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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 32 : Do I Wanna Know?
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Disclaimer: It's all Jo's.


‘My, my Evans you are looking particularly fine this morning.’


‘Shove that compliment up your arse where it belongs Potter.’


‘Feisty this morning aren’t we Evans?’ Potter smirked delighted in winding Lily up to such a level this early on this morning; I was quite sure this was even a world record for him.


This was quite normal for Lily and Potter, it was their way of expressing their deep undying love for one another (Annie had finally convinced me that Lily did in fact fancy the pants off Potter about two weeks ago). It was still nice to see Lily get one over Potter any time that she could, I’m pretty sure when Potter stopped being the egotist he had been his entire life (something I was sure had a lot to do with being an only child), and was able to leave his hair alone for more than ten minutes when Lily was near and she finally agreed to go out with him, he’d still be winding her up, and she’d still bite at every opportunity; what would be gross would be that instead of not speaking for a week they’d be making up by kissing. Vom.


Not that I could exactly talk I was currently, as my best friend inadvertently flirted with the boy I was sure she was going to at the very least shag by the end of the year, reminiscing about mine and Black’s own very intimate game of pass the salvia just yesterday in that dingy little passageway. I was so deep in my own thoughts that even bloody moaning Myrtle probably would have provided a more interesting conversation about the plumbing system of Hogwarts than I was offering my friends right now.


The world really had gone insane.


He had yet to appear at the breakfast table that morning, for which I was thankful for; whilst picturing Black and I’s recent escapades was all very well and good I was not yet ready to come face to face with a boy I had now snogged on two subsequent occasions. I was quite sure the cold light of day would make the rose tinted image in my head disappear quite quickly.


What an odd turn of events this past month really had turned out to be. I was currently sitting at the Gryffindor table, as I now appeared to do every morning, able to have a conversation with Potter and Lupin (that Pettigrew was still a lost cause to me), contemplating what to say to Black, when he did finally arrive, about the fact that we’d sucked each other’s faces off the night before. I was pleased, and eternally grateful to the boys who had been so hospitable of late, but it was odd, really odd, that I wasn’t sitting with Annie and Lil’ moaning about these four idiots, or sitting at the Slytherin table cheekily teasing them all.


‘Don’t think too hard now Stebbins, who knows what terrible things could happen, you could regain some sense of substance in your thoughts and finally think of a good comeback.’ A voice sad loudly to my right, I frowned slightly at his teasing voice, though I did at the very least note the playful tone it held this morning.


‘Thankfully I haven’t shagged you Black so not all sense has been knocked out of me just yet.’ I smirked greedily turning to face him.


He smirked triumphantly at my comment and his whole face seemed to light up; whether he was playing the ever annoying boy who would goad me into a reaction on purpose or not, I did (and I really hoped no one else at the table did too) notice that his tone was laced with real humour and I could see he was desperately trying to stop a genuine smile appear on his features.


‘Thankfully Stebbins my situation hasn’t become that dire yet,’ He said loudly as he plopped himself down in between Potter and Pettigrew and began buttering himself some toast, ‘after all, there are new girls turning sixteen every day!’


‘Gross!’ Annie, Lily and I said in unison, causing all four boys to smirk widely.


‘I hope to Merlin my situation never becomes that dire,’ I muttered loud enough for Lily and Annie to hear as I stood up from the table.


Considering I had (and oh how ashamed I am to admit it) been quite eager to see him to gage how he was playing this whole thing; the moment Black had arrived I was suddenly quite eager to be away from his piercing gaze. It was all very well holding this sweet image of he and I but the truth of the matter was I had kissed Black and his cocky face was not dispelling any uneasiness I felt with that fact.


‘Are you sure about that Stebbins?’ Black smirked back, watching as I placed a hand carefully on my hips, his eyes scanning the whole of my body as I did.


‘She’s positive Black, whilst there are still some girls stupid enough to fall for your charm out there, Callie is not, nor will she ever be one of them.’ Lily said as she stood up. I heard Black snigger loudly at this – bloody bastard.


The blush began to creep up slowly towards my cheeks. I seemingly was one of those girls.


‘I’ve heard he’s gone through quite the dry patch at the moment.’ Annie teased as she stood up to join Lily and I.


My smirk suddenly appeared back on my face at this comment, and I saw Black half-heartedly glare at Annie; so Black wasn’t playing around with anyone else? How very interesting.


‘Well as fun as this is,’ I began loudly (and rather dramatically if I do say so myself), ‘we best be off.’


And with that I sauntered away (I really had now officially spent too much time with Annie – when had I ever ‘sauntered’ anywhere before?).


‘You really can’t ever resist can you?’ Lily sniggered pulling her arm through mine as I led the way to Potions.


‘Of course not it’s Black,’ I smirked, ‘and anyway you weren’t exactly holding back!’


‘Well I have to have your back don’t I?’ She smiled squeezing my arm as she did.


‘And plus I like to spur you on, you are bloody hilarious when you get on one of your rants at Sirius. Much like Lily with James, just with less flirting.’ Annie teased as we took our seats on the four person bench in the back of the classroom.


‘Oi!’ Lily cried indignantly causing Annie and I to chuckle.


‘Can’t deny something that’s going to happen eventually,’ Annie sniggered in a sing-song voice causing Lily to glare at her.


‘It’s not going to happen.’ She said, but I noted how she couldn’t look at us - no way was this finally going to happen?


Annie and Lily carried on talking quietly amongst themselves as I zoned off into my own little world. I had so many thoughts whirring through my head so very, very quickly and yet I couldn’t make sense of one of them; I just sat there like an empty shell, unable to make a coherent plan as to how to proceed with Black.


I mean did I like him? Kissing him twice would suggest there was a very, VERY small chance that I liked him slightly more than platonically. But it just couldn’t be could it? The king of his motley idiot crew who had teased me for so long could not possibly be beginning to grow on me surely?


Wait no. What on earth was I thinking it was Black right? To him it was a kiss, a hook up, nothing more. I was getting giddy, eager and far too ahead of myself; three things I never wanted to imagine myself feeling about Sirius Black. I needed to chill the fuck out and calm it. One bit of bloody snogging action after a couple of months (quite a few in my book) of nothing was making me think crazy, irrational thoughts. I need to cool it and think practically – come on Ravenclaw! It was Black. And more importantly it was me and there was no way I was going to let this going any further, two kisses was going to be the end of it. I didn’t want a relationship. I certainly didn’t want a relationship with someone like Black. I just needed to play it cool like him. But then he had flirted with me during breakfast....


Merlin’s beard I needed to chill out.


‘Ladies.’ A voice said smoothly from above us as I felt a body sit next to me.


Fuck. I forgot that he was in this class, and worse still I had left myself exposed to this. He was clearly eager to talk to me.


‘No room with the rest of your motley gang?’ I sighed turning to him.


‘Oh now don’t be like that Stebbins, just as we were getting along and all.’ He said flashing me a smirk at the last part.


Getting along indeed.


‘Now class today we are going to-’ Flitwick’s voice squeaked out to the class, and in 1.7 seconds flat I had lost interest and zoned out. Today was clearly going to go exceptionally well.


Doodling on a spare bit of parchment seemed the most appropriate and productive thing to do with my time; the only thing I couldn’t decide was whether it was Flitwick’s class or the boy currently sitting next to me who was making me not want to listen. I was on edge, eager (oh Merlin who was I?) to see if he’d say anything to me, or whether he would just act normally. Probably normally and he might just slip in that I was a shit kisser for good measure.


‘You know you really should be listening.’ Lily hissed from my left.


I simply shrugged at her and carried on drawing a very sad looking rabbit.


‘You’re not copying my notes.’ She hissed irritably.


‘Don’t need them Lil’s I’m a Ravenclaw.’ I smirked in a most uncharacteristically cocky demeanour – bloody hell that’s not like me, I must really not care at all today.


She simply shook her head and giggled at me before turning back to her beloved Flitwick (though he was obviously nothing on Slughorn) and her notes. It was as I was just giving my dear Filius (it was the only way Flitwick was going to make it into my head during this class) a lovely black bow tie that I felt it; a smooth hand running from my knee and up my thigh. I jumped slightly in my seat (thanking Merlin that I didn’t squeak like I had done countless times before – not of course from someone doing this, but from other things!) and looked quickly at the boy sitting beside me.


He looked quite innocent if you weren’t the one to whose skirt was getting worryingly close to his hands. He was looking at the board taking down notes, pretending as though nothing was happening. The only slight giveaway was that sly little smirk that was dancing on his lips as he did so. But let’s face it, it would have been more obvious if he hadn’t been smirking; that bloody smirk was permanently attached to his lips.


And he was being so brazen and blasé about the whole affair, how could he appear to be so concentrated on what Flitwick was saying when his fingers where dancing up my thigh. I gasped audibly as his fingers reached my skirt and dipped under them swiftly, unable to stop my eyes from snapping down to where his hand now lay, hidden beneath my black skirt (well Lily’s if you want to get all technical and James Potter about it). 


Was this really happening? Was Sirius Black actually trying to do this in a bloody Charms class? He really was a smug cocky arrogant –


‘Miss Stebbins?’ I heard a voice say distantly.


What did really draw my attention to the fact that my Professor was calling out my name was the sharp squeeze administered to my thigh before the hand disappeared quickly onto its owners lap. I couldn’t help but note the sudden loss of warmth as he did so; was I really getting a tingling feeling up my spine? Oh Merlin I was a bloody lost cause. Just throw me off the Astronomy Tower now and have it done with.


‘Yes Professor?’ I stuttered, blushing profusely. Had I just been caught?


‘Is everything alright? You don’t seem to be concentrating at all today. In fact all you seem to be doing is staring down at your lap and not your notes.’ Flitwick squealed loudly (I wasn’t quite sure how I’d heard him, I’m quite sure only dogs could hear pitches that high).


Black’s ears had perked up and he proceeded to chuckle next to me as he continued to look down at his notes, the sly git. I could have died right then and there, I mean like quite happily have let the ground swallow me up and just be done with the whole matter. This was worse than the time Lupin and the others caught me in my bra with Evan, worse than when Evan told his mother and mine that I had cheated on him. It was bad not only for the fact that I had been caught not concentrating in class, but staring at my lap as none other than bloody Sirius Black groped me. I mean I thank Merlin that I don’t think Flitwick actually saw what was going on behind the desk (nor thankfully did Annie and Lily) but it was embarrassing enough for Black and I to know that it had happened and I had been caught being distracted.


Someone just end it all now please.


‘Sorry Professor I just haven’t felt well the last week, and I don’t think I’m quite feeling 100% again.’ I mumbled too embarrassed to really put any effort into my lie.

Thankfully my little dishonest confession seemed to work, I must have seemed so desperately hopeless (plus that fact that he received no back chat or tease from me) that Flitwick just let the whole thing lie, simply stating that I could leave the class if I needed to.


‘Are you ok Cal?’ Annie whispered down the bench, offering me a sympathetic smile.


‘Yeah I’m ok.’ I smiled before returning to my blank page; I supposed I should at least now look as though I am paying attention and leave Filius for later.


Flitwick began again and I felt compelled to write simply to distract myself away from the events that had just occurred. But it was as I was beginning a new bullet point that I felt it again; the soft hand touching my knee once more. How on earth did this kid have the audacity to do this again?


My dilemma was as follows; do I do the very English thing of ignoring the whole problem and pretending I wasn’t currently being groped, whilst possibly slyly attempting to move Black’s hand away (the sort of thing my mother tried to teach me to do), or should I do the standard Callie Stebbins thing and blow up completely at the idiot to my right. Biting my lip in annoyance I decided to concentrate on my notes; Black was the sort of boy who would lose interest as soon as he realised he wasn’t getting any in return. Mercifully he stopped his hand from proceeding any further up my thigh, clearly content with having made it under my skirt (thank Merlin I wasn't a woo girl who had bum-skimming skirt length).

What was more worrying about the whole affair however was not the risk and fear of getting caught in an innocent Charms lesson but the fact that I was beginning to feel a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach as his fingers danced across my skin, sending shivers up and down my spine.

I shot Black a glance, begging him with my eyes to stop embarrassing me but he resolutely refused to look at me and instead remained concentrated on our poor unsuspecting Professor. I glanced round quickly at the rest of my peers to see that thankfully all eyes were (as they should have been) on the Charms teacher.

‘Stop it, please,’ I whined turning my face ever so slightly to the right so as not to attract the attention of my best friends to the fact that I was talking to Black.


‘Now Stebbins why would I want to do that?’ He teased as he continued to look down at his notes.

‘Black you’re going to get caught.’ I hissed as his hand remained resolutely on my thigh.


‘No one’s going to catch me Stebbins.’


‘Lily and Annie bloody will,’ I hissed.


‘Why are you complaining anyway, surely you're enjoying this.’ He smirked finally turning to look at me.


Not even a ginger kid (nor Lily for that matter) could have produced the shade of red that appeared in a violently fast manner upon my cheeks. There were no words, nor facial expressions nor even a gaping mouth to express the sheer embarrassment that I felt right at that moment.


‘Why are you doing this to me?’ I whined as I attempted to clamp my legs shut and force his hand far, far away from me.


The move had quite the opposite effect that I was expecting; rather than forcefully ejecting Black’s hand from my thigh it seemed (and Merlin knows how I actually managed this) to force his hand halfway up my thigh, worst still it was now clamped there permanently as I sat gaping in disbelief, frozen in shock and fear at what had just occurred. Black emitted a low growl (ok it was a groan, but I would NEVER admit that out loud; I could barely admit it in my head) at my sudden movement and squeezed my thigh as he threw me the Lucifer of all smirks.


‘Black please,’ I practically cried as I tried to edge closer to him in order to plead to him to stop this little game.


‘But Stebbins I so love hearing you beg,’ he murmured titling his head slightly to the left to get closer to my ear, whilst pretending to take a look at my own parchment, ‘hearing you moan my name,’ He carried on squeezing my thigh.


‘Eurgh,’ I sighed becoming highly frustrated with him and no longer wishing to be polite nor ‘beg’ him to let go; instead I threw my legs open and forcefully threw his hand away from my assaulted thighs.


‘I’m not some little play thing Black.’ I hissed as the bell rang loudly signalling the end of class.


I hurriedly began to throw my belongings into my bag, avoiding to my left Annie and Lily’s worried looks that were directed by way and to my right Black’s astonished face as he starred up at me dumbfounded. He was an absolute moron; an utter fucking dick.



I think I’d lost it. Like actually lost it, as in I need to be shipped off to St. Mungo’s as soon as possible. I mean I’d kissed Sirius Black? Sirius-actual-fucking-Black; the idiot who’d spent 5 years ripping the shit of me, mocking me, taunting me until eventually my best boy friend had revealed that Black fancied me, and then Black himself fancied me and then of course it all seemed to spiral out of control extremely quickly.


Oh Merlin I had even chased him down a sodding corridor! For what? For him to begin by ignoring me, then mock me (no bloody surprise there), then push me into his slut lair before snogging me senseless and now this? Molesting me in the back of a classroom during Charms?


Yep I had definitely lost it.


I wanted to scream. I wanted to scream as a result of Black being such an utter fucking idiot. I wanted to scream because I had kissed Black. I wanted to scream because I couldn’t even begin to deal with the fact that I had betrayed my little sister. And what made it worse; far, far worse was that I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. I couldn’t talk to Lily or Annie, because it was me and it was Black and I couldn’t be dealing with all of the drama and explanations that came with revealing this hideous turn of events to them. I couldn’t tell Isla because I had essentially become the world’s worst sister and I really didn’t want to be smothered in my sleep.


So there was only one thing I could do; I needed to be alone. I swung my bag over my shoulder and gave Lily and Annie a look that clearly said I needed to be alone and left the classroom hurriedly.


‘Stebbins!’ I heard that loathsome voice call after me.


I, as ever, and using the classic Stebbins tactic of simply ignoring unpleasant and unwanted matters; proceeded to walk hastily (and at quite some pace, who knew that I didn’t always walk at a snail’s pace) away from that irritating voice.


I mean really how stupid could I have been? Of course it was Black and he was always going to be the selfish little whore he always had been, and it wasn’t even like I had held some great attraction towards him (or any at all for that matter), nor did I want him as my boyfriend, or any boyfriend! But I was an absolute fool to have forgotten how much of a sex pest he really was. I had actually tried to be nice and polite and ask him to remove his hand from my thigh, but why hadn’t I moved his hand away and slapped him for good measure to have it over and done with? Regardless of how nice it felt at one point (though once more, this was never going to be admitted out loud) I was an idiot to let such a boy get under my skin like that. It was Black for Merlin’s sake! It was bad enough that I had allowed him to kiss me in the first place, let alone allow him to try it on with me. Oh Merlin I should have nipped it in the bud after the first kiss rather than chase the little rat down the corridor.


He was an absolute buffoon. Despite our recent reconciliation (and I certainly wasn’t talking about when we snogged each other senseless), the boy still irritated me, worst, it appeared this morning, more than normal. And after the move he just pulled in Charms, regardless of how my body reacted; he was still, in more ways than one, an arsehole. I mean admittedly he was nicer, and he was certainly looking out for me, along with his girlfriends. But he was still Black; he was still the insufferable git I had had to put up with for five years, he was still an incessant creep when it came to girls (particularly one’s who were related to me by blood) and I knew he was not going to let me get away with pretending as though the events that occurred in the past week had never happened.


‘Stebbins!’ He shouted again.


Well I wasn’t bloody going to wait around and let him catch up with me. My pace increased, there was no way on Earth that I wanted to hear anything he had to say.


So I had lost all my senses, and become a Black slut, why did he need remind me? It was a temporary loss of sanity and a moment in time that I wished to quickly forget. I mean, that’s not to say that he wasn’t a bloody amazing kisser (Merlin did those words really just come out of my mouth?), but Merlin it was Sirius Black. And more importantly it was my sister’s ex, I; in kissing him (twice, eurgh) had broken the sanctity of sisterhood, my own morals had been thrown (with force by the way I kissed him) out of the sodding window, and worst of all, even worse than doing that to my poor baby sister was, that I enjoyed it, I bloody enjoyed it, instantly turning myself into of one them. One of Black’s girls. The one’s who cared more about their looks and how their hair had curled that day then their grades (come on I was in Ravenclaw?), the one’s eager for any sort of viable attention directed their way from Black, the ones who dropped their knickers at the click of his fingers. Well I mean I wasn’t that bad, I hadn’t shagged the vermin ridden dog, but I mean I had still kissed him. Kissed lips that I’m sure he’d be embarrassed to kiss his own mother with, lips that I don’t think even he knew where they had been, lips that were so full and pouting and attractive that you could not-


Oh Merlin, I had become a Woo girl. I was that disgusting little lap dog.


No. Please. I was not that girl. I need to forget all notion’s of Black’s lips and the current power they seemed to hold over me and move on. Become the strong-feminist, Black-hating, anti-Gryffindor girl I had grown to be over the past five years. And I was starting off good, I mean I was running away from the idiot after all wasn’t I? Admittedly I looked more insane that I had done two days ago running after him, because my birds nest hair seemed to be having a life of its own today and was greatly obscuring my vision of what was in front of me, that led me to not be able to see where I was going. In fact I couldn’t-


‘Arghhhh!’ I screamed as I crashed dramatically into someone.


And with a heavy oomph (from my personal landing cushion), we tumbled to the ground.


‘Bloody hell! I squealed eager to remove my tangled limbs from the persons below.


I jumped up as gracefully as I could (HA, as if that was even possible for me to do) quickly adjusting my skirt, which appeared to have just flashed the entire population of the corridor my frilly blue knickers.


Eager to not face the tirade of laughing, and worse; allow Black to catch up with me, I shouted a quick apology to my cushion before sprinting back off up the corridor away from the classroom.


Unfortunately for me Black was a hell of a lot faster than I could ever dream to be.


‘Stebbins, come on! Why are you running away from me?’ He said loudly as I could hear him gaining on me.


I ignored him and quickened my pace, keeping my head bent low to avoid the stares from the students, who were naturally shocked to see Black chasing after me.


‘You didn’t seem to be that keen to get away from me two days ago,’ He called even louder than before, making sure that we were by the entrance to the Great Hall so he could get the most amount of students to hear him as they hurried into lunch.


‘You know when we were behind that tapestry and-’ he began.


But my embarrassment reached new levels, and I could not bear to let him continue any further, particularly under the watchful eyes of the rest of the student body. It would send the rumour-mill into over drive. All I could do to halt him was walk swiftly over to him, grabbing his wrist before pulling him swiftly up the stairs, back the way we had just come and away from the throng of students, eager to hear more.


‘You’re an absolute prick, do you know that?’ I seethed as I continued to drag him through the crowds heading in the opposite direction, oh how I longed to be sitting in the Great Hall stuffing my face, rather than dealing with this leech.


‘Come on now Stebbins you know you don’t mean that,’ He teased softly pulling me (by my waist no less, he had some bloody cheek), away from the crowds and into an empty corridor.


‘I certainly do Black.’ I replied stubbornly as I leant against a wall facing him.


‘Well you obviously don’t, else you wouldn’t be standing here in this deserted corridor with me, would you now Stebbins?’ He smirked triumphantly.


I let out a low whine of annoyance.


‘Touchy today, aren’t you Stebbins?’ He smirked, standing directly in front of me.


‘Fucking pot-kettle Black, er Black,’ I said stumbling over my words, though my glare did not falter, ‘what the fuck were you playing at back there in Charms?’


‘What? You’re legs looked good!’ He said throwing his hand up in a defence at his actions.


‘You’re a fucking tosser.’ I scowled.


‘And you did enjoy it! Hey you even closed your legs trapping my hand!’ He carried on.


‘To get you away.’ I whined in protest.


‘Bloody stupid way to get me away Stebbins! You’re giving out the wrong impression. In fact you’re leading me on!’ He exclaimed.


There were no words. No words at all to reply to such an accusation, I stood there gaping; too shocked to even say no. Bloody hell, not having a comeback was a non-existent occurrence.


‘Why did you have to embarrass me like that?’ I snapped moodily, too angry to look him in the eye and too eager to move away from what he had just said – there were no words to reply to his previous statement.


‘Because you were running away from me you lunatic!’


‘Because I didn’t want to talk to you, or be seen with you!’ I said pointedly.


‘Well that wasn’t your choice, we need to talk.’ He began, walking over to me slowly and placing a hand either side of my head.


‘No we don’t.’ I muttered childishly.


‘Yes we do, we need to discuss how you’ve snogged my face off on two separate occasions in the past week, and then after the last occasion, proceeded to get quite upset when I had my hand on your thigh.’


I couldn’t help but blush furiously at his words.


‘Despite the fact that I know you loved it, and can’t stop thinking about me.’ He said seductively as he pressed his face closer to mine.


‘You’re an arrogant little shit, you know that?’


‘Yes. But it doesn’t deter from the fact that what I said was true.’


‘It’s not true; I don’t want to kiss you again.’


‘Stebbins,’ He began huskily and I could now feel his hot breath on my skin, was this the elusive Black charm coming into play? ‘you and I both know that we both enjoyed that little catch up we had in the hidden passage, and for some weird reason, we’re both very much attracted to one another,’ He continued and I could see his eyes raking down my body, taking in my whole attire.


‘N-no,’ I stuttered.


‘You’re actually quite hot you know Stebbins.’ He murmured.


‘Oh how charming you really are Black.’ I snapped sarcastically.


‘I am though, aren’t I Stebbins? I mean you did kiss me back. Twice.’ He smirked as he pushed my body flat against the cold stone wall with his own, I could practically feel his eagerness ripple between our bodies.


‘It was a temporary loss of sanity.’ I breathed unable to take my eyes of his lips.


Bloody hell my head was going cloudy; why could I not make any logical or reasonable thoughts anymore? Why on earth was the only thing I could focus on was Sirius Black’s hot body pressing itself deeply into me?


I think I was going insane. This wasn’t right. This so wasn’t right, it had turned full tilt and was probably right (I really was that lost about the whole matter). Sirius Black and I should not be in such a precarious position. Sirius Black and I were enemies, and that was that. More importantly he was my sister’s ex-boyfriend, which made it weirder, and my brother’s team mate, which made it scary. This was the boy who had done nothing but taunt me for five years without fail; come rain or shine. He was not meant to be making a move on me. The only problem was; I couldn’t decide whether or not I actually wanted him to make a move on me.


I think the apocalypse was coming.  Merlin help me!


‘Black please think about what you’re doing right now.’ I breathed.


‘Stebbins! I am bloody thinking about what I'm doing! I'm thinking about kissing you and then dragging you over to that broom closet over there,’ he said exasperatedly all pretence of his smooth demeanour gone; ‘Where’s this sudden change come from? Where’s the girl who was happily kissing me in the passageway two days ago?’ He asked.


‘Shhh!’ I squealed looking up and down the empty hall in embarrassment.


‘I just don’t get you Stebbins. If you don’t want me to kiss you now, then why have you kissed me twice already in the past week?’


‘I, I don’t know!’


‘And why were you getting so tetchy about my hand on your thigh in Charms?’


‘That was embarrassing!’


‘Well that at least isn’t an ‘I don’t like you’ I guess!’


‘Oh Black why are you doing this to me now?’ I cried anxiously, ‘I’m hungry!’


Bloody hell, did I just use the excuse of my empty stomach to get away from him?


‘I'm not doing anything! Look I just want to know where I stand!’ he said persistently.

Was this boy really trying to have the “where are we going chat”? As in Sirius Black was really trying to be sincere?


‘Blackkkk!’ I whined.


But he was refusing to let me slip past him, in fact it felt as though I was physically being moulded into the wall my his hard torso.


‘Look Stebbins, I know you’re hungry and Merlin can you eat, and I don’t want to see you cry over it,’ he began with a sly smirk, to which I returned with a scowl.


‘Why do you even care though Black?’ I said quietly cutting him off, looking down at my shoes, too embarrassed to look at him.


‘Because,’ he began pushing my chin up to look at him, ‘however much I’ve teased you, and however much physical abuse you’ve put me through, and however gay taunts you’ve put my way; I quite like you Stebbins, you’re really quite cute.’ He finished suddenly going bright red.


I couldn’t help but emit the most girlish giggle my body had ever summoned. Who in

Merlin’s name was I anymore?


‘Never thought I’d see the day I saw you blush Black.’ I smirked.


‘Shut up Stebbins!’ he frowned, clearly embarrassed and already regretting his show of emotions.


‘But thank you,’ I said looking at him intently, ‘for being honest.’ I said offering him a warm smile.


‘That’s alright.’ He said gruffly.


‘So can I go now?’


‘Yes.’ He began as I took that as the word that I could begin to wriggle free from his

body, ‘on one condition!’


I sighed.


‘Which is?’


‘You kiss me.’


‘You have to be kidding me?’ I gaped.


‘Nope. Merlin I love winding you up Stebbins.’


‘But Black, it’s me and you, not here; shouldn’t we talk first before we even kiss again?’ I pleaded.


‘Nope.’ He repeated as he grasped my waist tightly, stopping any chance of escape.


I could help but allow a small shock of pleasure run through me as I felt him grasp me firmly. It was exhilarating for him even to touch me, something I had never once felt with Evan, not even when we first began dating. This jolt made me want to kiss him so eagerly. But I frowned, remembering where we were.


‘Black, we’re in broad daylight! Anyone could catch us!’


‘The problem with you Stebbins is that you never know when to take a risk and have some fun.’


I raised a displeased eyebrow at him.


‘Just bloody kiss me alright? Live a little!’ he smirked.


So I did. I bloody well did it! I kissed Black square on the lips, and Merlin was it as good as I remembered. 


I’m sorry to interrupt it’s just I’m constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you,
Don’t know if you feel the same as I do,
But we could be together if you wanted to
Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know


Reader: Apologies as ever for the horrendously long gap in the updates, but I’d still loveeeee to hear how you found the chapter!

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