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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 31 : Not as Planned
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 Not as Planned



Everyone always talked about New Year’s Eve in a really positive light. They ramble on about how it’s going to be a new year and a new them. The overweight couch potato who sits at home eating junk food is going to finally use his gym membership, the future school dropout is going to finally start studying, and the crazy Indian girl is going to try to win Albus Potter over.




In case you’re daft and missed that last one, I’m the lil’ Indian freak.




I’m more commonly known as Brielle but feel free to get creative with nicknames. I’ve got pretty thick skin and I’m sure whatever you call me won’t hurt a bit.




But don’t act shocked. You’ve heard little old me right. I, Brielle Patil, have decided to win over Albus Potter. I know, squeaks and giggles. I bet you’re all still confused. Since when did I like Albus like that?




Uh, since the four-eyed freak decided to kiss me at the Halloween party.




I’m just kidding, Al isn’t a four-eyed freak. He’s a rather attractive weirdo but still. He’s a bit more normal than me but then again it’d be hard to be weirder than me.




Sigh. The struggles of being mwah.




Some point between me getting zip zap zero sleep last night and my morning shower that tried to burn my skin off, I decided that I kind of liked Albus. I liked him enough to want to try things out but I don’t know how far that goes. I have about as much courage as my little pinkie which isn’t a lot and considering I’m not a Gryffindor I’m going to hope Al makes the first move and this doesn’t turn out like the Christmas talk we had.




“I think there is something wrong with your shower,” I declared as I walked out of the bathroom wearing a fluffy robe with my damp hair tied up in a towel knot.




Dominique looked up from her bed with a bored expression, examining her freshly painted red nails. “Huh, really? I didn’t notice anything when I took a shower. What’s wrong with it?” She asked as she blew on her nails as if it would do anything.




They’re already dried, ya weirdo, you got them done yesterday.




“Your water pipes are connected to the fiery pits of hell because that water burned like a little bitch.”




Dominique stopped looking at her nails to look at me with a half-smile before breaking out into laughter, shaking her head full of blonde hair. “Maybe you showered in my sister’s bathroom since we all know she’s a direct descendent of Satan.”




I laughed along with her while scrunching my nose up in an ugly fashion. “Don’t go talking about Satan. I’m still mad at that little brat for yelling at me.” I said, referring the ice cream incident yesterday.




“But, like, you’re totally Satan.” Dominique said in an obnoxious, overly girly voice mimicking the little girl.




“Shut up before I punch you in the face.”




I’m feeling a little feisty this morning.








Dominique ignored me and went back to doing whatever she was doing. She stood up from her bed, wearing a similar robe as me, with her hair tied back in a messy bun. She meant down and scooped up the empty containers of Chinese food we had for lunch and dumped them in her trash before making a beeline towards her vanity. She immediately began to take out hundreds upon hundreds of beauty products.




“Why are you using muggle makeup when you can just use a spell?” I asked, turning my head to the side slightly.




Dominique didn’t turn her back as she answered, “You can’t just use magic or else you look ridiculous. You have to use a little bit of both for it to turn out natural while still looking like a CIWTS.”




“Erm, excuse me?”




I was understanding Dominique perfectly fine before she ate a pile of rocks at the end of her sentence and just made random grunting noises. What da hell is this girl even saying? Is she speaking some new language that she made up?




Merlin knows I can barely speak English so how am I supposed to understand Dominique’s new grunting language?




I need a translation video pronto, man.




“CIWTS,” She made the grunt again before rolling her eyes. “It stands for ‘Chick I’d Want To Snog’.”




Oh, that makes more sense.




“I didn’t come up with it,” She defended the little abbreviation grunting noise, kicking off her slippers as she talked. “James came up with it one day last year when he was explaining how girls that wear makeup but still look natural are like his type or something like that.”




“Isn’t like…everyone James’s type?”




Dom laughed, smiling. “James is a manwhore but I think eventually he’ll settle down.”




I stared at her.




I stared at her some more.




Is this a joke?




Am I being Wiz Punked?




Yo, is Draco Malfoy gonna pop out from Dominique’s closet and yell “BRIELLE PATIL, YOU’VE JUST BEEN WIZ PUNKED’ before throwing something at my face and ultimately embarrassing me on public  wiz tele?




“Yeah, James will settle down when he’s about…fifty or so.”




She snorted, “That’s a modest number, B. You don’t think James is boyfriend material?”




Okay, seriously, is this a joke?




I think there is a higher chance of not only Draco Malfoy but Voldemort and freaking Dumbledore to pop out from Dominique’s closet now than this being a serious conversation.




“James snogged Mary McDonald after her boyfriend cheated on her, then he snogged the girl that cheated with Mary’s boyfriend, and then he snogged Mary’s twin sister…all in the same day.”




Dominique stared at me.




Dominique stared at me some more.




“Huh, well if you put it like that then I think James is going to be snogging random chicks to the day he drops dead which knowing his luck he’ll probably have a heart attack while snogging  some girl.”




I don’t know why but the way Dominique put her words made me laugh. It was actually a kind of funny thought. Just picture it before you judge me, alright! James, the stud he is just a few years older with some wrinkles, is snogging some random bird and they’re all in to it and then BAM.




Bye bye James.




Ok, I get it, I’m a horrible person stop looking at me like that.




“Can we just stop talking about James’s and his chance of settling down and instead work on getting ready for this party? After all, you have to look fabulous so you can impress Al.” Dominique purred, grinning at me as she turned her vanity light on.




“Getting ready takes so much time.” I complained, frowning. “I think Al will appreciate my natural look a lot more, don’t you think?”




“No, you look like a pile of bricks that a bird just shit on.”




That makes no sense, Dominique. No freaking sense at all.




“Aw, thanks bae, your compliments always make me smile.” I grinned at her.




Dominique grinned back, “Anytime you horse face looking piece of lard.”




Isn’t she the sweetest?




It took nearly three hours to get ready. Let me repeat that, three bloody hours of torture. Apparently getting ready for special occasion events is a sport for Dominique and let me tell you, she’s on the all-American varsity squad because this girl is a beast.




She insisted I went first because apparently she could get herself ready easily however I was more of a challenge. I don’t know if that was her way of insinuating that I’m more uglier than her but I decided to just grunt at her comment and sit down in her vanity chair.




She swished her wand around, performing a few spells here and there while using some muggle products as well. She stared off with my skin. She told me my skin was dry before she began to physically abuse it with a bloody rock, claiming she was exfoliating it.




Girl, I was screaming bloody murder the whole two minutes she was beating down my face with that prickly little rock.




I don’t know what exfoliating is but I think it’s codeword for killing Brielle.




Dom is probably just jealous of my rad skin complexion and is trying to make herself looking better and comparison by beating up my skin.




Beware, people, she plays rough.




After round one of beating my skin to a pulp she then began to lather it up with any semi-moisturizing product she could get her greedy hands on. I currently smelled like every flower in the garden considering each moisturizer had its own floral scene however my skin didn’t feel as dead anymore which was a good thing.




That whole part, apparently, was just the condition.




Dominique finally started doing actually hair and makeup. I can’t tell you much about the whole process because I closed my eyes and listened to the random music playing in the background to prevent me from freaking out too much on what she was doing to me.




I do know for a fact that the lil bitch burned my right ear with her wand when she was curling my hair and instead of apologizing she blamed my ear for being in the way of her curling wand.




Uh, sorry?




Next time she’s holding a very hot styling tool towards my face I’ll yell at my ear to move from its attached spot.




Sarcasm, people, get with it.




“It’s not the finished product since we still need to put some finishing touches on and get you in your outfit but take a look.” Dominique said, pulling the ear buds out of my now semi-burned ear. “Oh – and even if you think you look like a mess you better tell me you love it because I spent a lot of damn time on this masterpiece on your face.”




I will admit – I’m a bit scared to open my eyes.




Don’t get me wrong, Dom always looks great but I just have this bad feeling that I am going to look like the mess she just described and Merlin knows that Dominique will force me to go to the party looking like said mess.




I opened my left eye but considering my vision was slightly blurry I don’t think it was a good view. I looked decent enough so I decided to open both of my eyes and actually look in the mirror. I didn’t just look in the mirror, though, I bloody stared at it.
















Dominique is some magical worker from heaven!




My usually blemish filled and occasional stress pimple face was flawless, looking like a creamy cup of chocolate milk. She had brightened my dark eyes by putting something shiny in the corner before carefully lining them thinly with black eye liner.




My eyelashes looked extra long and I was sure she had to have used some type of spell to make them look so flirtatious and spidery. The eye makeup was very simple which must be the reason why Dominique felt the need to stain my usually plain lips with bright red lipstick that stood out against my dark skin.




While the makeup look was both bold and neutral, the hair was a nice calm. She had put a relaxing charm on my hair and it was curled softly in this effortless style.




“Well, do you like it or do you like it?”




Way to give me choices, Dom.




“It’s amazing, Dom.” I breathed smiling at my reflection before turning to her. “You rock my socks off.”




“B, you aren’t wearing any socks.”




Oh, well then.




“You get the drift, girly.” I rolled my eyes before looking at the clock. “Yo, how are you going to be ready in time? You took forever to get me looking like this.”




Dominique smiled as if she was admiring her work before flipping some blonde hair off her shoulder. “I’m an artist, B, everything just flows easier for me. I’ll be done within the hour and then we can leave. Now go get your scrawny little arse into that dress of yours!”




I, I, captain!








“Babe, you look bitchin tonight.” Dominique complimented me for the sixth time since we had walked downstairs to wait for her family.




Dominique had wore her hair pin straight and had done her eyeliner in a catlike look. She looked pretty, as per usual, but in a more simpler way than usual. It was surprising because I had deeply thought she would walk out of the bathroom looking like she threw up makeup all over her face.




I’m impressed, Dommy.




Four cookies for you.




You probably won’t eat them, though. Skinny bitch.




“Erm, thanks.”




“I’m being serious!” Dominique said loudly, her eyes brightening as she saw Louis come down the stairs dressed nice in his black slacks, dark navy blue button up, and sports jacket. “Lou! Doesn’t B just looking fucking bitchin tonight or what?”




Louis raised one of his eyebrows at Dominique’s choice of words before snorting. He looked over towards me and smiled before letting his eyes take in my appearance. I don’t know what he thought because his face went blank before he looked back up and responded so bluntly it made me uncomfortable.




“Brielle, if you weren’t a good mate and Albus hadn’t already practically claimed you I would honestly snog the living shit out of you. You look fucking hot.” 




Dominique stared at him.




I stared at him.




What is the appropriate response to this time of compliment?




Psh, if you can even call it that.




Lucky for us, Fleur saved the day by coming down the stairs and screaming in Louis’s ear. “Do not use zat dezgusting language in mah house!” And for good measure Fleur smacked him on the backside of his head while her husband just followed her down calmly, shaking his head.




Fleur is a badass. You go Fleur!




Louis grumbled something incoherent while rubbing the back of his head. He shuffled in behind his parents with an annoyed expression. We were going to apparate to the Potter’s house since there was going to be too many people to floo over.




Dominique had her apparating license so I hooked arms with her, both of us grinning childishly while Louis was stuck with his parents.




Fleur and Bill made us promise to be well-behaved and have a good time since they were sure as soon as we got to the part we’d disappear. The five of us all agreed to meet up in Harry’s study at 1:00 when we’d leave. The room would be closed off to anyone except for family and they had altered the charm so certain people could enter that they wanted.




i.e. me




Dom squeezed my hand as she winked before I felt my stomachs turn inside out. Merlin do I bloody hate apparating. I feel like someone is having a party in my stomach. There is some chef inside my tummy chopping up my liver or some weird arse shit like that.




Lucky no one got splinched and Dom landed us feet first in a crowd of people near the entrance of the manor, already inside.  I heard the familiar ‘pop’ of everyone else arriving but I didn’t get to see because Dominique was already dragging me somewhere with Louis following us in tow.




The house was decorated beautifully. It was light up like I had never seen before and it was the more extravagant party I had ever seen. Anyone that was anyone was here. I’m pretty sure I could find someone from every grade roaming around the house and sitting in the corner, sipping a sharnay, was the Minister of Magic!




Uhm, like, WOW. This dude is zee’ shit in the wizarding world.




Like, he’s the magical version of that muggle dude Barack something.




Mr. Wizzy Prez.




“Look who finally decided to show up!” I heard Freddy’s booming voice before I saw him and the rest of the lot.




To say there was a lot of people by them would be an understatement. It was for sure more than our usual crowd. While Louis, Dom, and I seemed to have arrived late everyone else was already here.




Fred was grinning at us with his arms opened wide as if he expected one of us to come running into his arms. James was making faces from behind him and waving enthusiastically. Rose was sitting at the edge of a little couch, casually glancing at Scorpius who was standing next to Albus.




Roxy and Hugo were standing off to the side with Lily, talking some nonsense I’m sure. There were a bunch of other random people that went to our school that  were hanging around by the crowd but I saw a familiar face that I couldn’t help but grin at .




I pushed Fred out of the way, grinning ear to ear.”KETCHUP!”




Ooh, okay, maybe that was a bit too loud.




“MUSTARD!” Leslie screamed just as loud, laughing as she jumped up from the couch to throw her arms around me in a hug.




Man do I love hugs.




Leslie isn’t that bad either.




Please don’t ask why Leslie and I just referred to each other as condiments and are now embracing in a friendly ‘I-missed-you’ hug. It’s way too long of a story to explain why we call each other these names but it just works for us rad people.




She’s the ketchup to my mustard, ya get it?




I hugged Leslie tightly. We let go off each other, staring each other in the face with similar grins before we both began to jump up and down squealing in front of each other.




Okay, we’re a bit odd, so what?




“MAYONAIS!” Fred yelled loudly over Leslie and I’s excitement, bear hugging the both of us with a ridiculous grin.




We both stopped jumping and stared at him.




I arched an eyebrow and Leslie had a face that was mixed with pure delight that Fred was touching her and annoyance.




Bitch you aint’ a condiment. Only Leslie and I are.




Fred frowned, “Sorry, ladies, I just wanted to be included is all.”




Since when did Fred call us ladies? Eh, whatever, who cares cause LESLIE IS HERE.




“I didn’t know you were coming here!” I finally spoke actual words – go Brielle! – grinning at Leslie.




I took a second to look her over and she looked great. She was wearing a emerald green dress with cap sleeves and a modest wide “u” back. She looked pretty with her hair pin straight and her usually tiny eyes brightened by whatever makeup she wore.




“I wasn’t originally but Al invited me as a surprise so we could see each other.” She grinned lazily at me, squeezing my shoulders before dropping her voice down to a whisper. “I talked to Amelia and she really wants to talk to you about everything. She’s upset.”




I bit my lip and whispered back, “Let’s not talk about that right now.”




Leslie nodded her head before dragging me closer to the group where Louis was already situated between the boys and Dominique was complaining about how Rose didn’t do her hair the correct way to flatter her face.




Oh, Dom.




As soon as Leslie let go of my hand I practically threw myself into Al’s face, hugging him.




Now, before you go all judgy saying I’m doing this just to help me with my secret plan to win Albus over (Mission JAP!!!!), I’m going to kindly tell you to shut your lovely trap because I don’t want to hear it. I’m happy, get over it ya loser!




“Thank you for inviting Leslie you’re the bestest!”




Is bestest a word? Probs not but who cares.




Ha, I’m supposed to be the smart Ravenclaw and here I am making up random words. I’m a disgrace to my house hold name. I apologize oh lovely, intelligent Ravenclaws. You shall now punish me by beating me with your Herbology textbooks.








Albus chuckled, wrapping one arm around my waist to hug me back. “I thought you would like seeing her. It’s been a while.”




I pulled back arms length to just grin at him happily because I’m bloody freaking happy. While grinning at him like maniac I had to silently give him credit for looking so damn hot. I hate myself. Why can’t I go back to just thinking of Al as a friend?




Curse you stupid hormones!




He was wearing slacks with a charcoal grey button up that was unbuttoned at the top. He has a black sports jacket on and his hair was styled casually enough to look like he didn’t spend an hour in the mirror with a bottle of gel like Scorpius probably did.




“Why, Albus Potter, you look just dashing!” I giggled, swatting at his shoulder before pulling away from him and giving a one armed hug to Fred finally who was pouting and hovering by me.




Apparently pushing him out of the way to get to Leslie isn’t an appropriate greeting nowadays.




Albus laughed, “Thank you, you fine specimen!” He said sarcastically, letting his green eyes trail down my body and boy did they. At first he did it just to see what I was looked but upon his first look down his eyes got a bit wider and he did a take three and a take four and a take five and a –




“Al, stop staring at Brielle’s chest before I have to hit you over the head!” Dominique screeched in his ear, making the poor guy jump as his cheeks colored slightly.




Hm, maybe this dress isn’t that bad.




“Jeez Dom,” He grumbled, rubbing the back of his neck out of habit. “You look just fucking dashing too, B.” He finally responded but he was being sarcastic and snippy, obviously pissed off at Dominique for calling him out.




“Hey! Don’t you go getting all sassy on me. It’s not my fault you have wondering eyes.” And just for good measures I poked him in the cheek before smiling and turning on my heel so I could go harass Scorpius.




Ah, the joys of being mwah!








“I can’t believe you’ve never been to one of these parties before!” Someone giggled loudly into my ear as I danced to some poppy music by the live band.




It was Rose and she had already had more than enough champagne to drink after she saw Scorpius dancing with Clarissa Parkinson. In case you forgot who she was, she’s the little bint that Scorpius took to Hogsemede after he swore to me he didn’t like Rose when he did.




“I can,” I breathed, sipping some of my bubbly drink while swaying. “I was never even remotely friends with any of you guys until last year.”




It turns out the Potter’s had left a large supply of champagne free to the underage drinkers which was nice because it wasn’t any hardcore alcohol and it gave a nice buzz. I know Freddy had a whole bottle of Firewhisky shrunken down to look like breath spray in his coat pocket but I was doing just fine with out it.




“I’m so glad you stole everyone’s shoes or else we would never have met you!” Rose was talking very loudly as she grabbed onto my left shoulder to steady herself as someone passed her and bumped shoulders. “You’re so uber awesome! That’s the word you like to use, right?”




I think my eyes are watering.




Oh my Merlin.




It’s like watching your own little baby grow up.




Rose Weasley had used the word uber while referring to me. My life is complete. Months ago Rose had bantered me telling me my crazy words weren’t actual words which not only hurt my feelings but the word’s feelings too!




I’m glad to see Rose has left the dark side to join the blue side!




Ha, you thought I was gonna say the good side but nah. We’re the blue side.




I nodded my head enthusiastically, grinning at her. “Yah, uber is like a super uber amazing word.”




Yeah, that didn’t make much sense but whatever…








Blech, who are we kidding? I really care about what you think about me. Please love me.








“What does Parkinson have that I don’t have, Brielle?” Rose finally asked the question I knew she was dying to ask, looking over at the two of them dancing before returning to face me while shaking her head violently. “I mean, I know I’m not always the nicest but neither is Parkinson! She’s horrid and she smells like rotten pumpkin not to mention her hair looks like someone poured oil all over it. And like, I guess she has bigger boobs than me but Merlin! How is it my fault that my mother was flat chested?”




Oh shit. Rose is going off.




“You’re a lot better than Parkinson!”




“I am?” She asked, tilting her head.




“Uh, yeah! You’re hair is way nicer than her and besides…uhm…I have no boobs either!”




The perfect way to cheer another girl up!




I’m an amazing friend.




Rose laughed before it turned into an annoying giggly, sipping some more of her champagne.  “I think I really like him.” She said solemnly, frowning.




“That’s great!”




“Is it?”




Uh, well yah. That’s why I said it was, silly.




“Obviously! Scorpius was obsessed with you in the beginning of the year.” I said.




She frowned. “Yeah, in the beginning of the year, not anymore. Now he thinks I’m a bloody bitch tease that he hates.”




I don’t like moody Rose. Moody Rose needs to man the hell up and grow some lady balls.




“Shut up.”




“What?” Rose fumbled on her words.




“Shut up,” I repeated before elaborating, my tone harsh and demanding. “You need to man the fuck up, Rose Weasley.”




“Man the – Brielle, I’m a girl!”




Way to state the obvious.




I rolled my eyes, “Y’know what I mean, Rose. If you want Scorpius so badly you have to go after him. Scorpius may have been in a bit unconventional with his tactics on trying to get you but he went for you because he knew he wanted you. Do you like Scorpius?”




Rose stared at me like I was crazy, which I probably am to be honest. She stared at me wide eyed with parted lips before she morphed her face into one of determination.




“I want him.” She finally spoke up.




I smiled, “Then go get your man.”




And then the slightly tipsy, emotional Rose Weasley went into beast mode. I’m not talking about any of that pansy shit because she’s going hard as hell. Rose pushed her champagne flute into my hand before stalking towards Scorpius and Parkinson.




I couldn’t hear that well from where I was standing but she said something before pushing Parkinson away from Scorpius before saying loudly, “Don’t say a bloody word, Scorpius Malfoy.” And with those demanding words she grabbed Scorpius by the tie and kissed him.




That, ladies and gentlemen, is Rose Weasley getting what she wants.








“I can’t decide if I’m happy that you helped Rose and Scorpius get together or upset because now I have to witness my cousin and Blondie swap salvia all night.” Dominique responded with a grunt, looking over at the pair that were snuggled in a corner talking and occasionally kiss.




That’s right, bitches. I, Brielle Patil, am fucking cupid.




Bow down to me, ya peasants.




“Hopefully they’ll learn to use broom closets soon instead of just snogging their faces off in public.” I responded dryly, sipping from of my drink as I said at a raised table with Dom.




“So, our little own Cupid, how did you get Rose and Scorpius together?” Dom asked, arching an eyebrow.




Ah, time to share the art of my way.




Listen and learn, bitches.




“Nothing special, really.” I shrugged, speaking modestly even though I just created the most beautiful couple ever. “I just told her that if she really wanted Scorpius than she should go for him.”




Dominique nodded before giving me an odd smirk.




Girl there is something wrong with your face.




Dom is looking whack with that smile.




“Why are you looking at me like that?” I whined, leaning away from her. “You look like a pedophile.”




Dominique laughed, shaking her head. “Nothing I just think maybe you should take your own advice.”








“Care to elaborate?”




Dom rolled her eyes, “Like you said, if Rose really wanted Scorpius she should go after him and look how well that worked out for her. I think that if you really like you-know –who,” She gave me a suggesting look.




Not Voldemort, people.




“ – then you should go after him.” She concluded.




Now that I think about it, Dominique may be right.




I know, gasp.




But who am I to tell Rose to man the hell up when I’m here being a  wimp waiting for Albus to come crawling to me. I’m an independent woman. I don’t need no man to crawl to me. I demand them to me.




“You know what, I think you’re actually right.”




“Of course I am.” Dominique smirked, pushing me slightly. “I was just talking to Al and he told me he was going up to his room to get away from the party. There’s your chance.”




“Damn straight that’s my chance.” I stood up, leaving my drink on the table and smoothing out my hair.




What? I got to look good, girl.




She grinned, “Go get him tiger.”




And to my horror Dominique ‘rawred’ at me and made a lion claw.








I’m going to try to erase that image from my brain.




I turned on my heel and made my way towards the stairs, pushing people out of my way as lady like as I could.




Which basically meant I shoved people and then blamed it on some random person before running off.




What? I never said I was a Gryffindor. I only have so much courage and I’m already using it to go snog Albus’s face off.




I began to take the winding stairs two at a time, silently motivating myself on my way up there. I would be lying to say I wasn’t nervous. What if Albus rejected me? What if I went in to kiss him and he just pushed me away?




Pfftt, who are we kidding? Al isn’t pushing me away.




Even if he doesn’t like me; he’s a teenage guy. He doesn’t think with his brain, he thinks with his hormones.




I knew from last time being here which door was Albus’s. My heart was racing as I stopped in front of it. I was tempted to go back down the stairs and pretend like I never thought about coming here but I couldn’t.




I’m Brielle Patil and I don’t back down from what I want and damnit I want Albus Potter.




Without even knocking I ripped open the door, ready to tell Albus how I really felt. There was a gasp and some grunting as Albus pushed some girl off his lap.




I guess now really isn’t a good time to snog Albus’s face off and tell him I like him because he’s already too busy snogging  Jenna Greengrass.





A/N: Ok! Hiya guys! So I feel like I just updated but since the que is being so fast with validating I thought I would post this huge chapter. This is where the plot just goes BAM. 


PLEASE DON'T HATE ME. I know you all probably want to punch me in the face but this is needed for the plot to develop. It's all apart of a plan, I promise. 


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