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Founding Hogwarts by UnluckyStar57
Chapter 5 : Provence
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V. Provence

I was not born magical. In fact, I can hardly claim that I was born at all. Rather, I came into existence, and in the beginning of my existence, I did not have powers of sorcery.

However, that hardly matters. Have you not learned that bloodlines or social standing do not determine character? The four that I watch over are shining stars in the midst of a great darkness. They each came from adversity, and look what they have done for the world. United in their differences, they formed an institution of learning that will endure the test of time, even after it has crumbled into dust. Hogwarts will live on in the hearts and minds of all who pass through its gates.

I never imagined that life could be so vibrant; I suppose that I have not lived until now, but the colors and noises of this warm, crowded room almost overwhelm me. No longer am I a passive, inanimate thing. I can truly view life in motion, and it is stunning.

The man who created me was a poor man, a sad sot who could barely sew in a straight line. Passive he lived, passive he died, just like the dull grey things that he fabricated. The man who placed me on his head is a roaring lion, rich in both his bold spirit and his gleaming gold. Active he planned, active he schemed, and his plans came to fruition with the help of cunning, loyalty, and intelligence.

Because of him and the three who joined his noble cause, I am active, too. To do away with bias, they needed an impartial party to place students with an instructor who would best suit them. I was the one for the job. Given brains, eyes, and a wide set mouth, I began to serve a greater purpose than being a mere head warmer. So powerful is the magic that created me that I am humorous physiognomy. The four did not realize what I was, but from the moment I could see and think and hear, I knew.

They gave me the ability to read minds, which no inexperienced wizard can do with ease. I can see into the hearts and minds of people, know what they are thinking, and place them in a House in which, with hope, they will thrive. And yet, I can do much more than that.

The portents of evil come to me in dreams, pulling at my mouth and forcing me to listen. I hear the winds of change as they stir among the people, and sometimes, change can be detrimental. My unofficial task is to warn of times to come, and to deliver help to those who ask for it.

I am no dumb object. I am a sentient being, filled with life and vibrancy and songs. Let me peer into your mind, see your deepest fears and your greatest triumphs. I’ve never yet been wrong!

I, the Sorting Hat, am an oracle.

A/N: Well, that's all, folks! Much thanks to kenpo and HEG, for their Instrumental Song and Founders challenges, respectively. :)

This story represents a few firsts for me: first time finishing a story with more than four chapters; first time writing in second person; and first time writing from the perspective of an inanimate object. (I'd like to think that the Sorting Hat was the speaker in the other four chapters.) I really enjoyed writing this story, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it! :D

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