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Harry Potter and the Fidelius Charm by theholytrinityHRH
Chapter 4 : The Shrieking Shack
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Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. J.K Rowling is the genius behind them, blah blah blah. I earn nothing from this, she earns billions etc.

Once again reviews are most appreciated and really help me keep ticking along. Thanks to Jaydethespaz, Teddy1993 and awesomepotter for their reviews and encouragement. I noticed a few mistakes in previous chapters and have edited them to the best of my ability. Still need a Beta if anyone out there is interested.



James Potter lay awake in his king-size bed. He had not slept well, which was unusual as he was normally an extremely heavy sleeper. The sun peeped through the curtains and shone directly into his face. He lightly groaned and moved his head to the side to avoid the blinding and unwelcome light. He breathed in and looked at his gorgeous wife lying next to him. She was sound asleep and looked as if she didn’t have a care in the world, even though he expected this to be untrue. He knew this could very well be their last day together. James tried not to think about it, but instead started to memorise her features, even the little things like the small mole on her slender and smooth neck.

The messy haired man started to lightly stroke the top of her arm and she sighed in her sleep. He continued this for what seemed like an eternity until she began to stir from her dreamless slumber.

“Hey” she sleepily murmured with a half yawn.

“Hey, gorgeous” he replied looking deeply into her green eyes.

The couple stayed this way for a moment, just enjoying each other’s company and trying not to worry about the potentially fatal battle that lay ahead. James reached over and drew Lily towards him into a soft hug; she rested her head on his chest as he started to stroke the hair he loved so much. She looked so content at this moment.

“I want you to know that I love you so much” James whispered as he caressed her.

“I know James, I love you a ridiculous amount as well”.

“I want to talk to you about something” he started with a slight twinge in his voice.

“Go on” Lily replied warily.

“It’s about what happens if there is a worst case scenario after the battle” He began.

“No James!” Lily reprimanded “I don’t want to talk about what ifs or buts, I can’t allow us to think like this, I won’t allow it”. She finished stubbornly.

“Lily, that’s not healthy”.

“I don’t care!” she screeched “our final hours together, if they actually are, will not be ones of misery and dejection.”

“Just let me say one thing and I promise I won’t say anything else depressing or morose” James pleaded.

“Fine, make it quick then” Lily relented.

“If I don’t make it, I want you to find someone else”.

“James, I can’t even comprehend thinking about that” she whispered with love in her eyes.

“I know, but I would want you to be happy and fulfilled not some lonely widow who watches boats by the sea or anything like that” James looked at her and smiled.

“What do you think I am, a lonely sea captains wife” she quipped and managed to laugh.

James joined in with her laughter; he loved the sound of her happiness.

“Just promise me that it would be someone who loved Harry and could care for him” James went back to being serious.

“James I really don’t want to answer that, it’s not worth thinking about.”

“Just humour me.”

“Alright, I promise. On one condition” She firmly replied.

“Which is” James asked with his eyebrows raised.

“You would do the same.”

“Fine, I promise as well” James finished and stared resolutely into her emerald pools.

“Now enough of this depressing conversation, if it is to be our last day together on this Earth, we could at least make it worthwhile, don’t you think” Lily pouted and gave James her most seductive look.

“What did you have in mind you naughty girl?” James grinned and ran his hands over her lower back.

“Something like this” Lily replied and rolled on top of James and pinned his arms to the bed. She began to fiercely kiss him as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. They both moaned as James used his strength to flip Lily over, now he was in control of the situation. He traced kisses down her body until he stopped and teased his wife and she started to beg and plead for him to finish what he had so tantalisingly started. He looked right into her eyes.

“Consider this a present for being the most amazing person in the world”.

He disappeared under the duvet. Lily gasped and let out a breath as her world began to become hazy around her.


Lily and James both collapsed onto the bed sweating and panting. They tried to gather their breath and recover from their exertions.

“That was amazing!” Lily panted.

James couldn’t even reply and just ended up nodding his head enthusiastically.

“I wish we could do this all day” Lily said as she stretched her arms over the top of her head. This certainly caught James’ attention. There was nothing like a naked girl stretching and showing off her body, he thought.

“The only problem with that is........” right on cue, Harry started to scream for attention from the other room, he had obviously been woken up by the strange noises coming from his parents’ bedroom.

“Come on” he said rising from the bed “Let’s spend some quality time with our son”.


Sirius Black rolled over on his bed. Except that it wasn’t his bed, it was someone else’s. He groaned as his head pounded. He could barely remember anything from the night before. He found himself face to face with a woman he could barely remember, some brunette with fairly good assets. Sirius had been reckless the night before, he had risked leaving the protection of the Fidelius charm and headed out to muggle London for one last wild, drunken night. It seemed like it was a success to say the least. “Oh well you only live once” Sirius thought “And this could well be the last day of my life”.

He slowly got of the strangers’ bed “What was her name? Emily? Emma? Emmeline? “Oh god, I can’t even remember her name” he whispered. He started to slowly creep towards the door.

“Leaving already?” the muffled voice asked behind him.

“Look, last night was great and everything, but I’m not really looking for a commitment” Sirius said awkwardly.

The random stranger burst out laughing. Sirius looked at her in confusion, his jaw dropping as far as it could go.

“That was a good one” she half laughed. “We both know what this was Sirius, don’t worry about it......but are you sure you don’t want a leaving present?” she enquired as she moved the duvet away from her to leave nothing but her naked body on display.

Sirius eyed the woman up and down before shrugging his shoulders and jumping back into her bed.

“So tell me more about this leaving present” Sirius said playfully.

She giggled as she grabbed the blanket and pulled it back around them.

Sirius left the house at mid-day, feeling extremely fulfilled, he started walking quickly and finding an alley he apparated to Grimmauld place. There he whiled away the hours until it was time to meet with James and Lily. Eventually he took one last look around his home and flooed to Godric’s Hollow.


James and Lily were busy in their living room playing with Harry when Sirius emerged from his fireplace. Moments later, Remus Lupin also arrived. The firm friends had decided to spend the last hours before the battle together. Lily busied herself making drinks in the kitchen as her guests settled into chairs.

“So, the final battle” Sirius started.

“Let’s not think about that mate, in fact, where were you last night?” James queried.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I went by yours at around 11 this morning and you weren’t in; Kreacher said you had gone out the night before. You realise you are the most reckless person that anyone could ever meet?”

“Oh well, it could well be my last night on Earth, I wanted to enjoy it. Besides, Voldemort wouldn’t bother looking for me if he knows he can find me tonight” he reasoned.

“So what happened then?” Lupin cut into the conversation and asked.

“Let’s just say, I will die a happy man after last night and this morning” Sirius laughed at the wishful look Lupin gave him.

“Lucky git” Lupin said jealously “wish I had thought of that, I could have been your wing man”.

“Ah, you were never as daring as me, Red” Sirius replied.

“True, but I always manage to pull fitter birds.”

“You must be fucking joking” Sirius said in alarm.

“What do you think James, who is more proficient with the ladies?” Lupin enquired.

Lily walked into the room with drinks for everyone “Well, I think I am as I have the most beautiful women all to myself for the rest of my life” James smiled as he complimented his wife hoping she would not catch onto the nature of the conversation. She had already heard numerous stories of Sirius’ and Lupins’ extra-curricular activities.

“Fair point” Sirius nodded, seemingly agreeing with James viewpoint.

“What are you talking about?” Lily eyed the three men suspiciously.

“Nothing important, just guy stuff” Lupin waved his hands as if to demonstrate that their conversation was nothing to worry about.

“Oh, Sirius got another shag then?” Lily looked towards the men, Sirius slightly reddened “I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off yet” she finished.

“At least that proves our point Remus, even Lily thinks I get a lot of action” Sirius gloated.

“I never said they were quality though, Sirius. You have had some dubious conquests over the last few years. Sometimes I think all you need is a good women to settle you down” Lily said with a meaningful look in her eyes.

“You are offering?” He bantered back.

“Only if I want to catch something” She immediately responded.

James and Lupin broke into loud laughter at this exchange. Sirius knew full well not to take on Lily, it was one of the things James loved so much about her, and she knew how to deal with his mates and the nonsense they continually spoke about. Sirius spluttered as he tried to think of a witty response

“Oh dear, has Sirius lost the ability to speak?” Lily mocked “I hope you didn’t get this tongue-tied with the girl last night, she would have been most unsatisfied.” With that Lily left the room to get snacks out of the kitchen, winking at Sirius as she left. James and Lupin continued to roar with laughter and their friends’ priceless expression.


As the hours ticked by towards 6pm, the group readied themselves. A Hogwarts house-elf had already arrived and had taken care of Harry. The time had come to floo to Dumbledore’s office.

Lily and James both took a long look at their son and kissed him to make him feel as loved as possible.

“Mum and dad love you so much Harry” Lily whispered and she bent down to kiss him again.

“We will see you soon Harry, I’ll miss you son” James said as he kissed his baby boy on the forehead.

The group of marauders stepped into the fireplace. Lily and James never took their eyes off their son who was holding the hand of the house-elf next to him and was confused about his parents leaving him. The young boy began to cry as he was left with this strange looking creature. “Dumbledore’s office, Hogwarts” Remus shouted from their right and they span away as Harrys tear stained eyes were the last thing James and Lily saw.


They arrived in the circular office to be greeted by the entire Order of Phoenix. There were lots of “hellos” and “good to see you guys” as they left the fireplace. They found empty chairs and took a seat. Dumbledore surveyed the scene, everything was set up and now all that was needed was for the plan to be executed.

“My loyal and brave friends” Dumbledore began “it is now the time to finish this war. We shall head to the Shrieking Shack via the tunnel under the whomping willow. There we will move into the woodland surrounding the village of Hogsmeade and wait for Voldemort to make his move. Make sure you cover your tracks tonight, we cannot give away our position until I make my move.”

“What if he doesn’t?” asked Arthur Weasley.

“Don’t worry, he will” Dumbledore said simply “Let us head out to the whomping willow”.

The group headed down the grand staircase, past the main hall and out into Hogwarts grounds. The Marauders and Lily stayed close as they made their way towards the whomping willow. The air was icy cold and many of the order shivered, some because of the chill, others because of what was to come. A light frost had already started to settle on the ground and the sky was clear with a half-moon shining brightly above them. Dumbledore reached the whomping willow and froze its branches with a spell. The order silently followed him into the tunnel. It took them a good twenty minutes to reach the shrieking shack. Once there everyone disillusioned themselves and stepped out into the cold once again. A few of the order muttered warming charms to try to keep the cold at bay. They dispersed from the shack and headed towards the nearby woodland to take cover, making sure they covered their footsteps in the frost and making sure they covered their tracks, just as Dumbledore had preached. They then waited for Voldemort and his army, knowing very well that this battle would decide all of their fates. Each member of the Order had different thoughts, but all were deathly silent in anticipation.


Peter Pettigrew was in his animagus form and was watching the Shrieking Shack carefully from a distance. He was becoming frustrated as he had not noticed anything untoward and was still awaiting Dumbledore and the Order to show themselves. He was almost giving up hope when he spotted three creatures moving from the woodland. A red fox, A black dog and a giant stag quickly ran across the Hogsmeade field and into the Shrieking Shack. This was the smoking gun Voldemort was looking for. He quickly scurried back to his masters hiding place and transformed into his human form.

“My Lord, Potter, Black and Lupin are all in the Shrieking Shack, they are there for the taking” he said excitedly.

“Excellent, we move at once” Voldemort commanded.

“Make sure you are all disillusioned” he ordered.

His death-eaters followed his example and became invisible. Snape was closest to him.

“If you see or hear anything, kill it” Voldemort hissed. He waved his wand as the group became silent; no-one would hear their approach. Voldemort’s heart beat quickly as he started towards the Shrieking Shack, he felt this was his moment and nothing would stop him. After this, nothing would stand in his way.

The mass group of death eaters glided quietly over the field towards the Shrieking Shack. They positioned themselves around the wooden cabin to make sure there would be no escape. They heard the voices inside and confirmed that they belonged to different people.

Voldemort raised his wand, a blinding fire shot out of the end of it and crashed into the shack. Immediately the wooden building went up in flames as people screamed inside. The shack was now burning brightly in the darkness as Voldemorts’ spell took hold. Horrific pleading and begging pierced the night sky as the people inside the shack burned alive, the smell of flesh filled the air and Voldemort continued the cursed fire until the shack was razed to the ground, the outlines of charred corpses could be seen as the Dark Lord bought the fiendfyre to an end.  Voldemort surveyed the scene and his death-eaters left their cloak of invisibility and shot celebration spells into the night sky. To the muggle eye, these would have looked like ordinary fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

“You see how foolish they all were” he began addressing his loyal followers loudly “Dumbledore was never anything special, now along with the entire order, he is dead”. He actually spat towards the direction of the old wooden building, now smouldering from the powerful spell which had destroyed it.

The death eaters cheered at this news.

“Now is the start of a new world, the last resistance has crumbled” Voldemort almost smiled.

“Together all of us shall rid the wizarding world of unworthy filth, the mudbloods and take over the muggle world. We shall have them as our slaves, in their rightful place, worshipping our kind, bowing to us”.

The death eaters once again cheered. There was unbridled joy and enthusiasm within their ranks. Dumbledore, who was watching from the trees became visible and gave the signal for the others to follow him. All around him people appeared and moved towards the edge of the treeline, waiting to follow him to whatever end may befall them.

The Death Eaters continued to celebrate as Voldemort stood in the middle of the group. His loyal followers bowed to him as he stood in the centre of the circle that surrounded him, his arms raised in victory. Voldemort’ attention suddenly shifted and his eyes darted towards the trees surrounding him. People were starting to emerge from the nearby woodland. First a few and then hundreds started to move towards the death eaters. Other creatures joined them. Black winged creatures, goblins from Gringotts, Centaurs from the forbidden forest, Aurors from the Ministry of Magic, headed by Rufus Scrimgeour and others had all joined Dumbledore who led the way. James, Sirius, Remus and Lily were among their ranks.

Voldemort was momentarily stunned, before he quickly reacted and sent the dark mark into the night sky. Dumbledore had expected this and waited for Voldemorts reinforcements. Soon creatures began swarming from the direction of Hogsmeade. Dementors, werewolves, Inferi and a dozen giants all made their way behind Voldemorts’ supporters and swelled their ranks.

The two sides faced off about one hundred metres from each other, both yelling loudly. Sirius and Lupin both stuck their middle fingers up at the death eaters whilst shouting.

“It’s amazing what a couple of simple charms and transfiguration can do Tom, don’t you agree? Did you really think it would be that easy, it seems like you have lost your touch. I wonder has your thirst for power gone too far” Dumbledore serenely stated with his voice magnified by his sonorous charm as the battlefield fell silent around him.

“You old fool, it matters not, and do you really think that you can defeat me. I have more numbers at my disposal and more power”. He said with an equally magnified voice and motioned to the amount of recruits behind him, which outnumbered Dumbledore’s by at least two to one.

“That does not always guarantee victory, Tom.”

“It will tonight, Dumbledore” Voldemort said threateningly.

“I think not. Did you not hear the prophecy? It ends tonight, Tom.” Dumbledore raised his wand.

The Battle of Hogsmeade was about to begin.



Red – Lupins’ animagus name. Red Fox

Dumbledore’s charms – Dumbledore gave the impression people were inside the shrieking shack and knew Pettigrew was watching. He transfigured certain objects in the wood to become the three marauder animagus.

Voldemort – Still not thinking clearly. He saw a final opportunity to get rid of Dumbledore and he rest and tried taking it. He, of course was well aware this could be a trap and brought reinforcements.




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