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Grief in Love by LizMalfoy
Chapter 3 : Chapter III: St. Mungo's
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 Chapter III: St. Mungo’s

Hermione woke up in a red and gold room. She sat up and looked around the room. There was a small nightstand with flowers on it next to her bed. They were yellow roses, her favorite. There was a small sofa and a bookshelf filled with all of her favorite books. She found her wand in the drawer of the nightstand, and summoned the copy of Hogwarts, a History. It flew off of the shelf and landed in her lap. She opened the book and, as usual, became completely immersed in it.

A few minutes later, Draco Malfoy walked into the room wearing yellow Healer’s robes and carrying a clipboard. 

"I see you’re awake,” he said, checking something on his clipboard. “How are you feeling?” he checked her pulse, heartbeat, and blood pressure.

“I feel fine,” she said. “What happened?”

"Your assistant brought you in yesterday afternoon after you had been hit in the shoulder by a stray experimental hex.

Hermione looked at her shoulder. There was a large bruise above the faded scar where Bellatrix Lestrange had carved “mudblood” into it in her seventh year.

Then, the realization hit her.

"Wait, did you say YESTERDAY?!” she exclaimed. “What time is it? How long have I been out?

“Don’t worry,” he replied calmly. “It’s only 3 a.m. you have only been out for a few hours. Is this room comfortable enough for you? It’s brand new. You’re the first one to use it. The walls and bedspread change to match the patients house colors, or favorite colors for children who haven’t started Hogwarts yet. And the bookcase fills with the patients favorite books."

“It’s very nice,” she replied. “I suppose the flowers change to match the person’s favorite flower as well?”

“Actually, no," he said. "I owled Potter to let him know what happened. Weasel-bee was still your emergency contact from when your son was born, so the administrators assigned me as your healer since we knew each other in school. Potter told me they were your favorites so I had some brought in for you. I have also owled McGonagall. She said Longbottom would apparate here with your children after class today. Apparently your daughter was determined not to miss her first Herbology test today. She was probably afraid Scorpius would get a better grade than her if she wasn’t there, he said with a smirk.

Hermione rolled her eyes. She knew he was kidding, but she knew how serious her daughter was about tests. “I brought you a dreamless sleeping draught,” he said, handing her a small vial. “Get some rest. I’ll have a nurse wake you up when your children get here."

“Thank you,” she said avoiding his gaze, “for everything.”

As Draco left the room Hermione took the potion. And as her eyelids began to droop she wondered how Draco Malfoy, the foul loathsome evil little cockroach she had punched in their third year, became the Draco Malfoy that had just left the room.

“Mrs. Weasley,” Hermione heard someone say as she was awakened by a nurse. “Mrs. Weasley, your children are here,” she said.

Hermione sat up just as her two children walked into the room, followed by Neville Longbottom. The moment her children saw her, they ran straight to her bed and began hugging her. Hermione looked at her old friend.

“Thank you for bringing them here, Neville,” she said. 

“It was nothing, Hermione,” he said. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. How’s Hannah?” she replied.

“Good. Great, actually, and pregnant.”

Hermione looked at her friend. Neville was beaming. You could almost see the happiness radiating from his skin.

“Congratulations! How far along is she?”

“Almost five months now. We were waiting to tell anyone until we found out what we were having. We’re having twins. One boy, one girl.”

Hermione and Neville talked about baby names and reminisced on their days at Hogwarts until her children began to get tired. After telling her children goodbye, Neville apparated them back to Hogwarts. Soon afterwards, a nurse brought Hermione another vial of dreamless sleeping draught and Hermione went back to sleep.

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading everyone. Please let me know what you think so far.

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Grief in Love: Chapter III: St. Mungo's


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