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A Blossoming Romance by potterfan310
Chapter 6 : Helping Sisters, Weird Boyfriends And A Major Secret
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Stunning CI by calico @ TDA!

"But, Alyssa!" Chloe whined as she hit my leg once again. "Pleasee you have to help me."

"Urgh," I complained as I rolled over onto my back, re-arranging the towel that I was lying on to sunbathe as there was a tiny amount of sun today.

"I don't see why I have to help with your muggle studies project?" I pointed out.

"Because you're my bestest big sister and you love me lots. Plus I know how much you love helping Ayli out with her creations and stuff. It's only a wedding project, it'll be fun."

I groaned. "Fine then! I'll help, what have I got to do?"

Chloe squealed. "Yes! Loves you, Lyss, I'll be back now." With that she ran off into the house leaving me to enjoy the last few rays of the sun.

Having taken Muggle Studies myself, back when I was still in school I sort of knew what this project might include. Mine was how to live like a muggle for three days, using zero magic at all. For me that was easy peasy, for some of the others not so much.

When Chloe came back there was a big 'thack' making me jump up. "What the hell is that?" I asked looking at the big pink folder which was the source of the sound.

She looked at me innocently with her blue eyes. "It's my wedding file."

I raised my eyebrows at her as I recognised it, since it normally took up space on top of her wardrobe. "Merlin, Chlo, how long have you had this?" I muttered as I opened it and started flicking through. There seemed to be so much thought put in to this file; venues, cakes, dresses, suits, the lot was in here. You name it, if it was wedding related there was a section. "Right what have I got to do?"

Chloe started to explain and I listened picking up one of the wedding magazines fell out, I was sure I had seen this one lying on her bed the other day. Having seen it got me worried but now I knew what it was for I didn't mind.

I had already completed the questionnaire that she had asked me to complete, despite having not been married. "It'll be fine," she told me. "No one will know that you lied."

Having been reassured it was okay she had me filling in more of them, pretending to be a different person each time with different prices and styles. To my surprise since I haven't got any intention of getting married any time soon, I was really rather enjoying myself looking through the file and magazines picking things out. In fact I found a wedding dress that I really liked, it was like a princess dress you see in those muggle movies. Strapless, white and poofy along with sparkly bits on the bodice. I wouldn't pick a dress like that normally but somehow this was perfect.

"Lyss?" Chloe mused bringing my attention back to her. She was winding her newly dyed brown hair around her finger when she asked, "What do you think of this bridesmaid dress?"  She showed me the magazine which she had been reading, pointing to the dress.

"Hmm it's nice," I replied looking at the pale pink dress which came just to the models knee. "Why?"

Chloe didn't answer and when I looked up I knew something was up as she wasn't directly looking at me.

"Chloe?" I pushed.

Sighing she showed me her left hand, apart from the ring that she normally wore on her middle finger there was a new addition. It was silver with a small diamond, on none other than her ring finger.

"Oh you are kidding me. Please tell me that isn't what I think it is, Chlo?" I moaned, she shook her head, her brown ponytail going crazy.

"Chloe, you're seventeen!" I exclaimed. "You're still at school. Does mum know?"

My sister laughed. "Are you kidding me, Lyss, she'd bite my head off. Which is why I was wondering..." she trailed off and I realised why.

I shook my head as I shut the file. "No, no. No way in hell!"

Batting her eyelashes at me she said," Please, Lyss? I'd ask Ade but I know she's got enough to be doing what with Hayden and her and Deano's complicated relationship at the moment." I frowned, as far as I was aware Ade was still single because Deano was dumped long ago. "They kissed at Ayli's birthday."

My jaw dropped. "That's not the point right now, is it. You're young, Chlo, can't you wait a few years? Or if you're that desperate wait the two months until you and Lorcan are both eighteen!" I exclaimed.

"Luna and Rolf both say that it's fine, Lorcan has permission. I just need it now as well."

I just stared at her as if she had grown an extra head or something. "So you've already planned this, then?" There was a slow nod of her head as she looked down at the ground and I sighed. "I'm not saying I won't help you, I will. But you either need mum or dad's permission not mine. Okay?"

Her head popped up like a jack in a box. "Really? Lyss, you're the best!"

"No promises," I called after her as she got up and ran towards the house, she waved her hand lazily in response as she went through the back door that's in the utility room. I gathered the wedding stuff together again and put it in a pile. Lying back down I tried to put the whole idea of my baby sister getting married to the back of my mind.


After Chloe had gone off and the sun finally went away, I was the one to have to put away her file back in our room. I made sure I hid it so that mum couldn't be able to see it just in case she jumped to conclusions.

I changed my shorts for my cropped grey joggers, put trainers on and grabbed my hoodie and i-pod.

"I'm off out," I called as I raced down the stairs and stood in the hallway for a moment waiting to see if I would get a reply. I didn't, no surprise there though. I knew Caine was in his room playing video games and he certainly wouldn't care I was gone, mum and dad were at their shops working. Chloe had vanished, probably some where with Lorcan and uncle Michael was babysitting Carrie.

"Bye then," I muttered to myself as I stuck my headphones in my ears and left the house. Jogging my way down the street, oblivious to the world.

I was so lost in my music that as I ran over one of the paths through the park I bumped straight into a tall guy, who had also been running.

"S-sorry," he puffed as he pulled out his own headphones. "Lyss?"

"Sorry," I replied as I took a step back and then realised who I had bumped into. "Albus?"

He laughed as he offered me a hand to help me up, I brushed off the stray bits of grass that clung to me before speaking, "What are you doing all the way out here?"

He looked me up and down. "Same as you I think."

I took in his jogging bottoms and hoodie and kept back my smile, his hair was as messy as ever and despite what my head was telling me, my heart was racing slightly and that wasn't just from me not being very fit.

"Want to get an ice-cream?" he asked, nodding his head to small café that was just a bit further up the path from where we were.

I nodded. "Sure."

I wasn't sure why I agreed but I was in need of a drink and I had been running for an hour, plus I wouldn't mind having something to motivate to run back home, otherwise I'd get a taxi. Defeats the object really.

The café was busy, mainly with mothers and children what with it being the summer holidays. I left my order and money with Albus whilst I got us a table, one of those by the window looking out over the park.

My mind was still on Chloe's bombshell that she had dropped on me. She's seventeen, why on earth does she want to get married? I mean, I know I'm not one for wanting to settle down just yet, but she's my little sister. I sighed as Albus sat opposite me, sliding money and a cold drink across the table.

As he passed my ice-cream to me he said, "Penny for your thoughts?"

"Thanks," I replied looking at the money which I made to give back to him but he shook his head.

"Come on, Lyss, something is bothering you. Spill?"

I stayed quiet as I licked my ice-cream to stop it from dripping over my hands, the bubblegum taste was still in my mouth when I decided to reply. "This friend, they want to get married but they're seventeen and they've asked me if I'll help. But I'm not sure," I blurted.

His eyebrows raised at me. "Do I know them?" I shook my head and he continued, "So do their parents not approve or do they not have any?"

"Not approve, I mean I want to help but I know that my friends mum will be mad I helped since I'm 'responsible'," I muttered as I made air quotes around the word responsible.

Albus thought about it as we ate our ice-cream in silence, the kids around us were making most of the noise which made it a little less awkward as it seemed a bit like a date. Me on one side of the table, him on the other.

Wait, why am I thinking of being on a date with Albus?

Now that's just weird.

Albus had finished his ice-cream as I ate the remainder of mine, as he spoke I listened. "Just tell this friend that you'll help so long as their parents know. That way their mother can't really have a go at you can they," he explained reasonably. "You can't be the one to give permission since you're not their parent or guardian."

"You're right."

He shrugged. "Always am."

"Cocky bastard," I muttered under my breath as he ran a hand through his hair, hair that looked really soft, I might add. I cringed at my own thought before saying, "Thanks."

We sat there for five minutes before I got up and made an excuse about needing to get back home, after thanking him for my drink and ice-cream and saying sorry for bumping into him I got up and left.


I spotted Caine in the kitchen when I got in, raiding the fridge no doubt. Upstairs was quiet so I jumped in the shower quickly as I felt icky. I didn't think that Chloe was home so when I was done, I carried on to our room in nothing but a towel. It was cold when I entered and I spotted the window was open and then I realised and saw something I really didn't want too.

"Ew, ew, ew! My eyes  burn," I yelled not knowing what to do. I contemplated running back out the door but instead I did the not so clever thing and went straight for my window. I grabbed what was on my bed and climbed out of the window, not caring if I flashed anything. I made my way across the roof and banged hard on Albus' window.

It took a few tries before he eventually appeared in nothing but a towel. His torso was still covered with beads of water and his hair wet, like me he must have showered.

"Can I come in please?" I asked desperately as he eyed me up and down before opening the window, he turned his back as I clambered in. "Eyes burning, Lorcan, Chloe. Ewww," I panted.

There was silence in the room as we looked awkwardly at one other in our towels. "Well this is awkward," Al said breaking the silence and tension. "If I'd have known you would be wearing a towel I wouldn't have worn mine."

I rolled my eyes as I sat nervously on the edge of his bed, making sure that I kept a hard grip on my towel. "Can I use your bathroom please?"

He nodded as he went searching through his chest of drawers. I left his room, heading straight down the corridor to the bathroom at the end. Thanks to him having the same layout of my house I knew where to go. Once the door was shut I leant back against it, breathing hard trying to get that scaring image out of my head, it was soon replaced by that of Albus in a towel. Damn that boy looked good, I thought.

I dropped what I had picked up, wondering if I could wear it. I was so glad to see it was my denim shorts, knickers, a bra and socks. Great well at least I had half an outfit, maybe Albus would lend me a t-shirt until I knew it was safe to go back to my room. I ran my fingers through my blonde hair to de-tangle it and then rubbed it with the towel.

After wrapping it tight around my top half I went back to Albus' room, he was led on his bed in a pair of beige shorts playing something on his muggle games console. Great, just like Caine he appears to have a love of zombie killing games.

"Um can I borrow a top please?" I asked sheepishly.

He paused his game, glanced at me and hopped off his bed to his chest of drawers chucking a blue polo-shirt my way. I mouthed a thanks at him as he turned his back so I was able to slip it on and take my towel off.

"Fancy a game?" he asked holding out another controller to me as I sat on the bed next to him.

I nodded since I didn't particularly want to go home very soon. "Bring it on, Potter."

He restarted the game and that's how I came to spend three hours killing zombies with Albus Potter whilst taking small glances at his topless torso.


As I walked down our garden path, the gravel crunched under my feet and I spotted Chloe in the window watching me. She looked nervous and she had every right to be. Inside Lorcan was sat on the sofa in the living room whilst she was sat in the bay window.

"Lyss?" she called.

I entered carrying the towel over my arm. "He's not supposed to be here," I said looking at Lorcan. "Especially when mum is due home soon and when you two were doing unspeakable things."

Chloe looked embarrassed as she stood up and made to go and sit by Lorcan. "Sorry, Lyss, we didn't know you were here. And please don't tell mum."

I shrugged. "Just promise me you're being safe," I said as both of them squirmed in their seats. "Chloe I swear if you get pregnant it won't just be mum wanting to yell at you, I will as well. And I'm pretty sure Ade will since you've seen how hard it's been."

"I swear."

I watched her as she said it and thankfully she was telling the truth. Thank god.

"I'm off to work, just make sure you are down stairs or that newt boy is gone before mum gets home. See you in the morning."

I packed a change of clothes in my bag and collected shoes heading back down stairs. I left them in the living room watching the TV, walking out to the my little yellow bug that was waiting on the drive. Sighing I set off to the pub, wondering whether my night would as eventful as my day.

A/N Ahh what do you think of Chloe's bombshell? And there was Al/Alyssa action!

Disclaimer: I-Pod is owned by Apple, which was created by Steve Jobs. I don't own it in anyway. Nothing but the plot and OC's are mine.

Edited - 17.05.2014


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