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Grief in Love by LizMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Chapter I: King's Cross and Bad News
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Author's note: This is my first novel. I already have nine and a half chapters written so I'll be posting them as quickly as I can get them typed.

This novel is all written as accurately as possible to align with the books, including the 19 Years Later in the seventh book. I used a few different references to get birthdays and such right, but I couldn't find birthdays for Hermione's children or Draco's son, so I made their birthdays up.

I'm going through and editing the chapters to fix spelling errors and such.

Please review if you have corrections or suggestions. Please read the Author's notes at the bottom. They're fairly short, mostly thanks for reviewers. Thanks for reading. See you at the bottom!

Chapter I: King's Cross

Hermione and Ron had just sent their son, Hugo off for his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Rose was starting her third year at Hogwarts, and was very excited to see her friends again and start her new classes.

"She really is just like you," Ron said, shaking his head. "I've never seen someone so excited for classes and homework."

"Well," Hermione replied, "at least she has someone in Gryffindor study with. I was always studying alone." They walked towards Harry and Ginny, who were on the other side of the platform.

"Really? Who?" Ron asked curiously.

"Scorpius Malfoy. Draco and Astoria's son," she replied casually.

"The ferret's son is in Gryffindor?" Ron asked, shocked.

"Ronald! Be nice! Yes, he is. He and Rose became friends last year after Astoria died. She was using a bunch of experimental beauty potions and got cancer. The Healers said that they couldn't do anything for her except make her comfortable because they didn't know which potion made her sick. Rose said Scorpius took it really hard and Draco's been in grief counseling ever since."

"Wow," Ron said. "I feel sorry for the poor kid, though I'm not surprised Astoria would do something like that."

"Yeah. Well," she said. "Rose helped Scorpius study a few times when he was having a really hard time and Neville said they've been inseparable ever since."

"I'm not surprised. They'll probably be like you and Harry were in school. But, I gotta go Mione. Looks like Harry's waiting for me." Ron kissed her cheek. "We have to go to a small village outside of Surrey. Someone set off a bomb in a wizard bar and a few muggles were hurt."

"I need to be getting along too," she said. "I have a meeting with Gilbert Wimple and Amos Diggory. I'll see you when you get home. Love you, Ron."

"Love you too Mione." She gave him a peck on the lips and watched as he walked over to Harry and apparated away. She waved at Ginny then did the same.


Hermione had just finished dinner and was putting it on the table when green flames flared in the fireplace and Harry stumbled out. He was never very good at using the Floo network.

"Hey Harry," Hermione said. "How was your day? Did you find the guy that set off the bomb? Why don't you owl Ginny and stay for dinner? I'm trying this new pasta dish and--"

"Mione," interrupted Harry, looking very upset. He was staring at the floor.

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked. "Did you and Ginny have another fight about having another baby? I told you--"

"Mione," he interrupted again. "Its Ron. You need to come with me."

Harry and Hermione Flooed to St. Mungos Hospital. They walked down the hallway to where they were treating Ron.

"Harry, what happened?" She said, trying to hold back the tears that were running down her face. "Is he going to be okay? Harry please tell me something."

Harry looked at Hermione. "I was outside talking to the muggle witnesses while Ron was investigating inside," he said. "A second bomb exploded. He was hurt really bad, Mione."

Then, a healer walked up to them.

"Are you Mrs. Weasley?" he asked. Hermione nodded, unable to speak through her tears. "We did all we could. I'm sorry. He passed away just a few minutes ago. He's in room 205 if you would like to say goodbye," he said. As the healer walked away Hermione ran to Ron's room. Laying her head on his immobilized chest. She cried harder than ever.

After a few minutes, Harry walked in.

"Mione, I owled Mcgonagall and told her what happened. She's sending Rose and Hugo by port key any moment now," he said, rubbing her back gently. They left the room so that the healers could take Ron's body to the morgue.

A few minutes later Rose and Hugo ran into the room and to their mother. Hermione tried to hide her tears to put on a brave face for her children.

"Mum," said Rose, her eyes filling with tears. "What happened? Headmistress Mcgonagall said Dad was hurt." A single tear fell from her eyelashes onto Hermione's blouse.

Hermione couldn't speak. She simply shook her head. Harry who was still standing behind the small family spoke for her.

"Your dad was hurt in an explosion. He died protecting innocent people."

Harry always seemed to know what to say to make people feel a little bit better. "Come on," he continued. "Ginny went to your flat to pick up some clothes for you. You can all stay with us tonight."

Hermione nodded and allowed Harry to apparate them all to his and Ginny's house.

As soon as they got there Ginny ran to Hermione and gave her a hug.

"I put your bags in our room. I figured you would all want to sleep together tonight," she said. "Harry and I will be in Lily's room if you need us."

Harry and Ginny left the small grieving family alone and went to bed.

Author's Note: Well, that's the first chapter. I hope you like it.

Edited: July 26th, 2014

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