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Love At St. Mungo's by potterfan310
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Stunning CI by SeverusLove @ TDA!


A/N What's this another new story? Yeah I know I shouldn't have but I have sworn myself this is only going to be five maybe six chapters.

*Written for greenbirds St.Mungo's Challenge*


I was half way through my shift, sitting at the desk along with Mo, filing papers and giving the midwives and healers the correct information and files. I stretched as I leaned back in my chair, careful not to lean to far, otherwise it would tip  over.  I was doodling on a spare bit of paper when the wiz-phone rang.

I sighed, after picking it up I recited the greeted I used every time it rang. "Hello, St. Mungo's Hospital, Maternity Ward, How can I help?"

A panicked male voice said, "M-my wife, she's in labour!" he exclaimed as I rolled my eyes since men always seem to state the obvious when ringing.

"Calm down sir," I replied. "What's the name?"

"M-Malfoy, Rose Malfoy."

I went through the questions I asked every time this happened and filled in the form. "We'll have a bed ready for her when you get here," I reassured him as I twirled my pen between my fingers. "Are you flooing or using some other mode of transport?"

"Her mum's going to drive us. We should be there in under thirty minutes."

I made a note of that before looking up on the computer system for Rose's notes. After searching for her, I clicked on her name when it came up allowing me to see her information and proceeded to find the name of her midwife.

"Mrs Malfoy's midwife will be waiting for you and she'll bring you straight up."

"Thanks," he said before hanging up.

I finished writing down the details on the form as I mused about how today had gone. It was slow this morning, but this afternoon everyone seemed to be having babies.

"Mo, can you page Jessie please? One of her ladies is coming in."

My co-worker and friend; Maureen, otherwise known as Mo nodded, her short brown hair going wild. "Sure thing, Cass."

I smiled in reply as she did that for me whilst I went into the office that's behind our desk, sliding my I.D card through the slot allowing me access. The office itself is full of filling cabinets, each of them holding patients notes, despite them all being on the computer system it's also easier having paper copies as well. For safety the room has a bunch of complicated spells on it, so that none of the files can be taken or those without access can get in. Going over to the cabinet labelled 'M' I opened it, pulling my wand out of my pocket.

I held it up before saying clearly, "Accio, Rose Malfoy's notes."

The file pushed its way from amongst the others and came flying into my hand, I closed the drawer shut with my hip. After I heard the satisfying clang as it shut, I went back to the desk after checking the door was shut. A tall women with long, glossy, chestnut coloured hair was waiting, tapping her perfectly manicured fingers against the desk.

"Thanks, Mo," I said first and then addressed the woman. "Jessie, Mrs Malfoy's on her way in, I think her husband was a bit panicked." I informed her, passing the notes and the form I had just filled in. "Would you be able to meet them at main reception?"

Jessie consulted the form and nodded as I sat back down. "Sure thing and thanks for letting me know."  Before she left she took a bobble from off of her wrist and used it to put her hair up into a ponytail and asked, "ETA?"

I tapped the sticky note I had put on the form. "Mr Malfoy said they'd be here in under thirty minutes."

Smiling Jessie nodded. "Thanks, can you make sure room three is ready please?"

"Yep," I replied, popping the 'P' as I stood up.

Jessie left us as Mo was about to say something but she got cut off by the wiz-phone ringing. She shrugged at me as she repeated the greeting, I left her too it so I could find one of the students. I smoothed my blouse down, hoping that any wrinkles that were there couldn't be seen. Thanks to my awful timing I was nearly late this morning and I didn't have time to iron my clothes.

The student was younger than me, by a good few years and fresh out of Hogwarts by the looks of her. She was with Healer Smithy (who gets top hottie status around here) and Linn, another midwife.

I smiled as I approached the group. "Healer Smithy, could I borrow Stacey please?" I asked once I took a glance at the young girls name badge. "Jessie's got a lady on the way and she wants room three to be ready."

He gave me one of his dazzling smiles showing off all those perfect pearly white teeth. "Of course you can, Cassie, in fact if Jessie's lady doesn't mind then she can observe?"

"I'll ask her when she comes back," I replied as his gorgeous blue eyes sparkled under the bright hospital lights.

He indicated to room seven, which he had just come from. "Bit of a tricky delivery wasn't it, Stacey?" The young girl nodded nervously. "But they've now got a very healthy nine pound, baby boy."

I winced, no wonder it was a tricky delivery if the baby weighed that much. Blimey nine pound, I wouldn't want to be her, that's for sure.

"Thanks, Healer Smithy."

Stacey followed me as I pushed open the door of room three. "It's been cleaned, you just need to put bedding back on and make it. And put clean towels in the en-suite. Nothing too hard, you know where the line cupboard is right?" I asked brightly, whilst with every word I envied her.

Stacey nodded as she backed out of the room. I followed muttering silently under my breath.

"It's hard isn't it?" Mo asked as she looked up from doing her crossword, as I sat back down, my gaze still following Stacey.


"Seeing Stacey and the other students?" I nodded and she gave my arm a squeeze. "You'll make it one day, Cass, I promise you. You can go on break now if you like, grab a coffee?"

"Are you sure?" I questioned as I brushed my brown hair out of my eyes.


"Thanks." I muttered as I got up and headed down to the staff room.

As I waited for the coffee machine I got lost in my thoughts. Ever since I was younger and my little brother was born there has been nothing more I wanted to do than become a healer.

That all changed when I was eighteen, I was young and naive without a care in the world. I had graduated Hogwarts the month before and was over joyed at the fact I had gotten a place here at St. Mungo's to do my training.

Being the stupid reckless person I was back then, I got pregnant on a night out. Back then I never thought it would change my life so much, but due to the spells and potions we had to practice and use as well as being on my feet all day I was unable to start my training.

I started working here when I was six months pregnant after seeing an add for a receptionist. They were desperate for another as things were getting pretty busy and I was in need of a job. I was surprised they hired me with the knowledge of me being so far pregnant but all the same, I'm so thankful.

Gabriella was born a month after my nineteenth birthday and she changed me for the good. Despite being ten years older than me and divorced twice with two kids, Mo and I hit it off right away when I started and we've been friends ever since.

Seeing Stacey and the others just makes me wish I could do my training but it's so expensive. All the money my parents had saved for it when I finished Hogwarts went on me getting my own place and baby stuff. I work because I have bills to pay, things to buy for Gabriella and to put food on the table as I know I can't rely on my parents or even Gabriella's dad; Ryan McLaggen.

The coffee machine beeped bringing me out of my thoughts, I added milk and sugar before stirring it and taking a sip. It burned my mouth so I added more milk until was it was just right. I drank it quickly due to the whole rule of 'No Hot Drinks At The Desk' and picked up a granola bar from off the side. On my way back to the desk I ate the bar. I got back just in time as Jessie came in through the double door's pushing Mrs Malfoy in a wheelchair, who was panting away.

"Room three's ready," I called as she went past, followed by Scorpius and Rose's mum; Hermione. She smiled at me and I smiled back.

After taking two more phone calls and filling in forms, there was nothing to do but wait for the women to come in. I was sat doodling again when Jessie came back.

"Healer Smithy asked if it's okay, can Stacey, y'know the student, help with Mrs Malfoy?"

"Of course. I just saw her in the staff room. I'll tell her now. I'm in for a long shift as I've got Mrs Malfoy in room three and Mrs Green in room six. And right now neither of them are close to seeing their baby." Sighing Jessie continued scribbling things down and shut the file. "Can you put these back at the end of Mrs Malfoy's bed, please. I have to check on Mrs Green."

Passing me the notes, I headed down the clean white hall, going past the notice boards which were decorated with leaflets, information and posters all on pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards. Room three was right next to the notice board which has thank you cards pinned to it as well as pictures of all the babies who have been delivered here. Gabriella's up there, on the right hand side in the middle and it makes me smile every time I pass. That and she's the reminder of why I'm doing this.

I paused outside, waiting to knock on the door. Eventually I wrapped my knuckles and waited. It was a while until it was opened by Hermione.

"Come on in."

"Cass!" Rose exclaimed as she winced. "Long time no see."

"You too," I replied since we had the big reunion when Rose had first come in, seven months ago. "Jessie asked me to bring your notes in." I put them in the holder on the end of the bed and went to leave but Rose's words stopped me. My hand was hovering on the silver handle but I couldn't move.

"I told Molly you were working here, she wants to see you."

I nodded as I turned around to look back at Rose. I hadn't seen my best friend since that night out nearly five years ago when I got pregnant. Although Molly and I were older than Rose, we were still friends thanks to many gatherings at The Burrow over the years, as well as being in the same house at school.

"She misses you."

I missed her too, I had moved out of the little village where we lived when I was three months pregnant, to my flat here in London so I could be closer to Gabriella's dad Ryan. I don't think Molly ever realised or knew I was pregnant as when I left I wasn't showing much and didn't want to tell her as she was going through a messy break up. I was so smitten with Ryan that I forgot about my friends. Throw in the fact I never really visit my parents house as they normally floo here, I haven't seen her in years.

"I think she needs to get back, Rose," Scorpius said softly as Rose winced again in pain.

"Promise me you'll come see me when stubborn here. " She indicated to her swollen stomach. "Is born?"

I smiled. "Sure."

I left walking back down the corridor and my daily reminder of Gabriella. Even now with the board so full I can find her in an instant. Sitting back at the desk I felt a little dazed, I couldn't take too long to reflect on what Rose had said as the wiz-phone ran once again.


Rose's baby had decided to make an appearance two hours before the end of my shift, allowing me to meet the new bundle just like she had wanted. Ruby Alice Malfoy was the cutest baby and the perfect mix of Rose and Scorpius, with bright blue eyes and little tufts of red hair.

I was just leaving the new parents, grandmother and newly appointed godmother; Alice Longbottom when I bumped into Molly who was carrying a bag with 'new baby' on it and a bunch of flowers.

"C-Cassie!" she asked looking gob smacked. "I know Rose said you worked here, but man is that really you?"

I took in my oldest friend, she still looked roughly the same as she had all those years ago, just a bit taller and with longer brown hair. She was still the same Molly to me.

"It's me, Mol."

"Merlin's beard!" Molly exclaimed before pulling me into an unexpected hug, trying not to squish the flowers. "You look great, Cass."

"So do you," I replied and then spotted something glinting in the light on her ring finger. "Engaged I see?"

Her smiled grew wider as she lifted her left hand up, the ring shining and reflecting even more in the light. "Two months it's been on my finger, and we've been together three years."

I hugged her this time. "Congratulations! Whose the lucky guy?" I questioned wondering whether it was an old boyfriend she had at Hogwarts or some new guy.

"Connor Finnigan." she grinned. "Remember, he was our year but Gryffindor?" I nodded as she bounced slightly on the spot from excitement. "So do you have time for coffee? We need to catch up."

"Well I haven't had my lunch break yet as we've been so busy..."

Molly took that as a yes without letting me finish my sentence. "I'll meet you at the desk in twenty minutes, enough time for me to deliver presents and get cuddles. It's so great to see you."

"You too, Mol."

Molly headed to off down to Rose's room as I went to speak to Mo about having my lunch break now. She was shaking her head at me when I explained how and why I hadn't seen Molly for so long. Mo knew most of my story but I think she believed my friends had deserted me, not the other way around.

"I just got pre-occupied, I was in love and I wanted to make it work for the baby's sake, I just forgot I had friends. Biggest mistake I made," I muttered sourly as I thought of Ryan. "Eurgh he's such an ass. We're both better off without him."

Ryan and Gabriella, the two people who changed my life rapidly. Ryan for getting me pregnant and spinning this whole tale of how we'd get married one day when in reality he was cheating on me and then left me when Gabriella was a month old. And Gabriella for making me realise my life was a mess, she was the wake up call I needed and one of the best things to happen to me.

"We're both better off without men," Mo added happily.


I left the new part of St. Mungo's which houses the maternity and children's ward along with the training centre's and lecture halls into the old building as I had a few errands to run before I met with Molly.

It didn't take me long and once I was back in the new building I headed for the coffee shop which was on the third floor. And instead of taking the stairs like I normally I took one of the lifts.

Molly was there ready and waiting, she was sat at one of tables near the window with a book in hand. I ordered a caramel frappé and once it was done, I headed to Molly, making my way through the maze of tables, chairs and people.

It wasn't until I sat down did Molly look up from her book and she smiled. "You came!"

"We're long overdue for a catch up don't you think?"

 "Sooo." Molly inquired.

I chewed my lip for a moment, I wanted to tell her about Gabriella and I had done for years but was this the right way, taking the bull by the horns and started talking.

"I'm a mum," I blurted and that earned me a gasp. "She's four, well five next month. I was pregnant when I left mum and dad's. It was sort of the reason why, for one there wasn't enough room and two I was stupidly in love with Ryan thinking he was the man of my dreams who was promising me the world," I babbled.

Molly was quiet for a minute or two before she said anything, in a low voice she whispered, "Holy crap, Cass, I mean.."  She was lost for words and I really couldn't blame her.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled as I played with one of the napkins, folding the corners over. "I wanted to get in contact with you but Ryan said stuff and I believed it, Mol. He told me to forget about you and the others. And that I ruined my life and I shouldn't ruin yours too."

Once I got going I found it hard to stop and Molly just sat there and listened to things that had happened over the past four and a bit years. Every now and again she would mutter a response as she drank her drink.

"He left me though," I added as Molly was about to speak, probably to ask if we were still together as she glanced at my left hand as if looking for a ring. "Nothing but a cheat towards the end of my pregnancy and then he left when she was a month old. Sorry for spilling all of this on you," I said feeling bad.

Molly reached over the table and hugged me the best she could. "Oh, Cass, you poor thing. He was always an ass at school though wasn't he? The older 'bad boy' Quidditch player, he did have it going on, no wonder you went for him."

"I hate myself for it but then I remember I have a beautiful little girl and she just puts all those bad memories aside. How 'bout you?"

Molly started with everything after I left, the pair of us were so engrossed in talking and coffee that the time seemed to fly by.


I was rushing to put files back, from today's discharged patients as I was late for picking up my daughter. Despite having art club on a Friday, meaning I could work an extra hour I was so distracted by Rose being here and then seeing Molly again after so long, I lost track of time.

I hadn't realised how fast I must have been walking until I bumped into a tall person.

"Shit!" I cursed as the files went flying, thankfully nothing fell out of them due to the charms on them to stop that happening.

They were strewn all over the floor and the person who had been on the receiving end of my lateness had started picking them up for me.

"I'm so sorry," I apologised as I bent down, making sure that my black skirt stayed down.  "I wasn't paying attention, are you okay?" I babbled.

"I'm fine," the person replied looking up at me with brown eyes. "But are you?"

"You?" I gasped.

He laughed as I recognised him instantly thanks to his famous parents and the fact his face is on some of the Quidditch poster's that are in Gabriella's bedroom. I have my brother and father to thank for that.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm me."

I swear this could only happen to me, it was one of Molly and Rose's many cousins. It wasn't just any one of them, it was the one I used to have a crush on back in fifth and sixth year. It was none other than James Potter.

"S-sorry, I'm just surprised and late."

"It's as much as my fault as yours, I wasn't looking where I was going," James said as he handed me the file he had picked up.

"Thanks and sorry again."

Shrugging he said, "Can I buy you coffee, to say sorry?"

"I can't."

"But I insist."

I struggled to find the words. "It's not I don't want to but I am really, really late for something," I explained the best I could.
"Another time then."

Turning I started to run down the corridor which is really damn hard when your wearing heels.

Only when he started shouting did I look back, "Wait! What's your name?"

I checked my watch and carried on running, I had no time to tell him, I had to get these files back before grabbing my stuff and leaving. Mo was still there as she finished later than me, when I came skidding down the corridor like a mad women. I dodged two of the students as I ran around to the room behind the desk, I was trying to fumble about with the files so I could reach my I.D card. In seeing that I was in such a rush without time to file them Mo offered for me.

"You're a lifesaver, I'll make it up to you," I called as I headed to the staffroom. Healer Hunkie aka Healer Smithy was in there talking to Linn but I couldn't stop. I fumbled for my I.D card which also has  my locker key attached on a key ring and scrabbled to get it open to get my bag and coat.

Calling, "Bye," over my shoulder to Linn and Smithy as I struggled to put my coat on I ran from the word, waving manically to Mo. I was lucky to catch one of the lifts just as the doors were about to close and squeezed in. On the first floor I got out and found a quiet spot, turning where I was, apparating to my flat.

Thanks to me being late this morning there were still dirty dishes from breakfast in the sink and Gabriella's pyjamas were strewn over the sofa with her toys. Kicking my heels off I swapped them for a pair of flats which were by the front door and grabbed my phone and house keys from my bag, which I left on the floor.

Knowing I would have to clean the place later on I unlocked the door and rushed out, stuffing the keys and phone in my coat pocket after re-locking it. Since we live on the second floor I didn't bother waiting for the lift and took the stairs, as I rushed down the stairs, I pulled my phone out of my pocket with the intention of ringing my friend Amanda only to find it was dead.

Cursing myself over and over I ran like a lunatic down the street we live on and then down the next one, where the school is. I was out of breath when I got to the playground, thankfully Amanda and her daughter Taylor were there with Gabriella and the teacher.

"Th-thank you," I puffed to her, clutching my side. "I'm sorry I'm late," I said to Mrs Tweedy, Gabriella's art  club teacher who was glaring at me.  I glanced at my watch, seeing it was half four. Damn it, art club finished at quarter past.

And the worst mother of the year award goes too... You guessed it, me.

"Mummy!" Gabriella exclaimed as she came running out of the classroom and straight into my arms.

I scooped her into arms and span her around. "Mummy's so sorry, baby," I murmured as I brushed her brown hair off her face and kissed her forehead.

Mrs Tweedy nodded and went off into the classroom, shutting the door behind her. I put Gabriella down and she went to hold hands with Taylor as they skipped across the playground.

"Rough day at work?" Amanda asked looking at my dishevelled state as we made our way up the road.

I sighed. "Just crazy, I saw my best friend Molly, who I haven't seen in five years. So that was a shock and we got talking, lost track of time. Thanks for staying with her."

Amanda smiled at me. "It's no problem, Cass, you'd do it for me. Taylor!"

At the end of our road, we caught up with the girls who were just in front.

"Byeee!" Gabriella sang as she waved to Taylor, who was holding Amanda's hand as they crossed the road, seeing as they lived in the opposite direction.

"Call me tonight, we'll talk then," Amanda told me and I nodded.

I got Gabriella talking on what she had done in school and art club today, and I loved seeing her so happy. She informed me that she had made a pasta picture frame in art club but I couldn't have it until Monday as it had to dry over the weekend.

Instead of taking the lift, we played a game as we walked up the stairs. Every step she took she would tell me a different animal and then I'd have to make that noise.

"Mummy, why is daddy outside the door?" Gabriella asked me as she came back around the corner as I climbed the last few steps.

My brows furrowed, what was she on about? As far as I knew Ryan could have been dead in ditch somewhere. It wasn't like he ever bothered to ring, he just turned up. I let her drag me around the corner and sure enough, Ryan McLaggen was sat leaning against our red front door.

He looked up as Gabriella stayed closed to me. "Long time no see, Cass. And how's my favourite girl?" he said to his daughter who just smiled.

I said nothing, getting the keys out of my pocket, he moved so I could open the door.

"Can we talk?" he asked.

I resisted the urge to sigh so I allowed him to come in, as my nosy neighbour would probably be looking through her peep hole watching. Gabriella had gone off to her room to get changed, leaving her lunch box and book bag on floor.

"No, no talking. You haven't seen her for three months, Ryan, I'm getting fed up of it," I told him as I took the rubbish out of the pink lunch box, binning it and putting her lunch box away. "You can't just keep walking in and out of her life. I don't care if you've changed so don't spin me any of that rubbish," I rambled on, getting things ready for tea. "We've been fine on our own and we don't need you. I just wish you would make your mind up, Ryan, either stay in her life for good, get a job and try and be a decent dad or just leave and never come back."

Ryan said nothing and his hands, which were in his pockets, seem to sink even further inside. Before he could say anything or defend himself, I pointed to the front door which was still open.

"There's the door, use it please."

To my surprise he did, closing it behind him. Stopping what I was doing I buried my face in my hands, leaning my elbows on the worktop.

What had I done?

Seriously if there is a worst mother award I'm pretty sure I would have won it by now. Sending her dad away, what was I thinking?

Putting whatever thoughts I had on the Ryan situation to the back of my mind, I went into Gabriella's pink palace aka her bedroom and tickled her feet which were hanging off her bed. She laughed like crazy and I loved seeing her so happy.

"Do you want a story?" I asked knowing that tea would wait as all I wanted to do now was spend time with the person who had made my life so much better.

"Princesses!" Gabriella squealed as she got her favourite book.

I picked up her school uniform off the floor before leaving her room and entering my cool blue sanctuary. I stripped off my blouse and skirt, putting the in the washing basket with the uniform knowing I would have to do it later tonight. Getting changed into something comfy, I went back to her room, where she was ready and waiting.

"Lets read," I murmured as we settled on her bed and started reading.

After such a weird day I was looking to nothing but the nice hot bubble bath, and the glass of wine I planned on having when Gabriella was in bed.

A/N I've put my own sort of spin on St. Mungo's and the job Cassie does as well as a few others, thoughts on it? On Cassie and her life?

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival.

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