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Terror in the Night by lilyandjamesfan
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Author's Note: This is for Rumplestiltskin's Murder Mystery Challenge. I have never really written anything horror/dark that much so it's quite new to me, but I've had this plot bunny in my head for quite a while so I thought that it was the right time to write it. There will be quite a few of the group in this to die, but there is a motive for each one I promise. I have planned everything out so hopefully you won't be disappointed.

The remaining survivors of the weekend had managed to barricade themselves into the manor's library and use it as their refuge. They were stunned, however, when one of the people they thought was dead slipped in the room from behind a portrait.

"Did you miss me?" they asked with a wide grin and a possessed look in their eyes.

The survivors looked at him in horror as they realised they would have to defend themselves from him without their
wands, or any weapons.

Two weeks ago

The Ministry had decreed that they would be implementing a scheme which would see many different members of the community spending time together as part of what they called a 'team building' exercise. It was designed to get enemies, or people who had been on opposite sides of the war to work together and see that they were not so different from each other.

A number of people had objected to one particular exercise; a weekend away at a manor house for a murder mystery weekend. They had thought that there had been enough death and destruction in people's lives and that they didn't need any more.

The Ministry, however, defended their decision by stating that each person would have to work together to find out who the fictional culprit was which was the point of the exercises they had developed.

The only other detail which most of the population had objected to was the fact that none of the participants were allowed to keep their wands during any of the exercises. Although the Ministry had tried to assure them that their wands would be kept safe there was still doubt about it.

The committee had revealed that the first group of people which had been selected to complete the team building exercise were people who were in, or were supposed to be in their sixth and seventh years at Hogwarts during the last year of the war. Fifteen people had been chosen in total; five Gryffindor's, five Slytherin's, three Hufflepuff's, and two Ravenclaws.

Several of the planning committee realised that the rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor students was the main factor which needed to be addressed and it was because of this that they felt an equal number from each house was required. The others would make sure that nothing too serious would happen between them if anything came to a disagreement.

The Daily Prophet had a field day when the information was released and speculated about which people were going to be involved.

Ministry Announces First Team Building Exercise!

The Ministry of Magic has announced today that the much disputed murder mystery weekend shall be the first team building exercise. The participants in will be the ones who attended their seventh year at Hogwarts during the last year of the war. We have been informed that the participants have been notified about the exercise, and that it will happen during the next week.

At the moment we have no idea who the participants are, but the Golden Trio, Neville Longbottom, and Draco Malfoy are a few of the people we suspect will be participating.

To see the full list of potential participants please turn to pages six and seven.

Speculation was rife throughout the whole of the wizarding world for days about who would be participating but no one came forward to confirm that they had been asked to take part. It seemed as if the Ministry had asked them to stay silent until it was over.

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Terror in the Night: Prologue


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