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The Story Of Roxy Decoy by Roxy Decoy
Chapter 35 : Furniture and NEWTs
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 Part 1
James was standing in the middle of a muggle furniture shop. He had just come from converting his galleons into muggle money, and was currently talking to a muggle sales man. He had decided- secretly for Lily’s sake- to equip his kitchen with some muggle appliances, since it had access to electricity.


He had a list of everything he needed to buy, clutched in his hand.


“Firstly, I need a fridge,” he said, consulting his list.


“Come with me sir,” the man said.


James followed, dragging Lily along with him.


“There’s this one, it has an ice and water dispenser, it’s going for about £700,” he said, pointing out a huge fridge that James wasn’t certain would even fit in the kitchen.


“Er, do you have anything for cheaper?” James asked, remembering to keep under his budget.


To his dismay, he ended up buying a much smaller one, for less than half that price and with no ice dispenser.


“You know you couldn’t afford it James,” Lily said patting him on the shoulder.


“But it was so big,” he said, nostalgically.


“Is there anything else I can help you with?” the salesman asked.


“I need an oven,” James said, consulting his list again.


“Right this way sir,” he led them across the shop to the kitchen section. They passed Roxy and Sirius on the way, and James stifled a laugh as he saw the latter wearing a lampshade on his head.


“Now, we have the top of the range ovens over here, but if you’re working on a budget, perhaps these would be more suitable.”


James nodded and stared blankly at the ovens in front of him. He knew nothing about ovens, having never had one before.




Lily rolled her eyes, and asked the salesman, “Which is your cheapest non-gas oven?”


“That would be this one here,” he said, pointing to a small but cheap black one.


“We’ll take that one then,” Lily said decidedly.


“Are you two shopping for your first home?” the man asked, as he brought them over to show them their microwaves.


“Oh no!” Lily said blushing.


“My house went on fire killing both my parents and everything I own,” James said, pointing to the cheapest microwave.


“Oh, I-I am sorry to hear that,” he said, giving James a funny look.


James nodded and consulted his list again. He had a fridge, the microwave, and the oven.


“We need two more wardrobes and two double beds.”



Part 2.


James had given Sirius and Roxy a list of things to get too, mainly all of the small things they needed. Sirius was looking around for the right lampshade for his room.




“But it has to match my hair,” he said, frowning as Roxy snatched the lampshade off his head.




“Stop messing! We have a lot to do!” she said, putting her hands on her hips.




“What about this one?” Remus asked, holding up a dark blue one, “It matches the walls.”




“Fine,” Sirius sighed, “Let’s go with that one!”




“I like this one!” Roxy said, holding up a black wall light, “I can get two for either side of my bed!”




“But my room is your room now,” Sirius said, walking behind her and wrapping his arms around her.




“Why does it have to be your room?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.




“Because?” he said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.




“We’ll, your room doesn’t even have a bed. I’ll be sleeping in mine, whether you are there or not!”




“Fine!” Sirius said sighing again, “I guess I’ll sleep on my own then!”




“Ok!” she said smiling and walking away.




Sirius groaned.




“Come on,” she said, “We have to find new mirror for the bathroom."




Sirius Remus and Peter followed her over to a section nearby with rows and rows of mirrors.




“What colour is the bathroom?” Peter asked.




“At the moment it’s a dark grey. But normally it would be white and cream.”




“What about this Charlotte Mirror?” Remus asked, pointing to a nearby white one, “Only 82 pounds.”




“Holy crap, mirrors are expensive!” Sirius exclaimed loudly, receiving a glare from a nearby sales lady.






Part 3.


James had picked out two iron beds, and decided on chests of drawers instead of wardrobes, since they were so much cheaper.




He was now trying to pick out a few bookshelves to replace those in his library which had been damaged.




Instead of buying a few small ones, he bought a large one, which worked out cheaper.




“Is that all?” the salesman asked.




“I think so,” he said, scratching his head.




James and Lily followed the man to the counter.




“Your things will be delivered to you in the morning,” he said, taking the money off James.




“Thank you,” James said, taking his receipt, “You never know, I might be back in a few days needing something I have forgotten.”




“Well, if that happens, ask for Brian!” the man said smiling.




“Oh, is that your name?” Lily asked sweetly.




“No,” the man replied, walking off.




Lily stared after him affronted.




 “Come on, let’s find the others,” he said, taking her hand.




They found them amongst the cutlery, searching for the cheapest set of knives and forks.




“You guys nearly finished?” James asked.




“Yep,” Roxy said, picking up a small box and whirling around, “We have everything now!”




They made their way back to the check-out where a young teenager with dark black hair stood at the till.




James noticed that his nametag said ‘Brian’.




Sirius carefully placed his lampshade and Roxy’s wall lights onto the counter.




Brian scanned them through, and Remus carefully held up the mirror and he scanned that too.




James gave him the money and took another receipt.




“Goodbye Brian!” James said waving to him on the way out.




“I know we walked here, and it was fine walking here, but this is heavy,” Remus said, the mirror slipping out of his hands.




“I’ll carry it,” James said, taking it off him, and immediately crumbling under its weight.




“We really need to learn to apparate,” Roxy said, helping him carry it.




“I’ve been reading up about it. It sounds very dangerous and complicated,” Lily said, “I wish they’d start teaching us how to do it in school.”




“It can’t be that hard, if we managed to be animagi, then apparating will be a breeze,” James said, causing Sirius and Remus to stop in their tracks.




“What?” James said, looking back around at them.




Roxy looked down and shook her head.




Realisation dawned on him and he turned to Lily. He had forgotten she didn’t know anything about it.




To his surprise, she had a thoughtful look on her face.




“Is that because of Remus and you know…… The whole werewolf thing?” she asked quietly.




The marauders gaped at her.




“How- how did you find out?” Remus asked, sounding distressed.




“Well, I figured it out. It was pretty obvious once you thought about it,” she said, shrugging.




“When did you figure it out?” Remus asked.




“About five months ago,” Lily said sheepishly.




“Hey!” Roxy said, “Why didn’t you tell me! You told me you’d tell me when you figured out what they were up to once a month!”




Lily shrugged, “It wasn’t really my place to say. If he didn’t want people to know then I wasn’t going to tell anyone.”




“Thank you Lily,” he said, giving her a small smile.




“Well, he told me before you, so ha!” Roxy said, sticking her tongue out at Lily.




“You didn’t really give me much of a choice though did you?” Remus said grinning.




Roxy smiled proudly.




“Now let’s go before I drop this thing.”






Part 4.


Sirius couldn’t believe that James had let everything slip to Lily. Even though he knew it was bound to happen eventually. He silently applauded to her for managing to figure it out.




“So, you guys became animagi to keep him company and make sure he was controlled?” Lily asked, putting down her cup of tea.




They were all currently sitting around the kitchen table (which in Sirius’ opinion had been expertly cleaned and fixed by himself), having a cup of tea.




Lily had not stopped asking them about it since finding out.




“Does it hurt?” she asked eagerly.




“Nope, it just feels a bit funny,” James said.




“I can’t believe you learnt how to do it that young and all by yourselves,” Lily said, “I’m impressed.”




Sirius saw James’ blushing and he nudged him under the table.




Lily glanced at her watch. “I had better go. It’s getting late,” she said standing up.




“Don’t go!” James said, grabbing her wrist.




“I have to go James, it’s nearly dark,” she said looking out the window.




“Stay the night! Please! We’ll need help moving things in the morning!”




Lily frowned, “I don’t know James.”




“Please?” he pleaded.




“Well, ok,” Lily said, sighing and sitting back down.




James’ face broke into a huge grin.




“Am I invited to stay another night?” Remus asked.




“Of course! Like I said, we need help moving things tomorrow,” James said.




“Well, if that’s all I’m needed for, then maybe I will leave,” Remus said pretending to get up to leave.




“Stay Remus! Please don’t leave me alone with them!” Roxy exclaimed.




Remus laughed and sat back down.




“You can sleep on the couch tonight though,” James said to Remus motioning discretely over to Lily.




“Of course,” Remus said smirking.




“Where will I sleep?” Peter said quietly from beside Sirius.




“On the chair in the sitting room. You’re small, you’ll fit,” James said, “Or the beanbag if you prefer?”




The topic soon changed to Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and what Dumbledore’s plans could be to stop him.




“I suppose he’ll just try build up as many followers as possible. That’s what he was getting us to do anyway,” Roxy said to James, “Cos I guess the more we have on our side, the less he has on his.”




“I just wish there was one simple way to stop him. We’re wizards for god’s sake, there should be something we can do,” Lily said angrily.




“But anything we try do, he will probably have already foreseen,” Sirius pointed out, “Since he has pretty much the same knowledge as us, if not more.”




“If only there was something he wouldn’t see coming. Something we could invent maybe,” Lily said thinking.




“It would require a very powerful wizard to invent a new spell though,” Remus said.




“Severus has invented a few. It can’t be that hard.”




The table tensed up at the sound of his name.




“Sorry,” Lily murmured, looking down at her hands.




“Severus is obsessed with the Dark Arts, and spends all day every day finding out more about it,” Sirius said, growling.




“Well maybe that’s what we have to do?” Lily said.




“I dunno,” Sirius said shrugging, “Voldemort is very very powerful. I think what we need to do is find his weakness and exploit it.”




James nodded in agreement, and Lily leant back in her chair and folded her arms.




Sirius stifled a yawn, but Roxy noticed.




“You tired?” she asked, brushing his hair away from his face.




“No,” he lied. Truthfully he was exhausted, but he didn’t want to go to bed just yet. He enjoyed having everyone together talking civilly.




“Liar,” she said smiling and kissing him on the nose, “You have huge black bags under your eyes.”




“No I don’t,” Sirius said feebly.




Roxy raised her eyebrow and stood up, taking Sirius’ hand.




“We’re going to bed. Night guys,” Roxy said, pulling Sirius behind her.




They got to the stairs when Sirius said, “I’m really not that tired.”




Roxy turned around and since she was on the first step and he wasn’t, she bent down to kiss him passionately.




She took his hand and his heart skipped a beat as she led him into her bedroom.






Part 5.


The next morning they all woke up early to the sound of the delivery truck backing into the driveway.




Roxy lay in bed listening to James run out of his bedroom and downstairs. She heard a small thump and a loud curse before the front door opened.




Roxy rolled over and shook Sirius awake.




He rolled over sleepily and wrapped his arms around her.




“Sirius,” she said, shaking him again, “We gotta get up Sirius, the furniture is here.”




“Too comfy,” he murmured, holding on tight to her.




Roxy sighed.




“Noooo,” he moaned as she gently wrenched his arms open and slipped out of bed, “I like lying in bed with you.”




“Get up!” she said, getting dressed, “James needs help.”




She walked over to the bed, threw his clothes beside him, and bent down to kiss him on the head.




He swirled around quickly and grabbed her, pulling her down beside him.




“I don’t care about James,” he said, pulling the covers back over her, and holding her close to him again.




“Well I do!” she said, hitting him gently, “And I am going down to help!”




Fine,” he sighed letting her go, “I’ll be down in a minute.”




She hopped back out of bed and hurried downstairs.




When she got to the front driveway, she saw that the moving men were loading everything into the garage.




“It looks like it might rain later,” James said to Roxy as he spotted her coming out, “So I figured we shouldn’t leave everything outside."




Roxy nodded and rubbed her arms, shivering. It was indeed much colder than it had been the previous day, and the sky was an eerie shade of grey.




By the time the movers from the furniture shop had everything in the garage, the wind had died down, and Roxy had stopped shivering.




James thanked them and tipped them, and Roxy and James returned inside to see that Lily had breakfast ready and laid out on the table.




“We should have her over every morning,” Roxy said, rubbing her hands together greedily.




She sat down at the table and start piling her plate with everything that Lily had made.




As a very sleepy Sirius entered the room, so did a large light brown owl.




It flew into the window, leaving a thick envelope beside Lily’s elbow, before flying away.




Lily picked it up and looked down at it.




“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” she said, staring down at the letter, wide-eyed.




“What?” Roxy asked, startled.




“I think- I think it’s our NEWT results!”




She was now breathing so quickly, and her eyes were so far out of her head that Roxy wasn’t sure which would happen first, her hyperventilating or her eyes popping out.




With shaking hands, Lily turned the envelope around and peeled it open.




She pulled out six folded over pieces of paper.




“Dumbledore must know everyone is here,” Sirius said, sounding impressed, “How is it that he always knows everything?”




“Because he’s awesome,” Roxy said, getting over and hurrying over to Lily.




She could now feel her own breath getting harder, and she was very glad she hadn’t taken a bite of food yet because she was certain she would of threw it up as her stomach squirmed with nerves.




Each folded over piece of paper had a name on the outside, and Lily took out hers, and handed the rest to Roxy.




Roxy removed her own from the pile and handed the others to Sirius.




Sirius handed James his and disappeared into the sitting room to wake up Remus and Peter.




Roxy stared down at her letter. She didn’t want to open it. She was too afraid to see what was inside.




She looked over to Lily and saw as her eyes scanned down the page. A huge grin spread across her face




“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” she said, standing up and running over to James.




“I got all O’s, I got all O’s!” she said jumping up and down and shoving the page into his face.




“Of course you did,” James said smirking.




Remus walked into the room yawning, followed by Peter and Sirius. They all had their results clutched in their hands.




Sirius walked over and sat down beside her.




“You gonna open it?” he asked, brushing a stray piece of hair behind her ear.




She nodded slowly, and nervously opened it.




She read through the page and let out a sigh of relief.




She hadn’t gotten any O’s, but she hadn’t gotten any D’s either.




She had gotten one E in Defence Against The Dark Arts, one P in Ancient Runes and A’s in everything else.




She smiled, relieved.




Sirius kissed her on the cheek before opening his own.




A grin broke out on his face.




Roxy peered over his shoulder.




“Two E’s and the rest O’s!” Sirius said loudly.




“Oh my god, me too!” James said excitedly, running over to high five him.




“Remus?” James asked, turning around.




“One E, the rest O’s!” he said happily.




“Pfft, show off!” James said.




“I got one P, on E and the rest A’s!” Peter said from the corner of the room.




“Well done mate,” Sirius said, not taking his eyes off his own page.




“Yes, well done,” Remus said, patting Peter on the back.




Peter beamed.




“Who wants pancakes?” Lily said happily, walking over to the counter where she had a plastic jug full of pancake mix.




“YES!” Roxy said loudly at the same time as Sirius and James.




“Yes please,” Peter said politely.




Roxy looked back down at her paper, staring at the letters.




“Remus? Pancakes?” Lily said.




She was so relieved that she actually passed.




“Remus?” Lily said again, this time sounding very alarmed.




Roxy looked up, and Remus was doubled over, crouched on the floor.




“Remus!” Roxy said shocked, running over to him.




Everyone rushed over to him. He was yelling in pain.




Then Roxy watched in horror as his face was so contorted with pain that it almost looked as though it was changing.




“James,” Sirius said in a very serious tone.




“I know, I see it,” James said. Roxy could hear his voice shaking, “Me and Peter will run upstairs and seal my room, you get him upstairs.”




James and Peter ran out of the room and upstairs.




But Roxy’s face was still on Remus, as she watched his face twist and change. She watched as his hair grew and extended all the way down his chest.




“Whatever you do,” Sirius said, making Roxy look him in the eye, “Go outside out back and don‘t come back in no matter what you hear.”




Roxy nodded, still staring in shock, as Lily grabbed her arm and dragged her outside.




Sirius grabbed underneath Remus’ arm and lifted him. Remus was difficult to lift anyway without having the added effort of carrying him while he was squirming in pain.




He didn’t know how he managed it, but he hauled Remus upstairs. By the time they got there, Remus had almost completely transformed.




“It’s soundproofed and empty,” James said, running over and taking Remus off Sirius.




Sirius transformed himself into a big black dog and ran into the now empty room.




James brought Remus in and turned to Peter.




“Guard the door make sure no one comes in and no one goes out.”






Part 6.


Roxy sat on the garden chair with her kneels pulled up to her chin.




A few minutes after Sirius had disappeared up the stairs, everything went quiet. It had been ten minutes and they had heard nothing further.




“Maybe we should write to Dumbledore?” Lily said anxiously, “The new medicine obviously hasn’t worked. He’d want to know. And maybe he could do something to help.”




“Yeah, good idea. But Sirius said not to go inside,” Roxy reminded her.




“I left a pen and paper on the counter in the kitchen,” Lily said getting up.




“Wait,” Roxy said, stopping her, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think you should stay outside.”




Lily looked at her for a few second and then nodded.




“Ok. You’re right.”




She slipped her wand out of her pocket and waved it, “Accio paper and pen.”




A few seconds later a piece of paper and a pen came whizzing out of the open window.




Lily caught them and sat back down.




For the next few minutes Lily wrote quickly and then looked around panicked.




“We have no owl!”




“Ruby’s upstairs,” Roxy said fearfully.




“I think Tammy’s in the sitting room,” Lily said.




“I’ll get her,” Roxy said standing up.




“No Roxy, it’s too dangerous. What if Remus breaks out while you’re in there?” Lily said.




“We need Dumbledore!” Roxy said, heading towards the back door of the house, “Something has gone wrong with his medicine. We don’t know how long this is going to last. We need Dumbledore.”




Lily nodded and did not stop her as Roxy ran up to the sliding doors and wrenched them open. She stepped into the kitchen and ran into the sitting room.




Tammy was sitting asleep on his perch in the corner. She hurried over to him.




“Come on Tammy,” she said, holding out her arm.




A loud crash shook the house breaking the silence. Roxy froze. No more sounds followed.




“Tammy, come on, quick,” she said rubbing the owl gently.




Tammy woke up and hopped gently onto Roxy’s arm.




She quickly rushed out and over to Lily.




She frantically tied the letter to Tammy’s leg and whispered for her to hurry.




They watched Tammy fly away.




“I can’t just sit here not knowing what is happening,” Lily said, beginning to pace.




“Well, it’s not like we’re in a position to be of any help,” Roxy said gently.




Lily continued to pace.




They stood there out in the garden until it got dark. The sky had become threateningly black and the air was cold.




Roxy and Lily sat huddled, shivering.




Roxy had bitten her nails down as far as they could go.




“Why are they still up there?” Lily said anxiously, “They shouldn’t still be up there.”




“It’s going to be ok,” Roxy said, not believing herself.




“What if one of them had gotten hurt? What if they all have gotten hurt?” Lily said, standing up.




“Sit down Lily,” Roxy said, pulling her down, “We have to stay out here.”




A loud pop behind them made them both jump.




Roxy whirled around and saw Dumbledore standing there. He was not alone and was standing beside another middle-aged man.




“Where is he?” Dumbledore said rushing forward.




“Upstairs. Sirius and James are with him.”




“Sirius and James are with him?!” he asked alarmed.




Roxy nodded, frighteningly.




“Stay here,” Dumbledore said sternly, disappearing into house.

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