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The Last Heir by Smile_Beautiful_
Chapter 7 : Promises
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 I do not own Harry Potter!! 

For the past few days, I tried to wrap my head around the story that Harry had told me when we arrived back. I joined them in their common room; being an honorary member of Gryffindor since Dumbledore’s Army, listen to his confession.

“He just seemed so angry,” Harry started, “Like…like his father.”

The Golden Trio shot me a sympathetic look, before Hermione asked her questions.

“Did he have the mark, Harry? Did you actually see it?”

He just shook his head, “His sleeves come well past his wrists, covering his arms completely.”

“Lets keep an eye on him with the map, and see if he does anything strange.” Ron said.

Harry’s eyes light up, “That’s a great idea, Ron!” He stood up quickly, to run and get the old parchment.

He came back moments later, his nose stuck within the pages, eyes scanning for the blonde Slytherin. I moved to join in the search, find his name on the far corner.

“There!” I pointed to the spot.

Harry had just plastered a grin of triumph when his name suddenly disappeared.

My mouth opened in shock, “What…he was right there! Where did he go?”

“I don’t know. That’s odd.”

The clock chimed nine, signaling the curfew was upon us. We all agreed to figure out the issue in the morning, I waved my goodbyes, and headed out the portrait door.

I was coming back from the Gryffindor common room, like always, and made my way down to the dungeons before Flitch caught me out pasted curfew. I still played over and over again how Harry said how angry Draco acted. It broke my heart that he was, in fact, becoming what he always said he wouldn’t.

As I turned the last corner, a harsh voice hit my ears, followed by another that I knew all too well.

“Will you stop being so foolish? It’s not only your life on the line!”

“I don’t need anyone’s protection! I can do this by myself!”

“Are you daft? You’re bloody sixteen years old! Like hell you can do this alone!”

“Stop treating me like a child! He chose me for this mission, not you!”

I peaked around the wall, trying to see who the other figure was with Draco, but I only say blackness.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I felt a presence behind me. I turned to find silver eyes locked on my own, but instead of the warm filling the orbs, I only saw a storm.

He raised a blonde eyebrow, “Ease dropping, are we?”

I opened my mouth to retaliate, but he already had a strong grip on my hair. He pulled me towards the two men that were just having a discussion, as I tried to keep up so that my hair didn’t rip out of my head.

He threw me against the wall sharply, making me release a small cry of pain.

“Severus, it seems as though we have a spy.” Mr. Malfoy said to my potions master.

“I didn’t hear much! I sw…” My pleads was cut off by a strong hand back handing me across my cheek. The blow was hard enough to split my lip, emitting another cry from my lips.

Anger flashed across my face as I turned to my ex boyfriend’s father. I spit out the blood that pooled into my mouth onto his face and chest. His face reddened with fury as his raised his hand once more.

I closed my eyes, waiting for the slap that he was going to give, but it never came. Instead a body stood in front of mine, holding Mr. Malfoy’s wrist in his hand.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” Draco growled at his father.

With out a second though, Draco was pinned to the wall; his father’s fingers wrapped around his throat in a tight grip. Draco clawed at his Lucius hand, trying to escape from his hold and regain air in his lungs.

I moved to help him, but Professor Snape grabbed my waist and held me back. I struggled against his hold, but he just held me tighter.

I noticed that Mr. Malfoy did not look as well as he should have. His eyes were ringed with red and lack of sleep while his hair was disheveled and knotty. His clothes were wrinkled and his face was sickly pale.

This is not the man that Draco had once feared; this man was broken.

Lucius leaned close to his son, “You will learn that love weakens you and no son of mine will be anything but strong. If you fail the Dark Lord, I will kill you myself.”

He released his grip, making Draco fall to the floor with a loud ‘thud.’

He looked up at his father, his fingers rubbing his neck where bruises will lay tomorrow.

“Do I make myself clear, Draco?” He held out a hand for him to take. He took it without hesitation, pulling himself to his feet.

“Yes, Father.” Lucius nodded and turned to me.

“If you mutter a word of this to anyone, you’ll regret it.”

My eyes narrowed at the threat, “You can’t do anything to me inside Hogwarts.”

His head fell back, his pale blonde hair flowing behind him as he let out a booming laugh. “No, not you, but I don’t think your Grandmother is strong enough to take on my cruciatus!”

My face grew white at the thought. “I won’t say anything.”

His face grew a menacing smile, “Good girl. Come Severus, we have much to discuss.”

Professor Snape let go of me, letting me fall in a heap on the floor. I watched as my potions master’s cape billowed behind him like a dark cloud as he walked away with Mr. Malfoy.

My gaze snapped back to Draco, grey meeting green for the millionth time. For a moment, his eyes held concern as he looked down at me, but it quickly changed back to his hard exterior.

Without a second glance, he walked past me, not even bothering to help me up.

All that went through my mind, though, was I had only promised Mr. Malfoy that I wouldn’t say anything, but I never said I wouldn’t write it.

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