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Wendy's story (Prev. Destined) by HermionesSecretClone
Chapter 2 : My first day at work (and in my new appartment)
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Just great.Stupid alarm.

I woke up, and went to the bathroom.Usually I wasn't so gung-ho about doing my buissiness and brushing my hair and teeth,but today I put forth some effort about myself to make a good impression at work. Plus,I cant stand the taste of morning breath,or when people have it,because it literally stinks.

I jump in the shower, and after I get out much to my unhappiness, my hair is still a tangled mess. It has been since I could remember, my mum once even getting so mad she put it in a ponytail and snip! Cut it to my shoulders.I've tried every remedy, even using a brush in the shower while I have conditioner to help me out.

I get on a t-shirt and apparate to work, putting on an apron and throw my messy hair into a bun.

"Havn't seen you roun' here." A bit of a booming voice says, and when I turn around, his face sparks with recignition. "Wen! Havn' seen you since you wer' at Hogwarts! Whatr you doing here?" Hagrids voice booms over the commotion of the Hogs Head. I run up to hug him."Hagrid! I work here now." I say,smiling."How is Hogwarts? I suppose Flitwicks doing well?" I say, wonder in my voice. Truthful, I'd been meaning to write, as Hagrid was my favorite teacher. We talk for a little, promise to write, and I get to work as my shift is over soon. I apparate after signing out, and put some tea on to boil.

At around six, a small tawny owl not quite different from mine appears at my window. I open it, and the little fella bounds in, I take the note,and it sips some of my tea before bounding out the window. I the open the letter, and it reads:

Wendy, how are you? How are you settling in? Hagrid owled and told me he saw you at your new job. Dinner tonight? I want to hear all about your first days!

                                                                                               With love,                                                                                                                                           Mom

Dinner sounds quite nice, so I get on a nice outfit and step torwards the fireplace. I throw in some floo powder and step in, yelling "Home!" I smile as the smell of cookies drafts torwards me. Dad and Iz look slightly suprised, but welcome me. I tell them the events of today, and Iz asks me questions about Hogwarts. She hopes to be going in two years, so I inform her as much as I can.

I go back home,and pour myself some more tea.It might be a little confusing as my family are muggles, so how do they own an owl?How do they know Hagrid? Well, I gave mum an owl last christmas and told her how to use it (and not to use it for anyone except wizards) And my grandma is a wizard who married a muggle, and so my mum became a halfblood squib. My Gran still took Mum and showed her around wizarding towns, including Hogsmede. Mum met Hagrid and he befriended her (as he does most, he really quite loveable.) And when Mum found out I was a wizard, she was so happy, mostly because I would get to live all that she had wanted to. We can only hope Iz is magic, but shes shown some signs already. I go to sleep, my mind racing about my old Hogwarts days and if I'll see anyone else I know around.

A/N- I hope you like this chapter! Its a bit filler, but I'm trying to form a plot :)... Thanks to my first reveiwer,Mymymiss, for giving a bit of critisism! I hope there are people who are reading and just not reveiwing, and thanks! Please r/r!
Edit before validation: Wow! 8 reads!! Thanks! All of you mean sooo much!! Please r/r as I said above! Stay readish! :D

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