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Beat It by alicia and anne
Chapter 8 : The problem with Fred
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 She knew that coming back would be a mistake. That she was playing a dangerous game by being seen in enemy territory.

It was different this time as it had been before, the last time she was drunk, that was what had hindered her willpower. Made her more willing to give into her body’s wants and desires, made her more susceptible to Jasons charms.

But this time she wouldn’t let her guard down. She wouldn’t let Jasons smooth words affect her, wouldn’t be affected by his touch, the small smirk on his face, the way he looked at her, making her weak at the knees, even though she would never admit it to him.

She ran a hand over her face and up through her hair, still damp from her shower after training. She berated herself for being weak around Jason, for letting herself get weak around him. He had managed to get to her, something he told her he would, and he had done it so easily and with such skill that Roxanne didn’t see it coming. She knew that this had to be part of his charm, part of the way that made him how he was and she knew that she had to cut herself free from it. He was invading her thoughts, invading her dreams and she knew that it needed to stop. She couldn’t face all these distractions, not at this crucial time in her career.

Roxanne peered around the corner, staring at the door which she knew was the entrance to Jasons place. She knew that she would have to do this soon, it wouldn’t be long before someone came along and caught her and she didn’t want to be caught here. In all honesty, she was surprised that there hadn’t been an article in the paper about them yet. The paparazzi was shit hot on any kind of rumour to do with the teams of England, they would do anything for a story. So that fact that her and Jason’s moment at the club and both of them leaving together not even reached the paper, made her uneasy. She knew that it was only a matter of time before someone slipped up and it was nationwide news.

Even though all this had been running through her head, constantly it seemed, he still couldn’t make herself leave, couldn’t force herself to just send the clothes back to Jason in a parcel.

She gave a sigh as she hissed at herself, “Just do it, knock and get it over with.” She was already coming up with excuses on how to decline Jason’s invitation inside when she did eventually knock, hoping that it would at least sound feasible. “Sorry, I can’t come inside, I promised I would go to my parents for dinner and they’re expecting me.”

She took another breath and stood up from the wall, muttering her excuse under her breath, wanting to get it perfect.
She lifted a hand and rapped on the door sharply, looking around her to see if anyone was looking out of their door at her. They weren’t.

There was no sound from the other side of the door, not even a bark from Winston. Roxanne knocked again, this time louder, as she looked down at the bag in her other hand. It had the borrowed clothes, freshly washed, dried and folded. She wondered where Jason was and why he wasn’t answering her.

Not knowing what else to do, Roxanne left the bag on the floor in front of the door. Hoping that Jason would know that she was thankful for his help in lending them to her. She would have left a note, but had no paper or pen.

Now that Jason wasn’t in, she didn’t know what to actually do with herself. Trying to shake the feeling of disappointment away, she walked down the hallway, glancing back to see if he had come to the door. He hadn’t.

She knew that she would have gone into Jason’s if he had invited her in, knowing that there would be no way she could say her excuse and walk away from him. He had some kind of magnetic pull to him, that she had trouble resisting. A pull she knew she didn't want to resist.

Maybe she should actually go and see her parents?

Roxanne let herself into her parents' house, thankful that they didn’t mind that she would just walk in uninvited.

“Hello?” She called out, closing the door behind her and walking further into the hallway. She heard the sounds of footsteps coming towards her from the kitchen and she turned in time to see her three year old nephew running towards her.

“Aunt Roxie,” he called loudly in excitement. His arms spread wide and a toothless grin spreading across his face as he neared her. Roxanne gave a grin herself as she picked her nephew up and hugged him tightly.

“Lee, I didn’t know that you were here.” She said, kissing him on the side of the face, causing him to chuckle at her. Which escalated to loud laughs as Roxanne began to tickle him in the side, where she knew that he was most ticklish.

“Aunt Roxie, stop.” Lee giggled loudly, barely able to get the words out through his laughs. He squirmed in her arms and in the end she had no choice but to stop tickling him and putting him back onto the floor. She was worried that she would accidentally drop him.

“Where’s Nan and Granddad?” Roxanne asked Lee. Lee grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the kitchen.

“In here with Daddy.”

Roxanne entered the kitchen to see that her brother was sitting at the table with her father, her mother standing at the kitchen counter. She gave everyone a smile as she entered the room.

“Roxanne,” Fred stated as he nodded his head in greeting at his sister. Roxanne gave him a smile in return as she took a seat at the table.

“Fred, I didn’t know that you would be here today and with Lee. I’m surprised that Leanne let you have him for the day.”

“I was as surprised as you, but she owled me last night, asking if I wanted to have him and I couldn’t pass up the oppourtunity. I thought that mum and dad would like to see him as well.”

“Thanks for sending me an invite.” Roxanne muttered to him.

Fred rolled his eyes at his sister's words, “I didn’t know if you were free.”

“You didn’t even try and find out if I was free.” Roxanne stated, her arms folded across her chest.

“Children, behave yourself.”

“You’re normally too busy with training,” Fred shrugged.

They heard their mother tut from next to them, “Honestly, you’re both in your twenties. I would have thought that you would have grown out of your bickering.”

“Not likely mum, it’s how Rox and I communicate with each other.” Fred said, turning to give his sister a wink,

Roxanne gave him a tight smile.

“Are you staying for dinner as well, darling.” George asked his daughter, who nodded.

“If that’s alright with you all,” Roxanne said.

“Of course it is, darling.” Angelina said, placing a kiss on the top of her daughters head before walking back over to the kitchen counter, picking up a clean glass so that she could make Roxanne a drink.

Roxanne watched as her nephew, rushed back over to her father. George lifted him up and sat him on his lap, so that Lee could continue his colouring.

“So, have you heard anymore from that nice man who left those flowers for you at your match?” Angelina asked her daughter. Roxanne stilled at her words and glanced up at her mother. Her eyes flickering to her dad as though gageing his reaction, a frown had begun to cross his face.

“Mum, we’re not allowed to be seen together. He plays for the Wimbourne Wasps.”

“If Roxanne wants to keep her promising career, she’ll know to avoid him.” George stated. “There’s a ban for a reason.”

“I know that, it’s just that he sent you some really nice flowers.” Angelina stated.

“He may have just been trying to get in her knickers.” Fred muttered. Roxanne clenched her fists tightly, she wasn’t going to let him get a rise out of her though.

“Fred, I will not accept talk like that at the table.” Angelina scolded her son, before turning to look at Roxanne. “I was just saying, that if he had a separate agenda, he wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.”

“It’s Jason Turner, of course he would have, he’s well known in the papers for it.” Roxanne stated before she could stop herself. She knew that Jason had told her not to believe everything she had read in the paper about him. But it was a better alternative than thinking about the fact that his feelings are actually real.

“Roxanne, I have seen him watching every match that you play. He may be hidden at the back and trying to make himself unseen. But the way I’ve seen him look at you, it’s the same look that I catch your father looking at me with.” Angelina stated, her hand on Roxannes as she gave her a warm smile.

“Fear? Because I give you that look daily.” George stated, a grin on his face. Angelina rolled her eyes at her husbands comment.

“I just think that maybe you should give this guy a chance, he seems like he wants to get to know you better.”

“I think he wants to make himself very familiar with every part of Roxanne,” Fred stated. Roxanne turned to glare at her brother.

“What exactly are you implying, Fred?” Roxanne said through gritted teeth.

“I’m implying that you’re playing right into Turners hands and giving him exactly what he wants from you. Men like that are only after one thing and one thing only. She doesn’t care that there’s a ban between both of their teams from seeing each other. Knowing Roxxie though, she’s already broken that rule many, many times.” Fred said, a wicked smirk on his face. “Although he’s getting what he wants if you keep going back to him.”

Roxanne glared at him, clenching her fist as she felt herself getting angier. Her brother knew what he was implying. He wanted to get a rise out of her, he wanted to annoy her and he was succeeding.

“Fred, that’s enough out of you.” Roxanne heard her father say angrily. “Apologise to your sister.”

“How’s Albus, Fred?” Roxanne stated, her eyebrows raising at him as she struggled to keep the anger out of her voice. “Stolen any more of his girlfriends, or was the fact that you very nearly destroyed him taking just the one, enough for you?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Fred growled, getting annoyed himself.

“Both of you stop this right now.” Angelina snapped at her children. The authoritive tone in her voice telling them that they better listen to her or there will be severe consequences.

“What on earth makes you think that there is anything going on between me and Turner?” Roxanne seethed, ignoring her mother’s voice. “What also makes you think that you have the right to even have an opinion on it?”

“I was at the club that night that you were draping yourself all over him. It was pathetic, you seemed desperate. I expected you to act better than one of those common tarts that are always sniffing around him. Don’t you know that you’re playing right into his trap?” Fred stated.

“You can shut your face, you have no idea what you’re even talking about.” Roxanne stood up so quickly that the chair she was sitting on fell to the floor behind her. "Plus, you would know all about common tarts wouldn't you?"

“You need to open your eyes. He’s clearing trying to distract you, he’s going to use you so that his team can win. Why else would he be so interested in you?” Fred stated angrily.

Roxanne fumed, her fists clenching again as she struggled to not hit him.

“You have a problem, Fred. A real fucking problem.” Roxanne snapped, deciding to walk away from the situation instead of continuing to fight with her nephew there. He didn’t need to see this. “No wonder no one in this family actually fucking likes you.”

“Roxanne...” Angelina stated walking after her daughter quickly, to try and get her to stop leaving.

“No, Mum. I can’t be around him right now, otherwise I will hurt him.”

She stormed out of the house before anyone else could call her back. Apparating as quickly as she could away from the house, away from Fred.

Roxanne apparated to her Grandparents’ house. She knew that neither of them would be in, but she wasn’t planning on going inside.

She was heading instead, to the makeshift Quidditch pitch that wasn’t that far from the garden. She needed to blow off steam, she needed to hit something. Wrenching the door open of the shed, she reached in and grabbed the Beaters bat and a bag of tennis balls on a shelf. Then began walking further onto the ‘pitch’.

She looked down at the Beaters bat in her hand, throwing it into the air so that it spun and catching it with ease, dropping the bag from her other hand to the floor. She stopped spinning the bat in the air and held it normally, reaching down to grab a ball and quickly throwing it in the air. Imagining it as Fred’s head she swung the bat around as hard as she could. Relishing the crack that resonated around her at the sound of the bat hitting the ball.

She let out a deep, annoyed breath as she picked up another tennis ball. She sensed someone had arrived and was walking towards her.

“How did you know that I would be here?” Roxanne asked, not turning around, but knowing exactly who had followed her.

“I had a feeling that this would be where you are, I knew that you would need to blow off steam and this is how you would normally do it.”

Roxanne threw a tennis ball into the air and hit it as hard as she could with the bat in her hands. A crack filled the air and it sailed quickly across the garden and out of sight. Roxanne gave a sniff as she wiped her forehead with her arm, before bending down to pick up another tennis ball from the bag.

“Fred is a jerk,” Roxanne stated. She clenched her hand tightly around the tennis ball, before throwing it in the air and swinging the bat around as hard as she could. The tennis ball connected again and sailed through the air. This would be the closest she could get to actually hurting her brother. It was making her feel better.

“I’m not denying that, your mother and I have had a serious word with him about his behaviour. Whether it falls on deaf ears is another thing all together.” George stated, walking towards his daughter and picking up the bag of tennis balls. Roxanne turned to look at him, seeing that he had brought one out of the bag and was throwing it and catching it with one hand, as he backed up a few steps. Roxanne shifted so that she was facing him head on and prepared her bat to hit the ball when he threw it to her.

“Do you like Jason Turner?” George asked his daughter, reaching into the bag again.

Roxanne was silent for a moment, before shaking her head and preparing herself.

“I don’t know, dad.” Roxanne admitted out loud, shaking her head, “I really don’t know.”

“Do you trust him?” George asked his daughter.

“I want to. I really want to.” Roxanne faltered, her bat now by her side as she looked down at it. “Dad, what if Fred was right? What if Jason’s only interested in me so that he can use that against me?”

Roxanne bit her lip as she felt fear go through her. Fear that he was using her, fear that her brother was right and fear that she was beginning to fall for Jason Turner.

She was met with comforting arms and she wrapped her arms around her father, burying her face into his chest and breathed in the smell of him. She felt his hands smoothing her hair down and she felt herself calming down.

“You need to work out whether you can let yourself go through that?” George stated, “And I think that you’re strong enough to deal with whatever decision you make. It’s just whether you want to risk the chance that Fred may be true.”

“I don’t want it to be true,” Roxanne stated. “I really don’t want it to be true.”

“There’s only one way to find out, Roxxie.” George said softly. “And I’ll be here for you if you need me to break his legs.”

Roxanne gave a chuckle, “I’ve already broken his arm, I can handle breaking his legs.”

“I know that, Roxxie. But I’d quite happily like to break his legs if he breaks your heart.”

A/N: This whole thing between Fred and Roxanne wasn't planned at all, that actually came out of nowhere.... so, yeah. :P Let me know what you think? :D

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