch tomorrow at eight,” Potter demanded, gathering his broom while throwing his bag onto his shoulder. “And trust me when I say this, if you aren’t here by eight I will come and find you.”




“I can’t wait.”




You can just hear the excitement in my voice.




Sarcasm, people, get used to it.




Problem #2: They actually still want me as their keeper.

A/N: Hello ladies and gents! So, I didn't get any real respones back from the first chapter but I posted regardless because I feel like once there are a few more chapters out people will start reviewing and telling me what they think. 

So, what did you think? I finally introduced the boys and the girls shall be joining next! I hope you like our sarcastic and always witty Addie because you'll be seeing a lot of her if you keep on reading, which I hope you will!

Pretty please let me know what you think down bellow in a review! Even if it's a few words or super long, I appreciate all of them. I would love to hear all your opinions on what you love, hate, or how I can improve! Until next time! 

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Just Fly With It : Problem #2


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