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Just Fly With It by lovestings
Chapter 1 : Problem #1
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A/N: Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to my new story called 'Just Fly With It'! I loved writing a crazy, relatable, and always loveable character for Albus so I thought our darling James (II) should have one as well! 

I'm so excited to be bringing you guys this story and I hope everyone responds to be with their honest oppinions! I can going on ramambling forever about this story but I'd rather you guys read for yourselves and find out!

 So enjoy and have fun experiencing the real Addison Zabini life!



Trying to play quidditch for me is like trying to stay awake during a History of Magic lecture.




It’s near boubt’ impossible.




I don’t understand what the allure is of risking your whole entire life just so you can attempt to keep your balance on a thin piece of wood fifty thousand feet in the air while also trying to avoid getting hit by a ball and trying to score on another team.




Can’t we just play muggle football or soccer? Hey, what even happened to good old tennis?




You can’t get hurt in tennis. No, if you fall in tennis the worst you get is a scraped knee. If you fall in quidditch you’re considered lucky to have only gotten a concussion.




Sounds like just a lovely sport to play.




Sarcasm. Please learn how to detect it considering I’ll be using it a lot.




So after hearing me ramble on about how much I bloody hate the sport and how I wouldn’t be caught dead on the contraption people nowadays call a broom you’re probably wondering why I’m staring at the quidditch pitch with a furious expression and my arms tied behind my back.




Well I’ll tell you I didn’t come here by choice. This can easily be explained in two words.




Beau Zabini.




No, he’s not some older bloke that I have a school girl crush on and he isn’t some prick that I hate with my whole existence. He’s just the sad excuse of a brother that I have. I would have preferred either of the other options but you can’t always get what you want in life.




You see, unlike me my brother lives for quidditch. I’m not even kidding. After he dies he wants to donate all of his body parts to – wait, here it comes – any injured quidditch player in desperate need of a transplant so they can continue to play.




I bet you were thinking my brother was going to off his body to science or give his organs to someone that actually needs it but instead he’d rather give a liver to someone that punctured it after falling to his death while playing a deadly sport just so he can get up and go play said deadly sport again.




Not only is he quidditch obsessed but he is also a moron.




We’re no Ravenclaws. Instead we’re irrational, courageous, and slightly annoying Gryffindors.




The even more infuriating part about this whole thing is that there are more people like my brother. More obnoxious, quidditch-obsessed, pompous jerks lurking around every corner. My brother’s best friends embody all of which I just mentioned before.




But back to why I’m being kidnapped and forced down to the quidditch pitch against my free will.




Beau and his two partners in crime, James Potter and Fred Weasley, have a knack for starting trouble and pulling pranks. It’s actually their favorite past time besides playing that rubbish sport. They’re pretty good at it too. I remember last year they switched Dominique’s color treated hair conditioner with dish soap and it turned her snow white blonde hair into a tiffany blue color.




To put it lightly she wasn’t happy.




Let’s not also forget when they charmed all of the Slytherin quidditch teams pants to forever remain at their ankles for a week. They actually got in big trouble for this one but regardless.




So of course, not even a month into the first term my brother has to go off and pull a ridiculous prank. This said prank may have involved Mary Wood and her skirt disappearing, revealing her brightly colored knickers. And Mary Wood may have an older brother who may just happen to be on the quidditch team as a keeper.




And said older brother may have been just furious enough to not only get in a full out brawl with said three idiots that pulled the prank but also to quit the team.




Apparently this was the worst thing to have ever happened because no one quits the quidditch team. It’s practically unheard off. Being on the quidditch team makes you some godly figure for some stupid reason and people will literally kill each other to be on the team.




So after Oliver Wood (the second) punched James Potter in the face, broke my brothers nose, and made Fred Weasley eat dirt he kindly gave all three boys the finger and told them that they can have a fun time trying to replace him on the quidditch team.




Now I may not like the sport but I know how to play it and I watched it hundreds of times considering Beau refuses to let me miss a single one of his games. Considering I’ve sat through so many of these pointless games since Beau made the team in his second year I knew full well that Oliver Wood was a brilliant keeper just like his father.




He had good balance, a quick reflex, and wasn’t afraid of the ball.




He was the perfect keeper and the moron I have as a brother kissed away their chances of winning this year’s cup when he decided it would make a hilarious prank to show off Mary Brace Face Wood’s knickers.




Since he was the idiot to come up with the idea it was made his responsibility to fix it. Therefore he either had to get Wood back on the team or find a replacement and quick.




Well he chose the latter option and did a shit job at picking a replacement.




Apparently I’m the new keeper for the Gryffindor quidditch team.




Problem #1: I don’t know how to fly. 

A/N: Oooookkkaaaayy, I'm back! 

So, what did you guys think? This is only a small intro chapter so I'm sorry for the short length. I would love to hear any feedback you guys have whether you lovd it or hated it!

I can wait to see what you guys all think and hopefully i'll be back soon with another chapter! 



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