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Harry Potter and the Fidelius Charm by theholytrinityHRH
Chapter 5 : Battle of Hogsmeade
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 Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. J.K Rowling is the genius behind them, blah blah blah. I earn nothing from this, she earns billions etc.

So the Battle of Hogsmeade is here. Hope you enjoy.




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“It ends tonight, Tom” Dumbledore raised his wand.

“Expecto Patronum” Dumbledore’s voice carried like a trumpet as out from his wand blossomed a magnificent silver phoenix. The sheer force emanating from his body made everyone shield their eyes away from his power. His guardian swooped across the field towards Voldemort’s ranks. His dementors were scattered by the legendary bird and they were ushered off the field of battle, cowering from the light.

Voldemort did not look perturbed, he knew this was a weakness of his massed army; they would come back later when everyone was occupied in battle and weaker to the hooded creatures’ power. A mass roar went up from the two sides and they both started to charge towards each other. On Dumbledore’s left the herd of centaurs galloped and goblins ran towards the enemy line, threstrals swooped overhead and on his right were the ranks of ministry aurors. Above the noise Dumbledore made his voice heard, “Bane! Griphook! Tackle the giants, with the threstrals.” The centaur and goblin both nodded as they followed him to battle. “Rufus, tackle the Inferi and werewolves”. Scrimgeour acknowledged the direction and headed towards the mass of cursed dead bodies and snarling humans. The Order headed straight down the middle, ready to tackle Voldemort’s most loyal and devoted servants.

The gap between the two sides was rapidly closing. Dumbledore and Voldemort had only eyes for each other as both sides continued their charge. Spells started to be fired from wands as the space dictated the need for combat. Green and red were seen shooting through the night. Both sides started to duck and weave incoming curses and hexes. Many simply apparated and reappeared to avoid death, other were not as lucky. Dumbledore noticed Dedalus Diggle, crumpling as he took an Avada Kedavra curse to the chest.

The battle had now well and truly begun as bodies on both sides started to hit the floor, never to rise again. Screams could be heard piercing the night sky. All around them a wall of noise, everyone focussed on their own private duels, communication impossible. At the centre of this battle Dumbledore and Voldemort, both beacons for each side and both looking to land the final blow. Theirs would be a long duel; this would not be a short battle. Both fired an incredible amount of curses at each other, both their defences equal to the task, both oblivious to the mayhem around them. No-one on either side was willing to interrupt the two most powerful wizards on the field.

On Dumbledore’s left threstrals were clashing with Voldemort’s giants. The winged beasts were trying to claw at the behemoth’s faces and eyes, trying to slow down their destruction. Beneath them centaurs rained arrows up at the giants, blood dripping from their faces like coconuts falling from trees. Goblins were using their unknown magic to try and bring them down. The giants for their part were doing their best to even the score. Many centaurs were crushed by the giants’ feet and some threstrals were swatted out of sky, now lying injured on the floor. Others had their heads ripped from their bodies by the giants’ raw power. Some of the giants were falling under the sheer amount of injuries they were suffering from. Centaurs swarmed over the bodies slitting their throats and finishing them off once and for all. The battle on the left was being slowly being won by Dumbledore’s army.

On the right Scrimgeour and his aurors, including other Ministry employees who had volunteered to help were engaged in a ferocious fight. The Inferi had not proved much of a match. Aurors were well trained about the Dark arts and dark creatures and had seen off the dark bodies with a mix of Fiendfyre and Incendio. The bodies had shied away from the searing heat and flames and proved to be no match. The werewolves were causing more of a problem. Most had wands and had obviously been duelling for months previously as they seemed highly skilled. Many of the werewolves were extremely quick and the aurors were having difficulties in containing the half-human beasts. Many aurors were being attacked and lots had been clawed, bitten or slashed. Many had blood oozing from various wounds. The fight raged on.

The Order was involved in the fiercest fighting in the centre of the field. Sirius faced off against Bellatrix, Lupin against Dolohov, and James against Rudolphus Lestrange and Lily against Walden Macnair. Snape was duelling against Mundungus Fletcher. Others were all around them; Arthur and Molly were teamed together, protecting the other from harm. Dumbledore and Voldemort continued their battle in the centre.

“Nice night for it” Sirius yelled towards Lupin as he sent a Crucio towards his maniac cousin.

“Now’s not the time Padfoot” Lupin hollered back as he vanished and reappeared to avoid the bearded Dolohov’s killing curse.

“Ah you never were much fun, Red.” Sirius bellowed his face alive with joy. He seemed to be having the time of his life. Bellatrix sent a sectumsempra silently towards Sirius, who jumped and rolled out of the way. However he felt a shooting pain go through his left hand. He looked briefly at it to see his hand covered in blood pouring freely from the wound where his little finger used to be.

“You fucking bitch” he quickly scrambled to his feet, no longer taking Bellatrix lightly. “You will pay for that.”

Bellatrix cackled as they continued their duel. Lily was holding her own against Macnair as James continued to duel Rudolphus. Others continued to fall around them. Sturgis Podmore lay fallen on the ground, Flitwick had been killed by Karkaroff, Vance had been pierced by a cutting curse, Sprout had been felled by Yaxley, and Fabian Prewett had died taking a killing curse for his brother Gideon.

Dementors had reappeared and forced their way into the battle once again. This time there were no obstacles. They swooped down and started to spread their fear and unhappiness. Alice Longbottom was distracted and was hit with a crucio curse; this was followed up by a quick Avada Kedavra to the face. Frank Longbottom screamed in anguish as he watched his wife die before his eyes. He took his revenge swiftly planting a well aimed killing curse at Yaxley who did not react quickly enough, taking the brunt of it in the chest. His eyes bulged as he crumpled to the floor. Frank continued to fight with anger and grief burning through him, firing killing and torture curses at a frightening rate.

James Potter weaved around Rudolphus. To his left suddenly arrived threstrals who had finished off the giants and began to help the Order in the centre. The threstrals were attacking the dementors. The battle seemed to stop for a moment as many took this sight in. No-one seemed to realise threstrals could attack Dementors. The centaurs and goblins poured in from the left to aid the aurors against the werewolves. Scrimgeour lay on the floor, bleeding profusely from his neck, his life ebbing away. Griphook sent a bolt of light at Greyback, turning him to Ash, the goblins and centaurs were turning the tide of the entire battle.

The Order was still struggling in the centre, losing many of their best fighters. Severus Snape stunned Mundungus Fletcher and disapparated away from the battle. Remus Lupin was on the front foot against Dolohov and fired a body-binding curse towards his legs, it hit and Dolohov fell to the floor with a thud. Lupin followed up with a killing curse and finished him off; he switched his attention to helping the wounded Sirius against Bellatrix.

“Need your boyfriend to help cousin?” Bellatrix asked “You always were a coward” she goaded her competition.

“Stay out of this Remus, she’s mine” Sirius held up his injured hand towards Lupin, firmly telling him to stay put.

Lupin turned his attention over the battlefield, he saw Minerva McGonagall duelling Alecto and Amycus Carrow, and he ran over to join the fray. He passed Hagrid wielding his pink umbrella and duelling Barty Crouch Junior, who screamed as he fell, covered in burn marks, his body blistering and boiling alive. Hagrid then sprinted over and tackled a werewolf who was about to attack Mad-Eye Moody. The auror reacted quickly and sent a blasting hex towards the beast, sending him flying and writhing through the air.

Voldemort’s army was crumbling, his giants had fled, and his dementors were being beaten back. His werewolves were now falling under the combined pressure of the aurors, centaurs and goblins. His death eaters were now fighting to the end. Voldemort and Dumbledore were completely unaware of the battle around them and were continuing to fire spells, both trying to finish the other off. Dumbledore raised his wand and two trees were uprooted from the nearby woods, their roots groaning as they were ripped from the earth. Dumbledore sent them at Voldemort. The Dark Lord sliced his wand through the air, splitting the trees before they could do any damage.

Voldemort created a flaming ball and sent it spiralling towards Dumbledore who reacted by producing a wall of water that turned the fire to steam. He used the steam to envelop Voldemort and apparated behind him. He sent a killing curse towards him and Voldemort reacted just in time, transfiguring part of the split tree into stone and blocking the curse. Voldemort sent a hurricane towards Dumbledore who sent it back, like a game of tennis. Voldemort was suddenly caught in the wind as Dumbledore controlled the hurricane trying to trap Voldemort within the tornado. Voldemort apparated away and reappeared at Dumbledore’s side. He shot a killing curse at him. Dumbledore had reacted slowly and could not escape.

Out of the corner of his eye, he witnessed a body jumping in front of him, seeing the killing curse hit the man straight in the chest. Dumbledore was left staring into the empty eyes of his younger brother, Aberforth.

Voldemort cackled “You see old man? You can’t defeat me; you have to rely on others to defeat me.”

Dumbledore’s eyes narrowed, tears twinkling, but a steeliness forming at the same time. He looked directly at his brothers’ killer.

“You shall die tonight, Tom”

“AVADA KEDAVRA” both yelled as their spells collided in mid-air, forcing both of them to move out of the way of their rebounding spells. They continued their battle.

The Order continued to battle the death eaters in the centre and slowly but surely they were beginning to thin their ranks. Molly and Arthur continued to battle together. Molly had been hit by a crucio curse as Arthur reacted, shooting a killing curse at the death eater responsible. As he made his way over to his wife, he caught the glow of a green light out of the corner of his eye. He turned as it him squarely in the chest.

“ARTHUR” Molly screeched his name.

She ran over to his body and tried shaking him awake.

“ARTHUR! NO! NOI!” She screamed as she began to sob over her husband’s dead body, oblivious to the battle continuing around her. Her screams could be heard across the field such was the anguish in her voice.

Sirius snarled as her shot yet another blasting hex at his heavy eye-lidded cousin.

“Why won’t you die Bella?” He shouted in annoyance.

“Because I have to kill you first, you ungrateful prick” she replied with a yellow toothed smile.

“Looks like your husband is in trouble” he gloated. Bellatrix turned to look at her husband battling James; this was what Sirius had hoped for. Bellatrix’s wand shot from her hand under Sirius’ silent spell.

“CRUCIO” he bellowed as his cousin writhed and screamed in agony. Sirius walked forward as he kept the spell trained on his family member.

He moved right up to her face and stopped the spell leaving Bellatrix panting and whimpering.

“I’m going to enjoy this” said Sirius with a slightly mental look in his eyes.

“Please, no!” Bellatrix begged.

“AVADA KEDAVRA” he yelled as his spell hit her from point blank range. The last thing he saw was fear in his cousins’ eyes. He turned his attention to his next victim.

 Lily Potter was trying to finish off Macnair who was proving to be an extremely capable duellist. Macnair shot a stunner at her as she jumped to her left, her ankle twisted and her wand slipped from her hand, leaving her completely vulnerable, she looked at the body lying next to her, Mundungus Fletcher had been killed. Lily scrambled to reach her lifeline, the thin bit of wood she needed to survive. The pain in her ankle shot through her entire body. What followed was a pain a thousand times worse as she was hit by Macnair’s Crucio curse. Her body throbbed and pulsed as she screamed. The spell ended as she whimpered on the ground. She knew what was coming next.

Macnair stood over her casting an intimidating presence.

“AVADA KE......” Just as he was about to complete his spell, two jets of green light hit him with such force his body raised off the floor and flew backwards. He was dead. Lily swiftly looked around for her saviours, she saw a black cloak swishing away from her, his long black hair flowing behind him, she knew who it was, even if no-one else did. She turned towards her other saviour, her husband who was looking at her with love in his eyes.

“James! Look out” She screamed at her husband.

James Potter turned back to Rudolphus Lestrange; he had let his guard down to save his wife. A green light shot towards him, James raised his wand and tried to counter the curse. He was too late; the spell hit him directly in the heart. Lily watched in slow motion as her husband fell to the ground, his body spread-eagle as the light left his eyes.

“James” she barely whispered “No”. She reacted by grabbing her wand and walking towards Rudolphus. Anger and revenge the only things on her mind.

“INCENDIO” she bellowed as Rudolphus Lestrange reacted too slowly. His arm burned as Lily Potter followed immediately

“CRUCIO” She yelled. The hatred coursed through her veins, through her entire body. She wanted him to suffer as much as possible.

“You killed him” she half-sobbed as she kept up the torture spell.

“You fucking bastard.” Lily finished her spell and raised her wand once again. Grief was now dictating her choices.

“CRCUCIO” she once again had Rudolphus screaming in agony. Causing him pain soothed her. He deserved it after all she thought. Rudolphus now lost control of his bladder such was the agony of the torture. Lily smiled at his helplessness.

“AVADA KEDAVRA” she finished Rudolphus Lestrange off. His half-burnt and tortured body lay with pain still etched on his face. “Avada Kedavra, Avada Kedavra, Avada Kedavra” Green light piled onto the male Lestrange’s body.

Lily kept shooting killing curses at him. The lifeless body moved, but the soul had already been taken out from it. Sirius ran over and reached her, hugging her tightly from behind, wrapping himself around her arms and body, cocooning her safely.

“It’s over Lily, he’s dead. You can stop now, this isn’t you.” Sirius tried to console his friend.

“GET OFF ME! GET OFF ME NOW!” Lily struggled against his firm embrace.

“KILL ME SIRIUS, I don’t want to live.” She finished meekly and slumped in his arms, exhausted from the emotional roller-coaster she was on.

“No, think of Harry, think of James’ son” Sirius answered and looked into her eyes.

She fell to the ground with Sirius and both crawled over to his still warm body. Both sobbed as Lily held the man she loved. Neither cared that the battle still raged around them. If she had, she would have noticed Dumbledore’s forces were on the brink of victory. The giants, dementors and werewolves had all fled. Reinforcements had arrived from the rest of Britain, led by Madam Bones. Most death eaters had now been killed or captured. The only thing that remained was Voldemort, still battling Dumbledore in the centre of the Hogsmeade field, a ring now closing around them. Madam Bones intelligently put up anti-apparition wards so no more death eaters or the dark Lord himself could flee from the battle. Bodies were scattered across the field.

Lupin and McGonagall finished off the Carrow’s, Gideon Prewett had killed Karkaroff, Goyle and Crabbe had been defeated by Moody. Sirius and Lupin had gained revenge on Pettigrew by killing him when both their killing curses had hit him at the same time. Madam Bones herself had killed Lucius Malfoy who had tried to escape the battle by sneaking away into Hogsmeade.

Sirius looked around at Dumbledore and Voldemort going toe to toe. He knew what he had to do.

“Lily, this is for James” He whispered as he looked her in the eyes. He quickly found Lupin and they made their way towards the two wizards still battling.

Dumbledore wielded his wand once again as he sent a killing curse towards Voldemort. Voldemort turned and disappeared only to reappear once again, avoiding the latest curse.

“It is over, Tom, there is nowhere to go” Dumbledore reasoned.

“Then I will take you with me Dumbledore”. Voldemort cracked his whip, a fiery demon appearing and charging towards Dumbledore, who in return sliced through the demon with his wand turning it into hundreds of spears. Voldemort produced a wave of energy that blocked the spears. The two were evenly matched.

“STUPEFY” a yell came from the left as Sirius and Lupin joined Dumbledore in attacking Voldemort. He was now duelling three at once as he continued to duck and weave around multiple spells.

“EXPELLIARMUS” a fourth voice joined the duel. Voldemort, who was not expecting any more challengers to appear, had his Holly and phoenix wand fly from his hand as he was left defenceless. He tried to apparate away only to be foiled by the wards that had been put in place. Sirius and Lupin quickly produced ropes and tied him up with a body-binding curse. He looked for the fourth person standing up against him.

“Severus?” Voldemort questioned, a flit of shock registering on his face.

“You traitor” disappointment laced through his voice

“You should never have threatened them, My Lord.” Sirius, Lupin and Lily looked at him in astonishment. They couldn’t believe it. Snape was Dumbledore’s spy.

“You are doing this for the Potter boy? All this for one child? You have ruined everything”.

“No, I am doing this for someone else” Snape replied icily and found the eyes he wanted to look at.

“You will pay, Snape. Don’t you worry about that, you will never be safe.” Voldemort stared into Snape’s black eyes. He turned towards his foe.

“Are you going to send me to Azkaban Dumbledore?” Voldemort hissed. “I will be out in a week” he said confidently.

“No, that is too good for you, Tom. This ends tonight, just as the prophecy predicted.” The experienced wizard replied.

“You can’t kill me Albus, I will never be truly dead, and if only you knew the depths I have gone to make sure of it”. Voldemort laughed.

“That won’t help you now, Tom” Dumbledore approached the tied body and pointed his wand at him.


The green light hit Voldemort squarely in the face. There was no scream but the ground shook violently. His body slumped to the floor. The darkest wizard ever had finally been defeated. A cloud of light seemed to leave his body and scatter across the field. Dumbledore noticed this with a note of apprehension and made a mental note to himself that he would have to visit his pensieve later. He looked at the battlefield for the first time; he could barely believe what his eyes were showing him. Bodies were scattered everywhere. Giants corpses, werewolves, even his own Order had been decimated. His eyes then slowly found one group on the floor around one body.

Sirius, Lupin and Lily had crowded around James and were holding each other, trying to find some comfort between them. Dumbledore walked over to the crowd as all around him others were trying to find loved ones, hoping they were still alive. He watched as he saw Molly Weasley cradling her husband’s cold body, he watched Gideon Prewett lifting his brothers’ body and carrying it to a safe area. Frank Longbottom held his dead wife’s hand. He reached Lily and the remaining Marauders as they looked up at him.

“I’m so sorry, I was meant to protect you all.” He paused as he looked into Lily’s green eyes.

“I failed you all” He got up with tears in his eyes and walked towards the only person he wanted to see. He reached his brother Aberforth. He cleaned his body with spells. He took his brothers cold hand and tried to warm him up.

“I’m so sorry Aberforth, for everything. You have always been right. This battle has cost too much. Maybe I should have come up with a different plan.” He said remorsefully.

“Nonsense, Albus”.

Dumbledore looked quickly behind him, met with swept auburn hair.

“It’s over, the plan worked” Remus replied simply.

“Ah yes, but at what cost Remus?” Dumbledore asked.

“Eventual happiness for those that have survived tonight. It will take time to heal Albus” Remus honestly answered.

“Thank you Remus, you speak words of truth. It certainly does not feel like happiness will come right now”.

“It will, trust me.” Lupin left Dumbledore and went to help others move the bodies. On one side, death eaters were piled up, on the other centaurs, goblins, aurors and members of the order were lined up in neat rows. Candles were already being lit for the dead.

“Goodbye brother” Whispered Dumbledore. “Give my love to Ariana and Mum. Tell them how sorry I am.” He wasn’t sure if he imagined what happened next, but he swore that a star overhead almost twinkled in response to his words. Dumbledore allowed himself a wry smile.





Miles away from the Battle of Hogsmeade, Clive Granger had celebrated New Years Eve with his gorgeous wife. He was now sitting in his daughter’s room, waiting for her to wake up, like she had for the last three months. He waited and waited, and slowly he drifted off to sleep in the armchair. He woke up early in the morning and looked over at his baby girl, who was still in slumber.

He slowly and quietly tip-toed out of the room and went to tell his wife the good news. Hermione Granger smiled in her sleep. Her sleep had not been interrupted by bright red eyes and snake-like nostrils. Instead she had dreamed of nothing but black hair and green eyes.



The Battle – Obviously some things may seem out of character, but I took some creative liberties with some characters. War can do funny things to people.

Threstrals/Dementors – Both creatures are seen as unlucky/deathlike so I thought that Threstrals could actually fight them.

Inferi – As seen in HBP Inferi are afraid of fire, the aurors can deal with them easily.

Deaths – I know there were a lot of deaths, but that is the realism of war.

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