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Efflorescence by sleepingdragons
Chapter 2 : Prefects and Problems
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Thank you to Hobbit' @ TDA for this awesome chapter image :)




I felt that strange sensation as I passed through the barrier between Platform 9 and 10 at King’s Cross Station.
The familiar hectic scene appeared before me on the platform beside the Hogwarts Express; the crowds of magical families, the mewing of cats and the screeching of owls, the sounds of delight as friends met up and the emotional parents of first years.

I hoped that Mum wouldn’t dissolve into tears as Charlie left for Hogwarts; although he drove her insane on a regular basis, I knew it would be difficult for her without him.
We slowly made out way through the crowd, and I kept looking around for my best friend Dom when Charlie’s owl let out a loud hoot.

‘Shut up, Harry Potter!’ Charlie snapped at it.

Oh God. I forgot Charlie had named his owl after Harry Potter, his idol.
I glanced around furtively, hoping that no one had heard my brother call his owl after someone who was no doubt on this platform with his family.

‘You idiot!’ I whispered, ‘you can’t go around calling your owl Harry Potter, he and his family are here, imagine if they heard you! Or if anyone heard you! Just call him Harry, and you won’t risk committing social suicide. ‘Kay?’

‘Yeah whatever,’ he replied distractedly, ‘but did you say Harry Potter as in the Harry Potter is standing on this platform?’


‘Yes, his kids go to Hogwarts, like I’ve told you a thousand times.’

Just as I’d decided Charlie was a lost cause, someone came up and hugged me from behind.

‘Dom!’ I shrieked, spinning around and giving her a proper hug.

Dom’s real name was Dominique Weasley, but she hated the name Dominique and insisted on everyone calling her Dom.
Dom and I had been best friends since first year. I’m not sure how or when, but something just clicked between us.
Possibly because we balanced each other out so much; Dom was bold and sassy and a real free spirit. I was a little more reserved, but possibly more trusting and forgiving. Well I was according to Dom anyway; she often referred to me as ‘the nice one’. I wasn’t too sure about that though.

My brother rolled his eyes at us.

‘You guys act like you haven’t seen each other for years. You saw each other only a few weeks ago in France.’

‘Oi, don’t burst our bubble!’ Dom joked.

Although Charlie did have a point.
Dom, whose mum’s side of the family was also French, had like me spend the most part of summer in France seeing family, but on many occasions we’d managed to meet up.

‘Still got your French tan,’ I noted.

‘Sure do,’ Dom said, spinning around, her straight blonde hair twirling.

She was a bit smaller than me, had long blonde hair, brown eyes and killer curves.
Not to mention she was part Veela, making her one of the most stunning girls at Hogwarts.

‘Bonjour Dominique!’ my Mum exclaimed, kissing Dom on each cheek.

I listened vaguely as Mum prattled away in French to my best friend. (Dom and I, both being half French, were fluent.)

I was scanning around the platform when I saw them.
The Weasley-Potter family. There was Bill and Fleur (Dom’s parents), standing with Victoire, Dom’s twenty year old sister.
Victoire was standing a few metres away from Teddy Lupin, and the two were looking rather uncomfortable.
Dom told me they’d broken up a few months ago, much to the Weasley’s and Potter’s dismay. They were rather hoping Victoire and Teddy would get married so he’d finally become part of their family. But I guess not.

Next to Teddy (whom I might add is incredibly attractive) was Hermione and Ron Weasley with their children.
Rose, who was going into fourth year and Hugo who was going into second year. They were both having an animated discussion with Albus and Lily Potter who were also going into fourth and second year.
Their parents, the famous Harry Potter and Ginny Potter, were holding hands and having their own conversation with Hugo and Rose’s parents, Hermione and Ron Weasley.

Oh, and how could I forget? James Potter, it seemed, had already found his group of friends.
There was five of them; James, Oscar, Zack, Sebastian and Scorpius, all from Gryffindor like me. Yep, that’s right. Draco Malfoy’s son was sorted into Gryffindor.
Not sure how well Daddy Draco took that one.
All from Gryffindor, they called themselves the ‘New Marauders’, which Dom told me had something to do with Potter’s Grandfather whom he was named after.
Needless to say, they were just about the most popular people in school and I had to admit they were all pretty attractive.
Especially Potter, even if he was an arrogant prick ninety nine percent of the time.

‘Yoo-hoo, Elénore!’ my Mum was waving her hand agitatedly in front of my face.

I think I’d been lost in my thoughts again. I really needed to stop doing that.

‘Please Mum for the thousandth time just call me Ellie’ I groaned.

Mum just ignored me.
Being French, Mum had taken it upon herself to call her three children by French names.
Me Elénore, my brother Charles and my 22 year old sister, who lived in London, was Camille.

‘It’s five minutes to eleven! Time to say goodbye!’ she shrieked.

Dom hurried back over to her family as Charlie and I gave Mum a big hug. As I pulled away I could see Mum had tears in her eyes.

‘I’ll take care of Charlie, don’t worry,’ I whispered to her.

She nodded as Dom came back over and we headed towards the door of the train, with Charlie a few metres behind talking to some other nervous first years.

We walked along the carriage and eventually found the compartment with the rest of the Gryffindor sixth years.
Apart from Dom and I, there was Keira Mason, Violet McDowell and Bella Spencer.

Keira was a petite girl with bronzed skin and short brown hair, Violet was about my height and had bright green eyes and dead straight caramel hair and Bella had blue eyes and long, wavy strawberry blonde hair.
Like Dom, they’d been blessed with the good-looking genes.

We’d all been friends since first year, and we were all pretty close by now.

Dom and I packed our trunks away just as the Hogwarts Express began to move off, and we all rushed over to the window to wave goodbye to our families.
As soon as we sat back down, Violet, ever the gossiper, demanded:

‘So? Who got it then?’

‘Got what?’ Dom said, clearly as baffled as I was.

‘Duh! Prefect! We’re all here, but one of us had to have got the badge.’

I involuntarily slapped my forehead with my hand.

‘Oh shit! I’m a prefect!’ I exclaimed.

I’d completely forgotten about my prefect status in the pre-Hogwarts hype at King’s Cross.
Dom laughed.

‘You idiot Ellie! You better go to the prefects carriage, you’re late.’

‘Yeah, see you guys later,’ I said, rushing out of the compartment and up towards the prefects carriage.

Apparently before the Second Wizarding War, prefects had been chosen in fifth year, but after Hogwarts re-opened they’d decided to change it to sixth year for some reason. Not that I was complaining; I wouldn’t have fancied patrolling corridors or herding overwhelmed first years for any longer than two years.
I wondered briefly who had been made prefect out of the boys.

‘Sorry,’ I said sheepishly, ‘I… er… forgot.’

I could feel myself blushing as all the prefects stared at me.

‘Nice of you to finally grace us with your presence,’ someone said lazily.

I turned to my left to see none other than James Potter. Great. So this was who I’d have to do prefect duties with all year.
I grimaced and plonked down in a vacant seat.

‘Not to worry,’ said Grace Clearwater, the Ravenclaw Head Girl, brightly, ‘we were only just getting started.’

For the next half an hour we listened to the Head Boy and Girl go through our duties. I was only half listening though.
Why was Potter made a prefect? I mean, sure, he was smart and had a sort of natural authority, but he seemed a bit too rebellious to be a prefect. Flitwick must have had his reasons, I guess. Or else someone had spiked his morning pumpkin juice.

‘Well that’s all guys,’ the Head Boy, Arnold McMillan said when he’d finished.

We slowly filed out through the door. Finally, I thought.
I wondered how the girls would react upon hearing about Potter the Prefect.

‘Wouldn’t have picked you to be a prefect, Farrell,’ Potter’s voice came from behind me.
Ugh, why did it always have that lazy tone to it? I swear no one could get under my skin as much as him.

‘I could say the same for you,’ I fired back instantly, my eyes narrowing.

‘Ooh feisty. And Dom says you’re “the nice one” out of you two.’

He stopped behind me to enter his compartment.

‘I can’t wait to patrol the corridors with you this year,’ I said sweetly, my voice dripping with sarcasm, adding in my sweetest smile to top it off.

‘Who knew Farrell could do sarcasm,’ he replied with mock surprise.

I turned around and headed back to the rest of the 6th year girls in a huff.
As soon as I sat down Keira piped up.

‘Um… something up Ellie?’

‘Guess who’s the Gryffindor prefect?’ I demanded, pouting.

‘Tough one actually…’ Dom considered, ‘none of them are what you’d call prefect material.’

‘So true,’ Bella agreed, ‘but I’d probably have to say James. Or Scorpius. They’re both kind of the “leaders” I guess.”

‘Yeah, I reckon James.” Violet said.

‘Yes, you’ve got it,’ I moaned.

‘Oh come on El, he’s not that bad,’ reasoned Keira.

The others nodded their agreement, but Dom and I looked at each other and she cocked an eyebrow. Being his cousin, she knew how much of a git he could be.
Apart from his siblings and numerous cousins in the school, I felt like the only girl not under his charm.

‘I can’t stand him,’ I whined childishly, ‘he’s so… bigheaded!’

‘Put it this way Ellie,’ said Bella with a smirk, ‘at least you’ll have something nice to look at.’

As much as he pissed me off, I couldn’t deny that.
I smiled to myself as the others burst into a fit of giggles, much to Dom’s annoyance.

Before long we’d changed into our robes and were coming to a stop at Hogsmeade station.
Pushing past the tiny first-years who had all stopped to gape at Hagrid (to whom I waved a cheery hello), we made our way to the carriages.

‘So anything big happen over summer?’ I asked, mounting the carriage after Keira.

‘I broke up with Lawrence,’ Bella said flippantly.

‘Oh Bell-,’ we all began consolingly.

‘Pff… don’t bother!’ she exclaimed rolling her eyes, ‘you guys should know by now that when it comes to boyfriends, I have no problems detaching myself. It’s fun for a while, but then I just get bored, you know?’

‘You’re almost as bad as James! I’m surprised there’s any boys left for you to shag in Hogwarts,’ Dom teased.

‘Meh, I guess I’ll just have to start on the staff then, won’t I?’ Bella replied with an evil grin.

Keira looked scandalised and, forever the romantic, said to Bella,

‘One day you’re going to find a guy and you’ll fall head over heels in love. You won’t know what’s hit you!’

We all laughed harder about the thought of a lovestruck Bella as the carriage came to a halt.


‘And that concludes the start of term notices. Once again, welcome back to all our students and staff, and welcome to all our first-years. Now, eat up!’

Just as Professor Flitwick concluded his speech, the four long house tables suddenly became overcrowded with the typical high standard Hogwarts food.
I piled my plate high with mashed potato, carrots, peas, shepherd’s pie and roast chicken before tucking into some delicious treacle tart.
It was times like these I was very thankful for my fast metabolism.

The Great Hall was filled with the clatter of cutlery, warm laughter and excited chatter as everyone discussed their summer holidays and the anticipated year to come.

It felt like we’d only just sat down and started the feast when the remainder of the food disappeared and everyone began slowly filling out of the hall.

‘Gryffindor first years this way!’

I looked ahead to see Potter waving his hands over his head while his friends sniggered at him.

‘I forgot I had to do that, I’m such a terrible prefect,’ I muttered to Dom, ‘I’ll catch you later.’

She nodded and moved on with the others as I made my way to where Potter was standing.

‘I’m handling them fine on my own, you can run along with Dom’

‘No need to be condescending, I just…’


‘Erm… yeah. Let’s just get them to the common room,’ I muttered, changing the subject.

God he was irritating. Did I already mention he was irritating? Because He. Is. Irritating.

We finally made it to the Gryffindor common room (which believe me, was hard work with a bunch of tiny, awestruck first years), and I managed to successfully stop Charlie from walking straight up to James Potter and asking for an autograph. That kid was mental.

‘Girls dormitories are up the stairs on the left’ I said clearly.

‘And the same goes for the boys, but on your right,’ Potter finished off.

We both jumped as an arm wrapped around each of our shoulders from behind us.
Pushing us apart so he was standing in the middle, I saw that it was Scorpius Malfoy.

‘Spoken like true Prefects,’ he said with mock pride, ‘you two make such a great pair.’

He winked at me and I groaned.

‘Why Dom is going out with you, I have no idea.’ I replied smiling.

‘Shut up El,’ Dom laughed, coming up behind Scorpius and hugging him.

Wait, scratch that, it was now more like a full-on snog.
Potter and I stood there a little awkwardly.

‘Well…’ I trailed off feebly.

‘I’m going to find Clarissa’

Ah that’s right. Potter’s girlfriend was none other than the bitchy Clarissa McBitchface. It was actually Clarissa Van Slyck but we here at Gryffindor thought a bitch-infused name suited her nicely.

She’d had it in for Dom ever since first year when she’d tried to spread a rumour about Dom being a hermaphrodite. Like anyone would believe that for a second… why would an eleven year old be accusing people of being hermaphrodites anyway?

Dom didn’t even do anything to provoke Clarissa; we all knew it was just because Dom ‘dared’ to be better looking than her.
By defending Dom like any decent friends would, McBitchface turned on Bella, Keira, Violet and I as well.

But this was interesting news that Potter and Clarissa were still going out, even after summer. (This was the kind of gossip Violet would relish.)
Potter’s relationships didn’t usually make it past the one month mark, and the girls and I were guessing he ended it after he’d shagged ‘em a few times and got bored.

Not that this dissuaded the entire female population from wanting to be “the one” he would fall for. For all I know there could be a few guys out there too.

I made my way up to the Girls’ Dormitory, hoping Dom had finished her snog-session with
‘Scorpy’ as she liked to call him.
Thankfully, for me and the onlooking first-years who would now be scarred for life, Dom was no longer entwined with Malfoy.

I ran over to her bed where she was sitting and jumped on top.

‘Dom, guess what, Potter and Clarissa are still going out!’

Dom gasped dramatically.

‘What the fuck! Even after summer?! This is his longest relationship, since, ever! It’s a scandal!’

Dom had understandably taken offence when Potter first went out with Clarissa, seeing as they had basically been enemies since day one.

‘I told James how much of a bitch she is, but he’s under the impression that she’s some kind of down to earth, funny girl,’ she had complained when she first found out.

‘I’d say it’s because of her massive tits,’ Bella had replied matter-of-factly.

At the moment, Dom was going on some kind of mad rant.

‘Grab your pitchfork, we’re going to burn her at the stake before she can breed with my cousin!’

‘Dominique, I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.’ I said laughing loudly.

Ah, the Hogwarts dramas had already begun and we hadn’t even started lessons yet.


A/N: Please feel free to review my story, I would love to see what you think! And hopefully this chapter was a little more interesting than the first one.

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