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Erasure by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 3 : Diffusing the Bomb
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Why hello my lovely readers! Finally time for another chapter! 

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. I do not own some of these characters nor do I own the world they live in, that's all the work of the incredible JK Rowling. The only one I do claim is Samantha and for her, I apologize. Chapter Image by me- I do not own the picture, though the edit is mine.

((Lily- Edit by me))


With the way Lily was currently shrieking like a banshee, you’d have thought the world was literally coming to an end. Damn she’s got lungs. James' eyes were wide as her shrieks continued to crescendo, though it did nothing to subdue his laughter.

“James, what’ve you done now?” a strong voice said from the doorway and I glanced up to see Remus walking in the compartment, glaring at James.

James continued laughing as Lily shrieked on, attempting to slap him repeatedly, though Mary and I were holding her a few feet away from him. Fuck you, James Potter. We haven’t even left for Hogwarts yet and you’ve managed to ruin Lily’s day.

James shrugged, “All I did was tell her about the Head Dorm and she flipped her lid. Damn, Lily. I hope you don’t scream like that in bed, otherwise this could draw a lot of unwanted attention.”

Lily’s screaming rose to an impossible crescendo before I turned to Remus, “Mind taking James away for a few minutes?” His eyes met mine and I felt the blood rise to my cheeks, realizing I was wearing the makeup they’d so graciously bestowed upon me and that he seemed to be unable to look away.

This year was already starting off brilliantly. He probably thought I looked like a clown. Maybe I was wrong and it looks awful. DAMMIT, REMUS, LOOK AWAY! He shook his head and cleared his throat, “S-sure,” he grabbed James by the arm, but James was already turning and muttering something in Remus’ ear. They walked out and Remus slid the door shut behind them.

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Lily screamed, kicking the bench before bursting into tears. She slid onto the ground and Mary and I sat in front of her. Lily wasn’t generally prone to temper tantrums and she didn’t cry all that often. The cussing was throwing me off too... that was my job.

“Lily, what’s wrong?” Mary asked quietly as I placed a hand gently on Lily’s shoulder.

“E-Everything,” she hiccupped and shook her head, trying to calm down, though I could tell she was miserable and there was more to it than what James had said. “It all started out with my father falling ill at the beginning of the summer,” she said as she stared at the carpet, picking absently at her robes.

My heart sank, Lily picking at her robes meant something was wrong... really wrong.

“He found out that it was lung cancer and that it was already stage four which meant there was no hope for recovery. They gave him six weeks to live,” she said in a whisper. Oh crap. I knew how hard that must have been on her, she was very close with her father- something I’d always envied. “He barely made it three.” A tear slid down the cheek and I wanted to hug her so badly, something way out of character for me.

“That’s when it all went to hell. Mum was buzzing around the house, trying to arrange things for the  funeral and I did my best to help, but anytime I brought up a suggestion, Petunia would somehow manage to weasel her way in and get credit for it,” she said and my heart sank. Her mother was always more favorable of Petunia and no matter what Lily did, if Petunia said something else or suggested Lily had done something wrong, her mother was always in Petunia’s favor.

“I kept doing things around the house, buying groceries, cleaning the dishes, dusting, vacuuming, whatever I possibly could to try and help out because my mother refused to come out of her room. Yet anytime I would go back to my room or to the local library to get some of the summer homework finished, Petunia would tell her that she had been the one to do it, no matter how many times I told my mother that it was me. She kept insisting that I was trying to take my sister’s credit for work I hadn’t done.”

“Lily, that’s awful,” I said, hoping that my sincerity came across. I couldn’t imagine how hard it was to have a sister constantly trying to redeem herself so that she was better than you. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a sister, period, but that was another story entirely.

“And it’s only the beginning,” she said in a hushed voice. “I started doing things and then telling my mother I’d done them, but then Petunia would tell her that she had done it and that I was lying to my mother and started to have her boyfriend tell mum that he’d seen Petunia do those things or helped her with one or another.”

“I thought I’d grown accustomed to Petunia’s constant barrage of attacks about me being a freak, but this was so much worse, without my father there, there was no one to stick up for me aside from myself and that only aggravated my mother further,” she said, another tear sliding down her cheek.

“Then, a couple weeks ago, I was in the kitchen making breakfast and Petunia’s boyfriend Vernon shows up, and he kept hovering over me in the kitchen. He tried to grab me and I nearly tossed the pan of bacon at his face, right as Petunia shows up and sees me about to swing the pan at him. So naturally, she freaks out and starts screaming at me, right? Well, I told her it was an automatic reaction, that I hadn’t meant for it to happen and that he had been trying to make a pass at me,” her voice was hard.

“But Vernon laughed and ran over to hug Petunia, saying that he would never dare make a pass at me, that I was too pale, my hair too unnatural a color, I was too much of a freak,” she spat out the words as if they were venomous. “Petunia had really drilled that one into his head. He insisted that I had been the one to make a pass at him and that when he rejected me, I was going to attack him.”

“So, of course, Petunia decided to run and tell mummy dearest,” she said, the tears rolling down faster now. “Mum decided that was the final straw. She came downstairs and screamed at me, saying how selfish I was, how I was always trying to take everything from Petunia, how I couldn’t stand the idea of my sister being happy. How I had to take even that from her, how I’d done nothing but stick to myself all summer and hadn’t helped at all with the funeral or anything else around the house and… she k-kicked me out of the house,” she stammered, burying her face in her robe.

So, that’s why Lily was in London. Not because she’d voluntarily moved out, but because she’d been kicked out. And her father had died… and now James was going to be practically her roommate for the whole year. Shit. No wonder she was having a breakdown.

As she lifted her head, you could see just how upset she was. Lily never cried, and when she did she looked completely and utterly miserable.

“A-and now, now, I find out from Potter himself that I’m supposed to be spending my entire seventh year living with that prat! Because they decided we were best suited for Head Girl and Boy. It couldn’t have been Matt or Hunter? I mean, Hunter is a bloody prick sometimes, but now it means my entire year is being spent in close quarters with Potter. And here I’d been looking forward to this year because it meant I was going home,” she hiccupped.

“Okay, c’mon, we can get through this. We’ll spend time over there with you and when James is being, well, himself, you can just hang out with us,” Mary said with a smile. Lily gave her a thankful half smile.

The compartment door slid open and I looked up to see Sirius Black standing in the doorway, a great big smile plastered on his face.  “Oh, come now, Lily. James couldn’t have been that bad in bed.”

Great, another prat, just what we need. “Sirius, OUT! NOW!” I yelled, standing up and walking towards him, fully prepared to shove him out of the room and close the door behind him.

“Ahh, come now. I just wanted to make Red feel better,” he smirked, clearly proud of himself for having used that little nickname of his for Lily.

“Okay, you know what? Lily, come on, we’re going to the Prefect’s compartment so we can get away from all of this for a while. Mary, have a little chat with Sirius and Remus and Peter about being pricks and don’t let James out of this compartment until the meeting is supposed to happen in a couple hours, you got that?” I said harshly. I didn’t mean to be so harsh with Mary, but this whole situation was getting out of hand. I just needed some time to calm Lily down.

Mary nodded as I picked Lily up and pulled her out of the room and strode past a chuckling Sirius. Damn these boys.

Guys! This is a newer story (obviously) but some criticism of any kind would be greatly appreciated!! Please please please leave a review? I'll make you cookies! :p

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Erasure: Diffusing the Bomb


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