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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 12 : Chapter Eleven
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It was the eleventh game of the season. We were currently sat in the stands watching Durmstrang completely destroy the Argentinian team. As much as I hate to admit it, but Krum was on fire, him and his fellow beater Davos Border were unstoppable. Argentina couldn’t score because every time they were an inch a way from possessing the quaffle, Border or Krum would wipe them off their brooms.

Both were muscly lads. I couldn’t stop squirming when they replayed the impacts on the big screen. Nobody wants to be hit with that much force. Argentina had already had two subs. I don’t even think their beaters have touched the bludgers yet.


My eyes zoomed to Argentina’s seeker, even if the poor sod catches the snitch, they’ve still lost. The score stood at 220 to 0. But part of me was hoping they did it. I don’t know I just want durmstrang to be knocked down a peg or two. And it may or may not because Cora looks extremely happy that her best friend for life is winning.

“ORTIZ JUST NARROWLY MISSES A BLUDGER EVEN KRUM’S AIM CAN’T BEAT HIS HIGH SPEEDS” lucky bugger, I’m sure that bludger clipped his ear. He carried on though.



“Come on” I whispered under my breath.

“ORTIZ REACHES OUT” –smack- oh merlin no. The sound echoed through the arena. I wanted to cry for him, that’s definitely broken. If it hasn’t already fallen off.


“Yes!” I screamed.


I looked over at Cora who was. What the fuck. She was writing notes. She had a pen and a little notebook.

“What are you doing?” I laughed.

“Krum, his left arm is weaker than his right. That’s why he missed the previous shot. And the keeper he’s been rolling his right shoulder all game, I think it’s from a previous injury possibly muscle damage? Either way we need to get you shooting on the right more” I found myself grinning at her. This is why she’s captain, I wouldn’t have noticed the minor details.

“Also the seeker Polland, he’s slower even with the supernova 3”

“Argentina’s keeper is scared of heights” she added as an afterthought.

“How could you possibly know that?” I asked.

“The way he looks when he’s up there. He grips his broom too tightly, he only ever takes one arm off the broom, and he’s too scared to jump”

“Incredible” I said laughing slightly.

“I have more” she said happily skimming through her notebook. “We’ll talk about it more later” no not like that, we have practise later. 8’oclock sharp, our next game is in two days.

Right now the tables stood on goal difference. There was everything to play for.

I was walking with Cora down the great hall. It was dinner time and the school were still buzzing from today’s earlier game. Durmstrang were still in their uniforms, I rolled my eyes, they’re basking in their glory. Stupid prats. I saw Elyan wave at Cora. Brilliant. Eye contact has been made, away we go.

“Well done on today Elyan!” Cora said happily sitting down next to him. He grinned at her showing her his perfect pearly white teeth.

“Well thank you, we’re still behind you though”

“Let’s hope it stays that way” I said quietly.

“What was that?” Krum asked.

“I said you played well today”

“Oh thanks!” he said cheerily. Cora gave me the look, telling me she didn’t see through my nice person charade. Oh well you can’t win over everybody.

“Looking forward to your next game?” Krum questioned.

“Of course! Two days to go” Cora said happily. The nerves hadn’t hit in yet for any of us. It probably would tonight though with our last practise before the game.

“Who are you playing?” Krum asked taking a huge bite out of the chicken leg he was previously just waving around.

“Florida state”

“Scared?” he gibed.

“Not in the slightest” I answered on both of our behalves.

“Fair enough” Krum said laughing. I smiled at him, getting my own plate and getting ready for the long tiring practise ahead.

“On the pitch in two minutes guys!” Cora called before leaving the changing room.

The reserves were here with us again today. I think it has something to do with how many reserves the Argentinian's called on to the pitch earlier. Not that I can blame her, today’s game was brutal. And Florida’s no team to be pushed over either.

They won their first game against the Brazilian Academy of magic; it was only by twenty points mind. But they were both evenly matched. Kind of.

One by one the team followed Cora on to the pitch. It was weird, how full the arena had been earlier and now it was empty. It seemed surreal.

“Ok” Cora shouted. “Five laps round the pitch warm up” Eurgh I inwardly groaned, we hadn’t done laps in ages.

“I’ll race you” Freddie said to both me and Wood. Without waiting for recognition we ran.

“Don’t over strain yourselves!” Cora shouted over us, but her word of warning was lost to us. We sprang into action, Freddie was just ahead after the second lap, but Wood and I were biding our time.

Andie was panting heavily behind us trying to keep up.

Roxanne, Lily and Arya were swiftly behind her, looks like the girls were having a race too. I pushed my legs faster, over taking Wood and bringing me closer to Freddie.

Fourth lap.

“Winner gets twenty galleons!” Freddie shouted over his shoulder.

“You’re on” called Wood, he was gaining pace on me now. I did the only thing I could, I pushed harder and faster, I could feel the sweat dripping down the back of my ears.

Al and Malfoy were a lot closer than I first anticipated. But they weren’t our competition. Last leg.

“Fuck yeah!” I shouted as I took my place past Freddie.

“You fucker” Freddie shot back in anguish. In just over a minute everybody else had finished their laps, Cora was last rounding everybody up.

“Ok” she said smiling. It didn’t even surprise me that she wasn’t out of breath.

“We’re mixing it up. We’ve got to be prepared for injuries so, Andie swap with Arya. Hugo swaps with me. James and Adam” I nodded. At least I wasn’t shooting against Cora this time.

“Up in the air” Cora instructed and that was it, one more game.

“Clean game please” Cora begged. She blew the whistle and our practise game began.

As much as it pains me to admit it I miss Malfoy, him me and Andie had a good thing going on, and at the beginning I was completely thrown off sync. I mean don’t get me wrong Jason was a good player, but it wasn’t the same. At all.

Hugo had improved to the point where I couldn’t score past him. An hour in and the score was 40-30 to us. Both sides had improved a lot.

Flint and Zabini were good but nothing compared to Roxanne and Freddie. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times the best beaters are those joined with blood. And I’m not talking about bludgers to the face kind of blood either. Freddie almost knocked me completely off my broom, and only sent me a wink as an apology. He cost me scoring. But I was going to get it back if it was the last thing I did today.

Freddie was just about to smack the bludger at Andie when I flew past him shouting “How’s Leah?” momentarily distracted he completely sent the bludger off into the wrong direction, just narrowly missing Al who was searching frantically for the snitch.

Andie passed the quaffle to Jason. He feigned left before throwing it back to me. I shot right and Hugo just missed it. 50-30 fuck yeah.

The problem with practise games, you don’t have the commentator to tell you if the snitch has been sighted. So really how was I supposed to know my darling sister Lily was in the middle of diving down for the snitch? And I just happened to blindly almost fly into her… it was an accident honestly we were on the same team for merlin’s sake I wouldn’t purposely do it.

She swerved to miss me, only just. But it sent her off track and further away from the snitch. So yes if you look at that way. I’m the reason we didn’t win the practise game…

And if you haven’t guessed. Al caught the snitch due to Lily’s slip up.

180-50 the final score.

And to the question do I feel bad? Yes, yes I do.

We walked slowly back up to the castle. Actually it was strangely slow. Snail pace slow. I turned to look at Cora, she was limping slightly.

“Are you ok?” I asked quickly growing concerned.

“What?” she asked innocently.

Al and Scorpius looked at her too. “You’re limping” Scorpius said slowly.

“I’m fine” she muttered angrily, attempting to strut away. But her footing let her down. Al caught her before she could cause any more harm to herself.

“Fine!” she snapped “I twisted my ankle on the laps. Ok?”

“Wait!” Freddie said laughing “You told us to be careful and you twisted your ankle?”

“Brilliant” Wood commented clapping her on the back.

“Well are you going to take me to the hospital wing or not?”

I looked at her she looked in pain, from both the irony and the pain of her ankle. “Come on, I’ll take you” I offered taking her full weight off Al.

“Thanks” she said begrudgingly accepting my help.

We said good-bye to the team. And headed off extremely slowly to the hospital-wing. “You know” I said breaking the newly formed silence. “We’d get their a lot quicker if you’d just let me pick you up”

“I’m already in enough pain, do I really have to go through the embarrassment too?” she asked childishly.

“Come on” I said hunching over my back.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive, it’s painful enough just watching you walk” She laughed before jumping on my back.

“Am I too heavy?” she asked uncertain.

“Please don’t offend my man hood. I have the strength of a thousand men, I can carry one teenaged girl up the stairs”

“If you say so Mr Potter” she chuckled in my ear. I smiled to myself as I walked up the stairs, only 5 more stair cases to go.

I ended up waiting outside of the hospital wing. It was at Cora’s requests. She’d been in there a good ten minutes and frankly I was starting to get nervous.

Five more minutes and I finally heard voices making their way closer to the door.

“Thank you” I heard Cora say one last time before the hospital wing doors opened. She came out in crutches. Hobbling on one foot. My mouth dropped open. She grinned innocently at me.

“Oops?” she offered.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked running up to her.

“It’s sprained, no broken bones, I’ve just got to keep pressure of it for the next few days that’s all, she’s gave me some pain pills, it’ll be fine.”

“The next few days… Are you going to be able to play?”

“Well… The pills can affect my sense of balance so… I was thinking I’d let Hugo play”

“You’re kidding?”

“Don’t threat Hugo will do fine” she smacked me with her left crutch. “He’s my reserve for a reason” she reminded me. I couldn’t help it though, I suddenly felt slightly uneasy about our up and coming game.



duh duh duh..... Hugo's big break is coming up in the next chapter, who's excited... you're in for a hell of a game...

quick update isn't it? yeah i'm boycotting my college work for you lovely people, so please make it worth while and review!! tell me your thoughts and feelings on everything, good bad let me know! I can only improve.... a lot of exciting stuff to come to! mwhahahahahahahaah :D

thank you for reading and hopefully reviewing!!

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The Quidditch Cup : Chapter Eleven


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