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Wendy's story (Prev. Destined) by HermionesSecretClone
Chapter 1 : Job Hunting-Prolouge
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"Wendy! Wake up!"

Oh, great.

"What?" I ask,looking at the clock."Shiz!" I say, jumping out of bed. Its my birthday, and also, my first job interveiw. I get dressed, and then I grab a banana and brush my teeth.We're not exactly the common muggle family, being I'm a witch.

By the way if you can't tell by mums shouting, I'm Wendy. Last name Starkson.

Great. Now that I'm dressed, I apparate to The Hog's Head. Not a fancy place, but at least its paying.

"Wendy Starkson?" Says an old woman with too much make-up on.

I stand up and follow her to the back room,which faintly smells of cinnamon.

"Hello, I'm Iredessa Weathers, manager of the Hog's Head."She says with an almost too nice smile.

Perfect.She looks more like a Mildred though.

"I'll be seeing you Monday, Wednesday."

"Its Wendy, ma'am" I say, leaving. ma'am? What was that?

I start walking torwards home, but then I realize I could just apparate.

I appear home, where it looks like my mother dearest and my dad are having a meeting. "Hey, mum,dad,Iz." Izzy,my nine-years-old-and-thinks-shes-cool sister, just rolls her eyes. Wow, and they act like I have an additude.

"Happy birthday, Wen." Dad and Mum say, smiling at me.

Mum goes in the kitchen and I sit down at the table.

"So how'd it go?" Dad says, interested.

"Starting Monday." I say, with a nervous smile.

"Thats great!" Says mum, entering with a birthday cake.Oh,joyus occasion.

She lights the candles. Oh dear Lord, please don't sing.


They continue singing, much to my dismay.

After what seems like hours of painful singing, (and a failed attempt of my sister trying to rap[sadly... not that she failed, just that she tried.])

I blow out the candles.

"Present time!" I hope this doesn't sound selfish, but, finally! The good part!

"Mine first!" My sister squeals.

I open it. Its a cute button-up blouse that I'd been eyeing at the muggle market the other day. Its actually a great gift.

"Thanks sis." I smile. "I really love it." 

I open the next one.

I almost scream when an owl comes bursting out."Eeee!" Its an adorable tawny owl.

I pull both mum and dad in a hug."I love it! Thanks so much!" I almost squeal.

"Thats not all." Dad says, with that I-know-something-you-dont-know smile.

"We'll have to floo there. close your eyes."

We soon arrive,and as we enter my mmm says "Suprise!" And smiles. Its a nice appartment,one I would have picked. Upon seeing it, I'm speechless.I pull Mom and Dad into a tight hug."Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" I'm in tears.

"Your welcome" Dad says, while mum is blubbering with me. "Well, I guess we'll be taking off. Happy birthday!" Mum says, nudging dad and Iz. "Love you! Remember, we are just a floo away!" She says, still crying.

A great birthday, to say the least.Thats probably the best I've had.


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